Rashard Mendenhall raises eyebrows with bin Laden tweets

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Several of you have pointed out to us some potentially controversial messages appearing today on the Twitter account of Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall.

Though it’s not a verified account, it’s being followed by other Steelers, including safety Troy Polamalu, center Maurkice Pouncey.  Also, Mendenhall’s account attracted attention in March, when he supported Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s comparison of pro football to slavery.

This time around, Mendenhall is offering opinions regarding the death of Osama bin Laden, and questioning whether the planes that hit the World Trade Center caused the collapse of the twin towers.

“We’ll never know what really happened,” Mendenhall said.  “I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.”

Mendenhall also expresses sympathy for bin Laden.  “What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhall says.  “It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak.  We’ve only heard one side.”

But what would the other side have been?  Bin Laden admits to masterminding and funding the plot; he has bragged about it.  He’s not entitled to the presumption of innocence after admitting guilt.

We fully believe in free speech.   Mendenhall has the right to say whatever he wants.  But others also have the right to react to what he says.  And given that he plays for a team headquartered near the location of the crash of United 93 and that the Steelers will be playing on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in Baltimore, not all that far from where another plane crashed into the Pentagon, we’ve got a feeling that more than a few folks will be exercising their free speech rights when Mendenhall comes out onto the field.

UPDATE:  Actually, it is a verified account.  Well, there goes any chance he had of coming up with an excuse.  Unless he plans to claim someone hacked into his account.

338 responses to “Rashard Mendenhall raises eyebrows with bin Laden tweets

  1. Even morons are afforded the right to free speech. He also has the right to be wrong and he exercises that right more than most

  2. I think Ray Lewis will imagine he is Flight 93 slamming into the ground when he takes out this bozo in that 9/11 game.

  3. Just because you can play football (or sing or act, for that matter) doesn’t mean you are smart! But some will listen…unfortunately.

  4. …that damn evidence thing always getting in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

  5. He is talking about the illuminati and project blue beam people. Wake up! The government killed michael jackson and tupac and the country is being run by freemasons

  6. If this isn’t Mendenhall, it’s probably just some punk (probably a Ravens fan) trying to start some crap in a very distasteful way.

    If it IS Mendenhall, we have run guys out of Pittsburgh for far less, and I can only imagine the boos and jeers that are going to rain down on him.

    Yes Rashard, we HAVE heard Bin Laden speak. His terrorist group has killed tens of thousands of people, including the most deadly terrorist attack on our soil that changed our country’s path forever.

    But right. No big deal. I’d like to see you look someone in the eye who lost someone in the 9/11 attack and say that to their face. You’ll probably get laid out.

  7. Yes, we have the right to free speech. So here goes mine: Mendenhall, you dumb *$@# sucker, American kids die for you to be a rich pro athlete. Go jump off a bridge you ungrateful piece of sh$t.

  8. it is his opinion, i have no objection to him voicing it. i know poeple that would agree with him on both statements and that does not in of itself make them bad people.
    by no means did i feel it appropriate for myself to celebrate the death of another person even though i agree that he was an enemy to our country.

    MLK felt similarly

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only Love can do that.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr

  9. Another football player who doesn’t think before tweeting. Man bring this dude to a military base somewhere in Pennsylvania and have someone there knock his tweeter off!!!

  10. Maybe Mendenhall should be re-fitted for his tinfoil hat.

    What an idiot..

  11. Ouch. When will professional athletes learn that social media is not their friend?

  12. Some people think they’re smarter and more important than they really are. Just keep it to yourself genius.

  13. Wow. Congrats Rashard. You just became the most hated man in the NFL.

  14. this is why some people just need to rid their mind of politics and stick to what they know best… especially some of these athletes… if you want to voice your opinion, know the facts before you speak out about it… the guy was a terrorist, and he’s dead, and the world, especially this great country AMERICA!! Is a better place without him 🙂

  15. screw you mendenhall you can take our 20th pick clayborn with you and go live in the middle east between you on the wtc and him saying hes against celebrating bin ladens death.

  16. I admit, there are some questions still surrounding what happened that day almost a decade ago but….Rashard STFU…Bin Laden is a killer; killers get killed. And the world is better without them. He was a terrorist…there is no “other side” to consider.

  17. Good for him. It’s great to see people in public view expressing minority opinions.

    If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult.

    Plus….is it not true that most Americans have not really paid attention to Bin Laden’s main theme’s? Who here has gone on his web site or researched opinions by his scribes? Exactly…..you haven’t.

    There are a number of Americans (in the minority) that believe in George Washington’s principal (laid out in his farewell address): DO NOT GET ENTANGLED IN FOREIGN ALLIANCES. Bin Laden’s (evil methods aside)….did not like having a standing army on his soil? Would you? Thought not. Some Americans do not believe in us being the “world’s police.” We cannot even solve all our problems on our own soil (for as wonderful freedom & innovating environment the tradition of our land is).

    Que the radical Neocons Pro war, Pro foreign aggression emotional hate-rants. George Orwell had you people pegged. Keep watching the hate-machine so you know who to emote against!

    BTW- I am not a liberal, a Muslim or a pot-smoker, so don’t emote there either, unless you want me to laugh at your naivety.

  18. I commend Mendenhall for speaking his mind, honestly. It’s a polarizing, insanely unpopular opinion, and it took some serious nuts to toss that up for thousands of people to read.

    I don’t agree with everything he said, but I agree with some of his sentiment. I’m glad that Bin Laden himself no longer poses any threat to my safety, but I’m disappointed in anyone who sincerely rejoices in the news of death.

    This should be a somber and sobering time, a time to remember those lost. Out of respect for them, I wish we were conducting ourselves with a little more class.

  19. So, Big Ben posts his Sueprbowl losers plaque in his bathroom, and Mendenhall makes aluminum hats to prevent the government from stealing his ideas?

    Man, if there was time for Mike Tomlin to dish out some words of advice, this would be a good time.

  20. this is a non story here. Even some survivors as well as family members of survivors have gone on record to say his death shouldnt be celebrated as in another loss in human life is nothing that should be celebrated.

    Furthermore, one is entitled to his or her own opinion and there is a lot of scepticism and evidence that the attacks on 9/11 in fact were more than an enemy attack, more than what we know as Americans ,so to target one person for speaking what they believe is ludicrous, if thats how he feels than sobeit he is entitled to that just like the rest of us Americans.

  21. They should bury him at sea with the guy he sympathizes with. What a disgrace. Total idiot.

  22. Lol…callin this guy an idiot proves one thing…YOU’RE ALL IDIOTS.. playing pawn to mainstream media…so to all of u bashing this guy (who I hate….go bills) …DUMMIES!!!

  23. Hi Rashard,
    Big Steeler fan here. People are entitled to any belief they want but a little responsibility goes a long way. Please research a position before you throw it out there in front of God and everyone. It saves other people besides yourself embarassment.

  24. @anarchopurplism
    “If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult….BTW- I am not a liberal, a Muslim or a pot-smoker, so don’t emote there either, unless you want me to laugh at your naivety.”

    No, you are just a moron.

  25. Any publicist worth his salt should mandate it that these morons can’t have Twitter accounts. only bad things happen when you combine dumb people and the internet.

  26. My previous post got removed for using the “r” word to describe Big Ben. Okay, he was never charged with it, but I still believe it to be true. Anyway, it must be hard to cheer for a team that consists of Roethlisberger and Mendenhall in the backfield.

  27. Figures this trash would play for the Steelers, Pervert at QB and slow poke at RB. Tell him we threw a Party at our Home after hearing of the News Seal Team 6 gave old Osama Bin a double tap to the temple. Tell the Fool that old Osama is Swimming with the Fishes.

  28. Because he doesn’t have the same opinion on the subject of Osama Bin Laden as most Americans then he’s not smart or crazy, what I find difficult to believe is that a plane with people outnumbering the people that jacked it sat and let a small number of individuals take their lives, and did it with nothing but box cutters and small knives, you have to be an idiot to believe the story the government came up with on 9/11.

  29. Me Rashard. Me play football. Plane no take down big building. Me run. Me make plays. Bearded wizard no bad guy. Me have money.

  30. The real Idiots are the people who believe everything they hear and see on T.V. and Radio.

  31. WOW! Even as a Ravens fan I have to say that I feel sorry for Steelers fans. Even they don’t deserve this piece of c#*p. Yeah, he can have his opinion & we can have ours!!! Easy for me to say, but I hope you Steelers fans try to earn the reputation of greatness you bestow upon yourselves & turn on this turd, big time!

  32. Oh, for chrissakes… Rashard needs no ‘excuse’.

    Maybe it’s possible to hate bin Laden and all he stood for without needing to cheer death like someone won the BCS. Remember how pissed off we were when some Muslims cheered 9/11? It’s easy to let your emotions run wild but beware: your emotions are no more valid than the next guy’s. Moral purpose comes from a higher plane.

    Here, for instance is the stated opinion of a guy whose opinion I value more than PFT’s about this topic:

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.

    — Martin Luther King Jr.

  33. This guy is officially a retard. First off, Yes a passenger jet would totally destroy a skyscraper, are you freaking kidding me? He flys all the time. Jets are HUGE. Secondly, Bin Ladin was a mass murderer who did not stand up and take punishment for his crimes like a man. He laughed in our faces about it and ran and hid. This guy needed to die for justice to be served. Mendenfumble is a FOOL.

  34. @ anarchopurplism

    Please don’t compare yourself to a pot-smoker. It’s insulting to them.

  35. WOW suddenly i have more respect for Big Ben (and thats not much) than this idiot. what an jackass. i hope he doesnt even mention a word about the troops b/c if he does i hope karma costs this guy his career and all his fame.

  36. @jebdamone and anyone else that was a pretty sharp statement..it seems to me that there are a whole lot of brainwashed idiots who dnt think that american media is (extremely ) censored and controlled the people u see repotin the news are puppets plane and simple they are not aloud to speak their mind like( dan rathar who if, u you tube it, u made find that on live television he claerly stated that it looked like a controlled demolition) did when 9/11 1st took place. but anyway alot of the stuff that goes on on the news and around the world involving america its kind of easy to see thru as far as motive and the us always bn right about something in reality all u have to do is take off the stupid ass patriotic blinders and wake up people………………..

  37. what a bum, isnt his mouth what got him knocked out in baltimore a couple years ago? this doenst surprise me…anyone who plans a terrorist attack should be given no sympathy. Had to know there would be some celebrity or athlete that would state an opinion like this.

  38. Stay classy Steelers!…..Big Ben and Rashard Mendenhall, 2 fine upstanding citizens

  39. technically, Bin Laden IS entitled to the presumption of innocence, even after admitting guilt.

    You still need (what in the law is referred to as) “corpus.” A body or some other evidence besides just the admission.

    It happens when crazy people admit to things they didnt really do, or parents take the blame for kids, etc.

    But in real life, we know he did it. No one else tried to confess to it.

  40. Not shocked that a steeler would say this. He should stick to dancing so that he can continue to do a spin move every carry….

  41. I spent 8 years in the Navy and live in the area were Seal team 6 is stationed. I can not tell you how proud I am of our Seal team for accomplishing their mission. He asked how can we celebrate a death didnt Osoma Bin laden do the same thing repeatedly over time when he sent others to carry out his terrorist attacks. I get real tired of hearing people say we dont know what we are talking about when in reality it is them that chooses to not hear all of the information. To all of my brothers and sisters in arms I am here to let you know I am proud of you and keep up the fight this was a good victory but there is still much work to be done.

  42. its amazing to think there are young kids out there fighting to protect are freedom and get paid near nothing,while dumbass people like this get paid millions to run a football…GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY IF UR NOT WITH US

  43. IM glad my name is not attached to a fake twitter account. Unless I see him ( Mendenhall ) saying such thing on live tv,… IM going to think this is bogus Steeler hater gibberish once again.

    Then again, the man has a right to say what-ever the hell he wants. Just as you idiots that post on these threads, including myself. :~)

  44. A college education has never been a guarantee of intelligence, even for an Illini. I would cite one of my favorite examples but there’s no need to incite the fans of that formerly missing village idiot who moved back home in January 2009.

    On a much more important level, I am kind of embarassed that Mendenhall was a key player on my fantasy championship team last year.

    I wonder whether he believes in the moon landing?

    P.S. Thanks for taking the attention off of Dez Bryant.

  45. anarchopurplism says:
    “BTW- I am not a liberal, a Muslim or a pot-smoker, so don’t emote there either, unless you want me to laugh at your naivety.”
    I sir believe you are none of those labels. Just this one…IDIOT.

  46. Only in America could a man this stupid not be living out of a cardboard box. We all know that this jackass organized the plan to take down the towers. We also all heard him brag about it after. I am all for people voicing controversial opinions when they have the balls to do so. All I ask is you don’t prove to us just how dumb you are. Being sickened by those of US who are rejoicing in the death of a terrorist is your opinion and you are entitled to it. But don’t for a second think that you are intelligent enough to speak on this topic in public. Some people just amaze me.

  47. I love the libertarians on here. Hey kids, your political platform is based on complete ignorance and cherry picking history and nice little sound bites. Libertarians are like Communists, they think their ideas are viable in a human society.

    Take off the Ron/Rand Paul dunce caps and look at the whole of history in the last 100 years. Without a doubt U.S. involvement/imperialism to protect resources is a issue but what Bin Laden did IN THE NAME OF RELIGION, not imperialism (he disdain foreign troops in the “holy land”) was nothing short of evil.

