Nix says Bills will try to keep Florence, not Whitner


With three defensive backs picked by the Bills in the 2011 draft, the status of a couple of veteran free agents became tenuous, at best.

One of them, cornerback Drayton Florence, could return.  The other, safety Donte Whitner, apparently won’t.

That conclusion arises from comments made Monday by G.M. Buddy Nix during The Shredd & Ragan Show on WEDG in Buffalo.

“We think Drayton wants to be here, and we want him here,” Nix said regarding Florence.  “We’re gonna try to sign Drayton Florence.”

And what about Whitner, the eighth overall pick in the 2006 draft?

“Donte Whitner I don’t think wants to be here, and he probably won’t,” Nix said.

It’s refreshing to hear that kind of candor.  And, when it comes to the NFL, it’s rare.

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  1. Well If I were Whitner I wouldn’t want to be in Buffalo either. The organazation has never been the same since the superbowl era. I believe Whitner may find a new home that wants him. Possibly Detroit, Minnesota,Jacksonville, or even Oakland. Since those teams need help in the secondary. Also Whitner can play ball, I believe he was just on a bad team, that has given up on a young good player. Moving forward will do both of them good.

  2. Such good news for Bills fans. I like Florence but Whitner is a twitter queen, botched coverage expert, and can’t cover a tight end for his life. Didn’t they draft Searcy from UNC? That dude is going to be a gamer! Good luck to the Bills!

  3. sucks is a harsh word. he plays the run well… but he couldnt cover recievers or tightends. he is an emotional leader but so is Kelvin Shepard!

  4. Whitner lost a lot of my support when he started complaining about opposing offenses laughing at the Bills defense. (The packers game I think)

    In my opinion, that reflects on him as well as the rest of the defense. It shouldn’t be something that is broadcasted to the world via twitter. He should tell his teammates to their faces and work on improvements. Anyone can criticize, a leader is supposed to help his teammates improve.

    Whitner is not as good as you think. Not a dominant playmaker like you’d expect for a top 8 pick (that’s the Bills fault for drafting him I suppose). He is a good player and I hope he finds what he’s looking for; but the Bills played a hell of a season last year despite their record. The fact that he wants to leave as opposed to improving a franchise that has 100% support from its fanbase shows a signifiant character flaw in my opinion. Detroit could use him, but if he has a problem with Buffalo, he won’t find what he’s looking for there either. He wants to be on a winning team that really doesn’t need his help because, frankly, he doesn’t add very much.

    You are correct, Buffalo has not performed on a level as high as the early 90’s since the early 90’s. But no other team really has. Maybe the Patriots, but they didn’t go to the superbowl 4 years in a row. It’s never been done before and it probably won’t happen again. As a Bills fan, I’d be thrilled to get a playoff caliber team again. We’re closer than you give us credit for. If you actually watched the close games last season you’d know to be worried when your team plays the Bills.

  5. someone should tell whitner he’s not being hated on. the problem lies within him, not others perception of him. he should man up, and take responsibility for his own actions instead of blaming it on others. he tweeted himself out of a job because of his horrible personality.

  6. Cant tackle, cant cover, he throws his body into the play instead of trying to make a play, usually back first. He goes for the pic when he should go for the hit and vice versa, and still misses on the hit and he complains about being laughed at as a team and than goes out and performs like he should be laughed at. Bye Bye witner, I wont fault you for being a Bust, we shouldve never drafted u that high anyways.

  7. lots of people in buffalo have had a negative vibe about donte since he was taken so early in the draft. my take as a bills fan is it could have been worse. at the very least comes to play on sunday and fills a position on the team that if he wanted it he probably could have had for many years. i always liked the dude. i just don`t think he wants to stay in buffalo. simple as that. good luck donte where ever you end up.

  8. Whitner wasn’t worth the #8 pick and he proved it. All he does is make garbage tackles halfway down the field. what was the last big play that guy ever made that helped with a ball game?

  9. Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey are hilarious. Gailey literally told everyone he “wanted to draft a waterbug” running back before they picked Spiller last year. This year, Nix is laying out free agency plans well in advance for us. If this were the Cowboys the national media would be eating this up about how they aren’t into smokescreens, but here in Buffalo, it’s like nobody notices but us!

