Chris Simms on trial, blames his friends for smoking pot in his car


Titans quarterback Chris Simms is on trial in New York for driving while high, and his defense is simple: He says his friends smoked pot in his car, but he didn’t.

The arresting officer testified today that Simms made a tire-squealing, “wild” turn and that when he was stopped, Simms slurred his words, walked unsteadily and said there wasn’t any marijuana left in the car because “he smoked it all in the car.”

The officer said the car reeked of marijuana and Simms seemed stoned.

“He was out of it,” the officer said. “Like a zombie.”

Prosecutors also say Simms, who refused to take a urine test, passed out on a holding-cell floor shortly after he was taken into custody.

Simms, however, says that the officer misunderstood him, and that he was actually saying that his friends smoked it all in the car. Simms claims he had made a brief stop at a party earlier in the night and that his friends stayed in the car and smoked marijuana without him. He says that when he got back to the car he told his friends to get rid of it.

Simms could face up to a year in jail if convicted of the misdemeanor charges.

61 responses to “Chris Simms on trial, blames his friends for smoking pot in his car

  1. Must have been some really good weed! Or he’s just a lightweight. Maybe having no spleen increases the effect?

  2. That reminds me, hey Chris, thanks for those couple starts you had in Denver where you were absolutely terrible and they actually put an injured QB in because he was still better than you were. As long as you have a criminal case against you I know for sure Pittsburgh will take you in. They love your type.

  3. The description of his condition sounds like he was drunk, not stoned.

    Still, Simms’ excuse sounds very much like he was coached by his lawyer.

  4. In Chris’ defense, I’ve seen him play football, and he always looks “out of it”.

  5. Almost as bad as “that’s not mine” from Micheal Irvin when the cops found the pipe. Are these guys so sheltered that they think the cops will believe anything they say?

  6. This is why NFL players aren’t allowed to smoke pot. They aren’t smart enough to smoke it in their own homes.

  7. “Prosecutors also say Simms, who refused to take a urine test, passed out on a holding-cell floor shortly after he was taken into custody.”

    Been there, done that, but it was the 70’s. Back then, they just went on to the next guy.

  8. No, ocifer, I wasn’t smkin’ no pot! My friends did in my car while I was at a party drinkin’. I cam to the car and made ’em get rid of that junk ’cause I don’t smoke that junk! I may drink and drive, but I don’t smoke no pot… that would be illegal.

  9. “Listen guys, I’m gonna make you all look like POS’s and throw you under the bus so I don’t go to jail. Then my dad will write you guys a check.”

  10. Slurred speech and an inability to walk straight-from getting high on weed?

    What a noob.

  11. Must be that soft parenting that Chris had growing up…. Somewhere Steve Young is laughing…

  12. “Simms slurred his words, walked unsteadily”
    was he drunk or high? because i’ve never heard of someone slurring words or walking unsteadily while high.
    anyway, he should move to cali, cops here usually just want the weed so they can go smoke it themselves.

  13. This whole story sounds like one of those ridiculous anti-weed commercials. Slurring words and passing out doesn’t really sound like weed to me. That sounds more like booze! But who would know, A stoner? Or a square cop? The cop probably saw a little bud and was like, “look there’s a roach right there!!!” That may or may not have actually happened to me….

  14. Should have taken the plea bargain which would have been time served ( 1 day) , the fine/court costs and the 1 year suspended drivers license.

    Getting convicted in NYC’s AP court is Russian roulette. They do NOT take kind to people who don’t accept the proverbial slap on the wrist. He could very well spend 30 days to 6 months in Rikers. Moron.

  15. What’s the year in jail for? Even if they found pot in his car that would just be a citation in NYC (if under an oz). Is it for the DWI? I can’t see how jail time is even on the table, this seems like a community service/suspended license crime at worst.

  16. 1st who cares. Is he still in the league? 2nd sellout. Never ray out friends! 3rd if they were friends they would take the hit for their Rich friend

  17. Admit to it Chris and be done with it, its JUST WEED, plea out take your most likely $500 fine, lose your license for 3 months and get 6 months probation. Thats what I got 5 yrs ago when I got busted for driving under the influence. Yeah you made a mistake just admit and move on bro.
    Next time you want to smoke a bowl just do it at home and dont go out. Unless you move to certain parts parts of Colorado, California or Alaska where weed has been legalized.