    I applaud extinguishing blatant evil. Before you clowns start turning Bin Laden into a martyr and drag your conspiracy idiocy across the board at the same time maybe you should read a book and shut your suck just like Mendenhall should.

  48. lololnpnp says:
    Hey lolonpnp the players want to play. They are being locked out by the owners.
    No owner is losing money.
    The owners are dead wrong.

  49. Seriously? Can somone be this ignorant and dumb?
    First he insults his entire race by comparing playing a game for millions of dollars to slavery…

    And now this!!!

    Rashard if you had a parent or sibling in this tower when it was hit and they were killed would you still not celebrate his death? just saying

  50. Good for Rashard. Why shouldn’t he express his opinion? There are more people out there that have the same questions he has. Some of you “sheep” should take a long look in the mirror before resorting to name calling and referring to someone as being stupid… the “stupid” people are the ones that sit around and accept how things are and never question anything…

  51. highwaiianjahwaiian says:

    just another reason why i still hate the steelers.

    Mendenhall is not speaking for the Steelers organization, players, or fans. He’s speaking for himself, and the vast majority of Steeler fans are appalled by his comments. People like you don’t need a reason to hate the Steelers and it’s sad and cheap for you to use the words of one dimwit at a time like this to pretend you do.

  52. He proves what most of us already knew. There are some, maybe even many, professional athletes that are as dumb as a box of rocks. Many can’t even carry on a decent conversation. I’m sure most of us admire their athletic talents and just shake our heads at their intellectual talents. And they were given a free university education to many of the great American universities

  53. people shouldn’t celebrate death. i agree with him on that. i don’t care who it is or what they’ve done. death is nothing to celebrate. anyone who has witnessed it first hand can tell you that

  54. As a Steeler fan, it’s disappointing that Mendenhall voices his views before getting informed.

    The comparison of the NFL to slavery was ridiculous. And now this bin Laden/World Trade Tower ignorances.

    Mendenhall is actually a really nice guy who tries to think for himself. That’s okay by itself – but his efforts at thinking for himself effectively seem to be wanting.

    Mendenhall claims he has a hard time believing a plane could take down a building demolition style. I guess Mendenhall is convinced he’s an expert at architectural structural failure.

    He isn’t.

    The Twin Towers were constructed where their enormous weight was primarily supported by the exterior structure – the outer walls. This is not common at all, but it is how the Towers were designed – construction started in ’66-ish and wrapped up in ’73-ish. They’re featured in the second King Kong directed in ’76 by Dino DeLaurentis.

    Anyway, once the airliners punctured this outer skin that supported the building – incrdible amounts of flammable jet fuel just burned and burned creating such heat that the supporting structures were compromised from the story there were struck at [I think it was the 91st story on one and the 78th on the other].

    Even the architects who designed the building were horrified as they knew quicker than most – that those towers were doomed to fail. They understood the dynamics in play. Mendenhall certainly doesn’t.

    Mendenhall: nice guy, but just (once again) really uninformed.

  55. I’ll be honest I find it really distasteful to celebrate anyone’s death as a Christian. I felt guilty about it to, like I should have been celebrating also, this quote makes me feel a lot better. Thank you for posting. We are called on to be Christian so rarely in life, with our enemies it is hardest. I will pray for him.

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only Love can do that.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr

  56. “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” -Mark Twain

    Sums up my thoughts on the matter.

  57. Sure, lets sit here and bash Rashard Mendenhall because not only does he use his God given talent on the field on Sunday’s, but he uses his brain and not only thinks for himself, but questions things as well. In my opinion, we should have more people like him. Just remember, the blind so blindly follow.

  58. I sense another blanket insincere apology coming from the likes of another idiot.

    “I apologize for what I said, I did not mean to offend anyone.”

  59. I’m Popeyes the Steeler’s Man,
    I’m Popeyes the Steeler’s Man,
    I’m clueless and fearless,
    and I eat conspiracy theories,
    I’m Popeyes the Steeler’s Man.

  60. Mr Mendahall, I do now follow you, or the Steelers, that being said I cannot believe: 1.) that you didnt learn in college, what the prolonged fire, and amazingly high temprtures can do to a steel structure. 2.) that the fans of the NFL & specifically the Steeler nation wont view you in a little lesser light. 3.) that you are so nieve to believe all the Crap spewed by radical islam. I believe in freedom too and esp free speech (fought for it in desert storm) . But I also know there are consequences for opening your mouth.
    GOD Bless

  61. Meanwhile, NFL corporate wraps itself in the flag, exploits the $#it out of 9/11 game, bringing military up on the draft stage all the while its players are calling it slavery and they want to hear the other side of the Bin Laden’s argument. Astonishing and very disappointing.

  62. To any and all idiots who say “there are questions to what happened that day” and are alluding to conspiracies, you are as dumb as Mendenhall. I am a Steeler fan, and I hope they cut this worthless idiot. I wish he spent 6 months in Afghanistan and would come back and tell “his side”.

    First of all, do your freaking research pinhead. Did you ever listen to the engineer who designed the Twin Towers? Did you? Did you ever light jet fuel butthead? Did you ever fly a commercial airliner at 450 mph into an object? Did you ever interview hundreds of people that revealed the plan to do this murderous deed? Idiot.

    I love how a guy is born with speed and has really no other redeeming values, makes millions thanks to the great USA defended by far greater men (and women) than him, runs his sorry mouth. Until you suit up “over there”, just shut TFU. Mendenhall, you have done nothing, have given nothing. God gave you a tongue and you flap it. Too bad. Just another spoiled athlete running at the mouth. Just go away, don’t you have a limot to get into?

  63. This is not a pro-Mendenhall post, but I would like to point out the following piece of ancient wisdom:

    “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth.” -Proverbs 24:17

  64. “anarchopurplism says: May 2, 2011 9:51 PM

    Good for him. It’s great to see people in public view expressing minority opinions.

    If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult.

    Plus….is it not true that most Americans have not really paid attention to Bin Laden’s main theme’s? Who here has gone on his web site or researched opinions by his scribes? Exactly…..you haven’t.

    There are a number of Americans (in the minority) that believe in George Washington’s principal (laid out in his farewell address): DO NOT GET ENTANGLED IN FOREIGN ALLIANCES. Bin Laden’s (evil methods aside)….did not like having a standing army on his soil? Would you? Thought not. Some Americans do not believe in us being the “world’s police.” We cannot even solve all our problems on our own soil (for as wonderful freedom & innovating environment the tradition of our land is).

    Que the radical Neocons Pro war, Pro foreign aggression emotional hate-rants. George Orwell had you people pegged. Keep watching the hate-machine so you know who to emote against!

    BTW- I am not a liberal, a Muslim or a pot-smoker, so don’t emote there either, unless you want me to laugh at your naivety.”
    your right you are none those BUT you are a dumbass

  65. Guess what, Rashard. I’ve heard him speak. You know what he said? “it was our greatest hope that the jet fuel would melt the structure and make the buildings collapse. This is a great day.”

    So I guess there goes that theory. Also, you ridiculous chump you, it’s not as though 9-11 was the only problem. Bombing of the US embassy, Bombings in Africa… He MURDERED PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD FOR 30 YEARS. Go read a book. I officially have no faith in your college diploma.

    This man was directly responsible for the deaths of over 5,000 innocent civilians from around the world over a period of time. I understand that you might think celebrating death in any fashion is wrong, but how about you say that instead of basically taking his side?

  66. Latest intel places Bin Laden’s whereabouts somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Ocean. Probably holed up in Davey Jone’s locker.

  67. yeah bin laden sucks and definitely should be dead, but for americans to dance in the streets celebrating someones death probably isnt the best thing we can do…all it did was remind me of those a$$holes dancing in the street when the towers were struck…americans need to show we are better people than that…and all the conspiracy people need to shut up…stop asking to see the body…hes dead…be happy about what our military did…never satisfied

  68. We’re entitled to free speech, but players also represent their organizations. It’s foolish to let every fool on your team have an unfiltered forum to demonstrate his stupidity at your expense.

    Someone should tell Mendenhall the 9/11 hijackers chose fully fueled planes on cross-country routes because the resulting explosion would melt the steel frames of the towers, causing them to collapse. This was a well-planned operation designed to kill thousands of civilians. Bin Laden bragged of masterminding that operation.

    He chose his life path and has now reaped the consequences of that choice. I am deeply grateful he won’t poison more young minds or destroy more families. My regret is for the 10 years he was able to continue spreading evil while the families of his victims–of all faiths, on 9/11, on the Cole, in Bali, throughout Europe and the Middle East, and in the Allied Forces–mourned. Mendenhall should show them some respect. Bin Laden’s fate now rests with God.

  69. I think Rash will need to address his remarks publicly. On video tape from an undisclosed location.

  70. Mendenhall should be excused from the field for the National Anthem on 9/11. Scumbag!

  71. Mendenhall, if true, didn’t say anything wildly different that Martin Luther Kind did….

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    – Martin Luther King Jr.

  72. It is much easier today for the dumb and/or ignorant to make themselves known.

  73. …and this is why the staff should be allowed to have contact with the players. Get over your greed, both sides, before anything else gets out of hand. LIFT THE LOCKOUT! REMEMBER 9/11!

  74. wow. open mouth, insert foot. fuel and such CAN bring a building down. obl was bad bad news. he’s gone, time for closure but remain vigilant. hopefully something that bad will never happen again. guard the nukes! i love you usa.

  75. Once again, someone abusing their freedom of speech. Thousands of innocent people were killed, he (Bin Laden) masterminded it, and now he’s rotting; the end.

    Anarchpurplism…. You’re a moron. Go make a documentary on how you still live in your mom’s basement eating hot pockets, Michael Moore wannabe. Nobody cares about your facts you looked up on the Internet that one time, or how you and your drum circle buddies concocted “what really happened man.” If you have such contempt for this government TAKE YOUR ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! My brother died for this country and your freedom of speech, so either pick up a rifle, move over seas, or SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

    Thank you, and God bless America.

  76. You guys all sound like narrow minded idiots. “Oh my god someone has a different thought that me and what I’ve been told to believe!!!” Its not that hard to imagine a world where people get blacklisted for being communists when I read comments like these.

    I guess people are always susceptible to propaganda and group thought. Go back to your Fox News and your blind “patriotism”, and let Mr.Mendenhall practice his American right of thinking for himself.

  77. jebdamone says: May 2, 2011 9:47 PM – by no means did i feel it appropriate for myself to celebrate the death of another person…

    justincorrect says: May 2, 2011 9:52 PM – I don’t agree with everything he said, but I agree with some of his sentiment. I’m glad that Bin Laden himself no longer poses any threat to my safety, but I’m disappointed in anyone who sincerely rejoices in the news of death.

    Everyone I know is just celebrating the fact that finally, after 10 years, justice has been served. It’s been a long wait, and it happened last night, so emotions are raw. But that’s not celebrating death, and it’s amazingly presumptuous and narcissistic of you, Mendenhall, or anyone else to think they can confer some sort of blood-lust on the mind of anybody who has been celebrating this event. Trust me, you’re not as prescient as you believe.

    If OBL had been captured and brought to the US instead of killed, I think we’d be seeing the exact same type of celebrations going on here. In fact, it would probably be even more intense. This was pride in our servicemen accomplishing what many thought was impossible, and it was celebrating JUSTICE, not death.

  78. @anarchopurplism:

    As a Libertarian, I am not someone who typically believes very much that my government tells me, and I’m not much into US foreign intervention myself.

    I take issue with a few things in your post, though:

    1) the engineering principles in play that caused the collapse are actually quite sound. I won’t bore PFT universe with details, but the way the structures collapsed is consistent to the damage.

    2) In an age where a President can’t even get side action with an intern in the oval office without it getting out, it is more than a little difficult to believe that a conspiracy that would have required the direct or indirect participation of so many people could go unexposed for this long.

    3) I wasn’t aware the United States had a “standing army” in Bin Laden’s country before 9/11.

    4) Don’t make the mistake of thinking your smarter or are so obviously more well informed than the rest of us. More people might listen to you and respect what you had to say if you didn’t come off sounding like such a douche.

    It’s OK to be happy Bin Laden’s dead, and I am, although I personally didn’t choose to celebrate it like a national holiday. I just hope that no one thinks it changes anything. Al Qaeda, made which is much larger and stronger than pre-9/11, will be even more of a threat now.

  79. Another ungrateful conspiracy theory a$$. Bin Laden not only admitted the attack, but bragged about. How much of an idiot are you? You not only showed your lack of patriotism, but your enormous amount of ignorance. I can respect trying to have an open mind, but I hate idiots who just choose the less popular train of thought because they are distrusting paranoid a$$holes. Your mind has been manipulated by schizophrenic psychopaths…congratulations Rashard. There are cover ups in the world…this is not one of them. Stop trying to be different for the sake of being different. When the facts are there, pretend you were intelligent enough to get the degree you received by playing a sport. You are an embarassment to the University of Illinois, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the human race.

  80. I’m sick of this Truther crap. You people do realize that in one of the videos bin Laden put out that he said he did it?

  81. Anyone that is dumb enough to believe that America was involved in 9/11 really should be kicked out of this country. I’m ashamed that you are one of us and don’t deserve the name American. Disgraceful!

  82. Sharks couldn’t believe their luck when they saw Osama come floating down with that hair and beard. It isn’t easy flossing 3,000 teeth.

