Chris Johnson: Cops came to my condo because I’m young, black and rich

Titans running back Chris Johnson had a visit from the police on Tuesday, and he’s not happy about it.

Johnson wrote on Twitter that he had a television production crew at his home, and that the police, noticing the activity, decided to investigate whether there was drug dealing going on. And Johnson suggests that he thinks racial profiling was behind the decision of the police to stop by.

“Y did the police just walk in my condo saying they think it’s drug activity because it’s alot of traffic but it was the MTV camera crew,” Johnson tweeted. “Hard being young, black, and rich.”

TMZ reports that the Orlando Police Department got an anonymous tip about high-end cars entering and exiting Johnson’s condo complex, but there was absolutely nothing illegal going on.

Johnson was described by police as “cooperative” and “cordial,” although he apparently didn’t think to offer them anything to eat until later: Johnson later re-tweeted a tweet from a fan who told him, “u shoulda invited them in and gave them some donuts.”

142 responses to “Chris Johnson: Cops came to my condo because I’m young, black and rich

  1. Just minutes after the cops left, the production crew joined CJ for a nice sized blunt.

  2. Where is he quoted as saying the cops came to my condo because im young,black and rich like the title of the article suggests?????he’s quoted as saying “its hard being young,black and rich”. There’s a large difference between your article headline and what he actually said. More bad rerporting and false quotes by PFT, can’t say I’m shocked.

  3. i’m glad he has a twitter so i can read what he says. because when he speaks i have no idea what the hell he’s saying.

  4. I usually hate when people throw the race card around, but in THIS case, it may have some validity, Oh and im white BTW.

  5. WAAAAAAAHHHH… I am young, white, broke and I have to work for the rest of my life. Quit yer cryin’

  6. People are going to rip Chris on being petty for this incident but Johnson has a point. It’s uneccesary BS that he had to take care of because one of his rich neighbors is scared of living by a young black man. No issue w/ the cops, they were just doing there job.

  7. I’m sure it is really hard being young, black, and rich. While the rest of America is struggling to find work and keep jobs. Live it up now CJ, since running backs have short careers.

  8. first AP talks about slavery then Rashard takes heat off him with the Bin Laden chatter now CJ comes up with this nonsense. Talk about pay it forward

  9. So what if you are BLACK, young and rich. If something out of the ordinary is going on, the police should investigate dreadboy.

    If I’m your neighbor, I would have called them and asked them to investigate .
    Prob with that, bro?

    The cops, league, fans, dentists, hair stylists, car rim dealers, low rise jeans makers, bling dealers and gold tooth makers all know your black.
    Your point IS?

  10. A: The cops didn’t visit him because he was “young black and rich.” They visited him because someone phoned in an anonymous tip.

    B: If I had a twitchy neighbor with gold teeth (black or white), who had frequent guests showing up to make short visits, I’d probably figure he was a drug dealer.

    In any case, I still like him over Chris Simms.

  11. Standard Operating Procedure: Create curiosity and panic amongst your neighbors. Wait for the cops to come. Wait for them to leave. Then break out the drugs.

  12. Profiling is perfectly acceptable as long as the police are acting in a justifiable manor. The cops didn’t approach the condo because he was black; they approached the condo because of the type traffic that was coming & going. That happens all of time in the police business. They are trained to identify certain things……expensive cars that are frequently entering and exiting a building is one of them.

  13. Cue the cascade of stupidity that there’s no more racism in the good ol’ USofA. Probably said by guys with confederate flags hanging in the cab of their pick-ups. Yup, we sure whupped that dang racism – just as long as none of those guys talk to my daughter…

  14. “Hard being young, black, and rich.”

    Not as hard as being:
    -old black and poor
    -old white and poor
    -young white and poor
    -middle aged, grey, and poor

    Although it is slightly harder then being young, black, and super-dooper-ridiculously rich.

    That said, I have never heard of the cops showing up because a bunch of nice cars were driving around, but it sounds more like they were responding to a call which they usually do.

  15. Racial Profiling for sure. I find it hard to believe he lives in a community for which it would be shocking to see high-end cars…

  16. Looks matter, CJ, and you look like you’re starting up a Bob Marley tribute band.

  17. Four members of the MTV camera crew were busted for possession and the other was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant.

