Alex Smith got a playbook despite being unsigned


Jim Harbaugh said over the weekend he still wants Alex Smith back on the team, and he’s confident that it will happen.

How confident?  Harbaugh gave Smith the 49ers playbook on Friday despite the fact Smith is a free agent.

Matt Maiocco of points out teams usually don’t let players leave the building with playbooks at this time of year, much less unsigned players.  But Harbaugh trusts Smith will return to the team and believes he’s the favorite to start in Week One.

“Well, Alex is going to definitely have the head start,” Harbaugh said. “He has played in the National Football League. He’s won games in the National Football League. So if I’m a betting man, I’m betting on Alex Smith.”

It’s an incredible gesture if you think about it.  Smith could share the playbook with his next team, if he signed elsewhere.

“There’s some trust there,” Harbaugh said. “There’s faith there. I strongly feel Alex that is going to be back here, so I gave him the playbook.”

It makes you wonder if Harbaugh essentially knows Smith will be back.

(Note on picture:  That is Aldon Smith, not Alex Smith.)

33 responses to “Alex Smith got a playbook despite being unsigned

  1. “(Note on picture: That is not Alex Smith.)”

    Why, because a black man can’t play QB?

    — Warren Moon

  2. I’m sure all the 9ner fans are excited to see Alex smith start again. This time he’s really really gonna become a franchize QB. I promise

  3. Playbooks are really not that valuable to other teams because teams know the plays from film anyway. Not like individual game plans, which would give the the other team an advantage.

  4. Alex smith is a stud and I can’t wait to see him light up the opposition

  5. It makes you wonder if Harbaugh essentially knows Smith will be back.

    Who else is going to sign him???

  6. Wow. Not that I have anything against Harbaugh, but for lulz purposes I truly hope he sells that thing on ebay to help supplement his unemployment.

  7. “If it aint broke, dont fix it.” Well, it IS broke. And you cant fix it. Harbaugh is a moron if he puts Alex Smith out there. Niners fans are tired of hearing “it will work this time. I promise.” Because when he fails again, its just gonna be that much harder to keep the fans in the seats. All Alex Smith brings is more excuses. Jim, seriously, you cant turn water into wine. This team needs to start over. Let it go man.

  8. Alex smith is a stud and I can’t wait to see him light up the opposition

  9. Gee Rosenthal, I never knew that Alex Smith had any blackness to his appearance.

  10. I loved this when I first read it. Don’t make the same mistakes with Kaepernick that were made with Alex. Sign Smith to a 2 year deal, and let Kaepernick take over from there. He needs to sit behind a veteran (regardless of what people’s opinions are of Alex Smith), learn the system with a stable group of coaches, and he will have playmakers around him for his first start.

  11. The catch is, it was last years playbook. There are only two plays in it. Gore up the middle, or pass to gore in the flat.

  12. My buddy is a pretty hardcore Niners fan, and he’s actually not that upset to have Smith back. Kaepernick isn’t going to win with them this year, and who else would they get thats ‘better’ than Smith? McNabb? Not really. Matt Hasselback? Not really. Marc Bulger is already pretty linked to the Cards, so theres not really a better option right now. Palmer, and McNabb can’t really mentor a young guy in an offense that they’re still learning themselves, and if they can get Alex Smith up to speed in the month+ before Kaepernic gets his playbook, and Smith has a rapport with the players there, he’s a better mentor than any free agent that they’re not going to win with anyway.

    That is his take on it. Smith knows the players, knows the facilities, knows the front office, and knows most of the playbook. He’s the guy to ‘teach’ Kaepernick the ropes.

  13. Thanks for the note on the picture – I was REALLY confused there for a second.

    And if Harbaugh gave Alex Smith a playbook without knowing for certain he’ll be back he needs to be fired immediately.

  14. Also, you can’t tamper with free agents. Smith is not under contract with the team, and can’t have contact with any other team or coaches. He talked to Harbaugh before the lockout, but how can a new contract get done under the current labor situation?

  15. I don’t mind this at all. Let Kaeper watch and learn instead of just throwing him in to fail. The much better option for some QB’s. There’s no QB’s from this draft that should be starting right away. So sign Smith again, he serviceable, just horribly incosistent. If he could play like the last 3 minutes of the New Orleans game or some of his time at the end of the year, all the time, he’d have a way better record.

    Would Rodgers and Rivers be this good if they had started from day 1? Maybe, but learning from Favre and Brees for a couple years sure didn’t hurt. I’m not saying small hands smith is anywhere near that level. But just watching and learning the system before trying to take over is going to be good for their QB of the future Kaepernick

  16. Let’s face the facts. Not many players really want to live in the city of San Fransisco. It makes them the butt (no pun intended) of too many jokes.

  17. “Alex Smith knows the playbook” I certainly hope not. If he does then they are using Mike Singletary’s offense. Smith get another log to throw on the “i have had a different offense every year” fire.

  18. so if Alex doesnt resign and ends up elsewhere he will know the playbook. If that team ends up playing the 9er’s then he should be the defensive coordinator for at least one game

  19. I’d feel better about all of this if Harbaugh could actually do his job, but given the current nonsense that is the NFL offseason, we’re stuck in a holding pattern.

    I don’t expect Harbaugh to work a miracle, but the bottom line is that the Niners are a better team with Harbaugh as the coach, and Smith is a better quarterback.

    What that means for 2011 remains to be seen.

  20. I’m still holding out hope that some other team will be dumb enough to sign Alex Smith but Harbaugh seems dead set on bringing back this bum. Alex has been a mediocre qb for 6 years. Will it take 10 seasons before they give up on this loser.

  21. dont worry all the 9er fans will be there to buy season tickets…lol remember when ken norton said its the same old rams??? now its the same old tired 49ers

  22. All Jed needed to do was make not keeping Alex Smith a requirement for the Harbaugh hire and we’d be past this never ending nightmare. But he’s a clueless little kid that’s too busy fumbling around with the new stadium that might arrive in another decade to realize how much of the fan base won’t support the team with Smith there yet again.

  23. Bottom line, we 49ers have no choice. With the lockout, adding A Smith back is the only thing that makes sense for a speedy recovery.

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