  83. He needs a lesson on being an American, we all may not be guns blazing, chew spitters, but we know a good thing when we see it

  84. Are you kidding me?!? He’s speaking nothing but the truth. You all aren’t Americans..just some $&$&@(*@ pigs..

    Remember they showed the clip of people in the mid east dancing on 9/11 and you said how can they celebrate? You all are doing the same.
    You disgust this country and any real americans out there.

    Preach it Mendenhall

  85. what an idiot… Doucheard Morondenhal

    this was a GREAT day for America, and for freedom.

  86. We need a new section to profootball talk called “idiot quotes”.

    Makes me wonder if there isn’t a “Hitler really wasn’t a bad guy” quote out there somewhere from this idiot.

  87. I hope everyone using this realizes it is a fake. MLK never said.

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.”

  88. Yes we’ve heard the other side Rashard. While I approve of your sense of fairness, it doesn’t apply in this case. I for one am thrilled Osama Bin Laden is dead! Perhaps you were somewhere else when 9/11 happened?

    Of course the planes brought the towers down. After damaging the structure, the heat from the burning fuel softened the steel supports and the upper section gave way.

    “Screaming For Vengeance”
    Judas Priest

  89. Lets face it,..most athletes like this loser, never attend classes while in college,..he probably is on about a 3rd grade level of reading and writing,..hes just flat out stupid, once he cant average 4 yards a carry he will be kicked out of the league,..balloon up to about 300 pounds,..then will be a guy without any friends, broke, living at his moms…guys like him are just stupid and his future looks very bad.

  90. Hey Rashard, worry about holding onto the football….nice SB fumble. Cost your team the momentum BIG TIME—ultimately the game.

    Using your logic,… “I can’t believe that a helmet to an arm can cause a fumble….I just can’t”

    NFL players….my good Lord, they are the stupidest guys in sports. The lock-out just doesn’t show them in the best light—-too much time on their hands, and IDIOTS like Rashard actually attempt tweeting. Best to be quiet my man, than to remove all doubt….you know?

    What that means Rashard, and I’ll try to type slower is……oh ……geesh…..


  91. ruthlessburger7 says:

    Mendenhall, if true, didn’t say anything wildly different that Martin Luther Kind did….

    It’s true. And King said he wouldn’t rejoice in the death of his enemies. He didn’t question their actions. Mendenhall said: “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style … We’ve only heard one side…”

    If Mendenhall had limited himself to expressing his faith and distaste for celebrating anyone’s death, I’d defend him. But we know what happened to the towers and have heard from Bin Laden himself the role he played. Spreading ignorant conspiracy theories dishonors those who died pursuing justice for this evil man. Mendenhall can say what he wants privately. But as a public figure, he needs to think before he tweets.

  92. Something tells me Rashard has never heard Osama talk. I’ve heard him plenty and I am glad that he is dead.

  93. “If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult.”


    Sorry if you look at the engineering aspects there is no reasonable doubt. None.

    I believe the line the conspiracy buffs cling to is that the heat generated by the fuel burning could not have melted the steel supports of the tower. Well, technically that is true, what is also true is the burning fuel didn’t have to melt the steel, it only had to get it hot enough to lose its testile strength, which the burning fuel was plenty hot enough to do. Once the steel lost its ability to hold up the floors, the building collapsed on itself.

  94. As an American I believe in Free Speech …

    As a techie I enjoy the occasional Tweet …

    As someone who enjoys his freedoms and understands how many innocent lives this S.O.B. cost the world …

    F’! You Mendenhall …

  95. Wow my respect for this man just went through the roof

    He makes great points, don’t just attack him, think and be openminded, the news is the fourth wing of the government don’t let them tell you how to think people!

  96. my wife just made a very intersting point… What SLAVE got paid millions of dollars $$$ to play 16 games a year?go dig a ditch you jagoff, go do some MANUAL LABOR,,, HECK go talk to some of the OLD SCHOOL PLAYERS>..I dare mendenhall to open his mouth in front of someone like Mean Joe Greene or Jack Lambert, or Deacon Jones or Ditka? just proves you CAN”T FIX STUPID… part of me hopes we lose the whole season, & the NBA locks-out / strikes too
    plain n simple SPORTS are & always will be a form of entertainment…. sun still gonna rise tomorrow, bills still gotta get paid,

  97. I saw Rashard this morning…………..right before I flushed my toilet.

  98. actually now that i look back at the video of people dancing in the streets it just looks like a bunch of dumb “know it all” college kids looking for a reason to party

  99. Hey genius, why don’t you go and say that nonsense to the families in Kenya that had loved ones killed by one of his bombings…..you would be killed in less than an hour……your a coward. You can whatever you want on Twitter and nothing will happen to you…..go say it in your native land where innocent people were killed and let’s see how you make out tough guy…..I will pay for your airfare……you are a complete jackoff

  100. I don’t know Mendenhall, since it’s NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE you tell me what would happen to a skyscraper after a jumbo jet full of jet fuel slams right into it.

  101. I think he is getting planes and Jets mixed up. Rashard is just trying to say that Vinny Testaverde and Curtis Martin didn’t take down a building in September 2001.

  102. I also have a hard time believing a plane could take down a skyscraper. In fact, the evidence shows that it is impossible.

  103. The one thing truthers can’t explain is that if the US did orchestrate 9/11, what would OBL gain by taking credit for it? What’s his endgame & motivation? It’s not money bc his family’s super rich. I can’t find 1 truther to give me a logical answer to that question without changing the subject to the CIA and stuff that makes no sense to anyone but their goofy friends that believe that nonsense.

  104. While bin laden was a sonofab*tch, no man’s death should be celebrated. He was a human being, with family that loved and will miss him.

  105. RM, it’s gonna really suck getting booed in in your home stadium and maybe even having a lot of teammates hate you. (ps – does twitter ever do anything but cause trouble?)

  106. funny that all these dumb college kids are on TV celebrating & yelling “we killed bin Laden!” were the exact same ones at the anti war protests that all of a sudden just stopped after Nov 08. it was just a reason for them to go out and drink. im sure they were all so very affected by the events of 9/11 at the ripe old age of 9

  107. Wow, just wow. How can an AMERICAN CITIZEN possibly not think that Bin Laden deserved to die? I realize that any time a human being dies is a very sad occasion, but this man was primarily responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people; he is our generation’s Hitler.

  108. America is the greatest country on earth. You not only have the right to be a complete moron, you have the right to prove it.

  109. Conspiracy theories are good and fun, but on a subject so emotional as this, what would make you assume it was a good idea to post comments like these on a public twitter account? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, regardless of validity, but Mendenhall showed a total lack of respect to the victim’s of 9/11. It wouldn’t suprise me if he didn’t even know that Pennsylvania was attacked too. I don’t know him personally, and perhaps he has “facts” to put up a good debate/argument with. There are some who can. Its belief based. You can’t convince someone who refuses to accept one side or the other to accept the truth if he or she is passionate. However, I tend to feel Menenhall couldn’t debate his way out of a box. Product of too many forums and youtube videos.

    And as far as conspiracy theories go… Roswell happened. 🙂 I’m going back to watch Jaws now.

  110. On behalf of Chosen Co. 2nd Bn. 503rd Infantry I would like to remind Rashard that he is famous and a millionaire because of his ability to move quickly with an air-filled pigskin. No one cares what you have to say. Be quiet, run fast, and stop fumbling. You are merely a distraction from reality for those of us that live in reality every day.

  111. hooks024

    He used one of his wives as a human shield, and his family tried to turn him in to a 3rd party a while ago. His family hates him. He actually has a lot of family that are/were good, decent American citizens. Were because they’ve probably either fled the country in fear or changed their names.

  112. Rooney Rule Number Two: No NFL team shall employ any person who defends the actions of terrorists.

    I’ve been a Steelers fan for over forty years…dump this piece of garbage into the Ohio River, cut your losses and move on.

    After the CBA is settled, Goodell had better get a public apology from this turd.

  113. jcdavey2011

    We should all know better than that. Pit is a hardworking, blue collar town. The Steeler organization is fantastic. Not only do I not really associate these words with the franchise, I’m not going to be mad at them when Rashard is still on the team next season.

    I kind of hope Rooney lets him have it, though. If anyone in football knows about terrorism, it’s the US ambassador to Ireland.

  114. @anarchopurplism says:

    “If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult.”


    Ok, first you need to learn the definition of”reasonable doubt”. Even if you don’t have a dictionary handy, I am “reasonably” sure you know how to use google…

    Next, try reading the report of the 9-11 Commission. Its even free: http://www.9-11commission.gov/report/911Report.pdf

    Then, hopefully, you will see why your statement,”creating ‘reasonable doubt’ is not that difficult” is absurd.

  115. Yea that’s how i like my runningbacks- real dumb…that way when you tell them to run up the middle right at Ray Lewis they go “sure coach!”

  116. wasnt this the same guy that was dry humping his qb after a playoff win? i think the person who quoted mark twain said it best…

  117. Wow Clay Matthews III must have rang this guy’s bell harder than we thought in the Super Bowl!

  118. I just want to say I don’t agree with Mendenhall. I’m glad that POS got what was coming to him. The world is a better place with him dead.

    That being said I do think Mendenhall is entitled to his opinion. No matter how foolish and off base it may be.

    I have heard some demolition experts say that there is no way a plane by itself could cause the buildings to collapse in the manner that it did. These experts went as far to say that the building was wired with explosives. Maybe Mendenhall heard similar things and unlike me decided to believe in them.

    As to hearing that POS murdering scum bag side of view, maybe Mendenhall feels the USA doesn’t always treat people the way they should. Either way I disagree with Mendehall, but I do feel its his god given right as an American to speak the way he wants.

    His agent needs to tell him to zip it, for gods sake he won’t ever get a descent endorsement deal if he keeps this up.

    Me I’m happy they killed that SOB, I did celebrate. I love this Country and the life I am able to have living as a proud American. God Bless the USA, and please god look after are troops.

  119. Navy dropped Osama in the sea, but Neptune threw him back out. He was jealous of the hair and beard.

  120. you cant hate on mendenhall for trying to be a good person but at the same time his sympathy is alittle misplaced

  121. if he truly feels that way then fine he is entitled to his beliefs however moronic but we will find out by tom. if he really believes it or not if he issues one of those weak I did not mean to offend apologies. be a man and say yea I really said it and believe it or keep your mouth shut! as for me the only thing I am upset about the whole deal is they got rid of the body so fast in accordance with muslim tradition, who cares about their stupid traditions wrap him in bacon first then toss him over but do not treat him or that vile religion with any respect!

  122. Those who “respect” Mendenhall for offering a minority opinion should instead condemn him for being a fool. Virtually every American believes in free speech, yet virtually every American also knows that Bin Laden was scum of the Earth.

    I’m hoping this is a case of Mendenhall being profoundly naive rather than an enemy sympathizer. Neither thing is good, but one is especially bad.

    I’d love the see the Steelers cut him.

  123. hate to break it to you but he is right and all the cussing and name calling won’t change the facts fact 1 the taliban offered to turn bin laden over to the u.s.a. if there was proof he was involved and fact 2 the f.b.i. never charged him with 9-1-1 because there was no proof no matter what you have heard the facts are he never claimed responsibility for the towers or the pentagon. I have to agree about the towers being at the least allowed to happen and after the fbi changing their story about the phone calls from the flight in pa. that crashed yes they admitted those calls never happened also the fact that the story changed about why the planes weren’t intercepted if you think your government wouldn’t do this you best study our history. good place to start is human experiments by u s a government then look at false flag operations they have done and ones they considered== investigate before you judge someone

  124. I have to remind myself that even idiot athletes are entitled to free speech. I DID celebrate Osama’s death… and don’t see anything wrong with it. I’d like to point out there is a MAJOR difference between Americans celebrating the death of an admitted terrorist who’s responsible for the murder of THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS innocent civilians around the world vs. people who celebrated the 911 attacks. I find it difficult to stomach any American actually defending this terrorist scum bag!! Mendenhall owes the 911 victims’ families a huge apology. By the way, Mendenhall…this “man” you’re defending was a chicken sh#% son of a b$#& who tried to hide behind a woman when the SEALS came for him.

  125. someone mentioned the 9-1-1 commission report that it’s free and it should be because it’s garbage doesn’t even mention building 7 and it was run by a bush administration insider for 16 million, they spent more investigating steroid use in baseball 75 million. They didn’t investigate they made up excuses

  126. @ jebdamone, well said, well said. do i really care that he was killed by govt`s forces? no. they did what they had to do. i do really see it as a little screwed up when people cheer for a death. my sister inlaw lost her brother and at the trial hearing her say that no retribution mattered because she just wanted david back and that wasn`t gonna be happenin any time soon. all i know is that its much easier to hate than to try to love.

  127. This will probably be the only post I ever make, frequent reader but signed up just to post a reply to this story. My recent facebook status is as follows: (I feel it applies to this jacka$$)

    To the various jackasses who I have seen posting things like “You shouldn’t celebrate the death of anyone” I say what the fck do you know about sacrifice?(or in this case the real world, you play a game for millions of dollars(with the exception of Pat Tillman, great man. Great soldier!)) Quit sucking mommas tit long enough to realize the real world doesn’t revolve around your ‘moral high ground’ Good, honorable men have sacrificed everything so you can have your freedom of speech. Remember that the next time you decide to exercise your ‘right’ earned on the backs of others! You self entitled prick!

