Gus Johnson out at CBS

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Earlier today, many were surprised to learn that Mike Mayock will be joined not by Gus Johnson but by Brad Nessler in the NFL Network broadcast booth.

But there’s an even bigger surprise, courtesy of Richard Deitsch of  Johnson, a high-energy announcer who calls NFL and NCAA basketball games, has left CBS after the network and Johnson couldn’t work out a new deal.

Deitsch reports, citing unnamed industry sources, that Johnson has discussed possible employment with FOX Sports in its college football coverage.  Surely, FOX would consider Johnson for its Sunday NFL slate of games, and pretty much any other sport FOX televises.

The move comes at a time when Johnson’s star has continued to rise, and it’s possible he wanted more money and/or a larger profile than CBS would or could provide.  With Jim Nantz entrenched as the voice of CBS, Johnson could rise only so far.  Whether he’ll rise (and fire) even higher with another network remains to be seen.

UPDATE:  Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News reports that Johnson still could work out a new deal with CBS.

64 responses to “Gus Johnson out at CBS

  1. Good, I was never a fan and never understood what was so special about him sensationalizing simple moments. It’s good in a little dose but when the most simple play get’s the TMZ treatment by Gus I usually switched the channel.

  2. I know a lot of you Madden players are going to put dirt on Gus, but I love the way he calls games.

    They way over did it in Madden; I could see why so many Madden players are sick of him!

    Hopefully Fox picks him up and drops Sam Rosen.

  3. Go to Fox and add what to their football package? The Sunday football show is solid and calling games he would be #3 at best. I’m like CBS, dont see him as a # 1 guy.

  4. Gus Johnson is much better at calling college basketball than Jim Nantz. Younger viewers probably like Johnson even more than I do. CBS is making a mistake.

  5. good, he sucked at calling the MMA fights and was akward interviewing fighters after the fights. He had no clue about fighting.

  6. What bigtime network would he be the #1 play-by-play. At FOX and CBS, the top two teams are entrenched (although I guess he could replace Kenny Albert on FOX), and NBC only has one real team. ESPN probably offers the most room for growth, but doesn’t have the huge exposure in the sports he usually calls (football – he’s not replacing Tirico I don’t think).

  7. Gotta be honest, I am not saddened by this in the least…Gus was too “high energy” for my taste. I am sure there are people out there that loved Gus, and for those people, this kind of thing sucks, he just wasnt my cup of tea when watching football.

  8. Gus Johnson got a double-screw!!!

    First from NFL Network; then CBS!!!
    It’s a damn shame when the man that people want has to play 4th fiddle to boring, old Jim Nantz!!!

    If he gets a better job elsewhere I am rooting for him to give networks that dismissed his talent the big screw!!!!

  9. I can only pray that this is the end of Gus Johnson. He is THE WORST ANNOUNCER IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS. I hate announcers who scream during Texans/Bills games. There’s nothing to scream about, Gus. Just shut up. Nobody’s going crazy because the 15 seed just cut the lead to 12 with 2 minutes left in the NCAA Tournament.

    Good riddance.

    i hate fox’s coverage and how the NFC East has the national game every week.
    WHY, CBS!?!?!?!?

  11. I can’t say for sure that this is an ego move and on who’s part but it had to be clear during last season that they and Gus’s agent were far off in terms of estimating his value.

    Gus was doing BW3, Madden (two products I avoid but respect their clout) and was responsible for the most famous call of the season, the Mike Thomas Hail Mary. While he is the overwhelming fan favorite, CBS gave him no NFL playoff games, still picking Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf over him.

  12. This cat is the goods….it’s really a shame, as Jim Nance is really annoying–leave him on golf and that’s all in my mind, being that he really seems like a suck-up.

    I’ve watched more than a handful of games because Gus was the Play-by-play man…

  13. I used to really, really hate when Gus Johnson called Texans games. Eventually, though, he became my favorite on CBS. The guy just loves what he does and it bleeds in to every word.

  14. oh no Gus was cut by CBS. Well now that he is a free agent maybe he can be picked up by another team. Since Mayock got traded to NFL Network hopefully his odds of getting picked up are slim there. Hopefully with the RFA market will allow CBS to not have to draft anyone and pick something up there. REALLY?? This is how we are spending free agency. C’mon I dont know how much more of this crap I can take.

  15. cbs executives obviously have a major infestation of the dumba$$ virus if they let gus johnson go!
    he’ll end up on fox on sunday!better yet,fire chris collingsworth and replace him with gus!

