Cam Newton takes offense to suggestions he can’t run an NFL scheme


Now that the draft is over and Cam Newton can put all the pre-draft scrutiny behind him, he acknowledges that questions about his ability to learn and execute the quarterback’s responsibilities in an NFL playbook are the “one thing I take offense to.”

That’s what Newton said in an interview on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, coming across as angry that his ability to play the quarterback position has been questioned. Specifically, Newton said, he’s bothered by people saying that his Auburn career was aided because “our offense is so simplistic,” and that he can’t handle an NFL offense, which requires players to practically learn a new language in order to call the plays.

“You can’t fault me for not having a lengthy play at Auburn,” Newton said. “There was a lot of success we had at Auburn without any lengthy plays.”

In college Newton lined up in the shotgun and made as many plays with his feet as he did with his arm, but Newton doesn’t like the perception that he prefers to run. Instead, Newton says, he prefers to move the chains however he can.

“A lot of people look at my game and say, ‘He likes to run.’ Well, obviously, I want to move the football,” Newton said. “I go through my whole progression. It’s not that I sit back there and get anxious and I run.”

Newton said he met with the Panthers’ coaches “extremely briefly” but that because of the lockout “we had to cut our meeting off short.”

And Newton said that not only did he get a playbook, but, “I’m looking at it right now as we speak.”

“I’m working out, the same thing I was doing before the draft,” Newton said. “I really don’t know when the lockout is going to be lifted, but I can’t just sit on the couch and say I don’t know what to do. I have a lot of things I can do, like working out, and No. 1 is looking at the playbook.”

Whenever the season starts, the Panthers will be counting on Newton to prove he has the playbook down cold.

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  1. He already has a tutor a NFL Hall of Famer……Warren Moon. #winning.

  2. I don’t know what all the fuss is about? He can do an interview and learn an NFL playbook at the same time.

  3. Did you guys catch the interview with his shady father before the draft? Is there any doubt we’ll be reading a story on Deadspin a year from now about some crazy Ponzi scheme this guy got into with Cam’s money?

    In order for it to be successful Newton scam, though, it has be … “simplistic.”

  4. “I go through my whole progression. It’s not that I sit back there and get anxious and I run.”

    Progression – lol.

    They flash him a card and he has one read. If it wasn’t there he ran.

    Least NFL ready QB in this draft.

  5. I am not a huge Cam fan. That being said, I think we should wait until his 4th or 5th game to see how well he transits. He could end up being alot of fun to watch, just like Vick is. These athletes arent an everyday or every year occurance, lets all hope for the best for the kid. It could be exciting.

  6. Listen, I get that many people don’t like Cam Newton because of what happened at Auburn. It Was a crappy thing to do. But let’s be honest here. We have no reason to believe that he can not pick up an NFL Offense. Can he do it within a couple months and run it like a pro? No, and not many people can. But is he physically and mentally able to grasp it. Absolutely! Just about everyone assumes he is dumb because he ran a two read and run offense. Truth of the matter is that Gus Malzhan knew that his feet was a great weapon to move the chains. He didn’t have to sit back and make 3 or 4 reads, because either the guys were open, or they weren’t. Michal Vick does a lot of the same stuff in the NFL and it works for him. Cam is intelligent. He can learn the offense. He takes to coaching well. And for anyone who actually watched EVERY Auburn game last season, you would have seen the major growth as a passer Cam made over the course of the season. At the beginning of the season, he was a one or two read guy and run at most. By the end of the season when teams were keeping him from running the best he could, he made some amazing reads and throws on 3 and 4 man routes. Especially in that comeback win against Alabama and the SEC Championship game. But hey, I guess when people like Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, and Mike Mayock (people who have never ran a College Offense) say the offense is simplistic and Cam can’t do it, I guess their word is GOLD. I am not saying I like Cam, or that I think he will be an All Pro. But the guy has just as much chance to be successful as any QB drafted. His biggest obstacle is going to be playing on a team with no WR help and being pressed to start before he is ready. Finally, for those idiots who compare him to Jamarcus Russell, Russell has never been in anything remotely close to the shape Cam is in, nor did he have one ounce of the passion and desire that Cam has. Your stereotypes of big african american QB’s is ignorant at best.

  7. What he didn’t say was that the Au O was a single read. Further, he didn’t call out blocking adjustments, blitz pickups, hot routes, or WR route adjustments. He also didn’t have to read a D except for his single read – “if the D read does this, you do that” was all he dealt with. Hell, they didn’t even call formations in the O – instead they just had plays that were a single number.

