Jones-Drew says Garrard is “always going to be our guy”


Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew has a new teammate, a quarterback.  He arrived via the 10th overall pick in the draft.  Given that the Jaguars packaged the 16th and 49th overall selections to get Blaine Gabbert, the Jaguars obviously plan to use him at some point.

Jones-Drew isn’t ready to assume that Gabbert eventually will be taking the snaps.

David’s our guy and he’s always going to be our guy,” Jones-Drew recently told Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of Sirius NFL Radio, via Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.  “I mean, since I’ve been there that’s all I know and that’s who I played with from the beginning.  When I was a backup and he was the backup we played together, we have a bond.  So I know David will fight through it.  It’s going to be tough at first.  It’s always tough when they draft at your position but David’s a strong guy, strong minded.  He’ll be able to go out there, fight through it and we’ll win games.”

Jones-Drew seems to think that the criticism of Garrard arises from the perceived failures of his weapons.  “A quarterback is only as good as the players around him so when everyone says David’s struggling that’s like slapping me in the face because, I mean, Peyton Manning can throw the ball anywhere he wants to on the field but if that receiver’s not catching the ball, is Peyton Manning really Peyton Manning?” Jones-Drew said.  “So I think with our situation we had a lot of young receivers, we had a bunch of injuries, and I mean it’s hard not to say — I don’t want to make excuses — but when you put the ball somewhere and the guy’s not there because your number one guy [Mike] Sims-Walker is hurt, or Marcedes [Lewis] is banged up, or I’m banged up, or the offensive line is a little banged up, a lot of those things go into play.  And if you noticed towards the end of the year we had a lot of starters who were hurt.  And so our timing was off a little bit.”

It’s a good point, but it means that Jones-Drew and other Jaguars players should be upset that the team devoted a first-round and a second-round pick to drafting Garrard’s replacement, instead of landing players who could help Garrard improve.  (Indeed, Jones-Drew said that he initially thought the Jags would take a running back with the 10th overall pick.)

So while Jones-Drew still is positive and upbeat about the team’s outlook, there are enough hints in what he said to piece together the notion that, privately, he has to be more than a little dismayed that the Jaguars passed on a chance to make the team better now in order to get a guy who likely won’t be doing much to help the effort in 2011.

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  1. So…. I guess the G that we drafted in Round 3 won’t help open up some holes?

    The fact that our recievers are going into their 2nd and 3rd years won’t help?

    Marcedes had a career year last year.

    MJDs knee will hopefully be better.

    C’mon Mojo – Garrards the guy (this year) and we’ll see next year.

  2. I know it wouldn’t apply now because of the lockout, but I were an NFL owner I would put a secret clause in every contract that paid a bonus to a player for every month that he managed to keep his friggin mouth shut.

  3. (Indeed, Jones-Drew said that he initially thought the Jags would take a running back with the 10th overall pick.)

    Guaranteed they will next year with this loose cannon.

  4. It’s about time to get rid if this guy. I can’t stand how he keeps running his mouth. Run this guy into the ground a la Eddie George!

    Do you honestly think Deon Branch and Troy Brown of 5 years ago are that much better than MSW/Thomas? The difference is that Brady can make chicken salad out of…….. and well, Garbage is the chicken poo.

  5. Mojo can’t seem to grasp the idea that the draft is about the future, and not about help right now. Very few positions can have an immediate impact as a rookie… RB, WR, DE and that’s about it. Most of the positions take time to learn at the pro level. Putting rookies out there in the back 7 of you defense is just begging for failure due to poor technique and missed assignments. Rookie offensive lineman are still boys playing against men most of the time… and rookie QBs, I don’t even need to go there.
    I’m glad Gene Smith is drafting for the future and not to save Del Rios and Garrards jobs. The long term outlook for the franchise looks great.

  6. Only half the quarterback starters at the beginning of last season were still starting at the end. It isn’t a one person postion. Six rookies QBs started the final game of the season in the NFL. Means Gabbert probably has about a 60% chance of starting at least one game this year, ready or not.

  7. Peyton Manning was throwing to Jacob Tamme, Blair White and Piere Garcon last year. He has lots of drops… yet he was still Peyton Manning.

  8. I understand MJD’s loyalty to David. But I sit in those stands and watch mediocre receivers run free at times. I see them. Everyone in the stands sees them. David doesn’t. That’s a problem.

  9. Pocket Hercules!! in the wise old words of the Rock “Know your role, and shut your mouth!”

    Not hating on jacksonville. My 49ers have trumped anyone’s QB problems – so trust me when I say that change can be a good thing… oh wait – we still got Alex. :S

  10. It’s possible for a QB to succeed with lesser targets, but it requires skillful playcalling and coaching. Peyton Manning had both. While Garrard still isn’t close to Manningness, he really didn’t have the playcalling and coaching in his corner to help him compensate for the so-so weapons.

  11. I guess not everyone is allowed to have an opinion..

    Wow…How old are you folks?

  12. Um, is it just ME, but didn’t Peyton make the playoffs without 2 of his most important offensive weapons? Really, it was Reggie Wayne and a bunch of no names that wouldn’t have sniffed a starting roster on most of the other 31 NFL teams.

    Comparing David Garrard to Peyton Manning is like comparing Vince Young to Aaron Rodgers. Really?

  13. Garrard has a lot of defenders because he is a nice guy and paid his dues as a backup to Brunell and Leftwich. But he is what he is. He is an average starter that can lead a team to the playoffs if he has an elite running game and a good defense.

    The truth is the Jaguars have been in position to make the playoffs in four of the last five years with Garrard at QB. They have only made it once because #9 folds under pressure.

  14. “David’s our guy and he’s always going to be our guy,”

    You mean to say “My guy” not “our guy”……. I am sure most players on the Jags are smart enough to know that The franchise didn’t pick Gabbert 10th over all and pay him to be a back up……. Looks like you and Garrard however are NOT!

  15. He’s the leader/most visible player on the team and people are looking for his opinion. What else is he supposed to do, throw his QB under the bus for a guy who hasn’t proved anything yet? I know this probably won’t sit well with the majority of commenters, who can barely conceal their Gabbert mancrushes, but still . . .

  16. First of all I hate Peyton because he throws his own players under the bus. However Peyton is like MacGyver because he makes weapons out of anything: Pierre Garcon, Jacob Tamme, Blair White, Austin Collie – how many of these were drafted early? Great in college? David Garrard could not make a weapon out of an an AK-47.

  17. Hey Maurice ….. Shut up and run the ball please…..We love you & David Garrard but you know as well as everyone else you can’t play forever. Having Blaine on the team is a good thing. He’ll push David to play better ,in his last year or two, and give us the QB for the future. It’s up to David to be graceful and prepare Blaine to take over. I know he will. He’s got a lot of class.

  18. Garrard is the guy.
    Gabbert is gonna be the guy.

    MJD …it shouldn’t matter who is handing off to you.

    The better QB will start.

    We’ll find out later this season.

  19. Garrard is the guy, Gabbert might be the guy someday, but he also might be an over rated guy with alot to learn. Also there seems to be some evidence that sometimes the best way to get your starting QB playing up to his potential is to draft a QB in the first round. Jacksonville is a dump of a city and i have no feeling for the jaguars but watching MJD run is just plain amazing sometimes and it looks like some of there young recieving talent is pretty exciting too. Gabbert is a smart and talented guy but when the going got tough he disappeared at Mizzou. It will take some time for him to be ready for the pro game. So don’t worry Garrard has at least 2 more years.

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