Broncos claim Falcons made no offer for No. 2 pick


On Monday’s edition of ProFootballTalk Live, Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff said that the effort to move into the top ten of the draft, where they ultimately landed receiver Julio Jones, included talks with the Broncos about possibly going all the way up to No. 2.

Apparently concerned that some fans will complain about the team’s decision not to accept a haul of team-building draft picks in lieu of using the second selection on linebacker Von Miller, the Broncos are putting out the word that the Falcons never made an offer.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post, citing an unnamed NFL source that we’ll assume based on its tone and content is a Broncos source, reports that Dimitroff said he wouldn’t offer draft-trade chart value for the move from No. 27 to No. 2 and that, ultimately, no offer was made.

Klis also reports that the call came “weeks before” the draft.

We’re not sure why the Broncos felt compelled to make it clear that they didn’t have a chance to trade down, unless they simply want to protect themselves against future criticism, in the event Miller doesn’t become a dominant defensive player.

6 responses to “Broncos claim Falcons made no offer for No. 2 pick

  1. To give up that many picks it should be for a proven player, and they should be named Andre or Calvin Johnson.

    Julio Jones is only going to be a #2 WR on that team, which makes it even that much more silly to give up what ATL did.

    I dont know if there was an attempt to trade with Denver. They offered the same deal to cinci and cleveland, if they offered it to denver, buff. would have recieved a call too. Maybe the trade chart didnt add up as stated.

  2. Sure they didn’t. They got the only guy on their draft board. The one and only guy that was perfect for their system and team. Just like every other team did – in every single round.

  3. I don’t think the trade chart had as much to do with it as the fact that there were only 4-5 players above the rest of the pack in this draft. After Newton, Dareus, Green, Miller and Peterson, there was a dropoff and players started to have more red flags associated with them. That is not to say that Jones or someone draft even later won’t be the best player in the draft but I think the difference between the players you are looking at with #6 vs. #27 was a lot closer than #2 vs #27.

    Just using Jones as the example, the guy is an amazing athlete and blew up the combine but his hands have been a problem throughout his entire college career. He will likely give the Falcons a lot of big plays but he is also likely to be among the league leaders in dropped passes.

  4. Reasonable minded people will realize the Falcons gave up alot of picks because they weren’t able to negotiate player contracts due to the Labor situation. Discussing this trade is getting old, I really wish there was something more interesting to read when I go to this site.

  5. I keep seeing people talk about Jones drop issues. Didn’t White lead the league in receptions for most if not all of the season?

    Watch how many he catches now after Jones catches a couple bombs because defenses are tuned into White too often.

  6. Good move on the part of the Falcons. They ended up giving away the bank to Cleveland and stole their go to receiver. They didn’t need to move up to number two.

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