  128. Yes, how DARE someone voice an opinion that death shouldn’t be celebrated.

  129. MF’er has the right to say whatever he wants, but the Steelers have the right to employ whoever they want… pay off his contract, refuse to trade him or his rights, and never let him take the field in a Steelers uniform again. Some things, Mr. Rooney, are more important even than money… and this is one of them.
    And Rashard, get your treasonous backside the bleep out of my country, Al Qaeda is hiring, I hear…

  130. Rashard Mendenhall brings up a weak point in the conspiracy argument. It’s not what brought the towers down, but why US airliners were allowed to hit civilian targets without NORAD scrambling jets, which happens routinely when planes experience problems, it happens hundreds of time a year. On the morning of Sept. 11th, the US government was operating a war game that simulated east-coast hijackings, coincidentally the hijackings happened in reality, NORAD didn’t know what was happening, confusion set in, and because of it thousands died. The real question is, why would terrorists assume they’d be able to hit targets when they know we send fighter jets to support distressed airliners? Too big of a coincidence for me to not question. As dumb as it might sound to people, for Mendenhall to come out and put his name out there is quite risky, I give him credit despite my disagreements with his statement.

  131. As a well respected Drill of mine once said, “Shut your suck before I fckstart Your face!!”

  132. PEOPLE HEAR ME OUT ON THIS… I usually dont comment but I feel compelled to enlighten PFT. I wanna start off by saying that I hate everything about Pittsburgh. The city, the players and that darn yellow towel they call terrible. Everything in me wants to tear Mendenhall apart for just being associated with them. There may not ever be a better opportunity to crucify him, BUT I CANT… While I completely disagree with the slavery comparison a couple months back. On this subject of OBL, HE IS RIGHT… I read almost all the above comments and what I see is a couple hundred people taking the time to STAND UP for what they believe in. I RESPECT THAT… For the ones that think Mendenhall is full of it, I have to admit that I too felt that way at one point in my life. BUT NOW I dont have that wool over my eyes anymore, I HAVE SEEN THE TRUTH… Believe me when I say this. This whole 9/11 thing is bigger than Mendenhall, bigger than OBL and for sure bigger than us. Im not on here to try and convince you or make you believe what I believe. NO Im here to challenge each and everyone of you to seek for yourself. LEARN TO LISTEN B4 YOU PASS JUDGEMENT, BECAUSE SPEAKING WITHOUT KNOWLEGE OF SUBJECT IS TRULY IGNORANT. Dont be afraid… KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

  133. Until I see an ‘smh’ I don’t believe its an athlete’s real twitter

  134. Yeah and I find it hard to believe you could fumble on the first play of the fourth quarter during a drive to take the lead in a Superbowl. Now we have two idiot players in the backfield. Can anybody shut these guys up??

  135. So I guess your Sports Management degree from Uof I makes you a skyscraper demolition expert huh Shard??

  136. This moved me to tears. America’s Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen are still there. As a Combat Veteran it breaks my heart that YOUR American military is still there and we’re pushed to second hand news and forgotten. In a time of global information it’s truly unfortunate YOUR military is doing what is broken down to simply YOUR military combating unfortunate worldwide deaths of civilians. I am a simple man but I, as God as my witness, can’t understand why of all OUR wonderfully caring Americans and equally powerful Allies, don’t take a stand for truth. The Allies were critically involved with the saving and making lives better for thousands of Iraqis every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day and during that period of time it was paramount to civilian growth. You won’t see this on the news or anywhere else. I know I was there and it was bridges, water treatment facilities, schools, and infra-structure that enabled government functions. Additionally, I can’t tell you how much was donated from the American Soldiers families alone. I’m referring to tons of shoes, hygiene items, school items, and yes human understanding and love. In a time of such magnificent communication brilliance and capabilities YOUR American military are portrayed as the devil, the demons, or worse yet nobody at all….the forgotten. Try to fully realize what OUR other AMERICAN heroes have gone through….the forgotten of those us as a nation have conveniently forgotten….Viet Nam veterans, in fact all veterans including the ones that ensured American freedom for another century. We’re always here and always will be because someone has to care, someone has to do what no one else is willing to do. As stated in a great song “All gave some…but some gave all” The some gave all, unfortunately, are most likely the “some” that will go unrecognized, pushed aside, and forgotten. AMERICA is because of America’s military. True enough, OUR military isn’t always “That and a bag of chips” but we do as we’re directed and no other military force in the history of the world has accomplished so much with so much compassion, love, and understanding…EVER. GOD as my Savior.
    So me being a proud 2 time Combat Veteran anybody who speaks less of this GREAT country; it doesn’t matter what you do, if you make millions or more…please pay true and honest respect to those who have honored America with their time, service, duty, honor, blood, and loved ones that gave their lives so you can say what you do.

  137. As a combat veteran of two wars, I wrote a letter to the NFL and the Steelers org expressing my disgust at such immature and idiotic comments. People have been dying for 9 years trying to exact some revenge and preserve freedom, and some smart-a$$ed millionaire ball player sits around and lives off the blood and sweat of others. What a filthy POS RM is. I hope he grows up and takes his a$$ to Walter Reed and gets some persepctive on life. Until then, he is a low-life scumbag.

  138. Since we are throwing out famous quotes…….”I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure”.. Mark Twain. Rot in Hell UBL!!….Ihateannouncers

  139. i am amazed by the knowledge of mendenhall, and astonished by the cateogorical understanding of this terrorist by the american people. i believe them both. what is ten years?

  140. To Mr. Mendenhall and the rest of you:

    True is it that we have seen better days,
    And have with holy bell been knoll’d to church,
    And sat at good men’s feasts, and wip’d our eyes
    Of drops that sacred pity hath engend’red;
    And therefore sit you down in gentleness,
    And take upon command what help we have
    That to your wanting may be minst’red.


  141. I hate to be the one who agrees with Mendenhall, but he is right!!!
    Most Americas do NOT understand why Osama acted as he did, nor his belief system, his overall goals – Most have only learned through the media. The majority just know him as a terrorist that struck America, and nothing else.

    Does celebrating one death, cancel the pain and suffering of thousand of Americans and their families? I am a patriot, but find it odd we celebrate his death. I would have liked him alive to learn more about their network and put him on trial. We still have not won the war on terror and this is one small achievement for the US overall.
    If you stop and listen to Mendenhall, he does make some sense!!!

  142. This applies to most of you who viciously attacked Mendenhall. You guys would make a great lynch mob and would surely kill the next Abraham Lincoln if O’Reilly or Obama riled you up a little. If you truly loved your country, Constitution, and loved ones, you would take the time to better inform yourselves about what’s really going on around you, respect those who abide by America’s principles like free speech, and do your duty. But most of you’re asleep at the wheel now when the country most needs you. You’re too busy getting fat and in and by your ignorance are contributing to the crisis this nation faces. Ever heard of organized crime? What makes you think our government is immune to it and isn’t now working to betray America and enslave you? Fact: the towers could not fall at freefall speed in 10 seconds from planes hitting them, nor could those same planes create a fraction of the energy it takes to pulverize most of their concrete into dust. That defies physics and is all the proof you need, though there is much more. I’d celebrate bin Laden’s death more than anyone if he was what he’s portrayed to be, but he’s just this generation’s Lee Harvey Oswald. So if you have any honor you’ll apologize to Mendenhall. Even if he was wrong on the facts, which he is not, he has a right to think for himself. The truth is indeed frightening to face and he is facing it, and you are not because I suspect most of you are cowards and bullies underneath, and he is not. You obviously don’t respect freedom of thought therefore you don’t respect America, he does. The worst slavery is the one where one doesn’t even know he is a slave, because he is controlled through the manipulation of his thoughts. Look in the mirror. All the vile things many of you said about Mendenhall are disgusting.

  143. This is the reason the NFL should have strict head injury protocols.When players are talking strange and thinking odd things we better check their neurological baseline.It may be tough to check some people as their normal baseline is not much different than when they had a concussion.

  144. Could Fahrenheit 911 really be all coincidence? Is it good Bin Laden is dead? Yes of course. Is there more to it than people are willing to believe? I think so.

  145. Hes right, noone will ever know what really happened during that day, noone will never know the whole story. but its funny how everyone believes the government is so innocent, they are never wrong, they will never lie to us!!!! ha. Everyone wants to believe the best possible explanation, plane taking down an entire skyscraper…dont feed me such bull. we will never know. The majority of people at this point in time havent even thought of osama on even a weekly basis and especially didnt have the hope and instinct of thinking about osama daily either huh? obama hussein comes out and says hes dead so everyone joins the party. how sweet. but osama is dead so everything in america is so extremely great now…….? it doesnt change a f**king thing.

  146. I hope seymour biyotch slaps u next time for that comment Mr. mendenhall!!!!

  147. oh mendenhall….youve demonstrated multiple times that you are one of those dumb football players, NOT one whose opinion should be taken into account. please just shut your ignorant mouth and continue scoring me points.

  148. Definitely a prime example of a Bobo with a Twitter account showing everyone his a$$.

    unfortunately, with the attention spans of most Americans when he runs for 2 touchdowns in the first game of the season everyone will forget all about it and be cheering the guy. Fickle football fans.

  149. I spent 4 years in the U.S. Army as an infantry soldier, and I must say, even though I do not agree with what he says, I will defend, until death, his right to say it. Sticks and stones………………………………

  150. Someone posted Martin Luther King’s wonderful words about not answering hate with hate and more people on this site give it’s a thumbs down instead of a thumbs up.

    That is a very sad. But it is also very dangerous for the thousands if not millions of people that will likely die in the next 10-20 years from American actions to “protect” itself.

    Men like Bin Laden are evil – I don’t mourn his death, but I don’t celebrate it either. It’s men like Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Mandela that I celebrate. Those are the type of leaders this world needs not self aggrandizing puppets of the military industrial complex – like Obama.

  151. I love this site for football, but I’m always amazed at the attitudes of people commenting on this site. The majority side with the owners, and the majority I guess believe their government tells the truth. Have any of you actually read the 9/11 commission report? he has a case here, and so to call him stupid is plain ignorant. None of you question Bin Laden being dumped at sea? your the only people in the world who trust the american government…. hope you enjoy Peta camps

  152. your economy is in the crapper due to your 10 year long manhunt for a guy who “may” have been responsible for 9/11. BTW, your government issued visa’s for the terrorists that hijacked the planes to get flight training(fact). You all may want to read into this a bit more, cause Rashard isn’t the one who is misinformed. Stop trusting your horrible government! nobody else in the world does

  153. He should be more concerned about learning how to hold on to a football

  154. Maybe he can hook up with Luke Scott and have a radio talk show.

  155. black and yellow runs through my veins, yet i HATE this man….and guess what, i’ve never spoken to him. shut your mouth, don’t fumble and try not to look like a dinosaur so much. this is unamerican. hey rashard, we are celebrating this death because he represents evil in this world. idiot.

  156. Like many, huge Steeler fan here. This is the second time Rashard has been quoted this off season. IMHO, it is the second time he should have kept his mouth shut. While he, like all, are entitled to their opinion and to speak it, which I will support, he is also entitled to the feedback. And in this case, he shows just how intellectually challenged he really is. Bin Laden admitted to causing the attacks on 9/11 and has surely led others, all of which caused many deaths. The buildings clearly were going to collapse because of the planes filled with fuel. Bin Laden was lucky he was able to escape justice for this long. But justice caught up with him, in the same way he dished it out. Now that’s justice.

    God bless America.

    Now just shut up Rashard, please, and over time this will die down. That is if you can keep your mouth shut, which is doubtful.

  157. @bungles4life

    What do you mean “may” have been responsible for 9/11?!? HE OPENLY ADMITTED AND BRAGGED ABOUT BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR IT! How much more evidence do you need??

    Let me guess…. that footage of him admitting to it all was fake and put together by our government to lead us to believe he was the one responsible? Does that fit your conspiracy theory?

  158. Rashard, put your googly, Marty Feldman-esque eyes back in your head, shut your mouth and just play football!! If you have ANY sympathy for such a poor excuse for a human being, you need to get the F out of this country!!

  159. “What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhal asks?

    What kind of person kills innocent people in the name of God?

  160. @bungals4life says:
    May 3, 2011 7:58 AM
    So the videos of him stating he planned this were made up by the government also?

    C’mon man!!!!

  161. Don’t be an idiot and tie this to the Steelers. Believe me, no one in that organization or in that town agree with these moronic comments.

  162. I don’t know the answer, although that is possible considering the CIA’s history of disinformation. I’m only saying don’t kill the guy for questioning a topic that should be questioned by the citizens of the US. Regardless I hope it gives people who lost someone during 9/11 some type of closure…….they deserve it. I just don’t see how its unpatriotic, or stupid to question your government. Questioning government is how your country was FOUNDED, so why do you all trust their very questionable reports? considering their horrendous track record of lying for the past 50 years. I love America, and its people, but like the rest of the world I just feel that your government is misleading you all. No disrespect to 9/11 victims or americans meant at all

  163. Mendenhall said the right thing about bin Laden’s death (not celebrating it), but the wrong thing about what happened on 9/11. It’s entirely possible, and perhaps probable, that the actual events differed at least slightly from the final and official story, but probably not to any substantial degree. However, celebrating death as some sense of vengeance should be beneath us. I’m celebrating the strategic changes the removal of OBL from the equation means, not the death itself.

  164. @sterilizecromartie

    Considering you think he admitted it. Thats false. He endorsed it, and when asked about if he did it he replied to the following to Al Jazeera, and the article is posted by your trusted CNN:


    now tell me he admitted it…….The fact that he endorsed it in anyway is disgusting of course, but he did not take credit for planning it. Your government tries to repeatedly tell you that though

  165. Actually Rashard seems like somebody that paid attention in his communication theory class at Illinois.

    Agenda-setting theory is based on (1) the press and the media do not reflect reality; they filter and shape it; (2) media concentration on a few issues and subjects leads the public to perceive those issues as more important than other issues.