  10. Florence is an underrated player who plays at a solid, unspectacular level in a position of need. Keeping him is almost a no brainer… unless some team gets nervous after missing out on the kid from Oakland and drives up the price.

  11. So long Twitner!

    Lil Donte’s legacy as a Bill will be tackling a WR 10 yards deep in the enzone after taking a horrible angle and being the guy the Bills took instead of Ngata.

  12. I like Whitner but, the guy is so hit or miss.

    He is a complete tackling machine, hard hitting and makes others fear the sound of his footsteps.

    The miss part of Whitner is his coverage.
    When he first came into the league, he was no shutdown DB but he was decent.
    Now, years later, his skills have diminished and his mouth has grown to a ridiculous size.
    He is more than just Twitter-happy, the guy must have surgically attached his phone to himself. Its sad, if he spend the same amount of time practicing as he does twitting, he might just live up to that #8 pick.
    Good luck with your future DW, its not here in the B-lo.

  13. Good riddens Wimpner……….Go hang out with the clown Posse TO and his boyfriend Ocho Stinko and get the same twitter accounts.

  14. I’m more interested in hearing them discuss McKelvin..there have been rumors that Gailey wants nothing to do with Leodis moving forward – which presents a problem for his 3+ million left over 3 years. Bryon Scott and Jairus Byrd are the only sure things heading into 2011.


  15. Finally some sense in the decision making process. Whitner never justified where he was drafted and Florence is a playmanker. Whitner lacks good coverage and ballhawking skills.

  16. Should have traded Whitner when we had the chance. Guess there is no point trading someone away for a 7th round pick though. Trying to unload Whitner and Maybin in the same trade would probably be cause for the Bills owing the other team a draft pick. Whitner couldn’t cover or play the run. He gets to where he wants to be fast and is ineffective. He doesn’t want to be in Buffalo? Buffalo doesn’t want Whitner! He’ll suck wind in Cleveland with Jauron.

  17. Great news. Florence is really an underrated piece to a quietly solid secondary, with the only weak link being… Whitner. I agree with those of you who say Whitner is a solid run supporter, but with the exception of being only useful between the tackles. He takes poor angles to cut off outside runs, and gets burned down the sideline. Also, whats the point of having a solid tackling saftey, who makes tackles 6-8 yards past the line of scrimmage? We need some better corner play so Byrd can freelance more, however I was impressed last season. Many analyst’s had said that Byrd’s rookie campaign was a fluke, and had more to being in the right place at the right time more than skill. I started to belive that, until he started forcing turnovers, not just interceptions. He is the real deal. This seems like T. Mcgee’s last season in Buffalo, he’s going to be in his 30’s, and has had injuries the past 2 seasons. I know a little off topic, but the only thing I fear going into this season is that we underutilize Kyle Williams with the addition of Dareus. Go Bills! Chan-ge is better!!!!!

  18. Yes during the season. There was speculation we were going to try and unload the two to the Ravens. Whitner and Maybin want to be in the the same boat as Ed Reed and Ray Lewis. I thought at least Whitner was a lock for a trade. Maybin, he’ll get cut eventually and sign with the Ravens. They are both trade bait, why let a player go to FA when you can get a pick for him. Then again, why trade for a player you might be able to get for nothing but a paycheck.

  19. I would take Florence over Whitner any day of the week. I love that the Bills are actually going to attempt to resign a solid cornerback: Winfield, Clemens, Greer, etc…

    There isn’t a huge drop of from Whitner to George Wilson plus if this kid from UNC pans out, forget Whitner. The guy thinks he is an all pro but he’s average at best. Let him hit free agency and see what the market for him really is like. adios donte, don’t let the door hit you…

  20. When he played the run like u are supposed to, he was a solid tackler….however, he too often went for the knockout and whiffed….too often caught out of position on pass plays….can’t tell u how many times a wr or te would catch a long pass and there is whitner out of position….unable to have a feel for the game well enough to get over top of the cb to break up passes….I know he ran a 4.4 in the 40 but his reaction time and ability to diagnose run/ pass was so slow that he could have run a 4.6 and wouldn’t have been less effective….not good value if he gts the 7 million he is looking for

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