Rex Ryan calls Sal Alosi “the best strength coach in football”

Sal Alosi, the Jets strength coach who lost his job with the Jets for tripping Miami’s Nolan Carroll on the sideline during a punt, received a public endorsement from his old boss on Monday night.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan told David Letterman that he thinks Alosi is a great coach who deserves a second chance.

“Fortunately, the young man wasn’t injured, so that was a good thing,” Ryan said of Carroll. “But it’s unfortunate, we had, I think, the best strength coach in football, and he’s no longer with us right now. It’s unfortunate and hopefully he’ll get another opportunity.”

Letterman’s conversation with Ryan was surprisingly heavy on Xs and Os and football strategy, and Letterman pressed Ryan about how he coaches his punt return team to block the gunners on the opposing team.

“We definitely try to knock him out of bounds, and that’s certainly within the rules,” Ryan said.

And even though Alosi went way beyond the rules, Ryan hopes he’s not done in the NFL.

54 responses to “Rex Ryan calls Sal Alosi “the best strength coach in football”

  1. This story will somebody be made into an inspirational movie with the immortal line,

    “Boys, let’s go out and win one for the Tripper.”

  2. Nothing to see here, keep moving along….

    Did you really think that Rex ‘tub of love’ Ryan, would say anything differently?

    There the freaking Jets.

  3. Guido deserves a second chance. If he doesn’t get a job in football, he’ll be back to breaking legs for the vowel guys.

  4. Hey, he has to be strong and flexible to trip a professional athlete running full speed. Surely he is passing along that knowledge as evident of “The Wall”. So I am buying what Rex is selling.

  5. Seriously, is it just me or is Rex Ryan the worst coach ever? And, you would have beaten the Packers if you made it to the Super Bowl? Really? Try getting there first before you claim you could have won. How can Jets fans not hate this guy?

  6. you gotta have low self esteem to be so worried about the “other” team that you have to build a wall on the sidelines and try to intimidate players there. what an idiot. a joke. the players intimidate on the field.

  7. That classless hick should have been formally brought up on assault charges and banned from the nfl. There should be no distinction between what he did and if he had went onto the field and tripped him. This is the last sort of thing the nfl should be willing to deal with.. I hope his family goes hungry!!! Rex just needs to shut up and go take more pics of his disgustingly trampy wife’s nasty feet. At least in Cincy the circus is at the ownership level where we just can’t do anything about it..

  8. Sal Alosi’s famous move embodies what the Jets are….. Classless. I would be ashamed if my team hired that guy.

  9. This is like Colonel Jessup saying “any platoon would be lucky to have Lance Corporal Dawson.” What a great leader.

  10. Is there anyone that Rex Ryan doesn’t think is the best? He supports his guys, but at some point his praises become meaningless because he isn’t genuine.

  11. Rex Ryan is simply taking the dumb ass Jets fans for all the money he can…He can do no wrong..If he said tomorrow, boy, you know, asbestos on rye is one hell of a sandwich, with some horseradish, the idiots would eat one…

  12. Give Rex credit, he is true to his word.

    Rex ordered it and Sal took the fall, but Rex told him to clam up and take one for the team, and Rex would take care of Sal.

    So now the strong endorsement for Sal.

  13. When a Super Bowl winning coach pays such a huge compliment, it’s a big deal. Oh wait, never mind. No Super Bowl wins since 1969. Next year though. Seriously.

  14. Sorry Rex, this guy is a scumbag who took a premediated cheap shot that could have ended a professional’s career. This guy should NEVER be allowed to set foot on ANY football field, even peewee.

  15. Wow the jealousy on this site is hysterical to me. The fat jokes are really funny and so original. I wonder how many hours most of you sat there in your moms basement trying to come up with witty jokes.

    Rex talks a little too much for my taste, some of it I think has no value but the majority of it serves its purpose…to take the pressure off his players. No one talks about the players because they are focusing on him. There is no downside to it, unless you believe that teams somehow get some superhuman boost of energy for 60 minutes because they want to beat Rex so bad. Gimme a break.

    99% of what Rex says is about his own team, he rarely bashes other teams or players and when he does he always makes sure to throw bouquets at them. He hates Tom Brady. Why? Because he’s the best. The Jets are better then the Giants the last two years…well that’s true but he makes sure to talk about the great history of the Giants and the respect he has for them. Try reading what he says more carefully, this is not Ozzie Guillen cursing and bashing everyone in his way.

    For all you fans who claim you wouldn’t want a guy like Rex coaching your team. You are so full of it, its beyond comical. The man wins and his players play hard for him and love him. All he does is try and pump up the organization. What fan wouldn’t want that in a coach? He is the most fan friendly coach around. His teams are good and he treats the organization with the utmost respect. I understand as a fan of a another team you hate him, but his job is not to make the oppostion love him. If he was your coach you’d love everything about him, so don’t feed us this garbage. This high and might moral stand many of you take is phony and not realistic.

  16. RR just thinks he has the best everything doesnt he?

    News alert Rex, most people think Alosi is the WORST strength coach in football for the illegal and cowardly act he pulled.

  17. i can vouch for rex’s statement. when good ol sal was done with the boys, it was like they were playing with an extra man out there. best strength coach ever.

  18. In comparison to how these NFL guys behave off the field, arrested or not, this is small-potatos

  19. Does anyone care what he has to say anymore…you guys from PFT love him but we don’t.

  20. Hey farmmbig, maybe it’s because she wasn’t there anymore by the time Rex started. But good one I guess.

  21. drunkendegenerate asks,

    how many championships the Pats won since spy-gate?

    2007- AFC Championship
    2009- AFC East
    2010-AFC East

    Now in the spirit in fairness, how many championships have your Jets won ? ZERO

    Happy 42nd Anniversary to the Bridge & Tunnel faithful !!

    Big weekend ahead for Mark Sanchez, Greenwich High School Prom!

  22. Is there anyone associated with the Jets who isn’t the ‘best in football’?

    Remember when bragging was considered poor taste? Seems so long ago.

  23. ” drunkendegenerate says:
    May 3, 2011 2:06 PM
    You know it’s bad when Pats fans start listing non-Super Bowls on their list of championships. My, how the mighty have fallen. ”

    Its almost as bad as that green team playing their superbowls during the regular season for 2 straight years after declaring victory in preseason.
    They will probably repeat too!
    Go Green.

  24. drunkendegenerate

    1969, 42 years and counting

    Must be great to be a fan of the Red Headed Stepchildren of NY football

  25. When they hoist it once again, it’ll be that much sweeter. Remember, they used to be the Boston Patriots. They were so horrible they had to reach out to neighboring states in search of relevance.

  26. He’s the best, your teams the best and your the best………..When you or your teams win something then you can talk otherwise shut your trap the same way the stapling stopped you from eating New York

  27. @ cousin irk

    This is about Sal not Rex…… You’re probably a Jets fan, let’s hear you defend SAL

  28. He’s flexible. Not only was he the strength and conditioning coach, he’s the twelfth man. Maybe Rex will get him a job delivering pizzas. If Rex is a decent tipper, he’ll make as much as he did as a coach.

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