    Think for yourselves please.

  166. Rashard– Try focusing on ways to prevent being a first round bust and leave the “heavy lifting” to REAL heroes.

  167. Not only should he get out his profession since he thinks it is like slavery, he should also get the hell out of this country.

  168. Speak truth to power Rashard. END OF STORY.

    You are absolutely correct. We dont know if its true, he was buried at sea, just like the rubble and steel of 9/11 was quickly sent out to China before it could be analyzed, and Bin Laden was never a suspect for 9/11 he was a suspect for the Kenya embassy bombings and USS Cole bombings. Its not like you havent been lied to before, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Warren Commission in JFK’s death.

    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Some NFL players get it.

  169. justwaittilnextyear says: May 2, 2011 9:48 PM

    Another football player who doesn’t think before tweeting. Man bring this dude to a military base somewhere in Pennsylvania and have someone there knock his tweeter off!!!

    and the military beating someone makes them right and the other person wrong, right?

    Hugh Thompson,Jr, the pilot who rescued the vietnamese from the My Lai massacre would think differently, so would Smedley Butler, the military man who revealed the DuPont threat of a military coup of the U.S. in 1933.

    “knock his tweeter off” You like fascism, idiot?

  170. I wholeheartedly agree with Rashard. I seriously have a hard time believing one building like that could go down demolition style after a fire ravages through it, let alone 3. He is right to question our government.

    He’s right again by saying we’ve never heard him speak. All we’ve heard is our governments interpretation and ‘translation.’

    I’m sick and tired of these so called patriotic morons that follow and believe whatever our government tells us. It’s called propaganda.

    Look up Larry Silverstein’s post 9/11 comments to the FDNY about needing to take down the buildings…

  171. Rashard – are you serious man? You have to be the world’s largest IDIOT to post that kind of message.

    Coming from a guy that humped Ben at the end of the AFC Championship Game over the J-E-T-S – perhaps you should pick your battles more wisely?

    What a DB!

  172. Thank you Rashard for renewing my hatred of the Steelers… that is, unless they cut you.

  173. In 1994, a Boeing 737, fully loaded crashed in Hopewell Twp., just outside Pittsburgh.
    The plane nosedived at over 300 mph directly into the ground. The impact was so violent, it created a crater 20 feet deep and 200 feet wide. The crater was –filled– with debris, large pieces of metal, and entire sections of the plane, including rows of seats, a tail section, and both engines – not to mention luggage and bodies everywhere. The site was instantly recognizable as a plane crash.

    Yet on 9/11, two 747’s just vanished without a trace.
    Not a trace of a plane to be found anywhere either at the Pentagon or in Shanksville, PA.

    The Mayor of Shanksville was one of the first on the scene and he said (paraphrasing) “I don’t know what this was, but I know what it wasn’t. This was no plane crash”.

    Fully loaded 747’s don’t leave 10′ by 40′ smoking holes in the ground with no debris.

  174. tatum064 says: May 3, 2011 9:46 AM

    Speak truth to power Rashard. END OF STORY.

    You are absolutely correct. We dont know if its true, he was buried at sea, just like the rubble and steel of 9/11 was quickly sent out to China before it could be analyzed, and Bin Laden was never a suspect for 9/11 he was a suspect for the Kenya embassy bombings and USS Cole bombings. Its not like you havent been lied to before, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and Warren Commission in JFK’s death.

    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Some NFL players get it.

    In that case I’m sure OBL will be making a video soon to show he’s alive. Any weirdos want to place bets on that?

  175. I don’t know why, but it surprised me yesterday when I realized that 9/11 just didn’t have as profound an impact on younger folks. Rashard was probably 5 years away from even caring about anything outside of banging his high school sweetheart on 9/11/01. But yeah Twitter is probably not a good idea for him.

    As for the conspiracy theories, some are believable, but UBL made himself the face of evil for longer than just this past decade, and his demise is a huge step in the healing process.

  176. Wow – nothing like going form a stud young RB that everybody wanted on their FFT to an absolute turd…way to go, pal.

  177. jpetroci4 says:
    May 2, 2011 10:34 PM
    Sure, lets sit here and bash Rashard Mendenhall because not only does he use his God given talent on the field on Sunday’s, but he uses his brain and not only thinks for himself, but questions things as well. In my opinion, we should have more people like him. Just remember, the blind so blindly follow.

    ^ and the dumb so dumbly follow … 9/11 conspiracy punks are thee worst thing this nation has produced since the KKK.

  178. airborne5600….really? So freedom of speach works one way? Last I checked the constitution doesn’t protect idiots from being called out after they say something incredibly insensitive. Like you said he has a right to think one way…and everyone else has a right to think a different way. Fact is 3000+ people died due to Bin Laden and his terrorist group on 9/11..not to mention the countless others in Afgan over the past decade or so…to say this man shouldnt be hated is ignorance at its best.

    You are whats wrong with this country, not the people who show compasion for those who have lost loved ones. Its really sad when idiots try to use freedom of speach as a reason why they cannot be judged for their comments.

  179. I am appalled by the people defending Rashard. It is not that it is a minority opinion, it is that it is an insensitive opinion. It is the fact that we as America are a proud country. We are celebrating the fact that we don’t have to worry about him anymore. We are celebrating that justice was finally offered to those bleeding hearts who lost loved ones nearly 10 years ago. And in the process peace of mind was granted. Even if it is on the smallest of scales. I am quite confident Rashard would feel differently if he lost someone in that tragic event. As would everyone who is defending Rashard.

  180. Im not sure there is a need for celebration how many soldiers died for one man? 1 time in history a building has collapsed from a plane crash, and it was a building built to withstand a airplane hitting it, don,t believe everything ou hear. It’s okay to not be one of the sheople.

  181. you can’t post BS about 911 and Bin Laden and not suffer consequences. His free speech cost him freedom, he just won’t be aware how many people will be watching him, his e-mails, listening to his phone calls etc. Nice work, no distraction there for next season either

    Anyone who feel strongly about this should write the steelers as well as the NFL

  182. How did building 7 collapse? Anyone, you know the one that they decided to “pull”?

  183. mj0121 says:May 2, 2011 10:48 PM

    Mendenhall should be excused from the field for the National Anthem on 9/11. Scumbag!
    Excused from the field? Rashard “traitor to our country” Mendenhall just spat in the face of every armed forces personel, he should be worried about running into a group of Marines next time he goes out for a night on the town.

  184. Do you guys know propane burns hotter than jet fuel? Has anyone melted a BBQ?

  185. Bin Laden was a filth but he worked for us since the Soviet occupation of Afganistan.There is another side of the story there’s traitors among us.They lied to u about Pat Tillman saying he died of enemy gunfire.They lied about weapons of mass destruction.They are torturing Bradley Manning for telling the truth.Now all of a sudden Bin laden was rushed to be buried at sea for religious reasons.lies of the 9/11 commission.Larry Silverstein orders pull down of WTC 7.World trade steel sent to China.I worked security for well I will just say around the trade Center. There are underground passages from the world trade to the waterfront.Did u hear anything about who left through there or did u just see the news reel of folks running on the street.Just saying two sides to the story.

  186. Does anyone know how well america did in education, compared to other countries?

  187. You can go ahead a use name calling if you want to prove your point, it will make mine even stronger. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your country is about sports and entertainment, not about education and awareness, they want you kept in the dark.

  188. Well, I’m in on this late but let me just say that while Twitter and your mama make you feel special, in the real world, facts make the man.

    You are an imbecilic. You hear things, watch some fakakta video and conclude…what you conclude.

    I don’t go to my office and tell the 22 year old secretary her chest is developing nicely; I keep it to myself.

    If you think the World Trade Centers were brought down by Irving Ben Lauden or Osama bin Laden, SFU, collect your paycheck or YOU’LL BE LOOKING UP AT THE STEELERS FROM THE DETROIT LIONS,

    PS TO ALL NEWSCASTERS: It’s Osama bin Laden and it’s Barak Obama. Not all that similar.

  189. @ Sterelizecromartie

    You mean the whole US.

    So what we have here is a multi-million dollar “slave” who thinks we should all just get along, and to see what the mass murder was thinking when he attacked our country? Totally unacceptable. Fine and suspension please.

  190. I can’t believe anybody could be this stupid. I hope Mendenhall gets to the team doctor as soon as the lockout is over and get his head checked. He is obviously suffering from brain damage from too many hits to the head. Just like Duerson, maybe he should will his brain to science when he dies so they can find out why he is so stupid!

  191. There is nothing wrong with what he said. I don’t think that Bin Laden is a good person by any means. But if you look at the evidence of what happened on 9/11/01 you will plainly see that there is more going on there than just a bunch of hijackers taking planes with knives and doing what they supposedly did. The whole thing stinks. People lost their lives. But a life is a life either way. I would encourage everybody to really look at the evidence of what happened that day. Open your eyes.

  192. flakazoid says: May 3, 2011 8:51 AM

    “What kind of person celebrates death?” Mendenhal asks?

    What kind of person kills innocent people in the name of God?

    Really flak? You have to ask that? How many people have died, all in the Name of? The more important question is how many conflicts, wars, battles were done not in the name of God or for another country’s resources? I bet you will find very, very, very few, if any.

  193. So OBL addmitted to it? Why can a television news crew find him so fast and it took the big mighty USA 10 years? Is your government that incompetent? Just wondering?

  194. @halftermguv …

    Goodell? Goodell?? Why the heck does he owe that eejit an apology??? Are you drunk??

    He owes the Steelers organization and fans an apology for spouting ignorance in public and creating yet another controversy for the team. But more than anything, he owes an apology to the Navy Seals on that team who risked their lives against a declared enemy combatant who by his own admission murdered thousands of Americans. Mendenhall had no idea what he was talking about when he questioned Bin Laden’s guilt–and not knowing, he should have kept his opinions to himself.

  195. The best line this waste of space said “We’ve only heard one side of the story”….really? I did not realize that Bin Ladin had been denying his roll in the attacks! Silly me thought they were bragging and celebrating their big victory after 9/11. If you are seriously THAT uneducated, then just don’t say anything..

    “It is better to have people think you a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” (Mark Twain)

  196. grandpoopah says:
    May 2, 2011 10:41 PM
    This is not a pro-Mendenhall post, but I would like to point out the following piece of ancient wisdom:

    “Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth.” -Proverbs 24:17

    I agree with that, but there is also biblical support for a righteous war. We were right to go after Bin Laden, not for revenge reasons, but to help prevent further attacks. People are celebrating a military victory, not necessarily the death of one person. I didn’t dance in the streets at the news because that’s not how I would choose to celebrate, but people are different. Chad Ochocinco orchestrates end zone celebrations and Robert Smith hands the ball to the ref.

  197. puregreed says: May 3, 2011 10:42 AM

    “How did building 7 collapse? Anyone, you know the one that they decided to “pull”?”

    I especially liked the close up video clearly showing windows blowing out at both ends, starting at the ground floor then rapidly ascending upwards through most of the floors like, you know, controlled demolition.

    Even more interesting is how the BBC broadcast news of the WTC7 collapse, a full 20 minutes before it actually fell. The female reporter was informing people of the collapse with the building still clearly visible over her left shoulder.
    Google the YouTube video: “BBC WTC7”

    Boy, those pesky terrorists can’t do anything right.

  198. …2 words for skeptics and people like you Mendenhall…JET FUEL…it was documented by engineers, architects, and designers of the Towers shortly after the tragic event – the terrorists used these planes knowing the massive amounts of jet fuel aboard would ignite a huge structure fire – the intense heat (thousands of degrees) melted the inner-steel structure beams of the buildings…THAT is why they collapsed the way they did…THAT is why it “appeared” to look similar to a demolition…the other point (that you apparently missed) is that the world is now a safer and better place without this religious madman around…you can now go back to your little football games because of the brave men and women of our armed forces…thank you G.W. Bush for never giving up and setting the plans and forces in motion, that finally brought about this historic event, some ten years later; while NO credit will be given to the current president who went around “apologizing” to the world’s tyrants and leaders just a short time ago…educate yourself before you speak!

  199. @nj22

    you would be the uneducated one. Check your facts…..he endorsed the attacks as a good thing, but actual denied doing them. I think that its still a good thing that he’s gone, cause endorsing such acts is reprehensible. But to say he admitted it is a fact, is just plain wrong. c’mon man!! I’m not a fan of Bin Laden whatsoever, and getting rid of him as a figurehead of terrorism is a good thing. But the reason he is a figure head is incorrect and if you see your news from another country looking in, you’d realize this as well. Mendenhall gets hated for raising an important question, but Bush can still hang out with Bin Laden’s and thats fine? seems hypocritical

  200. what do you mean how did building 7 collapse. They (media) had reported about this for over an hour. They fully expected it to collapse. BBC just announced it early. There is nothing at all wrong with this. They said the collapse was emminent and that became it has collapsed. Just like the telephone game when you are a kid.

    The BBC barely jumped the gun and even called the info sketchy so you think it was a planned demo.

    You PureGreed are a sick person. Good luck in your job endeavors as you clearly don’t have one.

  201. Holy Crap!

    The lockout news brings out all of the super conservative, rightwing ditto head losers.

    9/11, Bin Laden tweet brought all of the leftwing, conspiracy losers who feel sorry for Bin Laden???!!!