  18. CJ is right. The cops were at his house because he is young, black and rich. Cops cannot legally profile. But, they do profile every person they encounter.
    If cops can’t profile, why can advertisers, insurance companies, and the TSA all profile.
    They don’t? Why are there so many erectile disfunction ads on PGA and NFL broadcasts? Why do younger drivers have higher insurance rates? why do I get frisked at the airport?
    Profiling should be allowed for everyone, including law enforcement and the government. Or it should be illegal for everyone including advertisers and insurance and bankers.
    I’m just sayin…

  19. i feel your pain chris. being middle-aged, white and broke pretty much sucks too.

  20. You left out an even better tweet by CJ28:

    “Boy if u dont like my tweets I swear it ain’t rock science to unfollow me” !!!!!!

    Rock science ???

    Well, we know one thing, after his playing days are over, Johnson will not be a “rock scientist” !!!

  21. I thought Chris Johnson was homeless?

    Either way, I bet young, black and rich beats young, anything and poor.

  22. I’ve seen Chris Johnson, and the reputation him and other NFL players have is well earned.
    They aren’t looking into him because he is black, they are looking into him because of his behavior and the type of person he presents himself as.

  23. I’m middle aged, white and middle class.

    I’ll trade w/ CJ any time he wants.

  24. Why is it so hard for Chris to be young, black and rich??? It means he gets all of the fat white chicks he could possibly want.

  25. “bw82b says:
    May 4, 2011 3:05 PM
    Where is he quoted as saying the cops came to my condo because im young,black and rich like the title of the article suggests?????he’s quoted as saying “its hard being young,black and rich”. There’s a large difference between your article headline and what he actually said. More bad rerporting and false quotes by PFT, can’t say I’m shocked.”

    I have to second this. Very misleading headline, even for the Harvey Levin of sports.

  26. “Hard being young, black, and rich.”

    You forgot punk……..”Hard being a young, black, rich punk.”

  27. bw82b says: May 4, 2011 3:05 PM

    Where is he quoted as saying the cops came to my condo because im young,black and rich like the title of the article suggests?????he’s quoted as saying “its hard being young,black and rich”. There’s a large difference between your article headline and what he actually said. More bad rerporting and false quotes by PFT, can’t say I’m shocked.


    He may not have directly said it, but he was clearly implying exactly what the title of this article says.

  28. I guess I would prefer that the police check to make sure everything’s okay rather than just ignore it so they don’t look like they’re racist. If you’re not doing anything wrong, what’s the harm? But then, I’m old, white, and poor.

  29. See here’s the problem with this site. CJ wrote “Hard being young, black, and rich” not as you titled “Cops came to my condo because I’m young, black and rich”. But Micheal David Smith you chose to use this title b/c you know how race ignites people and ignites closet bigots on this site. Although there is truth to his statement sounds like his neighbors are the ones who has a problem “young, black and rich”.

  30. Rich?

    Aww, come on man!

    You earn what?

    500k a year?

    That isn’t rich, where I come from, rich doesn’t start until your assets are worth a 1 followed by at least seven zero’s.

    And, given the premise, that you are young and black, you are likely into fancy cars, jewelry, said condo, etc. like many other young and rich people.

    Which will tear a pretty big hole in your savings, if you ever had any.

    Honestly, I think your net worth isn’t much more than 100k.

    Rich that is?


  31. Without regard to race–If I saw a bunch of young (20’s) doing something out of the norm–the leader of which, I couldn’t understand, and found his gold teeth fascinating, I’d probably want the police to make sure nothing weird is going on. Later this year when his crib is ripped-off, I fully expect to hear–not that I could understand–“Where is the POlice, when my crib gets ripped?”

  32. Please bring football back, I’m so tired of tweets and the dipsh__ commentary by the PFT planet.

  33. Rock science.. dont knock it.. geology is a tough field to study.

    He excavated the gems in his teeth himself.

  34. yeah that’s it, everyone’s just jealous. PLEASE!
    Keep your gold teef mouf shut and run.

