Looking at Ryan Mallett’s chances of sticking in New England

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Four days after the Patriots took Ryan Mallett in one of the most memorable moments of the 2011 draft, folks in New England are still trying to make sense of the move.

Our good friend Tom Curran of CSNNE.com joined Florio on PFT Live Tuesday, and essentially thinks Mallett won’t be long for Foxborough because the only way to take a starting job from Tom Brady may be from his cold, dead hands.

Brady may seem bigger than the team outside the building, but Curran says he still has the same passion as when he was a younger player.  (Unlike Drew Bledsoe, who seemed to lose a little fire later in career.)

Head over to the PFT Live homepage to hear Curran’s entire interview, including the news that great offers never materialized for New England’s No. 33 overall pick.  (Also please check out his sweet magic slurpee-induced guitar solo to start the interview.)

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33 responses to “Looking at Ryan Mallett’s chances of sticking in New England

  1. Belichick took Mallett for his trade value.

    Take character out of the equation Mallett’s a 1st round pick – perhaps even THE top pick.

    But he’s got 5th round (or worse) character so that saw him slide to the 3rd.

    All he needs to prove in New England is that he can be a well behaved team player and stay out of trouble off the field.

    That, combined with decent pre-season snaps, might turn Belichick’s 3rd round draft pick into a 1st.

    That’s smart football – especially when you’ve got draft picks to burn, with the most amount of draft picks as well as the highest number of signed players on your roster.

  2. Ryan Mallett is a better QB than the other teams in the AFC East have starting.Henne, Fitz, Nacho are better suited to the UFL.

    BB stayed true to his board and hopefully Hoyer lights it up in pre-season and becomes the next Kevin Kolb sans Lockout. Mallett will be the # 2 QB next season when they flip Hoyer.

  3. He’s not the heir apparent, he will learn how to be a NFL quarterback from the hoodie and Brady. Then they will showcase him in the preseason in year 3, then trade him for a couple of draft picks.

  4. Wait a second— Why are we assuming that Mallet must have some opportunity to start somewhere else? This is not a game of entitlements; if he chooses to sign with the Patriots, he does so knowing that he may be a backup for years to come.

    I see two trains of thought here:

    Mallet may be “flipped” later—but this is not the current intent. The current intent is much simpler than you are giving the Patriots credit for….

    Mallet is an upgrade at the number 2 QB position. Period. He is insurance; if Brady goes down, now the Pats have someone that they think can win games. No heir apparent, no flipping for now. If the opportunity presents itself to “flip” in the future, then so be it.

    Everyone, let us please stop assuming that every quarterback that is drafted is taken with the intent to start at some point. This guy was taken in order to upgrade the backup position.

  5. i was not at all surprised the pats took mallet in the third round and think it was the best value pick in the draft. he is either going to be a pro bowler for them if tom goes down or he is going to turn into multiple good picks for them in the future. pats had a TON of picks in this draft and they will reap the benefits of this one. best possible scenario for mallett as well, he gets to learn from one of the best organizations out there, mature and become a great NFL QB.

  6. NE had a terrible draft and this is just one of the reasons. They are using picks on a backup QB and two RBs (when they already have The Law Firm and Woodhead) before they find Tom Brady a weapon at WR. Welker and the TEs are great for the over-the-middle stuff, but to have your guys on the outside be Branton Tate and an ancient Deion Branch is embarrasing.

    They obviously had the ammunition to trade up and get a dynamic guy like AJ Green. They should have done it.

  7. he will stick for at least this year. Do not think for a minute that billadick will trade three #1’s , and two #2’s for luck next year. A qb like luck comes out every 10 to 15 years…last guy like luck was manning, and before that was elway.

  8. Nice insurance policy Belichick has in Mallett. However, Hoyer is not going to go without a fight, which means all those teams looking for a starter might come calling waving more draft picks in our face. Mind you, Bill will just trade those away for more picks until he reaches his ultimate goal: 32 first round picks!!!

  9. You PFT folk insist on calling Brady “bigger than the team.” We New England folk don’t see it.

  10. Remember the flack Brady received last year for skipping the voluntary OTAs? Brady might have passion, but it is possible (even reasonable) that this does register in Belichick’s decision to draft a QB.

