Sparano says Dolphins didn’t distribute playbooks


Last week, with the lockout temporarily lifted, teams had an opportunity to hand out playbooks to players.  For teams with new offensive coordinators — and thus new playbooks — it was a welcome break to the prohibition on contact with players.

Amazingly, not every team took advantage of the opportunity.

According to Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Dolphins didn’t distribute new offensive playbooks.  Per Carter, coach Tony Sparano said there wasn’t enough time for new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll to distribute the playbooks.

Sorry, but that’s not good enough.  Teams had to realize that there was a chance Judge Susan Nelson would lift the lockout — and that there also was a chance that the doors would open for a brief period of time before the legal process permitted them to slam shut again.  Thus, every team should have been ready to take full advantage of the window of opportunity to get playbooks in the hands of players.

42 responses to “Sparano says Dolphins didn’t distribute playbooks

  1. I pray that this is a cover up, just so they dont get in trouble.Im sure no team is going to openly admit handing out playbooks for fear of the league asking to take them back.

    If they really werent able to get their players playbooks then they deserve to be fired, its just moronic not to take the time to distribute playbooks that are already made.

  2. There’s some good news and bad news for the Dolphins’ players. The good news is Daboll only has like 5 plays so it should be easy to learn. The bad news is Daboll only has like 5 plays and none of them are effective.

  3. No one crosses Tony Sparano anyway. They don’t want to end up swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in a set of Bin Laden’s overshoes.

  4. By the way they’ve been playing I didn’t think they had given out any since the late 80’s…..

  5. That sucks…..I hope my team was smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity…..but then again, most teams have not publicly announced the distribution of playbooks… I just hope my team doesn’t fall into the same category.

  6. come on guys no cheap shots, its hard work to keep on believing in this team year in year out. lol

    This front office is very similar to NBC’s “Office” only not as funny.

    I almost expect them to trade brandon marshall for a lollipop one day..

    Now can someone introduce these guys to kinkos damnit!

  7. Kissbillsrings, the Dolphins made the playoffs in 90, 92, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, and 2008. To say they have done nothing since the late 80’s is a bit of an exaggeration. Granted, no Super Bowl rings in that time, but there are many teams that have done worse since the late 80’s.

  8. @jasonfinfan
    teams had every right to hand out playbooks during the period of time the lockout was lifted. sparano just failed to do so, and in the process kinda threw his new OC under the bus by essentially saying that Daboll didn’t distribute it in time. even if for whatever reason it WAS Daboll’s fault, when you are the head coach, it is ultimately your responsibility. man up and own up.

    perhaps they will find your jokes to be funnier in prohockeytalk. all you are doing in here is embarrassing yourself time and time again. give it up son.

  9. Sparano did ask for a show of hands on how many of the players have Madden 2011.

    All the plays are there. What else is there to know?

  10. Interesting. I wonder how many NFL players actually ended up with a team playbook. If coaches were smart they had them ready to go and fedex as soon as the lockout was lifted.

  11. Tony you seem like a good honest man and I do like you, but this is just another example of why you should be an o-line coach, not a head coach. Those playbooks should have all been sitting ready with each players address already on the box and a few extras with no address ready for rookies. This is also why hiring one of two OC’s who ran a worse offense should not have been hired. Nolan is among the elite D-coordinators and by far the best among the 3 main coaches (OC, DC, HC) in Miami.

  12. even the 9ers, who fail repeatedly to do the right thing, with a whole new coaching staff seemed to be prepared. Even an unsigned Alex Smith and the supposed lazy ass Crabtree got the playbook.

  13. Why dont you find out who did hand out playbooks and let us know? OR is the news so slow your going to do 32 individual stories and show us your love or hate for that team?

  14. Ironically, I heard that the Browns new rookie HC/OC Pat Shurmur, did find the time to distribute new playbooks.

    Brian Daboll was Eric Mangini’s choice as the Browns OC for the previous two seasons….

