Randy Moss’s daughter accepts basketball scholarship at Florida


Randy Moss may be on the down side of his NFL career, but the next generation of the Moss family is just getting started.

The St. Petersburg Times reports that Sydney Moss, the daughter of Randy and a star high school basketball player, has accepted a scholarship to Florida, where she’ll enroll in 2012.

Sydney Moss is a 5-foot-11 power forward who averaged 22.6 points and 10.8 rebounds a game and had scholarship offers at several big schools.

Although Sydney lives with her mom and not her dad, she told ESPN a story about how Randy affected her desire to play basketball growing up.

My dad played against my brother and me once,” Sydney said. “He played defense and made us a deal: If we made a shot over him, he’d take us shopping.”

It didn’t work: Sydney’s brother took a shot and Randy blocked it, plucked it out of the air with one hand, turned around and dunked.

“I just walked away,” Sydney said. “There was no way I could make that shot, but I knew I wanted to learn how to take away a ball like that.”

Although Sydney hasn’t had a Great Santini moment of beating her dad in the driveway, she has progressed enough that she’s usually the best player on the court when she’s not taking on her dad.

30 responses to “Randy Moss’s daughter accepts basketball scholarship at Florida

  1. Congrats for her.

    Although Moss could have probably paid the tuition in straight cash homie…

  2. Nice story….She lives with her mom and not her dad, but she did play basketball with him once……..How heartwarming……Are the Disney lawyers trying to get the rights to such an emotional story to make a movie?

  3. Why does Matt Dillon’s character in “There’s Something About Mary” enter my mind when this article refers to Moss’s “one time” playing basketball against his kids?

    ..”Special, my ass!”

  4. Not her fault her Dad’s a tool. Good for you kid, absolutely no reason why she’s a story on this site. Remember when this site was good? It totally hasn’t gone downhill since NBC bought it. No, seriously.

  5. …and another academically gifted student in FL wont go to college now, due to lack of funds. gotta love a kid of a multimillionaire getting a sports scholarship in a state like FL with a HORRIBLE public education system!

  6. “cleanface says:
    May 4, 2011 11:35 AM
    The guy is 34 and he has a daughter headed off to college? Dude got started young.”

    Just like the daughter of the Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008.

  7. “Nice story….She lives with her mom and not her dad, but she did play basketball with him once……..How heartwarming…”

    Took the words right out of my mouth

  8. Dude has to be an ass even to his kids. Stuffing his kid and then taking the ball and dunking it. What a great dad. I bet he wishes he had it on film so he could replay it and talk smack.

    21st century americana: the slide into the gutter.

  9. Scholarships are for potential students that don’t have the means to pay the ridiculous cost of higher education.

    That being said, Sydney Moss’ father is a multi-millionaire so why does she get to go to school for free?

  10. @shackdelrio,
    If you are going to bring them up, why not the mother of the 2008 Democratic Party’s nominee for President?

  11. People tend to forget that Randy was probably a better basketball player than football player in high school. He was the WV Football Player of the Year and WV Basketball Player of the Year in high school. He played with Jason “White Chocolate” Williams in high school (who had a decent pro career). I think he once kicked around trying to play for the Timberwolves when he played for the Vikings. Given their roster right now, he would be an upgrade.

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