Newsome doesn’t rule out Jared Gaither returning to Ravens


Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome conducted a conference call with season-ticket holders on Wednesday night.  Among other things, Newsome said that tackle Jared Gaither could be back in 2011.

“If we operate under the 2010 rules,” Newsome said, per Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun, “we would still have Jared Gaither. . . .  He’d get a chance to come back and start also.”

Gaither was moved last year from the left side to the right side.  He showed up for camp lighter than expected, and back trouble eventually resulted in his placement on injured reserve, without playing in a single game, preseason or regular season.

It’s believed that Gaither would compete with third-round draft pick Jah Reid at right tackle, with Michael Oher staying put on the left side.

Newsome also said that the team will be looking for a pass rusher, a backup quarterback, and a fullback once free agency begins.

8 responses to “Newsome doesn’t rule out Jared Gaither returning to Ravens

  1. I don’t see why you wouldn’t bring Gaither back if we play under the 2010 rules where he would be restricted. He’s a great tackle at either side, he just needs to get his head on straight

  2. If his head is on straight , I actually prefer him to Oher on the Left. Thats a pretty big If(OK HUGE IF) though with gaither. Mix in Jah Reid in the Jumbo package for a year and thats some major bigNbeefy for Rice to hide behind until the hole opens up.

  3. The reason you don’t bring Gaither back is that he is a major league turd who has no heart. There is a significant chance that he will sign a contract for a few million and then go on IR again with supposed back pain. That way he can go home, wake and bake and practice his cooking which is a hobby that means more to him then football.

  4. he played better the Oher on the left side, never say never

    unless its Tiki Barber

  5. I don’t see Gaither ever getting the left tackle starting role, or any starting role, actually. He’s a guy with a poor work ethic and now more importantly with major chronic back issues severe enough to make him sit out an entire season. That’s not the kind of guy you can build a line around. You keep him for depth, and try to milk some plays out of him to rest the other guys, hopefully without sending him back to IR. Back issues aren’t like a torn ACL. You don’t sit out a year and come back to prior form. These things permanently linger. My bet is that an inexperienced Reid beats out an ailing Gaither for the starting role, but that Gaither nudges out someone like Cousins and manages to stay on the roster. But the Ravens fans who think Gaither is going to come roaring back and be the starter probably haven’t had much exposure to back issues.

    As for playing right versus left, although Gaither of several years ago was the better left tackle, that isn’t the Gaither we have now. And the Ravens consistently have indicated that they think Oher is a natural left tackle, and see him playing there permanently. Gaither isn’t going to get a shot at the job unless Oher gets hurt.

    @hokiez – Taylor was drafted more as a project, so if there are other affordable options I suspect the Ravens will line up some veteran backup QB to hold a clipboard like Bulger did.

  6. They may think Oher is natural Blind Side guy, but if Gaither is able to play (I have had back surgery so I don’t mean fully healthly) just able to go. Oher is one Troy P sack away from moving back to the right for good. Oher may be natural in skill on that side, but it is an extremely important mental position. Gaither has a size advantage which can make up for a missed first step.

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