Report: Mallett was late for a meeting with the Titans

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Before the draft, a report emerged indicating that quarterback Ryan Mallett had blown off a meeting with the Panthers.  Mallett’s agents and the Panthers disputed the report.

Now, the folks at report that Mallett was late for a meeting with the Titans.

Citing multiple unnamed sources, Darren McFarland reports that the specific extent of Mallett’s tardiness isn’t known.

“One source said Mallett was about 30 to 40 minutes late, while another indicated Mallett was more than an hour late on his arrival at Baptist Sports Park,” McFarland writes.

The Titans hosted eight quarterbacks prior to the draft.  They selected Jake Locker with the eighth overall selection on Thursday night.

35 responses to “Report: Mallett was late for a meeting with the Titans

  1. Already getting tired of reading about Mallet on PFT, and he hasn’t played a down yet.

    We get it PFT, you like to make mountains out of mole hills.

    Please stop.

  2. “Sorry I was late dawg, I wuz up in da bed because I be partying all night wit my homies”.

    Mallett is killing all of Enienum street cred

  3. Hmm…a job interview where I could make MILLIONS if hired!? I would sleep in my car outside the building and make sure to be there an hour early JUST TO MAKE SURE I WASNT LATE!

  4. Late to Tennesee and Carolina huh?
    Sounds reasonable to me….he was half hour early to “Patriot Place” though.

  5. @bengalsown – This is not a mole hill… Mallet is marked as having character issues. Coming late to a critical job interview is a huge character defect.

  6. Mallett is just 22 and will learn at New England and become one of the great redneck QBs in the NFL. With the Titans or Panthers he would just be another loser.

  7. Mallet is lucky he doesn’t have to play in TN. From the media to the teams, small minded ppl who often heap criticism and blame on others for their failures. We will see if Jake Locker can survive under that microscope of ‘ blame the player for poor coaching’.

  8. Poor Ryan Mallett. His name is always being dragged through the mud and he has to back up the greatest qb in the NFL.

  9. I am seriously dissapointed that the patriots took Mallett.. it would have been way more interesting if he was drafted to a team that would allow him to compete for the job THIS year… after all the hate out there about him I really thought that he would shine… but now hes a member of the new england cheaters.. i mean patriots

  10. That was freakin’ awesome dcpatfan! Much lkove to the Patriots nation from the land of milk and cheese.

  11. it depends on how it happened

    If your plane is supposed to land at 2PM and the team schedules a meeting 30 minutes away from the airport at 4PM, but your plane is delayed for 2 hours, then you will be late.

    But if he flew in the night before and rented a car, stayed out late and got hung over, then I think there’s a problem

  12. This guy just seems a bit clueless. The fact that someone with his abilities slid so far is an indication that he most definitely did NOT make a good impression with teams in interviews.

  13. Too bad he was late. He’d have been a better pick than Locker. In the Titans case, it wouldn’t matter since they don’t have any receivers for either one to succeed.

  14. Bravo to Belicheck. Mallett’s character issues made a 1st or 2nd rd pick too risky. But he was worth a 3rd rd flyer. It’s a calculated risk.

  15. Mallett was 40 minutes late. He had to run through the airport to make a connecting flight.

  16. Personally if he chose his words wisely and shown up on time for meetings with potential teams… he would have went in the high 2nd round. Maybe even Low 1st. Sad, because he now dealt a big blow to his pay check. And if he can’t chose his words wisely or be tardy to meetings then theres a good chance he will be a failure.

  17. There sure seems to be a media driven agenda against this kid….why most everyone out there is ripping on this kid is beyond me…his body of work is awesome & almost everything out there bad is rumors overblown retorick….
    Almost seems like reporters are trying to passify their hometown fans for their teams failure to draft him as opposed to whom they did get….Mallett has the absolute best senerio a rookie QB could have presented to him(less the money he could have potentially got being taken higher) to end up becoming the best QB in the entire draft class of 2011….IF things go right, & he is nothing like he’s currently being projected to be by the press the money too will come to him along with fame & glory associated with it…..I hope the kid stays focused & takes full advantage of this oppertunity & perhaps becomes the next face of the Patriots Franchise after Toms contract is fullfilled….4-5 years under Brady & BB for one of the best organizations in sports could be the start of something really special for everyone!!!!

  18. Early prediction..Mallett will be the greatest Redneck Gangster Qb in league history

  19. @kissbillsrings:

    I don’t think it’s media driven as much as Mallett doing it to himself. He’s the one who in the face of questions of his character kept doing the things that made people question his character like missing meetings with teams.

    Unfortunately for Ryan, a bigger problem in my world is that even if his life was in order, he makes terrible decisions on the field and has a lack of mobility that makes Drew Bledsoe look like Cam Newton.

    But at least he’s not a ginger.

  20. Ryan Mallett will be a good quaterback; if it doesn’t pan out, the Pats could always trade him to the Raiders for a future first round pick…

  21. I recall that he had an insane interview schedule flying back and forth across the country. I blame his agent for setting up a stupid schedule. He should have set up the West coast teams, midwest teams, east coast and south teams regionally.

    Still, he flew first class and wasn’t stuck in cattle call economy class and being late is no excuse unless there were flight delays which you are expected to contact the employer. The ultimate blame lies with Mallet himself for not ensuring he’s on time, sober, and dressed nicely for the interviews of his life.

  22. Who cares? He’s on the Pats now, let’s move on. Character counts for a lot, he won’t be anything special…. watch.

  23. Certainly Mallett’s made his own bed on some of this stuff that floats around him…but that said I think that tanking on purpose with these meetings could be in play also.

    I know for a fact that back in 07, Jon Beason purposely tanked his workout with the Pats because he didn’t want to play there.

    At my old company, we had a contractor come it to take over our department when the company was sold and we were told that we all had to interview with the new contractor and if they wanted to hire us we couldn’t turn them down instead and take the buyout. You think people didn’t tank those interviews on purpose too?

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