Chargers try to fix special teams woes in the draft


The Chargers are only going to have so many years with Philip Rivers in his prime backed by a solid defense.  They wasted one in 2010, because their special teams cost them at least a few wins.

It’s no surprise that the Chargers spent the draft partially looking to fix the problem.

“We need to get back to where we had that great energy,” G.M. A.J. Smith said of San Diego’s special teams via Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  “We need to get it back, and we’re going to get it back.  [Seventh-round pick Andrew Gachkar], we think, is going to be one of those guys.”

Some folks believe Smith wanted to fix special teams a little too much.   He spent his second round pick on Jonas Mouton, a linebacker that few saw going in the first three rounds.  He’s mostly going to help on special teams.

“We like him; we put him in the second round,” Smith said.  “I am more interested in the player than the round after the first round.”

This was a huge draft for Smith, who had five picks in the top 90.  They couldn’t fill every need, as the team could have used an edge rusher to develop.    Instead, they tried to make sure that their special teams wouldn’t waste another season.

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  1. nothing special about the chargers draft, expected them to do more….phillip rivers although is still best qb right now in the league

  2. It was alot more than just Kassim…blocked punts, missed assignments and a complete lack of focus killed this team all year on special-teams.

    These draft picks are a step in the right direction…

  3. I thought the purpose was to get the best available playmakers not the best available ST players, but hey what the hell maybe someday these guys will pan out, all I know is if Mouton can tackle Shaun Greene and Michael Bush, then bring him in and let him do his thing.

  4. Guys, stop with the Kassim Osgood talk. He took less money to play with Jacksonville than the Chargers offered him. The Chargers were honest with him: he wasn’t in there plans as a receiver. Jacksonville said they would give him a chance to play WO. In the end, he caught a whopping 6 passes all year. Now you know why he was a great special teams player to the Chargers, but not recognized as an offensive play maker.

  5. The Chargers didn’t “let Kassim Osgood go.” They wanted to keep him, and tried to sign him, but Jacksonville gave him a chance to start at WR, and he knew he wouldn’t get any playing time on offense over the WRs in San Diego.

    So all you second-guessing, wanna-be GMs need to learn the facts before you spout off. Or are you really trying to say that SD should have started Osgood at WR over Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Flloyd?

  6. Ditto on elrickremy and t3dstrik3r…well stated guys. What was Norv supposed to do, lie to Kassim and tell him he would get playing time as a WR? Jax learned last season what Norv already knew – Osgood is not a good option at WR.

  7. big fu**ing deal mean, just win us a lombardy and shut up .. chargers fan (i am one) wouldn’t be moaning so much about the draft if this generation wins it all.period.

  8. radrntn says: May 2, 2011 8:43 PM

    nothing special about the chargers draft, expected them to do more….phillip rivers although is still best qb right now in the league


    If by best QB in the league you mean a regular-season stat monster that comes up small when it counts, then Phillip Rivers is indeed one of the best QBs in football.

    All sizzle, no steak.

  9. What has Rivers done to be considered one of the top QBs in the league? What have the Chargers done to be considered Super bowl contenders every year? I see them flop every year, I just don’t get it.

  10. The Chargers fixed their special teams problem by hiring Rich Bissacia. Guy is a hell of a coach and will make sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

  11. The ironic thing about Osgood is that he left SD because he could never get on the field as a receiver, but ended up catching only six passes in Jax.

    While over in SD, they had so many injuries at WR (and one hold out), they had a street-kid in there playing who didn’t know you were only down if you’ve been touched by a defender.

    Osgood would have had a career year in SD at WR if he had stayed.

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