Willie Parker on the Redskins: “They don’t care about football”


It’s hard to imagine two organizations more diametrically opposed over the last decade than the Redskins and Steelers.  The differences aren’t just in the front office and ownership.

Willie Parker, who had a cup of coffee with Washington last year after six years in Pittsburgh, says the players have a different attitude too.

“Being in Washington, they don’t care about football.  I didn’t feel good from day one there.  They weren’t about football.  They were about partying. . . . You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else,” Parker said on 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh Tuesday.

Parker still wants to play and says he was playing hurt last preseason in Washington, which is why he was lacking explosion.

“If I had my choice, I’d go back to Pittsburgh with my boys,” Parker said, before recognizing that’s not likely to happen.

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  1. If Mendentard keeps it up, the RB spot in Pittsburgh is wide open…

  2. Sounds like someone who is mad they got cut. Maybe he was playing hurt for the last 3 years. He might be able to find a UFL team to give him a shot.

  3. What in the Hell do the Redskins have to party about?? Wow, I am surprised to hear that, I thought Shanahan ushered in a new attitude….guess we’ll see…

  4. but see Willie, you can’t go back, cause your washed up. Pittsburgh didn’t and doesn’t want you. you’re only bitter because you were cut and are desperate for a check

  5. When your owner likes to over pay free agents but doesn’t want to pay the players on his team who deserve a big contract how can you blame them. The guy is clueless. Luckily for him he now has a coach who is no nonsense. It might take a little while to change the atmosphere in WAS but it will change.

  6. Being a skins fan is depressing.Everyone thinks were a bunch of idiots because our owner is a moron.I always root for the bad franchises to turn it around so their fans can have some enjoyment.The Lions,Browns,Rams all on their way up while we still sit in the NFC east cellar and where we will prob remain for another couple of years.This sux.

  7. Mendenhall spoke his mind. It’s called an opinion whether we like it or not. I don’t condone his words but it’s just that, words. He’s not going anywhere and Parker isn’t going to sniff Pittsburgh. The Steelers need to get younger at running back not older.

  8. If I recall, Ryan Clark made a similar remark a few years back so there may be some merit to his statement. Regardless, the fact that we (Redskins fans) are not shocked by this comment about the Redskins franchise only validates his opinion. As they say, “if there is smoke, there is fire”.

  9. blackqbwhiterb says: May 4, 2011 11:47 AM

    What in the Hell do the Redskins have to party about??


    Getting paid a crap load of money by an idiot owner to play football badly?

  10. Most NFL teams that have been poor to mediocre the past 3-5 yrs share the same attitude problems. Developing a ”culture of winning” is essential to becoming a winning club.

  11. if that’s the case Shanahan has some serious house cleaning to do. Any time a player complains about the players partying to much it’s bad.

  12. Whaaaaaaaaaaaa


    Things are not going my way so I am going to cry, lash out and tweet about how miserable I am playing a game for a living!

  13. i bet he can still play. Obviously on the downside of his career but since he had last year to rest up, if he’s in shape, he’d probably make a good 3rd down back.

  14. A once-solid RB who is now bitter and suddenly respects a disciplined team, and has something to prove…… and a team that has a glaring need for a RB.

    The name Corey Dillon comes to mind.

    Mr. Belichick, please pick up the Courtesy Phone.

  15. Willie Parker was a good solid back in his time. He was doing an interview on a radio show, not like he wrote a story to dog the skins. As an Eagles fan I’m happy but not surprised. From top to bottom the skins are a joke. I was so happy when Shanafraud got hired, dude is one of the most overrated coaches ever. Synder needs to step back get real football people and let them build through the draft instead of over paying scrubs. Sign a veteran here and there but build through the draft. Stop paying out your butt for scrubs like Hall, Haynesworth, ect. I wonder how a true pro like London Fletcher feels about playing on that joke of a franchise.

  16. The way they have played the last few years, it looks like they all partied every night.

    I believe him!

  17. Willie says them damn Redskins just sit around drinking, gambling, and collecting money from the government.

  18. Yeah, the steelers are only about football. I’ve never read any news articles about players getting into trouble at bars.

  19. I guess all 31 of the other NFL teams party too much to right thats why nobody pickd ur sorry waste of space up……We had nobody and he couldnt make the team…..whats that tell u? MORON!!!!!

