Jake Locker knew the Titans liked him, just not how much


Everyone was surprised when the Tennessee Titans selected Jake Locker with the eighth overall pick in the NFL draft. Including Locker.

In an ESPN Radio interview, Locker said he knew the Titans were interested in him, based on his pre-draft workouts and interviews for the Titans’ staff. But he didn’t realize the Titans liked him so much that they were preparing to take him with their first-round pick.

“I had gone through a lot of the portion of this process with them from the Senior Bowl to the Combine, to a personal workout and then a visit out here,” Locker said, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “I knew there was some interest. I just didn’t know there was enough to take me with that No. 8 pick.”

Locker knows that as a Top 10 pick, there’s pressure on him to become a franchise quarterback. And he said he’s not intimidated by that.

“It’s another opportunity to play football,” Locker said. “It’s a challenge no doubt, but it’s one that I really look forward to and I can’t wait for this process to begin.”

He’ll have to wait, like everyone else, until the lockout ends. And Titans fans will have to wait to see whether Locker develops into the kind of player who justifies drafting him higher than Locker himself thought he’d be drafted.

4 responses to “Jake Locker knew the Titans liked him, just not how much

  1. Seems like a good guy….the kind of player you want on your team. I hope he fails though….I’m a Jags fan! It will be interesting to compare the careers of Locker and Gabbert.

  2. There’s a documentary about a former Michigan QB drafted by the Patriots, and what came of the 6 QBs taken before him in his draft class.

    It’s called ‘The Mallett 6’ and comes out in 2023.

  3. he couldn’t turn out to be any more of a disappointment than Vince Young.

  4. Love the way this guy play and his passion for the game, players like this deserved to do top 10. The only way a play like this guy fail is due to poor coaching.

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