Titans still don’t have their starting quarterback


As we mentioned last night, plenty of the teams that drafted quarterbacks over the weekend still need to pick up a veteran once free agency starts again.

The Titans need to grab another arm, and they aren’t looking for a guy to sit behind Jake Locker.

“We’d still like a guy that’s been a seasoned guy that could step in and play. I don’t think we want to put the pressure on Jake to have to do it. I think we want to be able to let him go at his own pace,” G.M. Mike Reinfeldt said over the weekend via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

Tennessee clearly isn’t looking for Locker to be the Week One starter, which makes a lot of sense to us.  The pressure to put Locker in there may be huge, however, if the Titans can’t win games early.

“I think [Jake] is going to be able to go faster than people think he can, but I think we need to have a veteran that we can throw in for a bunch of the season and be comfortable with him for winning games.”

The Titans envision a veteran coming in on a two-year contract.  Matt Hasselbeck could make some sense if he was willing to move to the East Coast for a rebuilding team.  Perhaps they could be a fallback team if the Vikings don’t want Donovan McNabb.

Marc Bulger, Alex Smith, Derek Anderson, and possibly, uh, Jake Delhomme eventually could also be options.

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  1. Derek Anderson and Jake Delhomme both sound like typically sound Titan decisions.

  2. “Tennessee clearly isn’t looking for Locker to be the Week One starter, which makes a lot of sense to us. The pressure to put Locker in there may be huge, however, if the Titans can’t win games early.”


    And why does it make a lot of sense to all of you?

    Flacco, Bradford, Sanchez, …. all all jumped right in and played immediatly.
    Are you saying Locker isn’t as talented as Sanchez?

  3. “Matt Hasselbeck could make some sense if he was willing to move to the East Coast for a rebuilding team.”


    Last I looked, Tennessee isn’t on the East Coast. Nashville isn’t even in the Eastern Time Zone.

  4. Seasoned veteran with leadership? That sound like one person and one person only…..Vince Young! Back to the future Titans!!…lol

  5. there you have it! Haynesturd and mcjoke to the titans for vince young and another player or draft pick! I don’t want this to happen, I hate vince young but the trades makes sense! I’d rather have the skins trade haynesturd and mcjoke to the bengals for palmer and ochocinco! I could see both teams winning with that combo

  6. Jake Delhomme, stealing money from NFL execs since 2009. He’ll want 7mil a year and be benched after the second game but if that’s what you are looking for, he’s your man.

  7. I like it. Give all the starter reps in practice to a bum off the street and then throw locker in there week 3 having only worked with the scout team.

  8. I would bet money that no quarterback in the history of the NFL has ever lost his job after having a season like Kyle Orton had last year. No, the guy wasn’t on fire or anything, but everyone is already overlooking the fact that the NFL’s leading receiver last year (yardage) was catching passes from…you guessed it, Orton. This guy outplayed high profile QBs such as Jay Cutler and Eli Manning and he stands alone as THE MOST UNDERRATED PLAYER IN THE NFL.

  9. im sorry but don’t draft a QB with the 8th overall pick in the draft if you don’t think he can start. that’s just idiotic.

  10. that’s what the first round and possibly the second round are for. it’s for finding guys that can come in and start right away. if not pick someone else and wait till 2 or 3 to draft a developmental QB

  11. Just throw him in there and let him play. This old theory that putting a QB in too early can ruin his development and confidence is complete bull-crap. The reason QBs in those situations don’t succeed is not because they were put in too early… it’s because they weren’t good QBs in the first place and wouldn’t have succeeded under any circumstances.

  12. “warhorse007 says: May 1, 2011 6:24 PM
    Word just in: Chris Johnson said Vince Young is going to the Hall of Fame.”

    Man he is stupid with his money…..he should at least wait to see if there’s going to be a preseason before buying tickets to watch that game.

  13. Sometimes when I read these articles, I don’t really bother to see who wrote them. The second I saw the line, “move to the East Coast,” I knew the author had to be Gregg Rosenthal.

    Tennessee is in the South. It is not connected to any coast.

