Lions offered three picks to go get Patrick Peterson


Before the Lions watched defensive tackle Nick Fairley fall into their lap, they tried to make an even bigger splash on draft day.

As mentioned in one-liners, the Lions tried to move up to acquire cornerback Patrick Peterson.  Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press has some new details on the package of picks they attempted to use to grab the cornerback ultimately taken by the Cardinals.

The Lions offered their first-, second- and fourth-round choices to the Cardinals to go get Peterson, but Arizona declined.  It will be an interesting trade to look back on in a few years.

Eight picks after Peterson, the Lions took Fairley.  They nabbed Boise State receiver Titus Young with their second round pick.  They later packaged their fourth-round pick in a deal to move up for running back Mikel Leshoure.

Time will tell if the Cardinals made the right move in turning down the deal.  In something as unpredictable as the draft, we tend to think teams have a better chance of hitting a home run if they get more swings at the plate — even after the first round.

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  1. wow…1, 2, and 4… how can you turn that down? unless Patrick Peterson is the next Deion… that must be what AZ thinks..

  2. Lions shoulv’e offered that to the Bengals, who couldv’e gotten Young in the second round for a WR. No telling if Green will be another first round bust WR. I like what the Cardnials did, they stuck to there draft board, took the best player available. Even though they couldv’e added 3 picks. The bengals on the other hand couldv’e been a team that couldv’e used Fairly more. Now the lions defense is gonna wreck havoc on opposing qb’s. We will all look back in 5 years and see how this draft played out.

  3. Now ARZ has a spectacular young tandem @ CB..
    So philly fans shut up about the ‘post draft scheming’ trade talks for Peterson, aint happening.

  4. I’m glad Arizona didn’t take it. While I have some issues with the Titus Young pick, giving up what should be 2 or 3 starts for one (unproven in the NFL) cornerback is too high of a price to pay.

    For Revis? Pull the trigger! But not some kid, however talented, fresh out of school who hasn’t provided himself yet and just has potential.

  5. Peterson better be one hell of a shut down corner to justify not making that trade. I mean picking up a 2nd and 4th just to move down 8 spots.

  6. I wasn’t a big fan of the Lions draft. They got good value at each pick, but the positions they took were not of great need at all.

    Took a DT when they already have Suh.
    Took a WR when they already have Megatron.
    Traded up to get a RB when they already have Best.

    I understand you need two at each position to succeed, but to ignore glaring needs like CB and OL… I didn’t get it. It just doesn’t make sense to me to spend high picks on DT, WR, and RB when you just spent high picks on those same positions the past few years.

  7. I’ll take Patrick Peterson all day and twice on Sunday.

    I’m glad the Cards didn’t go for this trade!

    DRC on one side and PP7 on the other….NICE!

    We went from having DRC and Greg Toler with Michael Adams as the nickle to now having

    DRC and PP7 with Toler now moving to nickle

    Goodbye Michael Adams

  8. If you look at any draft in the last 5 years there are more pro-bowlers in the top ten picks then there are in the first three rounds.

    Peterson is advertised as being a once in a decade type player so moving up to get him would have been a smart move but I think most Lions fans are happy with Fairley, Young and Leshoure.

    Dont forget we tried trading with KC in 2009 in hopes to get Aaron Curry at #3 overall. Thank goodness we didnt.

  9. That would’ve been great and all at the time but seeing how it turned out with getting fairley im much happier this way. Having a real strength like the dline is better than trying to shore up our terrible corners.

  10. I’m GLAD that trade didn’t work out. No way Peterson gets over Fairley, Young, Leshoure, not even remotely close.

    Much better off with what we have for sure!

  11. interesting. i don’t know. the lions had a pretty solid draft. they’re only really missing a solid o-line and some dbs and then they’ll be one heck of a team. i say within 2 or 3 years they’ll be winning their division.

  12. Arizona blew a HUGE chance to get better. Drop down, add Prince AND get an additional #2 and #4. Peterson is a stud, but could have still added a stud and more. Detroit was trying to get fleeced and AZ was too stupid to do it…

  13. The reason why Arizona didn’t accept the trade was because a deal was most likely already worked out with Philadelphia (even though they weren’t supposed to negotiate trades). When the lockout is over Arizona will ship Peterson to Philly for Kolb and some draft picks. This deal was already in place before the draft and was discussed behind closed doors.

    Peterson, welcome to Philly!

  14. randolph32 says:
    May 4, 2011 11:00 AM
    The Lions got lucky….they deserve it after the Millen Era

    How is this any different from the Millen era?

    Instead of using every first round pick on a WR, they are using every first round pick on a DT.

  15. Here’s to hoping AZ made the wrong choice!

    Although I can’t lie, I wanted the Niners to get Peterson badly…I was pissed when AZ swooped him.

    The Lions might be the surprise team next year, but their secondary is still horrible. Not if they sign asomugha…

    Hell they don’t even need Stafford to stay heathly to score! Thanksgiving football will be good again…thanks to Detroit for firing that tool and putting some good people in place.

  16. sterilizecromartie says:
    May 4, 2011 12:09 PM

    How is this any different from the Millen era?

