Braylon Edwards on returning to Jets: “I’m not asking for the moon”

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Jets receiver Braylon Edwards showed up Wednesday at “Jets West,” the informal practices organized by Mark Sanchez in Southern California.

Edwards hopes it’s not the only time he practices with Sanchez this offseason, intimating that he might take a slight discount to re-sign with the Jets.

“It depends on the discount. I’m not asking for the moon. If it’s close, let’s do it,” Edwards said via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Edwards’ most interesting comments concerned whether it was feasible to bring him back, along with Santonio Holmes and Brad Smith.

Whose ego will be able to drop their guard to make it work,” Edwards asked via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “My ego, I’m not clashing.”

Without knowing the full context, it’s hard to say if that’s a passive aggressive shot at Santonio Holmes.  It sure sounds like it.

We don’t think this about ego anyhow.  It’s about money and the rules governing free agency in 2011.  It’s possible Holmes won’t be an unrestricted free agent, depending on how the labor situation is resolved.

The Jets would likely rather keep Holmes, but he may cost too much.  And they probably can’t afford to keep both players if they are UFAs.

Edwards knows the Jets want him back.

“That never was in question. Now it becomes a matter of how much do you want me back?” Edwards asked.

34 responses to “Braylon Edwards on returning to Jets: “I’m not asking for the moon”

  1. Always been overrated because he can’t catch. Why pay him to drop balls in key sitautions.

    Ye aint gittin the moon, Bra.

  2. Well, Braylon, you better not be asking for the moon. Topping 1000 yards only once in your career definitely means you have zero ability to ask for the moon. In fact, if Santonio is asking for too much money and it’s an ego thing, you can easily take a pay cut to keep the team together, right? Right, Braylon, take a pay cut for the team?

  3. Good thing Edwards isn’t asking for the moon, he would need to actually catch the balls to get it.

  4. “it’s a matter of how much you want me back.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a receiver like Braylon on Carolina, but you have to also understand that this guy doesn’t put up excellent numbers…he’s a great #2 guy. I’m sure he’ll be back in NY. the jets won’t likely need Brad Smith, because of the new kickoff rules…I just don’t see them paying a guy that much just to run gadget plays..

  5. Jets on the other hand were perfectly willing to give him the moon, along with any space junk orbiting it. They just don’t want to give him money.

  6. Last when it was the contract year was as good as edwards gets. When he gets his contract he’ll be closer to what he was when cleveland drafted him

  7. Can he even run a route anymore? I can just see him limping down the sidelines after shooting himself in the leg. New top 40 speed = 6.5. He shot his career in the foot, err leg.

  8. If Edwards was taking a shot at Holmes, he sure doesn’t have much ground to stand on. Holmes is a significantly better player, and undoubtedly a higher priority to be re-signed.

  9. Average Receiver at best.

    Where is Tone? Not at Jests West?

    Don’t worry, you have the McKnights, Joe & Scotty.

    Happy 42nd !

  10. who would want to play for the Jets? Oh thats right, this clown. Being an outspoken jackass must be a requirement of the Jets organization.

  11. @ampats

    Do you have to make a dumb hating comment on every single jets story. Wait you forgot to call them the Newark jets again for the millionth time. Why are you so worried about the jets and what they are doing all the time? Worry about your pats and spare everyone your meaningless comments. How average was Braylon in the playoff game when he actually dragged your two db’s for 10 yds on his back into the endzone for that TD? Do you remember that? That was anything but average.

  12. Dear Braylon, thanks for not asking for the moon as this is the last one and you will probably drop it. Ask for something less important like a star or something.

    PS- What do those gloves help you do? Are they to prevent dirt from getting under your nails? They sure don’t help you catch the ball. I bet Rex Ryan would never invite you over for Thanksgiving dinner as you would probably drop the Turkey somehow and ruin Rex’s life.


    Bitter CLeveland Fan

  13. Well I’d say he’s due to take a paycut seeing as how he gets to unfurl his full-on “New York Essence” now.

  14. Edwards was arguably the Jets MVP last year. He had one drop all last year the best by far of any Jet WR. He broke up a number of balls from being intercepted. Created a couple of huge PI calls that helped win games. He is the Jets only deep threat. Not to mention he was one of the best blocking WR’s in the game. The Jets running game did not start doing well in 2009 until Edwards came over. No coincidence.

    He is the most important player on the jets offense. He forces defenses to guard against the deep threat. Catches and fights for balls in traffic. Plays big in the endzone and he is the key to their run game with his excellent run blocking.

    Edwards gets a bad rap. He has been one of the jets most consistent and unselfish players. His stats may not be great but Sanchez is a very bad QB and because of that Jets do not throw much. But Edward’s intangibles and contribution is very high. If only Holmes had Edward’s unselfish team approach.

  15. Edwards had 2 drops last year..The top 5 in the NFL with the most dropped passed were –Welker(13) , Reggie Wayne(12), Brandon Marshall(11) , Terrell Owens(11) and Miles Austin(10)..Some of you guys should get your facts straight before posting..

  16. @ ny82jy

    Please refresh my memory. Was that the playoff game up in Foxboro where the 14-2 Pats were embarrassed when everybody and their mothers thought they were going to win another Super Bowl. I think I remember.

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