Cowboys tackle Colombo has $500,000 roster bonus coming

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The Dallas Cowboys used the ninth overall pick in the draft on USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith.

And they’re probably going to show his predecessor the door.

According to FOX Sports’ Adam Caplan, incumbent Cowboys right tackle Marc Colombo is due a $500,000 roster bonus over the next few months. Add that $500k to Colombo’s $1.9 million base salary, and it’s probably too much for a backup offensive lineman coming off a dismal season.

The Cowboys should be able to retain left tackle Doug Free because he’s a tendered restricted free agent per 2010 uncapped year rules. Free and Smith will be the starters.

The organization is also high on 2010 sixth-round pick Sam Young, who could move into a “swing” tackle role behind Free and Smith. Former third-round pick Robert Brewster is another reserve option.

Colombo and free agent Alex Barron, who held the swing role last year, aren’t expected back.

16 responses to “Cowboys tackle Colombo has $500,000 roster bonus coming

  1. Is this the ‘Must make X Cowboys posts per day’ quota filler?

    Why is this headline news. Lots of players are owed bonuses they’re never going to see.

  2. Thanks for the years Marc.

    On another note it blows my mind how obsessed this country is with bashing Romo. He has nothing to do with this article. He wins a lot and has the #4 all-time passer rating. IF he hasn’t won any super bowls by the END of his career, be my guess to bash away. But alas, I’m not stupid, here comes the haters…

  3. A RT is not the problem get a QB that can go all the way the season is 16 games and he must win a lot of them he should be the head of the class get one.

  4. I’m afraid the years and the injuries have exacted their revenge. Columbo has been a true warrior. I wish him well, but doubt that he can perform up to the contract. Vaya con dios.

    As to our buddy tombradyswig; so, you would rather have Kitna than Romo. Thank you for illustrating in precise terms why you aren’t running an NFL franchise. On a side note, it was nice of your parents to run internet down to the basement for you.

  5. So how does the lockout affect this? If they are locked out, they can’t cut him? If they can’t cut him, do they owe him regardless? Will there be a bunch of these cases tied up in the courts for years?

  6. I was going to post something lame about how Colombo could put the money in his trenchcoat, but y’all are too busy bashing Gomer to even notice. Oh well. It’s a backlink, innit?

  7. @namedonam

    They owe him the $500K within 15 days of the start of the league year. Most of the roster bonuses are tied to the start of the league year or Training Camp. Lockout =no start to the league year.

  8. @namedonam…roster bonuses are usually due on a certain day within the new league year (the 10th day of the league year, etc). I’m sure Dallas will cut Colombo before the bonus is due…he’ll never see the money.

  9. Here’s a story PFT failed to report in the midst of the CONSTANT Cowboys bashing…they’re having team workouts, too. And, guess who organized those workouts…ROMO. Guess what else…according to the Dallas Morning News, they had over 40 players show up. That’s more participation than the Saints and your man crush Drew Brees. Of course I understand if you’re more interested in Dez Bryant’s pants or Tony’s golf swing. But please, for the sake of “journalistic integrity” (ever heard of it?) don’t let the TRUTH ever get in the way of a good headline.

  10. TONY ROMO.

    He can organize and run a team workout AND then go play a couple rounds of golf.

    He’s just better than you.

    Isn’t it maddening?

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