    For those reasons there will be endless speculation until he actually proves he can run a sophisticated O.

  8. “I’m looking at it as we speak. Still in the parcel. I better find a good spot for it before someone trips over it.”.

  9. It’s not like his father is in federal prison for money laundering is it? Oh wait – that’s a great heart warming story of an ex-NFL player in jail right? Not like that happens every day

  10. jmphinsfan says: May 2, 2011 9:24 AM

    if you listened to the interview you can see why so many people have had concerns about this guy.
    Every interview I have seen/heard of his he just rubs me the wrong way. Every feature I see on him on tv, he rubs me the wrong way. He’s clearly full of himself and IMO seems as if he cares more for style than substance. It appears he either doesn’t follow questions asked well enough to answer them or is obviously deflecting any critique instead of manning up to it. He has rabbit ears and a blame deflector mode that would make Favre, Manning or McNabb proud to boot. He can’t handle criticism like a real leader of men should when he was simply coming off being a Heisman winner on a national championship team and now he’s on a bad offensive football team with a volatile #1 WR. It ain’t getting better Cam, before it gets worse.

  11. Wait, it took him this long to figure out this is the overall perception? And he thinks he can figure out a NFL offense? Uh oh, Carolina.

    This guy remind me of Vince Young.

  12. Newt was also angry at the perception that his college plays had simplistic verbiage like “36”. “Wrong!” crowed the Newt. “They reduced the play book for me, and the highest number was 7. 36 was just a vicious rumor.”.

  13. Oh, and by “whole progression” Cam is referring to “First guy isn’t open. Run it.” That or the zone read play.

  14. The guy they called “Sir Asshat Newton” for his academic exploits in college refused to take blame for his low Wonderlic score. “Not my fault that McElroy kept leaning over and shielding his paper with his arm and shoulder.”.

  15. He should be offended. They’re basically saying he’s too dumb to pass a freaking ball. Football isn’t rocket science. I can’t wait for him to prove all these a-holes wrong

  16. It’s not his fault the AU offense was simplistic? If Cam could handle a more complicated playbook, it would’ve been more complicated.

  17. With the 1st pick in the 2012 draft, the Carolina Panthers select Andrew Luck.

  18. so so so so so so tired of all the hate on every single cam newton post. People act like money scams don’t happen with other college athletes. NEWSFLASH!!! they do! Lots of shady things happen in college football/basketball. You see some of these kids getting of the bus with there iphones, ipads, 500 dollar headphones. Most drive very nice vehicles. Dress very nice, wear expensive jewelry. If you know any thing about college sports you know that you have very little free time to work. So how are they able to afford to pay rent, bills, etc and buy expensive cars, jewelry, electronics? I cant wait to see Cam Newton prove all this haters wrong.

  19. When he decides he aspires to be the best football player he can be and not an “entertainer and an icon.” Let me know. This kid doesn’t have his priorities straight.

  20. It is amazing at how many personnel professionals come on this site. I take it that all of you that are criticsing Cam played, coached or was a player personnel expert.

  21. if you listened to the interview you can see why so many people have had concerns about this guy.

    Agreed. Dude’s in the NFL now. #1 pick. No one can change that. I think his rant about the plays he ran in college was a bit unnecessary and was pretty awkward to listen to. Almost like he’s making excuses already.

    I’m curious to see how this all turns out. I won’t say one way or the other if he’ll be successful because time will tell, but this morning’s interview had a weird tone. It should have been more about what he plans on doing going forward and not the criticism he took prior to being drafted.

  22. Cam is made a fool of and preceived as stupid by these fools in the media. While they choosen QB Blaine, can’t even answer a question unless he knows the question ahead of time. Is it just me or does this kid always sound well rehearsed.

    All I’ve got to say is when we start look at athletes through the eyes of the instant everything media, we’re more than setting them up to fail. The sports media and reality don’t always make for good bed partners.

  23. It isn’t about complicated offenses. It is more about “executing”.

    Did he “execute” the offense well at Auburn? Yes.

    Did he have good stats? Yes.

    Did he manage the offense and scored a lot of points? Yes.

    Some teams run their plays like the Military. Everything in the Military is broken down “Barney Style” because when it is time to go to war, it isn’t about “thinking”, it is about “Executing”.

