Brad Nessler calls new NFL Network partner Mike Mayock “a star”

It wasn’t long ago that Mike Mayock was well-regarded as a draft analyst by hard-core NFL fans but largely unknown beyond football obsessives. Now Mayock is becoming one of the most prominent people in the football business, and he sounded on a conference call today like he’s a little shocked that just being a guy who likes talking football has turned into a successful career.

“I love talking football — it doesn’t matter if I’m at the dinner table or down the street with my buddies,” Mayock said. “But to me there’s nothing like doing a live game. . . . I can’t believe they pay me to do live games. It’s mind boggling. My father was a coach for 45 years and he calls me Jesse James without a gun. He says, ‘You’re stealing money, son.’ And he’s right. I’m blessed to call games for a living.”

Mayock’s new on-air partner, Brad Nessler, said he views sitting next to Mayock in the booth as an honor.

“Mike and I have known each other a long time and worked a few games together back in the day,” Nessler said. “Everyone uses the term ‘rising star’ with Mike. I think he’s always been a star, but people are letting him do his thing now.”

For Mayock, doing his thing means, in his words, “A football telecast that answers all the questions.” Mayock hopes he’s helping to illuminate the game for fans who are already knowledgeable but want to know more.

“I start with a fundamental approach,” Mayock said. “I think football is the greatest game on earth, especially on television. And if you respect the game, I think the viewer will appreciate the telecast.”

NFL Network has confirmed that it first made the decision to make Mayock the color commentator for its package of prime time games, then went looking for the play-by-play man who could do the best job alongside Mayock. After considering several other broadcasters, they picked Nessler — perhaps in part because he realizes that Mayock is the star of the show.

But Mayock doesn’t talk like a star. He talks like a football fan who’s thrilled that he gets to be a fan for a living.

“If you told me 10 months ago that I’d be calling Notre Dame games, followed by an NFL playoff game on NBC, followed by NFL Network offering me this package,” Mayock said. “I would probably inquire as to your hallucinogenic choices.”

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  1. “My father was a coach for 45 years and he calls me Jesse James without a gun. He says, ‘You’re stealing money, son.’”


    The same can be said about many players in the league.

  2. I thought Mike Mayock did an awesome job during the draft. It seemed like he was carrying the whole braodcast on his shoulders. Adios, Mel Kiper Jr, there’s a new sherriff in town.

  3. Mayock should be a star. The guy knows football like no other and works hard at it. Couple that with his enthusiasm and likability, you can’t beat him.

  4. Not sure what took NFL Network so long to get Mayock in the booth but I’m happy considering there’s no Millen, Collinsworth, Theisman or Gumble. Now if they actually have games to televise…

  5. “If you told me 10 months ago that I’d be calling Notre Dame games, followed by an NFL playoff game on NBC, followed by NFL Network offering me this package,” Mayock said. “I would probably inquire as to your hallucinogenic choices.”

    Wrong Mike……anything the NFL Network does other then offering you the most face time possible on their Network would make me question THEIR hallucinogenic choices.

    You’re the best in the business.

  6. Mayock is a steaming pile of dung.

    He has zero credibility and zero integrity.

    Mayock is in bed with certain agents and owners that get him to slant his views to benefit his pals.

  7. Gus Johnson’s reaction to Nessler getting the gig..”OHHHHH MYYY!! I WAS HEADED FOR PAYDIRT WITH THIS GIG AND NESSLER COMES OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

  8. Kiper Jr. has been a captain obvious wishy washy sham for years. Mayock is TRULY the ONLY guy when it comes to draft analysis, imo. He makes bold statements of judgement (unlike the aforementioned Kiper, who stays between the lines so he can say he was right all too often) and his judgements have panned out in reality many times over. I’ve been an “only mayock” guy for the last few years certainly when it comes to wanting to hear draft analysis. Glad to see he is getting his due recognition. (And he’s done a great job on minimizing/correcting his lisp too!) Props, Mayock. You are the truth.