    At worst, Mallett is a wasted pick because Brady stays motivated to work hard. Hoyer is also a promising QB, so the Pats now have 3 QBs will value around the league. Matt Cassell helped the team and provided a good asset in a trade. The same thing can easily help the team again.

    The real question is who suits up as the No. 2 QB next season. My bet is Hoyer, and Hoyer is then traded in the 2012 off season.

  11. Brady is 3 years removed from a ACL tear this September. This is an excellent pick for several reasons.

    1. It gives more stability to the back up position (Hoyer is good too, but you can never go wrong with two excellent back ups)

    2. Value pick. A third round pick on a first round talent.

    3. Mallet has the first round talent, and knowing BB, his off the field issues can be fixed. So for all we know, Mallet could be next in line in Foxboro.

  12. Brady may have all the fire in the world but will he be able to play at a high level 3 or 4 more years? History suggests otherwise. I can only think of Elway and Favre that played at a high level in their late 30s. 4 years from start of this season, Brady will be 38. He may be good or he may not. It’s not a given.

    The bigger question is whether Mallet will be any good in NFL (to replace Brady or have any trade value).

  13. They carried sixth rounder as a fourth QB in 2000 despite having just paid Bledsoe a boatload of money. That worked out pretty well.

  14. I know that Mallett is worth nothing in trade unless Brady goes down for the year and then Mallett wins 11 games in his absence.

    If that happens, he is worth a second round pick.

    I have proof of this.

  15. I agree with Ross Tucker, this pick doesn’t make much sense. Hoodie is smart, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make mistakes. If Mallett comes in, plays well in the next 3 pre-seasons, looks good in mop-up action, and is a good locker room guy, they’re probably only flipping him into a second rounder. No one is going to give up a 1st for a qb that’s not started, and Hoodie won’t trade him until he’s got only one year left on his deal – another reason teams won’t give up a first for him. Cassel was a good move – he didn’t start and Hoodie made a 7th rounder into a 2nd (and that included Vrabel). So, Hoodie basically traded a third rounder this year for a second a few years down the road – and that assumes Mallett doesn’t bust.

    Instead, they still have no reliable deep threat, and they didn’t upgrade their pass rush.

    Mallett won’t help them win this year. Hoodie’s been to one Superbowl in the last six seasons, and he lost.

  16. Packers291 nailed it. The 31 other teams passed on him twice. He still hasn’t had a single snap in the NFL, and the way things are shaping up he won’t see much action any time soon. Where does his value all of a sudden rise in all this?

    He’s a third round pick behind the best quarterback in the league just like Kevin O’Connell was.

  17. Brady went to see “Lombardi” on Broadway rather than prepare for his playoff game with the Jets.

    It is what it is but it is for sure NOT fire for the game.

  18. Belicheat overthought this. New England had one weakness…and one only…and he largely ignored it. Instead of a player like Allen Bailey, Belicheat got cute and took the player everyone was talking about. The player that THIRTY-ONE TEAMS DIDN’T EVEN WANT.

    Tennessee might have…if Mallett hadn’t been too busy hunting down Eminem bootlegs to make their meeting. Miami met with him FOUR TIMES…and passed.

    This pick by New England proved one thing that all the Belicheat lovers can’t seem to see: this team does NOT draft as well without Pioli. Last year seemed somewhat weak, but there was a couple decent picks so you couldn’t be sure.

    This year was the beginning of the end for Belicheat. When Brady goes down and Mallett can’t play at that level…this will blow up in his cheating face.

    New England fans should root for the lockout, so they can pretend they’re not on the verge of dropping back to last-century obscurity where they belong.

  19. The Patriots drafting Mallett also eliminated the possibility of the Dolphins or Bills landing him. Those morons need him way more than the Pats do, but passed on him twice.

  20. Mallet will have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business either directly or through osmosis ala how Rodgers “learned” from the diva Favre. He’s in a great position. Get paid well and won’t get pounded by the media or very large linemen.