  16. I can think of a few guys he can replace at Fox..Joe Buck, Sam Rosen, Ron Pitts. I can just hear him now “LETS GO TO THE HALFTIME CREW!! CURT, TERRY,HOWIE.MICHAEL,JIMMY..TAKE IT AWAY!!!”

  17. I absolutely feel this guy is the worst NFL announcer because he’s a sensationalist. You can tell he is in love with his voice and he just goes way over the top. Wish he would tone it down, but you know he 100% believes he is where he is today because he is an “entertainer”. Don’t like the guy – PHONY.

  18. Gus Johnson=awesome i just love his commentary anyway any one other than Joey Sunshine and his crew on Monday nights damn they were awful

  19. Fox needs to hire this guy in a hurry for NFL and make him their #1 guy. I hate watching NFC games with that monotone robot…excuse me, I mean Joe Buck. If not Fox, Monday Night Football could use him. He was seriously underutilized. Does he still do MMA?

  20. Boy CBS can’t get anything right can they, toolsheds… Jim Nance is the most boring announcer in the history of broadcasting… Gus Johnson could make chess match exciting. “HE”S PUTTING HIM IN CHECK, HA HA HA”…

  21. Gus Johnson needs to make friends with the richest guy in the world, create his own network, and then outbid every other network so he can call the games for every sport possible. Him and Bill Walton.

  22. Its not like he’s out of a job. He still employed by the Big Ten Network, and if you connect the dots, the BTN is owned by Fox, Fox should have a spot for him. He should easily replace Chris Rose.

    Most likely, TNT Sports would replace Marv Albert with Gus for March Madness games.

    I can’t see Gus overtaking Harlan and Marv doing NBA games.

  23. Gus Johnson has become the biggest free agent in sports media ever. I think he will go to FOX and probably do some college and pro football and Baseball again hopefully getting rid of Joe Buck.

  24. Dude is annoying w/ all the high pitched yelling.

    I can’t stand him and am very glad he’s not on TNF. I’d mute it if he was on.

    I also can’t stand Ross Tucker at all – guy is like 30 years old and talks like he knows everything.

    His opinions generally are terrible although he seems kindhearted.

  25. Good. Louder is NOT better.

    Give me an informed play-by-play guy who doesn’t make himself bigger than the game. Gus is dumbed-down sports at its worst. Cannot stand him.

    Don’t buy into the hype. Gus is a trend, nothing more. An empty – loud – trend.

  26. He’ll be on Fox doing football, I have no doubt. What stinks is that he won’t be on NCAA March Madness, where those games were tailor-made for him and his talents. The one thing I can’t help but think about is that guys like the awful Joe Buck, boring as hell Jim Nantz, and way past his prime Al Michaels never have any contract troubles. Yet, Gus’ does just as his star is rising. Buck, Nantz, and Michaels are white, and Gus isn’t. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out the whole story.

  27. Good for CBS for not letting Gus ruin any playoff games last year. Nantz is better. So is Gumbel (not Bryant).

    But Gus is popular. So is Lil Wayne.

    ’nuff said.

  28. Gus Johnson can make and boring game exciting, this is the guy who should be doing monday night football. Trico is so boring. I used to like the guys who did espm sunday night football, I dont know his name but he was the lead guy not mcgwire or thiesman the other guy.
    He was really good and had a good voice..
    Gus Johnson is a huge raider fan by the way so all u people who like him that should get u mad.
    He used to have season tickets and he has a raider tattoo

  29. The epitome of making the game about him. That said, he’s still better than Joe Buck.

  30. CBS announcers suck period with the worst being their number one crew in Nantz and Simms! Nantz is such a Patriots and Brady fluffer and Simms loves Belichick,so watching them is like watching a Patriot affiliate station!Nantz roots for the Pats in his call!! I HATE NANTZ!!! Then theres Dierdorf and Gumble. Gumble looks like he has SOUL GLOW on but that’s just from Dierdorf spraying him throughout the game! Man, I miss the old NBC announcers like Charlie Jones,Dick Enberg, Merlin Olsen,Don Criqui and Bob Trumpy!

  31. I’ll take Gus over Moose and Goose any day. If I have to here them make that joke about what happens at the bottom of fumble recovery piles one more time, I’m done with football.


    Wont miss him a bit……his act became more and more forced and irritating – obviously his “cult like” following went straight to his head.

    Seemed like he put pandering and performing for his fans before announcing the game.

  33. Gus is better that Nantz, Buck, Michaels, Tirico aka all the major #1’s. He’s still young for his profession, matter of time before he calls a Super Bowl.

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