  35. “snowpea84 says:
    May 4, 2011 3:27 PM
    I’ve seen Chris Johnson, and the reputation him and other NFL players have is well earned.
    They aren’t looking into him because he is black, they are looking into him because of his behavior and the type of person he presents himself as.”

    What behavior exactly?

  36. c’mon…and WHO is the racist one ? If you want to play the ” …its because I’m black” card…..hhmm if I were the police, and there were lots of expensive cars in and out, at late night, driven by other “rich black dudes”….the FACTS are most of the times these are the drug dealers…..sorry, facts don’t lie. The Police are just doing their job….hey, you are known by the company you keep ( right, Ray Lewis ??)

  37. Why is everything racial profiling? If Johnson had any sense of the area he lives in he would know that the Orlando Chief of Police is a black woman (and a great chief of police) and the Orange County Sheriff is a black male (Chief of Police’s husband).

  38. CJ, the cops were doing what they were asked to, investigate a complaint. I’m sure your life status was of no concern to them. They would of done the same thing to Betty White had she been in the same situation. Grow up, this is 2011, not the 1850’s.

  39. CJ is obviously a millionaire. So im sure he lives in a neighborhood with nice cars, so why does luxury cars make his home more suspicious than any other. It is profiling poin blank period. The race card shouldnt always be applied but when the shoe fits, wear it. This and the Dez Bryant mall incident are two examples of such. Also this article takes his comments out of context to make his words seem unjust. Read the actual tweets people.Im the first to listen to Chris Johnson and say he doesnt articulate himself very well, but lets not misconstrude the issue here. There are a lot of closet rednecks on this site also. You guys kill me with your cyber bravery.

  40. Chris seems like a nice kid but this kinda stuff happens to rich, young, white folk too here in Nashville. Especially when we drive around in a ridiculous vomit green pimp ride at 3 in the am the night before a game.. I have seen this with my own eyeballs.

  41. Think of what would have happened if the police didn’t investigate and a crime was being committed. Even Johnson said the police were cordial and cooperative.

  42. backdapack says:
    May 4, 2011 3:17 PM
    “Hard being young, black, and rich.”

    well don’t worry Chris…only one of those three will be true in 20 years.

    Quite Possibly the Funniest Comment Ever on a Message Board

  43. “Chris Johnson: Cops came to my condo because I’m young, black and rich”

    ..and STUPID, don’t forget STUPID!

  44. “DiscountMescan says: May 4, 2011 3:20 PM

    The tipster was Betty White.”

    Nah, he was just hungry.

  45. DAYUM! The RACIST will NEVER quit! Why does everything have to turn into a joke by PFT and it’s commentors?

    Go over to deadspin for that B.S.

  46. i wonder what he would have said if that had been a group of people there robbing him and the cops just kept on going and not checking into the activitiy going on many law suits would he have filed over that

  47. Also, I had four people (two married couples) over to my house for dinner and drinks the other night.
    The police stopped by. I am a middle class white 31 year old.

    Explanation please.

  48. Players and owners please take note: Please reach a labor agreement quickly because your core fans require some positve football news to balance negative football news. Don’t wait until the damaged can be measured.
    We should be reading about trades, off season workouts, team and player goals…

  49. All these negative tweets by athletes is almost making me miss the Ochocinco tweets bitching about his coach. Wait…I won’t go that far

  50. I’m starting to think that people aren’t thinking before they hit the send button anymore….First it’s Michael Oher sending a tweet to McShay pretty much saying that he has no respect for him. Then it’s Mendenhall with his infamous Bin Laden tweet, and now it’s Chris Johnson saying that it’s hard to be young, black, and rich….I know that everyone has their right to free speech, I am just saying that maybe they should think about what they’re saying before hitting the send button….ESPECIALLY Mendenhall…

  51. @ ronswansonsdinner

    It’s Twitter, you use your phone and have a character limit. It’s common to abbreviate like that.

  52. Cops came to your condo because there was probable cause!
    It might be due to discrimination!

    When I was in the Navy over 50 years ago there was a saying in Norfolk, Va. There were signs in the park, that said ” Dogs and Sailors, Keep off the grass!”
    We could not leave the base in anything but dress uniform, most of us changed to civies as soon as we could, because we were discriminated against by town folk at every turn. At least we could change our apperance and blend in!
    Being Black you could not do anything to change your skin color!
    That kind of discrimination has to be hard to take!

