PFT Live: Mendenhall courting controversy

In the first segment of Tuesday’s PFT Live, Mike Florio says he thinks the Dolphins made a huge mistake in not giving out their playbook in the brief time the lockout was lifted, wonders how the Steelers will react to Rashard Mendenhall’s comments about Osama bin Laden, looks at the undrafted underclassmen and more.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: Mendenhall courting controversy

  1. What, the dude can’t say what he believes because it’s not a popular opinion? The fact that I believe him is totally irrelevant. Free speech means we should be allowed to discuss these things. If I can put up with Tim Tebow’s sermons, you can let Mendenhall speak without going ballistic about it.

  2. Rashard CAN say whatever he wants in this country (unlike the intolerant society for which the recently departed stood).

    However, Rashard is a paid employee of an organization, and is subject to the ramifications of what he says (or posts on the internet).

    We, the American consumers, fund Rashard’s blessed lifestyle that allows this platform to make these statements. Rashard’s quality of life is what the dead terrorist aimed to destroy. I find it troubling that Rashard would be so quick to defend a threat to his own way of life.

    Rashard is an entertainer. Public relations are a critical aspect of his employment. He may lose his job because he didn’t think about the reaction.

    No one is restricting his free speech, and those criticizing Rashard are simply exercising their right as well. He has to deal with the consequences, just like everybody else.

  3. Didn’t Chad Henne get a playbook from the new OC earlier in the year? Since he’s holding workouts I imagine the 30 players that have been attending have a copy.

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