  20. The Skins have one Worthless guy who wont be there much longer once free agency can resume…..The Steelers have a rapist at QB and a RB who thinks Osama Bin Laden was done wrong……Maybe Willie needs to be working out and not doing radio interviews…..That or just shut up in general…..He better HOPE he doesnt make a team who plays the Skins….Fletcher and Landry and Orakpo will kill him if they get the chance…..and then he may never play again…

  21. It all begins with the owner, if the owner is a buisness man not a football man, the attutude flows downhill as everyone knows.

  22. To all of those saying Parker is just bitter about being cut, why is his shot directed at the players then? Wouldn’t he be lashing out against management if he was simply bitter?

    I don’t think Parker had any other motivation to say that other than that’s how he truly felt.

  23. citizenstrange says:
    May 4, 2011 12:29 PM
    The Steelers haven’t had a Party Animal since Plax left.


    Strange, I guess your boy big ben was hanging out in church bathrooms. Short memory, no?

  24. I dont get it. Why do so many of you guys keep saying that he is “bitter”? Wouldnt that mean he’d be criticizing Pitt for letting him go? If he was “bitter” then he’d be talking down on the steelers organization. He’s not doing that. He just wishes he was back with his original team with the players he played with for years and doesnt want to be on a team with players that dont care and just lay on the ground during a play. So many people on here just love to hate on any player that is not on their team. Lame. . .

  25. @revengeofthefilthymcnasty:

    I don’t know, Shanahan seemed to distracted deep sixing every major move they’d made in the past couple of seasons to pay attention to the fact that his team played like crap.

  26. Dear Mr Parker,

    As a Redskins Fan, I greatly appreciate your honesty calling a duck a duck. Many of the Skins are slakers and the team in general the past 10 or so years hasw been a joke (excluding the Gibbs era).

    It is my hope that the Skins will start taking football seriously, and that Shanahan will weed out the slackers.

    I doubt all Skins players are slackers, and think the world of players like Fletcher, & Daniels and any other team member who gives a damn and is willing to work hard to trun this team around.

    Go Skins!

  27. For what it’s worth, I went to school in ‘Skins country and had a Redskins cheerleader in one of my classes. She told us that the players would go out partying all the time and when she’s turn on the TV the next morning and see “So-and-so didn’t practice today due to an injury” she’d just laugh.

    Things like this are the reason they are perennial cellar dwellers in the East.

  28. well if willie parker would have actually made the team,maybe what he said would mean something.
    he’s just an unemployed washed up has been now!

  29. If im not mistaken didnt the redskins hold the first players only workout during the lockout, trust me they care about winning, they were in almost every game last year except the monday night vs the eagles and away at giants , the owner is a different story

  30. As long as Dan Snyder owns this team, they are no better than toilet water.

  31. All of this from a guy who couldn’t make a 6-10 team. Sounds bitter, and looking to kiss someone’s tush?? Fast Willie is now slow Billy. Shows how classless the Steeler org is employing players like Mendenhall and Parker.

  32. If Snyder was my boss, I bet I pretty much wouldn’t be into my job either.

  33. @John Charters & chap …

    If Willie were going to be bitter, I’d think it would be toward the Steelers who ran the wheels off him, then let him go.

    diehardskinsfan21 says:
    Shows how classless the Steeler org is employing players like Mendenhall and Parker.

    Says the fan of the team that employed Haynesworth.

  34. He has a point, when he was there, during training camp, there were still quite a few players on the roster who didn’t care about football.

    Mike Shanahan has made a lot of bad decisions in his time in charge, but one thing he has done right is to get rid of a lot of the losers. Shanahan has changed the practice culture, in that he expects people to practice.

    Willie was right. The culture needed to change. It did, he just wasn’t part of that change because he was slow. That’s a deathnell for a career based on being fast.

  35. @skinsman2121

    Regarding that statement about just having “one worthless” player. Yeah Haynesworth and that albatross of a contract is painful. However, your QB situation, your RB situation, your WR situation, and your OL situation kind of add to the pain. On the plus side, you added a bunch of late round draft picks. Good luck.

  36. Having lived in NOVA, a few minutes away from Redskin Park, for the past 25 years I can attest that Parkers comments are spot on!

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