  53. “It’s hard being young, black, and rich”.

    Um, as opposed to old, white, and poor?

    The cops were called to your residence. They have to follow up. Doesn’t matter how rich, black, or young you are. And if they were polite then you probably got preferrential treatment because they are usually jerks in just about every situation.

    Sounds like you have stupid nosy jerk neighbors. Ain’t about your richness bud.

  54. No mention of hookers, strippers or making it rain??? This has to be wrong…..

  55. the person that called the police is the racist, not like the cops knew before they got there that a black guy was involved..

  56. watchthisjack says:
    May 4, 2011 4:44 PM
    Also, I had four people (two married couples) over to my house for dinner and drinks the other night.
    The police stopped by. I am a middle class white 31 year old.

    Explanation please.


    Answer: One or more persons within the married couples were police officers.


  57. So did MTV…. and probably countless attractive young women. i guess you have to take the good with the bad when you’re rich.

  58. a lot of people on who responded to his comment really don’t get! im a young black man and i live in the inner city were theres a lot of crime. like about 3 years ago, i purchased a 2003 Mercedes benz cl 600 , and when i tell u that i got pulled over at least once every 3 day, its no lie. they thought i was a drug dealer, not knowing that im a day trader on the stock market. They would ask me stupid questions like “who’s car is this” and ” were are u going at this time of night” like i was 10 yrs old or something. people got to understand that when u look a “certain way” or “drive a certain car”, the police do and will harass you for no reason.

  59. @ducksmith:

    I love it when all I have to do is to read the first post and I’m done…too funny!

    I’m sure the cops left there saying to each other, “WTF was that guy saying…you catch any of that?”

  60. Yeah, the cops only respond to calls when they are made against black dudes with money. That makes tons of sense…..thanks for trying to piss off your twitter followers with a racist comment though.

  61. everybody thinks they have it the worst, there is kids in africa right now with flies stuck to their face eating paste and mud for breakfast, i feel no one has the right to complain, including me being young white and struggling

  62. if you think it is hard now that your young .black and rich, just wait…it’s only going to be tougher when your old, black and broke.

  63. The police weren’t profiling by race, they were profiling criminal activity. Last I knew that was their job.

  64. manonthemoon4 says:
    May 4, 2011 3:13 PM
    mtv cameras were there to film
    true life: i had one good season in the nfl

    ^ Peyton “MADDEN COVER” Hillis?!?!

    I bet I can predict the madden 13 cover, BRANDON LOYLD!!!!!

  65. He has a chip on his shoulder. But I’m not going to say much as I had him on my fantasy football team the last two years and he was pure gold. Gave me the league playoff title this past year and runner-up the year before that.

  66. To you morons who say he had one good season get your facts straight. He had 2 good seasons and one super awesome season. 1228 yards rushing, 260 receiving, 10 total tds rookie season, 2006 rushing, 503 receiving, 16 total tds 2nd season, 1364 rushing, 245 receiving, and 12 total tds last season. At worst hes the 3rd best back in the league. I personally think hes 2nd best behind Peterson. But I think you can throw Jones-Drew in that mix at the top as well.

    As for the its hard being young, black, and rich comment, I’m sure its harder then being young, rich, and white. Think about it cops racially profile every day. As a white man I see it all the time. More then half the cars I see pulled over have african americans driving them. His comments should be ripped because there are people out there dealing with much more difficult issues then the cops showing up and checking his situation out.

  67. My current GF who is white, thought very much like most of you. She would dismiss my accusations of subliminal racism and make fun of me for it. Fast forward two years and being pulled over 9 times in that span of time. Zero tickets in those stops and the most common question before I am asked for I.D or registration is “Is this your Car” and even once the officer asked my GF if she was alright. I know it isn’t deliberate, but it does exist. I am by no means rich but I understand what CJ was saying

  68. “mattyc says:
    May 4, 2011 3:31 PM
    It is also hard being 35, fat, white trash, & poor. Boo F***** Hoo”


  69. I’d like to roll with the gangstas
    Although it’s apparent I’m too
    White and Nerdy

  70. I agree with him. Though I realize the white racists who are a staple of this site, won’t.

  71. Sorry to say but those who are claiming racism on this are simply the racist themselves or incite racism. How do we know the person who called the police was white? It is racist to assume that this person was white and or the police were white. No where does it mention in this story of the TMZ story the ethnicity of the others involved. It is simply ignorant with such little information to assume there was any racism involved.