  9. He does an amazing job with the Vikings’ pre-season games, he has been in the the football business for a long time and he sure as hell knows a lot more than Matt Millen. It’s only fitting he gets a shot at calling games.

  10. And it was my boy “prosb4hos” who turned me on to him, so props to him too!

  11. Love Mayock as a talent evaluator, but it doesn’t tranlsate to the booth. Try this the first Thursday night game this coming season. (if there is one) Take a shot every time he refers to someone as “one of the most underrated players in the game”. You won’t make it to the second half.

  12. BENH999, yes, you are among the few. He is a great football mind, very knowledgeable, and one of the best out there doing it. I don’t see any problem at all with his speech. He does an amazing job. Hell, if Corey Chavous took speech lessons you would be hearing him everywhere. That guy knows his stuff (Vikings fans remember when he was on either ESPN or NFLN when the Vikings drafted Troy Williamson and the show had him on as an analyst. He was not happy about the pick and at the time said how bad a pick it was…and was right).

    Glad to see Mike Mayock getting the respect he deserves, and I hope he doesn’t get poached by BSPN (not a typo)

  13. Over/Under on times said during telecasts:

    “kid” = 287

    “natural bender” = 13

    “good feet” = 6 (during Jets telecast = 27)

    “dancing bear” = 3

    “hand in the ground” = 7

    “stiff hips” = 12

  14. Mike Mayock is my favorite person in football. More than my favorite team’s QB, coach, or front office personnel.

    He increases my enjoyment of the game 10 fold.

  15. I think Mayock may be the only guy in broadcasting that no one can say a single thing bad about.

  16. I like Mayock. He seems to know his stuff, and to that one poster, I guess I’m missing something, because I haven’t noticed any problem with Mayock’s speech.

    But I will come clean here; I would even go with Daffy Duck or Elmer Fudd over Theisman. When he did a game, I put the TV on mute. He’s that unbearable.

  17. Mayock is in bed with certain agents and owners that get him to slant his views to benefit his pals.
    You know, if I didn’t observe Mayock’s behavior this past draft season, I would question you but being from the outside looking into the NFL world for the first time , I can see where you are coming from.

    Mayock was so focused on praising the athletes who were all from the same agent that it became obvious when he was intentionally downplaying the talents of the other QBs to help his favorite. That level of bias cannot be overlooked nor should be tollerated. Especially when it’s your job to analyze a game or player fairly.

    God knows I got sick and tire of the tongue bathing given to certain QBs and their teams during last season’s NFL with some of the sports pundants or whatever they call themselves. I had to mute some of the games because of that level of bias..Sheesh.

  18. Good for him. He is a hard worker who really does his homework on players and has a true passion for what he does. He says it how he thinks it is and he is very knowledgeable about the game of football. Congrats Mike!

  19. I love Mayock. His colour commentary on the Saints Seahawks playoff game was fantastic, he’ll be a great addition.

    “GET OWF ME!”

  20. @hate……I see how that conspiracy between Mayock and Condon got Blaine Gabbert taken ahead of Newton and Locker. You sure called that one. All along I thought you were full of crap.

  21. At least Mayock is inpartial to the teams that are playing. I WANT UNBIASED ANNOUNCERS. On CBS you have Jim Nantz who my as well be the home commentator for the Patriots,and his crush on Tom Brady!!!!! I thought he was going to cry when they lost in the playoffs last year!!

  22. Mayock is a clown when it comes to play by play. his lisp is annoying and everything he ever talks about eventually leads back to a conversation about himself or something he though and said previously. Plus, half of what he says while commentating is technically incorrect when it comes to players and schemes he is watching. He considers himself an expert on every player and every team. A good commentator knows that is not possible.

  23. Too bad because I liked Bob Papa, but at least they didn’t go back to the human sleeping pill, Bryant Gumbel!

  24. As for hith lithp, it’th thtill more tolerable than putting up with the other idiotth before him.

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