  21. Funny how people who’ve never seen him play suddenly have his entire career path planned out with NE. 50-50 he even makes the team. If he does, 50-50 they trade him to a QB-desperate team before he ever sees a down in NE. If any NE fan thinks he’ll somehow be Brady’s successor someday is dropping some seriously heavy acid.

  22. You heard it here first. Drafting mallet gives belicheck the opportunity to trade a fading Brady 3 or 4 years from now to some desperate team willing to give up a century of first round picks.

    Sell high buy low.

    The Bruins traded Bobby Orr.

  23. @citizenstrange–

    Tom Brady missed the first 2 quarters of the NYJets vs. Indy Colts game on that Saturday night, by attending the Lombardi broadway show.

    How did he ‘choose not to prepare’ for the NYJets, when they didn’t even win their game that night against the Colts until the very last second?

    My God man, at least get your facts right and TRY to make some sense!!

    The Pats lost against the NYJets 8 days later, I am sure that Brady had plenty of time to prepare–especially when you consider that it was the 3rd time that he faced them last year.

    New England lost that game not b/c Brady ‘didn’t prepare’ but b/c the NYJets had one of the best gameplans against him in a while.

    Give some credit to both Brady for ALWAYS preparing (as evidenced by the ‘only’ unanimous MVP selection in NFL history), and also to the NYJets, for preparing a great game plan themselves. Your so-called ‘theory’ that he did not prepare when the wildcard card was still in the 1st half 8 days prior makes ZERO sense, and is one of the dumbest comments I have seen in a while.

  24. @sterilizecromartie New England actually had one of the best drafts.. sorry to burst your bubble.

    Mallet = value at that spot. With all the picks NE was able to take a non-need position player that should NEVER have been on the board at that point. You stick with your board, value-wise. For example, see the Cannon pick.

    The runningback picks were a need. Faulk will likely end his great career and Sammie Morris, along with Fragile Fred, will be released. Depth at the RB position is ESSENTIAL and the Vereen/Ridley picks provide that.

    Your idea that NE should’ve traded-up to get Green so that Brady has a weapon on the outside.. wrong. They do need deep help, that is right, but why take on a HUGE contract for a rookie wideout when you KNOW you can get a deal done for someone like VJax during free agency??

    Throw in a second 1st + 2nd rounder in a far superior 2012 draft class, along with getting Brady some help, protection wise, and this draft was a solid one.

  25. The Pats pretty much ran the first part of this century, but they are going downhill, as much as i hate Brady, hes the man, and as his career comes closer to the end, they need to get him a deep play threat, and a running back, because it will come to a time where he cant keep winning superbowls with other no-namers…they need to go get a all-star wideout, and maybe a decent north-south running back that can block

  26. @ brohamma

    I like the LT pick, but I would say Costanza was the best tackle available. Not only did they miss him, but they let the Colts get him because they passed on him. But it was a reasonable pick…

    Spending the #33 pick on an injury-prone cornerback (which was not a position of need) did not make much sense.

    Say what you want about the RBs, but there is no way 3rd and 4th string RBs should be taken over glaring needs like pass-rush and WR.

    And the Mallet pick, I think Belichick got too cute. I’ve been hearing great things about the Pats current backup QB, so why take another QB?

    The thing that irks me is that the Patriots window is closing, whether they realize it or not. They need to turn these picks into productive players RIGHT NOW before Brady retires or becomes washed up. Taking backup QBs who they can flip for trade value in a few years, guards who are very ill (god bless and I hope everything turns out well for him in the long term), and trading for future picks does nothing to help them win RIGHT NOW.

  27. august1969 says: I know that Mallett is worth nothing in trade unless Brady goes down for the year and then Mallett wins 11 games in his absence.
    If that happens, he is worth a second round pick. I have proof of this.

    august1969 – there’s a VERY long list of quarterbacks who have never played a down in the NFL – or even practiced with an NFL team – who have been worth a 1st round pick.

    I have proof of this.

  28. Or Mallett could take the job away from Brady the same way Brady took it from Bledsoe. Brady has played 10 long seasons in the NFL, highly doubtful he’s going to play 10 more.

    Mallett seems like a good backup to have and if any team will be a positive influence on a rookie, it’s the Pats.

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