Even during lockout, teams are tendering drafted players


One of the odd aspects of the NFL’s ongoing labor mess is that players who were drafted last week are receiving tender offers from the teams that drafted them, even though the league is closed for business.

Agent Howard Shatsky noted that one of his players, Jets third-round pick Kenrick Ellis, got a tender offer.

“Received tender offer from the Jets for Kenrick Ellis, surreal since we are in a lockout,” Shatsky wrote on Twitter. “What would they do if I accepted?”

Shatsky added, “Since the draft was held in accordance with the expired CBA, teams still have to make the 1 yr tender offer or lose draft rights.”

So all 254 drafted players could, in theory, sign with their teams even while the players are locked out. But it’s probably safe to say that none of them will.

UPDATE: NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells us, “It’s a procedural matter that is part of the 2011 Draft that was included in the expired CBA.”

12 responses to “Even during lockout, teams are tendering drafted players

  1. Anybody who does will be looked down upon. If the players can’t stand strong and united at this hour they stand no chance of achieving anything near a “partnership” with the NFL again.

  2. Procedural. Nothing news worthy.

    I am sure that if procedures were not followed Mr. Kessler would be in court arguing that all 2011 draft picks should now become free agents.

    Oh I am sorry PFT only take blind shots at the NFL and the owners……

  3. i guess now being a fan of the nfl is kind of like going to law school. I really get to confirm my therory all along that our system really benefits lawyers. That get paid no matter what, and make all that much more the more it drags along.

  4. “they stand no chance of achieving anything near a “partnership” with the NFL again.”


    They never were partners in the NFL except in the empty spaces of their own little minds. They were, they are and they will remain employees. Or unemployed.

  5. What’s the difference between a leauge imposed hold-out and a rookie imposed hold-out? Nothing!

    They could all sign ‘if they wanted’, but everyone’s afraid that someone might make 300k more than they will.

    My question is how long will they hold-out once the lockout is lifted?

    C’mon PFT, ask the real questions.

  6. hypothetically speaking – if the worst case scenario happens, couldnt any draft pick not sign with his team and re-enter the 2012 draft? Wasn’t that always the threat with Elway and Eli Manning when they threatened not to sign with their teams. They always had the option of sitting out a year and re-entering the draft. Couldn’t someone like Mallett or Bowers work hard over the next year to imporve their draft position. Maybe Mallett doesnt want to sit behind Brady for 5 years in NE.

  7. NFL players are partners with the owners like I used to be an associate owner at Wal-Mart…

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