Jordan Palmer wants to start


Marvin Lewis believes Andy Dalton can possibly start at quarterback right away.

Dalton’s Week One status could depend on Carson Palmer’s willingness to play for the team again.   It would also depend on how Jordan Palmer looks in training camp, if Jordan Palmer has anything to say about it.

Carson’s brother told Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer that he is just looking for a chance to compete.  He also complimented Dalton for his college career.

“Whoever plays quarterback is going to be put in position to be successful,” Palmer said.

We admire Jordan’s drive — he got Bengals receivers together for workouts last month — but it’s hard to imagine him getting a legitimate crack at the job.

The Bengals seem more likely to go with Dalton or a veteran to be named later.  Who knows? Perhaps they’ll wind up rolling with the Palmer that has started 97 games since he was taken as a franchise savior back in 2003.

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  1. And I want to be the owner of the Bengals….

    Palms should stick to making stupid phone apps for Ochocinco and his Rock Software brand. He’ll likely have a better career down that path.

  2. Jordan would have had a much better chance of being the starter if we had kept Bratkowski as OC. His best bet is to bury himself in the playbook, because if everyone is starting from scratch with the new offense, its gonna be Dalton in the game.

  3. Not a bengals fan, but if they decide to go with Dalton, I won’t argue disagree. Sure Jordan Palmer has been on the team longer. Knows the offense.However, the bengals pulled the trigger, and selected Dalton pretty high in the draft. That right there tells me Dalton will be starting, and Carson, and quite possibly Jordan might both be out in Cincy. It all depends on who the bengals bring in to compete and what they get for Carson, once they trade him. Also depends what backups would be willing to sign, knowing Dalton is starting. Not many vetran qb’s would sign with a rookie starting ahead of them.

  4. I’d rather see Jordan Palmer or Dan LeFevour start the season than Dalton. The team starts with two away games (at Cleveland, at Denver), and I’m not sure you want to throw a rookie into those environments. Plus, they’re winnable games and maybe one of the older quarterbacks and some defense can give you a chance at victory.

    If Dalton starts the entire year, the team is not likely to make the playoffs. If one of the other guys does, with the Bengals’ soft schedule anything could happen.

  5. The only reason he is a bengal is cause his brother begged marvin to sign him. So he will be cut as soon as Carson retires/gets traded. And if Carson gets traded i would not doubt one bit that his little brother will be riding his coat tails to the next team.

  6. I think Jordan is a free agent, isn’t he? So he would have to be signed first?

  7. Carson is gone, most fans at this point have no interest in the greedy, spoiled brat ever putting a Bengals jersey on again. We are ready to move beyond this overrated BUST. Jordan is not the man to teach Dalton how to be a pro, he’s still trying to figure it out himself. Bengals need a “Kitna” type pro to come in and mentor Dalton for 2 years. One from the field, the next from the bench. Not looking for a hall of famer.. just a true pro.

  8. Palmer doesn’t “know the offense” because we have a new OC with his own system, so Dalton, Palmer, LeFevour or whomever will essentially be starting on the same page. Dalton will have some catching up to do on the different terminology, but basically they’ll all be operating from the same blank slate.

    That said, Jordan Palmer definitely deserves a chance to compete.

  9. @52sackmachine… most every team in the league has a better shot at winning the NFC West, than their own divisions, considering it’s the worst division in the league and they play in arguably the best divsion.

  10. He can start!!! He can START packing his bags and leave town on the 1st thing smoking… only a fool would keep this talentless player..he was only on the team in the 1st place due to pure unadulterated nepotism.

  11. Trusting your franchise with the guy who makes an App that helps you schedule bathroom breaks is like letting Benny Hill perform a C-Section on your wife.

  12. you put your best combination of players on the field no matter what the draft pick is or the salary they make. The Bengals buried guys last year that got a shot last year like Simpson and Dunlap. Jordan deserves a legitimate opportunity to compete as a starter.

    Jordan does have an advantage;
    1. he as studied NFL defenses and personnel for 3 years now
    2. he is familiar with the teams personnel and coaches. He knows the timing and tendencies of the teams players
    3. He has Carson’s brain to pick about AFC North teams.
    4. He is now used to being under center and not a spread formation QB.

    I have nothing against Dalton and everything for him, but I want my team to be the best that it can be opening day.

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