    Where did all of the pragmatic, middle of the road, moderate Americans go? This is what this country is starting lose and it starting to show…even in sports forums. WTF 🙁

    You’re an idiot if 1) you think 9/11 was any type of government conspiracy and 2) you feel sorry for Bin Laden or try want us to see their side.

    Not sure if this is national news or not, but Mendenhall is lucky the season doesn’t start until September (hopefully) so that people have time to forget about this. Though he has a right to be an idiot, we have a right to tell him he is one!

  202. @puregreed …

    No television crew located Bin Laden. He was accommodating enough to send us messages and to post videos taking credit for the attack … a time-honored tradition used by terrorist and paramilitary groups around the world. Surprised you haven’t heard of it.

    You keep referring to America as “your” government. Would you care to enlighten us about your nationality? It’s only fair that we know what your government gets up to.

  203. Deb:

    You’ve skirted the issue long enough, honey.

    Come out and say it, you’ll feel so much better when you do:

    “Rashard Mendenhall is a gullible idiot, and an overrated RB to boot.”


    On a sidenote, speaking of Mendenhall, I have Super Bowl XLV DVRed and enjoy watching the first play of the 4th quarter 2-3 times a week.

  204. My father was American my mother Canadian, I use to live in the U.S, but thankfully my parents realised the education system in the U.S was so poor it would be best to move to Canada, unfortunatley I still have family in your country.
    Yes I left, and yes I have a job, my own business and I also run a foster home for troubled youth.
    Yes Deb I have heard of video tapes? Have you heard of T.V and movies? Do you know what an actor is? Based on your comments if I send a tape of someone that apears to be someone you will believe it is whoever the government tells you it is, (he looks way to heavy to be OBL IMO, maybe he gained weight running through the caves and hills).
    See I am the enemy because I question those above me, but you are “right” because you grab the tail of the elephant in front of you and wait for them to guide you to water.
    Your questions have been answered, how about mine:
    what caused building 7 to collapse? Why can we not see debris at the plane crashes? Have you ever seen a plane crash where everything dissappears? Why wont my bbq melt even though propane burns twice as hot as jet fuel? (some will say the weight of the building ok Then why is the building dust, not large pieces? Did you see the building in Paris burn for 2days or something, yet no collapse)
    I don’t know what happenned, but I do know it’s not what you have been told, and it’s sad to see that very few question it.
    Now please Deb answer my questions as I have answered yours, Thank You. Cheers

  205. sneaky1632 says:
    Leave it to the steelers to have a player that supports terrorists.

    Is it humanly possible for you to be anymore stupid or immature. Don’t guess it’s dawned on you that a lot of servicemen and women are Steelers fans. For you to pervert the foolish slobbering of one individual and use it to slander an organization … well, you really are sad little scumball, aren’t you?

    @gypjet …

    Unfortunately, because of the lockout, Steelers owners and coaches can’t even talk to Mendenhall. Perhaps you should also have sent a copy of your letter to the Commissioner asking that Mendenhall’s employers be allowed to discuss this with him. I support his right to free speech no matter how foolish. But he doesn’t have the right to make such ignorant public comments as a representative of the team.

  206. (bungals4life)

    Bin Ladin said “it was more successful then they had even hoped it would be praise Allah”. Your feelings for the ex-pres may be right, but has nothing to do with being happy that the biggest piece of trash on the planet is dead, and any American in their right mind should be glad. If Rashard wants to question America’s motives immediately after the attacks, that is understandable. But he is judging people for being happy that the mastermind of the attack is dead. That makes he and you an major A-hole. You deserve to be a Bungals fan!

  207. @puregreed ….

    I’m under no illusions about what my government–or any other–is capable of doing. That’s why I asked your nationality. Lived more than four years with paramilitaries in another country and learned what people can accomplish when they’re willing to kill or die for a cause. And learned how government, using the media, can make one thing appear to be another–because I witnessed it firsthand. So I’m not gullible.

    But you have to use discernment when connecting dots. Understand what motivates individuals, groups, and governments. Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it happened. Just because mistakes were made doesn’t mean they were planned. When considering conspiracies, think first about numbers. The more people in government it would have taken to pull off an incident, the less likely it was government-orchestrated. Terrorist groups work in small cells for a reason. That structure is why it took so long to locate Bin Laden. The fewer people who know information, the fewer can give it up.

    Yes, I know videos and audiotapes can be manufactured. Bin Laden, however, was elusive but not invisible. He continued to maintain a presence among his people and his close lieutenants. His appearances, videos, and audios went through painstaking identification processes–and we’re not talking about a single sighting. The man had extraordinary personal wealth and the resources of wealthy families throughout the Middle East. I’ve known men who managed to elude the capture of an army for at least a decade while roaming smaller territory with fewer resources.

    As for your questions about the trade center, I’ve watched compelling documentaries describing in detail what caused the planes to collapse. I’m not an engineer, but I’m accustomed to dealing with complex information, and the information made sense to me. I’ve also discussed the information with firefighters specially trained in how buildings collapse under various circumstances and had the information explained to me in layman’s terms. I’ve talked to first responders who worked the site. Wreckage from the planes was combined with wreckage from the towers. And plane wreckage was certainly present at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. Additional box cutters were found on other planes after air traffic was grounded.

    I’ve listened to firsthand accounts from family members who were on the phone with their loved ones as the plane turned into the towers. They were given blow-by-blow accounts of the hijackings, and we have airport footage showing those men boarding the planes. One of the most poignant things I’ve watched was a documentary on the architect who designed the towers. He watched everything unfold from his New York apartment and realized before the buildings collapsed what their strategy was and that they were using his own design as the instrument of death.

    Yes, some Americans have profited from the events of 9/11 and their aftermath. Someone is always ready to make a profit on tragedy and use national crises to advantage. That doesn’t change what happened on the day or who engineered it. I’d suggest you do more research. Try contacting an engineering professor at a respected Canadian university, or talking to first responders who worked the WTC site instead of surfing conspiracy Web sites. You can probably find a book on the WTC’s design and construction. And read up on Al Qaeda. They’ve hit targets all over the world since 9/11. It’s not just about America. If you really want to know, be smart about how you research.

  208. @gregjennings85 …

    Oh my … talking to the worst, are we? Gullible is softer than ignorant, so I’ll stick with my own words, thanks. And he’s not overrated as a running back. Your defense caused that fumble, but it wasn’t their best play on the day. They had a great game.

    Have you ever seen me skirt an issue or parse words? Don’t be ridiculous. But I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around how our QB could be so out of touch with reality that he’d talk publicly about his, um, religious abstinence? And now Mendenhall is on Twitter lecturing women on how to satisfy men, then shifting to questioning the guilt of Bin Laden. Obviously I’m not in Kansas anymore and the Flying Monkeys will soon be here to take me to the Emerald City. I can’t even ask: What were they thinking? The question is too … tame. Perhaps Steelers fans are living out a long long episode of Punk’d. Ashton?

  209. I don’t pretend to be an engineer, but to those who state that a plane could not bring down the Trade Center Towers, I say that you are WRONG! They most definitely can according to the ARCHITECTS OF THE TOWERS!

    Over the last 10 years we’ve all seen the documentaries on TLC, History Channel, etc about 9/11. One that I saw included an interview with one of the original engineers of the Towers. I wish I could remember the name of this particular documentary, but he did say that they designed the Towers to withstand a plane crashing into them. However, the planes that hit the Towers were LARGER than the engineers accounted for.

    Again, not that I know the exact numbers or engineering technicalities, I would suggest Mr Mendenhall check his facts before he open his mouth. It’s one thing to state your opinion, but opinions should be formed based on facts.

  210. While the guy is entitled to his opinion, sometimes it’s just smarter for a public figure to NOT speak his or her mind.

  211. i see alot of Americans hating a guy because of your EGOS. He can say whatever the hell he wants. Bin Laden Never confessed to the 911 attacks. You guys dont know anything or what happened on 9/11. what if you were all being played? What if it really was a conspiracy? There sure is alot of evidence to support its a conspiracy. Towers shouldnt crumble like that. Especially the third one. Research. Dont be Ignorant. Its good to question the authority. Let the man say what he wants. Be a true american. Question everything. Dont be dumb deaf and blind. Freedom of Speech! Let it ring!

  212. I thought Mendenhall was an idiot, but some of the commenters on this post are even dumber. Can one of you explain to me what was to be gained by orchestrating such a tragedy? Are you implying that George W. Bush was the mastermind behind the operation? Are you saying that he is worse than Osama Bin Laden?

  213. The simple fact that these 9/11 truthers are gtting any “thumbs up” really saddens me. I know that there are some crazy people out there…but jeez these folks are so desperate for a conspiracy theory that they latch on to anything and everything…you see it on the right(obama citizen-gate) and on the left with these truthers. Truly pathetic that some people actually dedicate their lives to “uncovering the truth”. Some of these people are so “intellectual” that they actually understand how buildings fall and the precise conditions in which they could fall. The truth is that we have never seen a circumstance like that in which 2 planes hit two buildings of that size…so stop acting as if there is a blueprint of how the towers collapsed.

  214. @Deb
    “Goodell had better get an apology FROM this turd”.

    Grammar school english class would have taught you that he would be seeking an apology for the comments NOT giving one.

  215. Mendenhall’s comments, even as ridiculous as they are, made me smile.
    I first heard of Mendenhall’s innane comments last night from KDKA-TV sports anchor Bob Pompeani, who was livid and outraged during his nightly televised 20-minute sports-talk call-in show.
    Pompeani is the same guy who was totally unfazed and has been strongly defensive regarding Ben Roethlisberger’s birthday celebration in a college bar’s restroom of a year ago.
    I’m smiling because voicing an opinion, albeit an absurd opinion, is now considered in some circles to be far worse than embarrassing behavior.
    Go figure.

  216. @halftermguv …

    One thing English class taught me, darlin’, is that the word english is capitalized.

    What you’re questioning is my reading comprehension, not my grammar skills, and nothing’s wrong with my reading comprehension, either. I’m asking you quite plainly why on earth Mendenhall would owe that eejit Goodell an apology. This doesn’t have anything to do with Goodell in any way, shape, or form. Mendenhall owes his apology to the Steelers organization and fans, and to the Seal team that took out bin Laden. Kiss up to Goodell on the lockout pages. This isn’t about Goodell.

  217. Deb,

    You see I never once provided a theory about what happenned, as matter of fact I said I do not know.

    However where can i see these pics with the plane wreckage? see I’m willing to look. Again though how did building 7 come down, the one that was not hit by anything?

    You do not have the answers, if you do show me, but I say you dont because building 7 had no reason to collapse that’s why they “pulled” it.
    You did hear Larry Silverman say that didnt you(think that’s his name)

    I am willing to listen and learn but I will not be told how to and what to think.

  218. @puregreed …

    I didn’t tell you what or how to think. I suggested you demonstrate maturity and discernment in your research by talking to people with structural engineering backgrounds and people who worked at Ground Zero who can answer your questions factually rather than trolling conspiracy sites and pretending that makes you wise. That’s what you would do if you were an honest researcher looking for answers.

    Yes, I’m aware of the Larry Silverstein controversy. You haven’t experienced many crises, have you? One word uttered about a life-shattering incident does not definitive proof of anything make. I’ve been trying to tell you that just because dots exist doesn’t mean they connect. I’ve seen documentaries plainly detailing what caused the towers to fall. Frankly, I have no idea exactly what caused building 7 to fall, but again, a structural engineer is the person to ask. Not me–and not a conspiracy theorist.

    Have you ever stood in the rubble of a building after a bomb exploded? I have. And those explosions weren’t comparable to the explosions in the WTC. After watching the footage of the planes entering the buildings and the resulting explosions, you expected to see photographs showing identifiable plane parts amid the building rubble? Are you suggesting the planes did not fly into the buildings? So the people on the planes who were describing the events to their families on cellphones at the moment of impact were lying? And they have been … where all these years? On the Lost island? You have, of course, seen the photos of the plane wreckage in DC and Pennsylvania. So those planes were hijacked but the footage of the New York planes flying into the towers were … video tricks? And all the witnesses on the ground were … hallucenating?

    I’m sorry, but I don’t have patience with this kind of silliness when it involves the real deaths of more than 3,000 people, and the real mourning of their loved ones. It may be a game to conspiracy theorists but it isn’t to them. If you’re willing to learn, then do the research I suggested. Posting on blog sites is not the way serious people educate themselves about serious matters.

  219. Ok..Silverman’s quote from the documentary was

    “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse” He was speaking in reference to “pulling” the responders.

    In regards to why Building 7 came down, read the report on http://wtc.nist.gov/ (it even includes pictures :)) It also has a FAQ section responding to questions from “believers “and “naysayers”

  220. This guy makes me so mad. Like playing football gives you any credibility on the subject something other than sports… In fact, it means you’re a stupid N!&&$@ that knows nothing else.
    Our special forces do an amazing job and we should give them nothing but praise. Osama should have been torn apart by wild dogs and then burned for all the bad he’s done.
    Go $%&# yourself mendenhall

  221. @Deb
    Mendenhall does owe an apology to Goodell as well as all NFL fans. He’s saying that OSB particpation in 9/11 is in question…and you’re defending this?