    There is no way of knowing if the person who called even knew CJ was black. If so this is an assumption that all the people at his house and driving the vehicles were black.

    I am sorry if the police are responding to a suspicious call. I do believe it is their job to defend the public. It is not like the police are patrolling CJ’s house looking for illegal activity. If he was singled out then I can see there was racism but we only know half the story. Just like CJ making his racist statement too many of you are quick to judge.

  72. i LOVE the fact that just because you see “high end” cars all in one place DOES NOT mean automatically there must be drug dealing… c’mon people… that means that all of Congress is in some real doo doo.. can’t wait to see the cops bust in the House of Representatives and clean shop! hahaha

  73. Sooooooooo, the cops knew he was rich, young and black before they showed up????? Or were they just responding to a tip??? Maybe he’s rich, young, black and paranoid??? Or he’s rich, young, black and an A$$HOLE????

  74. Hey idiots! The headline of this article is not in quotes. That means PFT is not saying that CJ said those exact words. Cj’s tweet obviously means he thinks the cops came because of his age, race, and financial status.

    CJ should be happy that the police are quick to respond to suspicious activity in his condo complex. What if it was a drug deal? What if his neighbors were selling drugs? Wouldn’t he want them to get busted? I don’t see anything in this article that suggests that the cops were rude. The cops commented that CJ was polite and cordial. It doesn’t sound like they stormed in with their guns drawn.

    This is just evidence that there is still an element of distrust(perhaps justified) towards law enforcement in the black community. I play in a band and we’ve had the cops called on us plenty of times for outdoor parties at night and noise complaints. They’ve never done anything more than let us know we need to cut the music and they usually tell us to have a good night. I didn’t tweet that it was hard being a young, white guitar player when that happened.

    You’re rich for playing a game. Get over yourself! Until you get wrongfully arrested, harassed, or god forbid beat down, by a group of white cops, leave your race out of it. CJ is the one being racist here. Wake up people!

    P.S. Over-rated!

  75. Correction: Your neighbors called the cops because you are young, black, and rich. The cops responded to a call. Its not like they started cuffing people, they saw that nothing was going on and left him alone.

  76. I am no fan of CJ personally ( i do love to watch him play ball though) and imo he needs speech lessons.

    That being said I wouldn’t be shocked if it was true that the cops came because there was black folks at this house. I have seen this type of thing from both sides. I live in the suburbs of Philly and we have had parties out here with all whites where we were smoking and drinking and being loud and crazy and no cops came. But I remember once being at this same house years ago when my parents went away a friend of my moms who is black was house sitting and had her family and friends come over for BBQ and pool party where there was no drinking or smoking and the party was pretty quite and yet the police were called.

    I am not going to call my neighbors or whoever called the cops racist. But they sure were stereio typing. They didn’t call the cops when illegal stuff was going on because it was a bunch of whites, but when everything was calm and cool they did call the cops because it was blacks.

    It doesn’t make people racist but we need in this country to start thinking of eachother as the same so this kinda thing will stop. Also the black folks need to stop crying racist so much.

  77. It’s the car traffic that gets the attention, not necessarily the race of the homeowner.

    We called the cops to investigate the house across the street, after documenting increased car traffic with drivers stopping in front of their house for 5-10 minutes at a time before moving on.

    The new occupants of the house were young and white (and not rich from what we could tell) but it didn’t matter what race they were. They were dealing drugs and, as neighbors with young kids, we wanted it stopped.

  78. People call it the race card, but it’s frustrating when you get pulled over or questioned for doing nothing wrong. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I know when I’m being profiled.

  79. @ camuncut

    As a white guy, what do I say when I get pulled over for doing nothing wrong? It’s happened a few times, I just want your expert take on how I should approach the situation.

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