    Instead of using every first round pick on a WR, they are using every first round pick on a DT.


    1 – These DTs can play
    2- You can play more than one DT at the same time (they don’t need to share the ball)
    3 – 2 times isn’t “every first round pick”

  17. I don’t understand how you could take what will eventually be a safety over a top-15, 2nd round, and 4th round picks.

    I kind of wish Detroit would have gone up to get him, as opposed to staying put and selecting Fairley at their original slot.

    Peterson will be a safety within 4 years.

    Colorado’s Jimmy Smith is the best CB in this draft.

  18. sterilizecromartie apparently has a limited understanding of the NFL and building a team. The Lions don’t have the luxury to draft for position needs, they NEED all the top talent they can get which is why you draft BPA. This is a long term plan, not something intended to win the SB this year and I think the front office is doing a GREAT job of looking at the big picture and get players that fit THIS team, not someone’s mock from outside the franchise.

    I might slightly agree with his concern over our position of need at CB if there weren’t still FA coming up…that is the difference, there was NO FA this year and any CB remaining on the board during our two 2nd rd picks were no better than what we have on our team already WITH experience.

    As for the OL, get over it man, that is NOT a position of need as much as some people make it out to be. Are they the world’s greatest OL, no, but they are right in the middle of the league. The 2 positions of need are LB and CB, neither of which had players worth taking after the first. Those are spots to shore up in the FA period, if there is one!

  19. The Lions OL is not good enough to keep their QB healthy and they made no attempt to fix it.

    They needed OL and DB and got nada.

  20. bunjy96 says:
    May 4, 2011 1:49 PM
    The Lions OL is not good enough to keep their QB healthy and they made no attempt to fix it.

    They needed OL and DB and got nada.

    Stafford has gotten hurt running out of the pocket. Their O-Line was top 1/3 in terms of QB protection last year.

  21. spartyfi says:
    May 4, 2011 1:34 PM

    As for the OL, get over it man, that is NOT a position of need as much as some people make it out to be.


    Matthew Stafford’s shoulder would argue otherwise.

    For the record, I don’t think any of us are qualified to run an NFL franchise. The picks just didn’t make sense to me. One could make a good argument that going into this draft, the teams STRONGEST positions were DT, WR, and RB. CJ, Suh, and Best are stars in the making.

    So what do they do? The spend essentially their first four picks on positions they are already strong at.

    I certainly understand the concept of BPA, and it sometimes makes sense if there isn’t a player available you NEED that fits that draft position. But, that wasn’t the case with the Lions first pick. Prince Akumanara (sp?) was there. Jimmy Smith was there. You openly admitted the secondary needs help, so why not take them? You get a great player that fits a huge need as opposed to taking Fairly, who is also a great player but doesn’t really fit your biggest need.

    They could have also taken an offensive lineman. Solder or Costanza would have made sense there… only if protecting your injury-prone franchise QBs blind side is a priority. But I guess adding ANOTHER DT was a bigger priority for the franchise.

  22. really, look at the stats ding dong. One hit someone can get injured so that’s not a question of the OL. Has he been hurt? Yes, is that because the OL is horrible? NO. Good luck going an entire season without your QB getting hit. Even with the best line in the world it won’t happen. Look at the stats for # of sacks allowed and see where they rank brainiac!

    This is my problem with people like you, you look at one little thing that is not at all indicative of the OL’s effectiveness and make your judgment based on that with no research into the stats nor opinions of the “experts”.

    I promise you that if Solder or Costanza start this year they give up more sacks than Backus. I can’t believe how much grief people give Backus…the guy’s only played 10 years for the WORST franchise and never missed a game…Let me say that again so it can sink into your thick skull: 10 years and NEVER missed a game as an OT, a guy in for EVERY offensive play. And believe me, he is in the top half of all starting LT’s in the league.

    Give me your address so I can send you some money to buy a clue!

  23. OH, and you don’t take Smith or Prince because you feel that what you have is equally matched to them or they don’t fit what you’re looking for in your player at those positions or lots of reasons. Point is, they were lower on their board than Fairley and quite frankly, Fairley was that much higher by most accounts that it would have been ignorant to pass him up. I guess you haven’t seen all those “A”‘s the Lions got for their draft have you? Check out the Free Press where it shows like 7 or 8 different grades for each team and all of the Lions are A’s except one…the only team that can say that!

    I do think our corners can be improved, but with Houston and Smith, it’s not a total train wreck. As a Lions’ fan I’ve seen worse.

  24. It’s clear the Lions offered this trade without knowing that Fairely would fall to them. Had they known, they would not have been willing to give up so much for Peterson.

  25. As a long time lions fan, I would have loved to see them move up and grab the most talented athlete in the draft, but I am much happier now seeing what they actually picked up with 13, 44, and even using that 4th round pick to move up and get Mikel Leshoure. The talent they got out of this draft is undeniable.

    Also, the fact that the front office (Mayhew and Schwartz mostly) was willing to move up and come out with only one high (and most likely to be a potential starter)pisk shows how close they think the team is to turning the corner and being legitimate contenders.

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