    Here’s your grades:
    grammar: A
    sanity: F

  222. @halftermguv …

    That is the most immature, ridiculous post I’ve seen on this site. And that is saying a heckuva lot. I’ve made more than a dozen posts condemning Mendenhall’s comments about 9/11. It is absurd for you to suggest that I approve of what he said about Osama bin Laden and the murder of more than 3,000 Americans because I contend that his remarks have nothing to do with your hero Roger Goodell and the lockout.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for that. But I learned long ago, you little boys have no shame. Now go to bed like a good six-year-old. Don’t address me again. 9/11 isn’t any funnier than rape is, you sad, pathetic child. 🙄

  223. Thank You Deb for confirming what I said, I just want to see something with my own eyes, you believe what you are told.

    Mrs.Smith why would you link me to a government site? See that’s exactly what I am saying, believe what you are told. Watch the video of the collapse, Im not a truther or anything else. Im an idependent thinker and I can see with my own eyes things don’t add up.

  224. you guys on here that say the government wouldn’t do something that horrible should look up some of the things they have done ,example allowing mexican drug traffickers buy guns ,hundreds of guns and take them to Mexico one of our border agents was killed with one of them it was just in the news. During the vietnam war the c.i.a. brought heroin into the u.s. and in the 80’s the c.i.a. allowed the contra’s to bring crack into california. When people bury their heads in the sand it allows these actions to continue,and our c.i.a. has toppled governments for american business in costa rica and chile and iran. The list goes on and on, in 1976 a congressional committee looked into the kennedy assassination and they concluded their WAS a conspiracy involving the c.i.a. and the mafia guess who was running the c.i.a. then george h.w.bush thats right. About the towers the i saw the second plane hit the towers and look at the tape all the fuel burned off right away now some facts marvin bush ran the security company for the towers and six weeks before their was a company working on updating the elevators after hours which surround the core and the fire fighters and police heard explosions ,their was nanothermite found in all the dust and last skyscrapers have burned for over 20 hours and not come down the second tower hit came down first in 58 minutes but keep your head in the sand over 1500 structural engineers want an investigation who the heck are you to say they are wrong

  225. FWIW, the World Trade Center architect actually said they designed them to withstand the impact of up to FIVE Boeing 707s, the largest civilian aircraft of that time. As for WTC7, Silverstein’s comment to ‘pull it’ is a common term used in the demolition field to mean demolish the building, take it down, etc. For that to happen, merely an hour or so after his comment, would be impossible. To ‘pull’ a building takes days if not weeks to prep the columns with explosives, all timed perfectly.

    As for the comment about this website having a political agenda, I say why not. You know, some things are more important than sports and the War on Terror is certainly one of them. I’m glad a football player is giving the truth movement some more visibility. It’s not just sports. Entertainment and religious sectors are also increasingly turning their opinions to 9/11. These are not just sports jocks, radical movies stars, or wrestlers, these are AMERICANS.

  226. @puregreed

    I linked to it for the pictures. You can believe what you want but seeing video of the collapse won’t show you the whole view. I didn’t understand how the damage was occurred either until I saw more pictures from different views..

    By the way more than 1 non government, non-US based group reviewed the report and documentation and actually agreed with it..

  227. Steeler fans are the absolute worst. They would cheer for Timothy McVeigh if they though he could improve their chances at a title.

  228. @NJ22

    could you please tell me where you got your Bin Laden quote to. Cause I have multiple news articles where he states he didn’t plan 9/11. And Mendenhall wasn’t judging people, he was merely sharing his thoughts through Twitter. Why does everybody feel the need to rip people apart for their thoughts on topics? controversial or not, we are all entitled to our opinion. And if Mendenhall did judge people, who cares? He’s a FOOTBALL player…..is that who we listen to for political advice now? This whole thread is laughable. Regardless, there is a lot of incorrect information being said in this thread……should be chastize each person for their errors? no, we give them to right to think freely and move on with our lives…..I suggest you do the same NJ22……but I’d complain to if I lived in New Jersey. Isn’t that where New York takes a crap? haha

  229. puregreed …

    I’ve told you several times now how to do independent research to answer your questions. You keep asking me if I can point you to a U.S. government Web site that will show you the video you want to see … so then I suppose if you see that video, you can believe what you are told … by the U.S. government.

    You have yet to answer any of my logical questions about what happened that day. Your only comeback is “You believe what you’re told.” You’re like some kid on a playground running around stepping on anthills. I could provide all the video you want, including authenticated video of bin Laden confessing all–which he has done–and it wouldn’t matter because you have issues with the United States and figure this is a great place to needle Americans. Have fun.

  230. @kyleortonsarm …

    A lot of American servicemen and women are Steelers fans. You may hate the team, but that comment was petty and ridiculous. You need to grow up and learn to draw a line between your football rivalries and real life. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  231. You tell them Deb. These conspiracy theorists hang their hat on comments like “I’m not a sheeple!” and “I guess some people believe whatever the government tells them!”.

    At the end of the day, if they had to bet their salary on correctly answering the question “who was responsible for 9/11?” I guarantee they wouldn’t be putting their money on the US Government.

    And speaking of this Building 7 stuff… I will be the first to admit I am not very knowledgable on the subject. But… considering two enormous skyscrapers came tumbling down from hundreds of stories high around Building 7, did any of you conspiracy theorists even think that maybe these millions of pounds of debris coming down on that building caused it to collapse???

    But, I guess the engineers who gave the explanation of how the building came down are “in on it” too, right?

    So… lets do a quick rundown of who is “in” on this big conspiracy, shall we?

    — The US Government
    — The engineers who examined why the buildings went down
    — The airlines and pilots assigned to those flights
    — The families whose loved ones called from on board the plane and said it had been taken over by terrorists
    — WTC Security since they had to allow the government to place their bombs in the buildings
    — Bin Laden himself as the US govenment would of had to convince him to take the blame for this plan and to never admit he had nothing to do with it
    — Countless others to pull off a hoax of this magnitude

    I would rather be a “sheeple” and believe the logical explanation than to believe something like that.

  232. nineroutsider says: May 3, 2011 12:55 PM

    Holy Crap!

    The lockout news brings out all of the super conservative, rightwing ditto head losers.
    Spoken like a true puss.

  233. Everybody, please google “architects for the truth” and visit the first link in the organic results… Read what 1400+ architects and engineers say and then come up with your own conclusions…

    NBC, stop deleting my comments!

  234. I wonder how the family members of the heroes on flight 93 that crashed in PA feel about this guy being a Pittsburgh Steeler. Most be quite embarassing for an owner is currently an Ambassador for our country.

  235. @allstardenise

    Great comment!

    BTW, where does it say that I can’t link? links are no-follow and are not spam… the web is about linking to other relevant content!

  236. @sterilizecromartie: I got two words for ya: Your sources. Most of what you say is already based on kernel information from the GOV. From all your tainted seeds, you cannot possibly produce a fruitful, balanced, informed bounty.

    Listen: Anyone and everyone associated with the 9/11 operation was already under a DOD Security clearance, which posed prison on anyone revealing information of a ‘national security’ nature. Of course, the DOD, NSA, CIA et al, establish what is national security.

    So please stop calling anyone a sheeple and start doing some real reading, research, followup on stories/reports. A mind is NEVER closed (and that goes for both sides of this).

  237. Anyone who doesn’t think that the left has its extremists and idiots…should come view this thread.

    This thread should be beyond dead.

    @TxGrown – Useful, thx.

  238. @daleffd …

    Site owners make the rules on their own sites. And everyone needs to bear in mind that this is a football site.

  239. johnnyshore says: May 2, 2011 9:59 PM
    “If you look into some of the engineering aspects of the 9/11 tower collapses & political/financial motivations…..creating “reasonable doubt” is not that difficult….BTW- I am not a liberal, a Muslim or a pot-smoker, so don’t emote there either, unless you want me to laugh at your naivety.”
    No, you are just a moron.
    @ johnnyshore, txgrown, narutofan10

    Ha ha. Just call me a name. Good argument. 😉

    Thank you for expressing your intelligence.


  240. sterilizecromartie says: May 2, 2011 10:07 PM

    @ anarchopurplism
    Please don’t compare yourself to a pot-smoker. It’s insulting to them.

    That was actually funny. Good insult. I thumbs up’d you.


  241. dolfan28 says: May 2, 2011 10:52 PM
    Once again, someone abusing their freedom of speech. Thousands of innocent people were killed, he (Bin Laden) masterminded it, and now he’s rotting; the end.
    Anarchpurplism…. You’re a moron. Go make a documentary on how you still live in your mom’s basement eating hot pockets, Michael Moore wannabe. Nobody cares about your facts you looked up on the Internet that one time, or how you and your drum circle buddies concocted “what really happened man.” If you have such contempt for this government TAKE YOUR ASS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! My brother died for this country and your freedom of speech, so either pick up a rifle, move over seas, or SHUT YOUR MOUTH.
    Thank you, and God bless America.
    I am deeply sorry that you lost your brother. That is a shame.

    A dissenting opinion is an abuse of freedom of speech? That sounds like an oxymoron. Your brother may have had noble intentions & been a very good man, much like my grandfather, but I disagree with the strategy of paying for a standing army to support an imperialist empire. Empires always fail…or so says world history.

    I don’t require a mother to support me, although I do work in my basement.

    I choose to pick up the phone and serve my country in the marketplace. I serve this country by helping organizations that help sustain society with valuable services that provide commodities which you and I consume every day. Some of these companies are on the brink of disaster in terms of profitability. A rifle would not help me serve my country in this manner. I choose handshakes over fist-fights. Voluntary contracts vs. edicts.

    I serve my country.

    God bless you.

  242. What Mendenhall said about OBL is not popular however he DOES NOT make any disparging or negative remarks regarding our military and its service members. Call me crazy but everyone citizen has a RIGHT to state their opinion even if others do not like it. I wish people could take a step back and think about what he is really saying. In this age of every athlete patronizing us by saying what the media wants to hear, I will give him credit for actually saying what he means not some force fed BS he doesnt truely believe. More importantly if the government tells you to go jump off a bridge are you going to? I’d rather think for myself.

  243. jebdamone said:

    it is his opinion, i have no objection to him voicing it. i know poeple that would agree with him on both statements and that does not in of itself make them bad people.
    by no means did i feel it appropriate for myself to celebrate the death of another person even though i agree that he was an enemy to our country.

    MLK felt similarly

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only Love can do that.”
    –Martin Luther King, Jr

    I say: sorry jeb if this has already been pointed out to you, but MLK did not actually say the precise quote “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in he death of one, not even an enemy.” The rest of your quote is apparantly valid from MLK. Someone on Facebook innocently enough made the “not rejoice” quote themselves, then used the real MLK quote after that, with quotes to distinguish. Somewhere along the line, either negligently or maliciously, the quotes got dropped and/or the non-MLK quote was merged with the actual MLK quote.


  244. @Deb

    I don’t really want to know what your job is, but it must be incredible to do the things you have done. You have known men who eluded armies? Talked to 9/11 victims families? why would you do both? I can’t think of a job where you’d do both, so you must have quite the life! congrats……I smell a well educated liar though. in my opinion respectfully.

  245. @bungals4life …

    No offense taken. Have posted on many disjointed subjects, which taken separately may seem unlikely–but that doesn’t mean they’re untrue.

    My degree is in journalism, and I’m a journeyman, so I’ve had varied experiences. I’ve reported on state government and worked in a rehab center to earn extra money. Then I moved overseas to one of the world’s hot spots where I was able to get close to paramilitaries and their families, living several years with them in ghetto projects. It was an adventure … and a dangerous and difficult life. That’s where I was assaulted and learned so much about uneven justice, and why I post passionately on poverty issues. And it’s how I knew men who eluded armies.

    After leaving there, I did a 180 and went into corporate communications. I’d always had health issues, and the other life had taken a toll. I wound up battling cancer three times and having many surgeries. When I returned to freelancing, those experiences led me to write books for healthcare organizations, and on legal and management topics. It helped that my brother & sis-in-law are criminal defense attorneys. And I’ve volunteered with poverty, assault, and trauma organizations.

    Through all these situations, I’ve developed contacts who’ve been kind enough to share their wisdom. And I didn’t say I’d interviewed 9/11 families–said I’d talked with people who worked the WTC cleanup site. Many of my friends are emergency service workers whose units have been called to work disasters such as Katrina and who volunteered to go to New York. By chance a close friend worked Roethlisberger’s case in Milledgeville, not far-fetched since my brother went to law school just a couple of hours from there. By chance my family lives in Tuscaloosa so I’m hearing more detailed stories of the storm aftermath than are on the news. All that is just the Kevin Bacon game in action.

    As with many things that seem hard to believe, they make sense on further examination. Please bear that in mind–and apply logic–as you review the info on 9/11.

  246. Wow. Some serious crazy going on in here.

    For the record: Bin Laden admitted to 9/11 in October of 2004. Why is it so shocking that he would initially deny it? “I wasn’t me” isn’t just a catchy tune by Shaggy, it is a common refrain from criminals.

    For the record: WTC7 was hit with a s###-ton of debris when WTC1 collapsed and there ample video evidence to show it.

    For the record: Silverstein saying “Let’s pull it” has nothing to do with demolition. “Pull it” is not a demolition industry term. He said it in reference to getting the firemen who were trying to fight the fire out of the scene because it was clear that it was a losing effort and the building might come down. After seeing WTC1 & WTC2 go down that was a very reasonable concern.

    But people love a good conspiracy too much to listen to reasonable explanations.

    The conspiracy people should do some research themselves and they should start with Occam’s Razor

  247. For the record: 95% of the wreckage of flight 93 was recovered in Shanksville, PA. The remains of all victims of flight 93 were positively identified.

    I think some of you do your research in Fantasyland.