  14. They don’t have an owner (with a brain) and a rookie coach who doesn’t have a clue either. What difference doest it make without a QB. They had no receivers for their previous QB to throw to either, so status quo for the Titans.

  15. I agree with what captain wisdom said. Kyle Orton looked phenomenal most of the season on a horrible team with a lame coach. Just think what he might do on a different team. Then again, with a new incoming coach, if he sticks around Denver, the Broncos might actually go somewhere this year.

    In any case, Kyle Orton is highly talented and helped me win my fantasy league last year!

  16. I don’t understand why Jake Locker can’t start for the Titans. Are they in the running for the division next year that they need a veteran to minimize mistakes? Those mistakes will come whenever he sets foot on the field, especially if there’s no one in front of him who’s competent.

  17. I was checking around, and if I’m not mistaken, The Titans still hold the rights to Young. I’m thinking a trade to another team for their disgruntled veteran QB.

    I could see Titans trading Young to Redskins for McNabb (Skins still hold his rights). I’m picking DC here since it’s a different conference trade. The two teams have trade history.

    McNabb still has a couple years in him until turning it over to Locker, while Young still young enough to be “franchise” QB in DC.

  18. Did any Titan fans see Lockers bowl game performance? I would get a really good backup or stick with Young, this guy was heavily over valued.

  19. Nobody is going to trade even a can of bacon grease for Vince Young. He and his preposterous contract will be released and he will sign for said can of bacon grease as a backup to some schmoe elsewhere. In two years he’ll be stinking it up in the CFL or Arena leagues..
    Wash, rinse repeat the same story with Cam Newton and Carolina in a few seasons.

  20. How about a former titans qb named billy volek? Cheap to get and would love a starting opportunity. He would be the perfect stop gap qb for this kid

  21. Don’t they have to sign him first before anything can happen? And that won’t happen for weeks, if not months. Would you really want to throw a rookie out there who hasn’t had any offseason preparation or training camp?

  22. And they won’t with locker.the kids is not accurate. Great waste of a pick Titans!

  23. As someone who really wants to see Locker succeed I am really happy to read that they don’t want to throw him out there right away. Granted I am not a believer in throwing a Qb out there right away anyhow but Locker has had only two years of his ENTIRE FOOTBALL PLAYING LIFE running a pro style offense. He’s just about 5 years removed from being a wing T Qb for heaven’s sake. If you don’t fix all his mechanical issues before he has significant live action, bad habits could be cemented permanently. The kid is mentally & physically as tough as it gets so I don’t worry about that part..but you took him in the first round…he’s an investment…why not try to maximize the potential of your investment ? What if Aaron Rodgers had to go out there year one before GB fixed that weird mechanical issue he had with how high he held the ball? Instead he took the coaching he had while not starting and obviously worked his butt off to fix it and now the dude is a star.

    For the person who mentioned Sanchez, if Sanchez hadn’t gone to a decent team with a great run game and studly defense I think he would have been in big trouble. Most of his rookie year they had to overcome him not succeed partly because of him. The Titans do not have a studly defense and yes they have a very talented RB but not much to speak of at WR since Britt has decided to play the idiot card again.

    I concur with the Orton thing..he’d be a great solution.

  24. The Vince Young era in Tennessee was one of the most bizarre up & down sagas I have ever seen between a coach and a QB. They both demonstrated terrrible judgement and maturity. That setup should have worked. Because all Young did was win, when the coach showed confidence in him. But I concede VY had some serious head issues that caused Fisher to blink. But bottom line. I really think the Titans are going to regret letting a talent as big as that get away. VY is still the best QB from his class and a nightmare for DCs to game plan. He will show up in Minnesota, Seattle, Washington or maybe even San Francisco (for Alex Smith). Jim Harbaugh is a flat out stud coach. And he has a personality strong enough to handle him. As a former winning QB he could do wonders for Vy’s development. And he was quoted as saying he would be “intrigued to work with a talent like that in the opportunity afforded itself”.

    But don’t write Jake Locker off too soon. The kid has a ton of talent and a lot of maturity. IMO he’ll be ready when his time comes.

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