  24. Not only was he conducting an interview and studying the Panthers’ playbook, he was also writing a new mathematical proof of Euler’s Theorem.

  25. It wasn’t actually HIS playbook. He just took another player’s playbook and put his name on it…

  26. “jimr10 says:
    May 2, 2011 11:20 AM
    It is amazing at how many personnel professionals come on this site. I take it that all of you that are criticsing Cam played, coached or was a player personnel expert.”


    Really? You need to be an NFL player, coach, or personnel expert to know that NFL playbooks are more sophisticated than what was available on Tecmo?

    Well I’ve never played or coached football, but I can say without fear of contradiction that having played Madden NFL a handful of times tells me that “36” isn’t going to cut it as an NFL play.

    He doesn’t have to understand “right, double-X, Jet, 36 counter, naked waggle, X-7, X-quarter” at this point to show he’s capable of playing at the next level. But the fact that he couldn’t even repeat it, that the only part of that he could remember was “36” is extremely disturbing.

    If he’s pissed that people think his offense was too simplistic, then it was up to him to show that it wasn’t. What he do along those lines? “And our method is ‘simplistic equals fast.’ It’s so simple as far as, you look to the sideline and you see 36 on the board. And that’s a play. And we’re off.”

    So sorry that you’ve been so misunderstood, Cam. Those bastards in the media… will the witchhunt never end?

  27. @armchairgm9. — he could do a lot worse than VY. 35-17 is a lot better than a lot of QB’s. Give Cam a shot and then decide if he’s a bust.

  28. Teams that run complicated offenses normally are last in last place and the coaches are jobless like Jon Gruden.

    It is about about:
    1.) Gameplanning
    2.) Practicing
    3.) Executing

    Every team have different verbiage. Some teams use #’s, some use words, and some call out the whole play.

    If you look at Cam numbers in college, he mastered the Auburn offense. Auburn didn’t play against cupcake defenses. He played against teams that had Bowers, Peterson, and Dareus. They came from behind 24-0 to beat Alabama (In which Nick Saban has Bill Belichick’s and Rex Ryan’s defensive playbook.).

    I bet you some money that Peyton Manning doesn’t know Grudens playcalling. That doesn’t makes Peyton stupid.

    Cam practiced hard and executed when it was time to play and they won

  29. jeremycrowhurst

    having played Madden NFL a handful of times


    You still live with your parents don’t you?
    I’ve played Space Invaders a handful of times so I’ll go shoot soma aliens, beeyatch!

  30. @thecamnewton

    Space Invaders? What, can’t handle World of Warcraft?

    I’ve only played Madden a handful of times. Too much Madden gets in the way of all the Star Trek conventions I need to attend…. 🙂

  31. Good luck, kid. I wasn’t too impressed with that Gruden interview… but… maybe you were just put on the spot. Maybe you’re the kind of student that does just fine when you know precisely what will be on the test and what you need to study. But I wasn’t particularly impressed there. You’re no Jamarcus Russell–but not sure if you’ll be Michael Vick in his early 20’s (dynamic, but last guy in, first guy out–always relying on your immense physical gifts) or Vick in his 30’s (understand the passing game, using said physical gifts to become virtually unstoppable, instead of just very good).

  32. I am amazed at the comments on here that talk about Cam’s lack of intelligence. Most of the messages on here have horrible grammar and/or incorrect punctuation. And you question his intelligence?

  33. It amazes me how people who have nothing going for themselves spend their life throwing negative comments at professional players. Cam is a man that has been through a lot and it has been made known to the public. I would love to see these naysayers handle the type of pressure he has faced and is facing. Whether you like his ears or whatever else about his appearance is irrelvant. The man is great at what he does. If he wasn’t YOU clowns wouldn’t even know his name to discuss him. Who are you roaches that sit around and come up with all the pathetic reasons why you don’t like someone. Go get a life and be productive. Whether you like him or not he’s doing things YOU wannabes will never get the chance to ever experience. This man is living his life to the fullest and I wish him the best in life. Maybe some of you could learn from him. If you put in hard work you’ll acheive remarkable accomplishments. Nothing he has was given to him. He had to put the work in and he had to prove himself. Whatever his father did or didn’t do should not concern anyone but Cam. I wonder what you losers on here have ever worked for. The NFL is not a modeling agency. He did not get the position based off of his great looks and charm, even though with that smile, those dimples and that comedic personality he could of very well did it!

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