  248. Serious question for the conspiracy people: Are you getting your information from the Loose Change series?

    If so please do a little research into the creators of that series. Among them are a guy who after being twice rejected for college admitted to 1) that he started the project as a fictional movie project & 2) never reading the 9/11 commission report. Another is a deserter from the U.S. military who has also been arrested for dealing heroin.

    Every single contention made in that series, every single one, has been thoroughly and rationally debunked with well documented forensic evidence.

  249. Wow…are we not allowed to have an opinion these days? There are so many holes in the governments official “conspiracy theory” that even most of the members who wrote the 911 commission report don’t agree. At least we should have the right to question what doesn’t make sense. 3 steel buildings collapse on themselves and all at free fall speed in seconds and we are suppose to just take the gov’s word for it. Yeah I’ll stick to believing the moon is made out of cheese before I believe those professional liars! I’m not a steelers fan but I am a fan of free speech and freedom regardless if I agree with it or not. Much love and respect to you Mendenhall for not being just another brainwashed dummy that only believes what the corp controlled media wants you to believe.

  250. Free speech isn’t the issue here. Rashard, and anyone here, is free to say pretty much anything they want (providing it does not endanger the lives of others, like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater).

    The problem is this bizarre denial of the facts surrounding 9/11. There is a world of absolutely undeniable scientifically verified forensic evidence that was not compiled by the government. This evidence absolutely and unequivocally refutes any and every conspiracy theory.

    This is not subject for debate. The evidence is out there and very easy to find. Some people quote 1,400 as doubting the collapse but they ignore that 120,000 engineers disagree with those 1400.

    It is absolutely insane to ignore the hard scientific data in favor of unsubstantiated and 100% disproven conspiracy theories.

    I mean all conspiracy theorists tell us to not be brainwashed and to do our own research but when we do and provide hard proof you simply ignore it and offer absolutely no evidence to support your claims. Instead we get half measures and accusations.

    Provide one shred of hard scientific evidence to support your claim. Just one.

  251. And stop with the claim that steel framed buildings couldn’t collapse due to fire. There are literally dozens of examples of steel framed buildings collapsing due exclusively to fire (i.e. without a 757 crashing into them at 500 mph first).

    And what in the world do you mean by “free fall speeds”? It’s called gravity.

    How exactly do you expect a building to fall under that circumstance?

    And WTC7 was hit with a massive amount of debris during the collapse of WTC1. There is indisputable video confirmation of this fact. Multiple firemen on the ground said that on the bottom 10 floors about 25% of the structure had been carved out from the collapse of WTC1.

    Provide more evidence than 100% completely dis-proven claims from the creators of Loose Change.

  252. Forget Loose Change. It’s crap.

    What can easily be deduced, however, by anyone willing to let go of their imaginary importance, is that 9/11 was allowed to happen.

    Think about something for a minute.

    The Pentagon was hit by a commercial airplane. Think about that.

    The most awesomely guarded fortress in the history of man. Hit by a commercial airplane.

    The Pentagon was hit by a commercial airplane, an airplane flying severely off course for nearly an hour.

    Those of you flexing your imaginary muscles, picking on folks who are out of their league but at least have balls – unlike yourselves – please, for a moment, really look at that fact. Then look at the questions that didn’t get answered in the 9/11 Commission regarding the flights.

    Next: Think about what 9/11 has been used for. I mean really go back to start. Do not pass Go. Look at everything from then, till right now. It’s a long, long list. It makes rich people lots of $$. It has for a long, long time.

    I know it’s warm and cozy there. Sitting with your half-hearted ideals, warming your dumb feet next to the fire. Pretending that it would be outrageous to even consider that the rich would do whatever they can to get richer. I know. I know.

    But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

  253. @realitypolice says:

    Point #4- point taken. However, douchery jabs are the norm around here.

    Point #3- you cannot argue that the US Armed forces are not engaging in action beyond our borders, which is the main purpose of our military.

    The Muslim world really does not want us there, so let’s not be there. It costs too much.

  254. @osmocosmo

    Thank you for at least acknowledging that it was a plane that hit the Pentagon and not a missile.

    I think you should study the actual time line of events on 9/11 before suggesting that it was allowed to happen.

    1) At the time the U.S. had no policy to scramble jets when contact was lost with flights having domestic origin. It happened one time in history and it took 76 minutes to scramble and intercept (Oct 1999 and it turned out to be Payne Stewart’s private plane). Anyone who suggests our policy was otherwise is uninformed on the issue.

    2) Flight 11 (WTC1) was hijacked at 8:19 and NORAD was not informed until 8:34am. Jets were scrambled at 8:46am and launched at 8:52am not knowing that Flight 11 had already hit WTC1. This was the same time that Flight 77 was believed to be hijacked and radar contact was lost for 36 minutes.

    3) 9:03 am lacking an intercept vector the F-15s were sent to New York, as that was where the still unconfirmed attack happened.

    4) 9:03am Flight 175 hits WTC2. NORAD was notified about Flight 175 at the same time.

    5) 9:24am NORAD was notified about Flight 77.

    6) 9:32am Flight 77 picked up on RADAR

    7) 9:33am Secret Service informed that Flight 77 was headed towards D.C. (remember all scrambled planes are still in New York as that was where the, now confirmed, attack was happening).

    8) 9:37am Flight 77 hits the Pentagon. Essentially allowing our air defense five minutes to scramble, take off and intercept Flight 77.

    Now you can view this as an elaborate and flawlessly executed inside job. Or believe that within 1 hour 18 minutes the Government determined that this was a great money making opportunity and allowed it to happen. That is your prerogative.

    However the law of parsimony (Occam’s Razor) teach us that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case the simplest explanation is that we got caught with out pants down and kicked in the balls.

    Choosing to believe the most logical theory, the one supported by the most hard evidence, is not an indication of blind support for the Government. It is an indication that we have applied critical thinking skills to a difficult situation and have not allowed ourselves to be swayed by blind mistrust of all things Government.

  255. And for the record I have a tremendous distaste for the government. I find most politicians to be self serving and would even agree that they are greedy. Unfortunately that manifests itself primarily by forcing them to focus on keeping their jobs by placating the ignorant masses who are all clamoring for their own greedy self serving ends. This forces politicians to focus on trying to please the most number of voters rather than doing the things that are best for our country.

    It’s shameful really but no one is capable of masterminding the attacks of 9/11 AND keeping it a secret. It simply couldn’t happen. Bill Clinton couldn’t even hide an Oval Office hummer for goodness sake.

  256. Mendenhall joins his fellow 911 moonbats Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Janeane Garofalo, Sean Penn, Babs and hubby Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, etc. While Champion may have dropped Rashard, he can always get a gig shilling MUFON apparel.

    Why do some people believe the 1st Amendment guarantees protection from ridicule along with freedom of speech?

  257. @ wholelottacrazygoingon

    First, I want to clarify that the somewhat hostile tone in my post certainly isn’t directed towards folks like yourself, who take the time to think for themselves. (I’ll quickly add that if this were an actual discussion and not a post on a football message board, I’d have never allowed myself to use divisive language.)

    Second, the idea that a missile hit the Pentagon is laughable, I agree. If you’ll allow me to get off topic a bit, I’d like to point to something —

    Alex Jones. And the reason I say “something” and not “someone” is because I want you to consider the man largely responsible for all the awful theories that are out there, and tell me what you think. Loose Change is a big part of this, as are a few other “bad researchers,” (to put it mildly) but take a moment to consider this man, this moron, Alex Jones.

    He’s huge — Keep that in mind. An enormous amount of followers, particularly on the internet. What is he? Divisive, arrogant, rude, and worst of all, a peddler of inaccurate information. He almost single-handedly took the “Truth movement” and made it a hyperbolic, bullhorn-shouting, laughing stock. (He still promotes Loose Change editions, alongside his own “work”.)

    It’d be easy to sit here and say: Well, Alex Jones found a niche. He’s seizing opportunities to make money. But I’m here to say it’s not that simple — You have to look at his guests (at times, impressive). You have to look at his illogical inconsistencies. You have to take this whole situation in, going back to when he spouted off about Y2k, nearly causing a panic in Texas.

    Google: Operation Mockingbird. Keep in mind that I’m not saying this a black-and-white issue and that Alex Jones is an operative or any such nonsense. I don’t know. I can’t know. But what I do know is that Alex Jones, and a few others like him, are NOT simply out there making money. For the sake of my discussion, Operation Mockingbird is merely a concept, and all I’m asking you to do is consider what multi-billion dollar interests might do if they felt that they could misdirect a potentially harmful movement. Keep in mind that infiltration has precedence, to say the least.

    Google: Alex Jones disrupts. You can find video of what Jones has done during peaceful protests that he supposedly supports.

    Now, remember, I’m not saying Jones is counter intelligence — in fact, not only do I not know that, I don’t care.

    The reason I bring this up: You have to understand the layers involved regarding the treatment of 9/11 information. You have to acknowledge that there are bigger issues at play here, and they do not necessarily have to be connected.

    Quick point: over 90% of our media is in the hands of 6 corporations, all of which, either directly or indirectly, benefit from war. This isn’t meant to steer you in any direction, it is simply a fact that cannot be denied, and a fact that has inevitably led to the vast distortion of information regarding war, regarding big money, regarding anything that represents a conflict of interest, going all the way back to when media was media.

    Ok. Third. I asked you to look into the unanswered questions. You’re citing the 9/11 Commission, and whether or not that information is accurate is irrelevant to what I’m asking you to do.

    So. Go no further than the 9/11 Family Steering Committee. First, look into how the 9/11 Commission was formed, and how it operated. Keep in mind that the executive director was Philip Zelikow. Look him up. He was the man in charge of what the Commission members could look at. In other words, he ran the show. Also keep in mind that several Commission members have since said the hearings were a sham, but most importantly, look into the Family Steering Committee, and what they have to say. If for noting else, because they deserve it.

    The Family Steering Committee (along with, though to a lesser extent, the Coalition for an Independent Commission) was responsible for the 9/11 investigation. We wouldn’t have even had an investigation (at that time, at least) had it not been for the pressure they put on representatives. Their unanswered questions regarding the flights are quite relevant. Check them out. (I hate to promote a film, but there was a movie made about them, mainly the Jersey Girls. It’s a tad dramatic for my taste, but compared to Loose Change, it’s your mild uncle calling a baseball game. The film is 9/11: Press For Truth, and should be available for free on Google video.)

    Fourth, I’m not suggesting that certain people in our government decided to ignore the attacks within an hour. I’m suggesting that certain people, in various positions, due to the natural consequences of concentrated power, either knowingly or unknowingly, acted in such a way that led to an event that has been used to increase wealth for the wealthy. (Quick note: Google the Gulf of Tonkin Incident. It’s a far cry from 9/11, but is relevant nonetheless, and establishes precedence for this country. We can go throughout history and see that it is not outrageous to consider the idea that powerful interests would attack their own “country” if it increases their flow of power. In fact, it is laughable to suggest it wouldn’t happen whenever the opportunity presents itself.)

    Quick note: I put country in quotes because there is something else you need to understand. We’re not dealing with countries anymore. This response has already gotten way too long, but I’ll just say this: Think about what a country *is* these days. I mean really think about it. The answer: There are no longer countries, in any tangible sense that relates to the structure of power, at least. It has become way too complex, and has been for many decades now.

    I’ll end with this. You mention that Bill Clinton couldn’t hide his Oval Office hummer. First, that’s hilarious. As somebody who enjoys reading and writing, that’s fun. Second, I want you to consider this fact: The United States of America spent over 100 million dollars investigating that hummer.

    Now look up how much we spent on 9/11, an event that represents the largest loss of life from a foreign attack in our short history.

    How I feel about that figure is sadder than I can put into words.

  258. “look up how much we spent on 9/11, an event that represents the largest loss of life from a foreign attack in our short history. ”

    What, 10 mil. and they spent nearly 50 mil on Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I completely concur osmocosmo….

    That is as sad as the joke that that fraud “Bin Laden Dead” hoax was…almost as good as the Swine Flu hoax as well.

    Back to the drawing board. – Bin Laden was a scapegoat fraud, and a creation of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the CIA. Then they kept changing the story on the assault, then buried the body at Sea, then these idiots chant “USA USA USA” like its some g%&damn football game.


  259. Look at what Mendenhall has done to you guys. Now all you folks can talk about is 9/11 and what happened (or didn’t happen) that day, supposedly. You guys are calling Rashard a dummy but it seems like he is controlling your minds now. Look at how all the current “most commented” threads about him.

    btw all you guys threatening physical violence on Mendenhall know you couldn’t do it to him in person.

  260. Alex Jones? Really? Really?

    And suggesting/implying that he has CIA connections?

    Not even worth continuing the discussion. Because obviously profit = conspiracy. Ugh.

    Good luck with all that.

  261. @wholelottacrazygoingon

    Hm. Convenient choices you’ve made, young sir. But I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one and assume that you saw Alex Jones’s name, glanced through the argument, and made a snapshot judgment.

    My reasons for bringing up Alex Jones are made quite clear, you’ll go back and tell me what you think if you’re worth your salt, otherwise your dismissal comes off weak.

    I’m not trying to convince you of anything, only trying to encourage an open discussion. But if you’d rather pack this one in (as I suspect), that’s your call, and I really don’t care.

  262. Men – 1
    Eunuchs – 0

    What an incredible waste of time that was.

    I’ll just leave it with some age old advice, to anyone who may stumble here:

    Read more.

    Know your history and you’ll understand the present and take part in the future.

  263. Rashard needs to change the radio station in Chicago and quit listening to Louis Farrakhan.

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