Collinsworth, Michaels, Costas, SNF take home Emmys


NBC Sports Group was the big winner at Monday night’s Sports Emmys, with nine trophies and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Included among an Olympics-driven haul were some football-related prizes.  Cris Collinsworth won his third straight Emmy for Outstanding Sports Personality — Sports Event Analyst, with two in a row coming in his capacity as Al Michaels’ on-air partner at Sunday Night Football.

Speaking of Michaels, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award.  “There have been some really tremendous figures who have received this award, but there’s never been anyone who has been better at his craft than Al is at play by play,” said Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Sports Group in a release.

Speaking of Sunday Night Football, it was named the Outstanding Live Sports Series for the third straight year.

And Bob Costas picked up his 22nd career Emmy and his third in a row for Outstanding Sports Personality — Studio Host.  In 2010, Costas hosted NBC’s Vancouver Winter Olympic coverage, along with the on-site portion of Football Night in America.

Feel free to post your comments below accusing us of being corporate shills and suck-ups.  (We’ve been called worse.  This week.)

14 responses to “Collinsworth, Michaels, Costas, SNF take home Emmys

  1. I wish they would let the viewers vote on that stuff. It’s obvious that whomever judges these things don’t actually watch anything. Collinsworth is an idiot, fox let him go to keep the bigger idiot Aikman. I never thought I would see the day I actually miss the Madden/Summerall pairing. This award seems about as falsely given as Prisco winning whatever award he’s always bragging about.

  2. “Feel free to post your comments below accusing us of being corporate shills and suck-ups..”


    Consider it done!

  3. Mike, does it feel bad to know they paid the judges about ten times what they pay you?

  4. Hilarious! Seeing Costas play his aging Pixie role is my cue to check another game or pregame show. He is about as relevant to NFL football as Katie Couric, and they appear to use the same… sylist. Dick Ebersol has not had an original thought or idea in 30 years.

  5. Michaels should win the Lifetime Annoying Award. What an insufferable ego. He always has to act as if he’s as knowledgeable or funny as his partners.

  6. Collinsworth is a complete clown. He says every cliche in the book and like so many is NOT an expert. JUst because you played does not make you an expert. Good God is he overrated.

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