    …we Browns fans need to thank Mike Holmgren for making the needed changes in Cleveland, cleaning house after last season.

    …maybe the duel role Pat Shurmur is playing as the Browns HC/OC is not too much for him.

    …we wish the Dolphins the best.

  15. As a season ticket holder since 1982 I am finding it more difficult to defend Sparano.

    You know coach if you can’t handle the simple transfer of at least one playbook to our QB then how the hell can I have any faith in you actually leading this team with a coherent plan.

  16. This says a little something about the guys running the Dolphins…short-sighted. If I was a fan I’d be a little upset and wonder why guys running a pro football team weren’t prepared.

    These playbooks should’ve been done weeks ago, before the lockout started in the hopes at some point being able to get them to players. I would bet some teams players have had playbooks since the end of Feb…against league rules of course, but still they were done and ready to hand out.

  17. Wow. I can’t say I’m surprised by this and that fact in and of itself shows how out of touch the front office (Ross, Ireland, Sparano) can be. Any great moves they happen to make seem to be countered with an inexcusable level of incompetence. These guys need a 10+ win season and at least 1 playoff win this year or they need to hit the bricks. There are things I like about these guys but they are easily forgotten in the face of these monumentally stupid actions/inactions. Hopefully the Dolphins can find an executive team that is not afraid to try to win.

  18. Pathetic. As a Dolphins fan I find this completely disheartening. Not having enough time is a lousy excuse when clearly most other teams made the time. You bring in a new OC and system and then get an opportunity to get an edge and fail. As a lifelong Phins fan, I’ve supported this regime through a lot, but they’ve lost a good chunk of my respect today.

  19. Like every single playbook wouldn’t have wound up in the trunk of their cars anyway… Way, way too much is being made of the “get ’em the playbooks, pronto!” issue.

  20. Can we make this an everyday thing? Reading about how embarrassing the Dolphins are really makes my morning.

  21. @kissbillsrings

    I have to ask for an interpretation of your username. Is it “Kiss Bills’ Rings” as in the Buffalo Bills? Or is it “Kiss Bill’s Rings” as in Bill Belichick?

  22. @hobbstweedle
    …yeah, brand new OC, brand new system, players and coaches with their jobs on the line…. You’re right, it probably wasn’t that important. ….just go in there blind and wing it, that’s what Belichick would do. /sarcasm

  23. hobbstweedle says:
    May 3, 2011 8:47 AM
    Like every single playbook wouldn’t have wound up in the trunk of their cars anyway… Way, way too much is being made of the “get ‘em the playbooks, pronto!” issue.
    That is probably true, but that is on the individual players. It is a far different thing when the coaching staff demonstrates an attitude that shows their lack of conviction. It breeds mediocrity. Why should the players care when the coaches don’t seem to care? This is one of the main reasons the Dolphins have struggled for the last decade. Lack of leadership on and off the field.

  24. That’s why the Dolphins will have another losing season. I feel bad for the dolphin fans. Maybe they will have time for the press conferences on why they suck!

  25. @FinFan68
    Ross and Peterson are good buds, that’s why i say he will end up here in 2012. I understand his history with KC.

  26. what a pathetic franchise.

    from the GM down to the head coach / assistant coaches, its all in shambles.

    there is no leader for this organization, everything is just thrown together



    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  27. I bet this Daboll character hasn’t even come up with an offense yet. This is just another example of the sad state of my beloved Fins. (cry)

  28. After Bill Belichick handed out his playbooks to the Pats players he proceeded to hand out the Dolphin playbooks to the Pats players …always one step ahead

  29. @ rockymtnphinfan

    …you act like Peterson is an upgrade……????
    Gruden I dig, but “King Carl” will bring nothing but more mediocrity to Miami. We all know that he and Ross are buddies, and that’s not exactly something that helps Dolphins’ fans sleep well.

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