  18. He was obviously driving under the influence of something hence the jail time.

    The story even states that he made “wild turn” which is why the cop pulled him over and then reportedly found a very drunk, high or both driver who just happens to be a lousy QB with a famous QB father.

    Man I remember the announcers drooling all over him one year when he was with the Bucs. I’m still not sure if they were watching the same game I was.

  19. He’s used to lame excuses like he can’t play because of a hangnail when his playing sucks. Only reason he was on the field at UT was daddy’s money. Applewhite would have gotten the Heisman except for Chrissie’s daddy! What a fraud!

  20. ttommytom says:

    Should have taken the plea bargain which would have been time served ( 1 day) , the fine/court costs and the 1 year suspended drivers license.

    He really turned down that deal to put up this defense?? That’s insane.

  21. Just like Kevin Faulk, Chris Simms took “full responsibility” and said it wasn’t his.

    If it was good enough for Bill Belichick it should be good enough for the NYPD.

  22. Chris Simms, you need to get some new friends, and second Phil you probaly were high when you said you quit your job if Ryan Mallett wasn’t drafted in the top 10. So hopefully CBS finds a new announcer.

  23. I noticed a couple days before this incident happened he tweeted “why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly”

  24. riderspantherssk says:
    May 2, 2011 7:58 PM
    This is why NFL players aren’t allowed to smoke pot. They aren’t smart enough to smoke it in their own homes.

    I always thought NFL players weren’t allowed to smoke pot, well, because it’s against the law. Forgive me.

  25. He’s going to blow his chance to be the Titans starting QB this year. Wasn’t he on their taxi squad before? Oh wait that’s were he belongs after he gets out of jail.

  26. I’d burn cruise with him, but not if he was driving. Oh look a cop! Watch me screech my tires and spin around the corner! You’d think he would have learned to avoid defenders after losing his spleen!

  27. brothaman1 says:
    May 2, 2011 7:52 PM

    Lol Chris Simms news


    This one made me LOL.

  28. Legalize it, for the love of God. I cannot believe that someone like Simms faces a year in jail for smoking pot in America in the year 2011.

    Shame on the cop who brought him in for not using common sense and letting this slide. But when we put cops in the position where they have to choose between doing the right thing and being pricks, should we really be surprised when some choose the latter over the former?

    Unless and until marijuana is legalized we will continue to waste resources, encourage the abuse power by police and prosecutors, and ruin lives. Time to get serious about our failed war on drugs, just like we did regarding prohibition.

  29. One does not “slur his words” or “walk unsteadily” from smoking marijuana. Nor does one “squeal tires” or drive “wild”. On the contrary. It makes you drive slower. Maybe that cop should have done a little research before reaching for that charge.

  30. Officer: Sir, can I see your license
    Chris: My what?
    Officer: Your license.
    Chris: Isn’t back there on the bumper?

  31. A year in the clink for being high is a little extreme, but he was still driving while impaired. Lock him up… There’s enough drunks on the road already without having to worry about the stoners as well.

    “We were drugged – Drugged and driving!”
    -The Day-Glo Abortions, “Drugged and Driving”

  32. @tednancy …

    I support legalization, but legalizing won’t excuse Simms or anyone else from driving under the influence. And like many posting here, I question whether he was really under the influence of pot. Slurred speech and unsteady on his feet? Sounds more like he’d been drinking. Since he refused the tests, the officer may have just gone for the pot charge because he could prove there’d been pot in the car. Whatever he did, he’s in this situation because he did it in a moving vehicle, then refused what surely would have been a slap-on-the-wrist plea deal.

  33. @DEB: That is the normal plea in these cases. The refusal of the urine test is an automatic 1 year suspended driver’s license. Unless he is proven innocent. Since it happened last July, that 1 year is almost over as it is.

    He would have plead guilty to Disorderly Conduct which is not a crime but technically a violation similar to a speeding ticket. EVERY SINGLE person arrested for smoking in public pleads down to a “Discon”. So he has no excuse as in not wanting to have a criminal record. He wouldn’t have one anymore than a person who has a speeding ticket.

    Police Officers HATE high profile cases. He could have arrested everyone in the car but he held the driver responsible and it is obvious the driver does not want to be held responsible.

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