Tomlinson will return despite new running back


It didn’t take long after the Jets took running back Bilal Powell was drafted in the fourth round for the speculation to start in New York.   Was LaDainian Tomlinson’s place on the team safe?

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News tells everyone to relax.  Mehta reports the Jets will have Tomlinson on the roster in 2011.

“You can’t have enough good backs,” G.M. Mike Tannenbaum said. “That’s been the foundation since Rex (Ryan) has been here: ground and pound. In my mind, it was a position of strength and we made it better.”

Four of Ryan’s first 10 picks since he took over in New York have been at running back.  With Joe McKnight and Shonn Greene already in place, Powell is a luxury that may not get much use until 2012.   By then, Tomlinson will surely be gone.

One Jet we don’t expect to see back: Brad Smith.    Taking TCU wideout Jeremy Kerley should mean the end of Smith’s underrated run with the team.

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  1. LT can still play, he just needs to be used appropriately (less). The guy dominated the first half of the season, then it was clear he wore down a bit. While I agree with saving Greene for the end of the year playoffs was smart, I also think he can take a bit more of an active role in the beginning of the year in 2011. Also, I think McKnight’s role will increase. I expect to see LT play like he did in the early season, although with a slightly decreased role.

  2. All that left now is for Ryan to announce he “won” this years draft….Any minute now…

  3. As a Pats fan I am happy they won’t bring back Brad Smith. The guy used to drive them nuts and always seemed to make at least one big play/game vs. them.

  4. Looks like the Jets drafted 3 players on offense to replace Sanchez, Tomlinson and Smith.

  5. LT deserves another shot at a world championship. I like seeing the old warriors finally getting a ring… I still get a smile on my face thinking about Ricky Jackson leaving New Orleans and going to San Francisco his last year and pounding his way into a SuperBowl and a big diamond encrusted gold ring. 🙂

  6. Kerley is the best pick the Jets made this year. It’s just too bad he has to play for Rex.

  7. Brad Smith is electric to watch. I will miss watching him make plays for the Jets. He always kept opposing teams on their heels.

    And I’m glad LT is returning. He’s such a class act and had a terrific season and playoff run last year.

  8. Now that the J-E-T-S have drafted Bilal Powell, they will CERTAINLY win the Super Bowl!!!!
    Rex Ryan said so!!

  9. thezman88 says:

    good thing that the Pasts drafted a player to replace Tommy “chokes in home playoff games” Brady
    Sorry, I checked their roster and could only find a Tommy “has 3 more rings than YOUR quarterback” Brady.

  10. So, After watching 3 days of the NFL draft, I felt compelled to register the following domain name:

    (GrudenIntolerance- a violent gastrointestinal reaction to wheat and HAM)

    Any takers @ NBC?

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