Fox: Broncos will address defensive tackle, running back in free agency


As we mentioned last night, the draft didn’t exactly fill the needs of every team.  The Broncos, for instance, had one of the worst-looking defensive tackle groups in the league and then didn’t add to the position.

Broncos coach John Fox knows it, and plans to address the problem in free agency.

“We haven’t had free agency yet, but there will be that at some point,” Fox said on a conference call with season ticket holders, via the Denver Post.  “That will be the area that we address. It is full of a lot of talented players. . . .  It’s not that we didn’t try to acquire a defensive lineman in the draft.  The way it fell, we didn’t want to reach for need.”

Fox said he’d also like to address running back and cornerback in free agency.  The team especially needs a runner to pair with Knowshon Moreno.    He also confirmed the team plans to keep safety Brian Dawkins despite drafting two players at the position.

Teams like the Broncos and Jaguars — who say they will be aggressive getting defensive players in free agency — are probably hoping that the league doesn’t revert to 2010 rules.

That will keep fourth and fifth year players off the market and potentially keep positions like defensive tackle in Denver in big trouble.

24 responses to “Fox: Broncos will address defensive tackle, running back in free agency

  1. a trade for albert haynesworth perhaps? if and when teams are allowed to make player trades.

  2. Albert Harneyworth?

    There is no way the Redskins go into another season with him on the roster. I think he will probably get cut because I don’t know that anyone wants to take over that contract either. Then the question will become whether anyone wants to give him a big long term deal, which given how things turned out in Washington, I don’t think is too likely. He will probably have to take either a short term deal or a deal that has an option bonus at the beginning of year 2.

    With all that being the case, I think John Fox will try to get to the front of the line to pick up what would be a very motivated Albert Haynesworth.

  3. Knowing Foxy, he likes veterans at RB and DT. He can be very picky in that sense. Hell, the man virtually ignored the QB position for eight years prior to coming to Denver. The proof’s been in the pudding the last two drafts for Carolina.

  4. Fox addressed Haynesworth and made it clear they have no interest in him what so ever. And they drafted 2 safeties but only one projects to be a strong safety so there is no need to get “rid” of b-dawk this year they will probably use him on first and second downs and then use someone better in pass coverage on third downs when it seems more like a passing down. They might go after someone like Tommy Harris in free agency or maybe if he is available Heloti Nagta. And for the running back position it will be interesting to see how LenDale White comes back from his achilles tear and if he is anything like he was a few years back that would be a nice 1-2 punch but a lot of guys lose a step after that type of injury so we will see…..

  5. Yeah, great pick Elway with Von Miller. Him and Dumerville will be a problem for San Diego, but too bad the other half of your division are running teams that will just abuse your dline all day long.

  6. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them make a run at Mebane from Seattle or Jenkins from Green Bay. Fox loves veteran players and the Broncos have some money to over spend on those guys.

    As for RB, if Deangelo isnt available, I would like to see them bring in Ronnie Brown to switch it up for Knowshon.

  7. As a Skins fan We would gladly trade u Albert Haynesworthless for some new Field Liner or hell maybe even an Extra Value Meal at McDonalds…..

    I know they would both be a lil too much to give up for him but hey maybe he wont LAY DOWN on the field for u guys!!!!

  8. Beyon Dareus, you’d have to point out which DTs they “should’ve drafted” instead of the player they did draft.

    I would have liked to have seen a DT go to Denver via the draft, but I’m happy with the holes they did fill. Between Von Mill and R. Moore all the quality DTs were gone. To reach and miss out on somebody like Moore would’ve been a bigger mistake.

    Whatever, we won’t know until all the DTs that Denver should’ve taken make the pro bowl.

  9. Morons. For a decade-plus now the Broncos have tried to build a defensive line with washed-up free agents and no-talent late round picks. The results have been as predictable as they are pathetic. I’m extraordinarily disappointed that Fox and Elway are going to continue the retarded tradition.

  10. Hmm I seem to remember a few Dline busts from the Draft as well Rushy!!!

    There are no “givens” in acquiring athletes.

  11. What do they need another RB for…you got Laurance Baloney!!!!!

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