Recapping the weekend

Yeah, we know draft grades are about as useful as power rankings.   Yeah, we know they got a lot of clicks like power rankings so the corporate overlords at Kabletown like us to do them for

Silva and I had the honors this year, and you can read all the fun right here.

(My method: If I know a lot of the players a team took, I give them a high grade.  If I don’t know many of the players, I give them a low grade.)

The short version: We liked Detroit, Green Bay, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.    The Titans and Rams fared less well.

That and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee.  And a free year’s subscription to PFT.

10 responses to “Recapping the weekend

  1. Thanks for the free year’s prescription. I hope that this means that the ads will be deleted. Buffalo’s final pick (Mike Jasper) has to be the biggest player in the draft. He played at 430 last year, but is now down to a svelte 378. Despite his bulk, he can dunk a basketball. He is such a long shot that I will root for him.

  2. I did mean to say prescription rather than subscription as everyone knows that post draft ratings are bunk unless they are done in about 3 years.

  3. So, no team gets below a C-, and only 2 teams get that? Wow, way to go out on a limb there! Why weren’t you teaching when I was in school? You pass by showing up.

  4. would be?

    like lions tix (2 at first?), 1st prize is A FREE 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO PFT.

    and 2nd place in the pft sweepstakes… is A TWO YEAR FREE SUBSCRIPTION TO PFT.


  5. Is it too much to ask for some consistency here? You dock the Falcons for trading away nearly half a draft and give them a C+. You knock the Saints for giving away much LESS (by ANY standard, whether quantity, points, or even percentage of picks) and give them a C.

    You claim that your grading method is “If I know a lot of the players a team took, I give them a high grade.” Name recognition is the sole criteria? By those standards, the Saints should get an A++.

    They don’t deserve an A++, or even an A or an A-. They deserve a B/B-, because they DID take risks and it may backfire. Or maybe even a C+ simply because of lack of quantity of picks. Any of those would make sense. But rating them below the Falcons when they were clearly LESS bad at the things you (rightly) knocked both teams for is just nonsensical.

    But I’d probably actually consider buying that PFT subscription if you ever started actually living up to your own self-proclaimed standards. As it is, I’ll just take the free content and twit you when you do something stupid. Like this.

  6. My understanding is the fish gave up 2 picks and swap there 4th round pick with Washington 4th round pick to move up in the 4th round to grab Gates, please correct me on this, the sport writers are saying they only gave up 2 picks. Bill

  7. Let’s see…..ESPN , FOX, and a few other sites gave Seattle a D grade for their draft – pretty unanimous -…and PFT gives them a B+? I can see why this site was reluctant to make the effort…

  8. Wow, just read the Bills assesment… wow… Did you guys take turns writing each word? Derek Sheppard? When below it says Kelvin? And lucky that Dareus fell into our lap? Arguably the seconed or third highest rated defender was lucky to “fall” to us at 3, and we would have been unlucky to draft Von Miller right? The grade works, but the assesment, not so much. Only regret is not taking Housler, fills need and has local ties.

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