Rashard Mendenhall loses endorsement deal with Champion


The athletic apparel company Champion has decided it no longer wants to be associated with Rashard Mendenhall, days after Mendenhall wrote on Twitter that he didn’t believe hijacked planes caused the collapse of the World Trade Center, and that people shouldn’t celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden.

“Earlier this week, Rashard Mendenhall, who endorses Champion products, expressed personal comments and opinions regarding Osama bin Laden and the September 11 terrorist attacks that were inconsistent with the values of the Champion brand and with which we strongly disagreed,” the company said in a statement, via Michael McCarthy of USA Today. “In light of these comments, Champion was obliged to conduct a business assessment to determine whether Mr. Mendenhall could continue to effectively communicate on behalf of and represent Champion with consumers. While we respect Mr. Mendenhall’s right to express sincere thoughts regarding potentially controversial topics, we no longer believe that Mr. Mendenhall can appropriately represent Champion and we have notified Mr. Mendenhall that we are ending our business relationship.”

It’s commendable that Champion noted in its statement that Mendenhall has a right to express his beliefs. No one can take away Mendenhall’s First Amendment right to make the comments he made.

But when you’re a celebrity endorser, your ability to do that job effectively is directly related to how much people like you. People just don’t like Mendenhall very much right now, and therefore it’s no surprise that a company doesn’t want its products associated with him.

Mendenhall took a step in the right direction when he offered an apology this week and attempted to expand upon his beliefs that celebrating the death of anyone is wrong. But Mendenhall has still not backed away from (or even explained) the bizarre 9/11 conspiracy theory tweet that he later deleted. That tweet was offensive to many, and it should serve as a cautionary tale to other professional athletes about how easy it is to lose an endorsement in 140 characters.

205 responses to “Rashard Mendenhall loses endorsement deal with Champion

  1. This shows that twitter for athletes produces little positive effects:

    1. You say something positive/thoughtful on twitter – You don’t make news at all

    2. You say something like this on twitter – Sports Media is all over you and you can potentially lose your job. (or in this case an endorsement)

    Its a one way street.

  2. Champion?

    Seriously? They have athletes endorsing their products still?

    Oh no, does that mean he won’t be there when a new KMart opens in my town?

    Oh well, no one else will be either.

  3. Good! Should of put his brain in motion before opening his mouth. Apology is too late. He’s done.

  4. Good for Champion. Dumping Retard Mendanhall was a solid move. Now if only his other endorsements would follow suit, perhaps this idiot would learn to shut his mouth and play the game.

  5. Fortunately for Mendenhall, he just signed a new endorsement deal with Chock-Full-O-Nuts coffee.

  6. does everyone need an endorsement deal? who cared what the guy thought before this?

  7. Technically speaking, if one is Christian or deeply spiritual, one should not celebrate someone’s death, no matter how vile he is. Not being religious, I celebrated Osama bin Laden’s death wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, I totally understand the point Rashard was trying to make. And to be frank, there ARE a lot of unanswered questions about 9/11. But I just don’t think it’s wise for a celebrity/professional athlete to spout off about this stuff on twitter. It can, ahem, lose you valuable endorsement deals.

  8. Mendenhall certainly isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack…..in fact, players should be cut based on stupidity…LMAO

  9. What can we expect from some of these players, some just don’t get it, he sure has spent his time with the FOX, there is no cure for stupid. Bill

  10. Well obviously Mendenhall majored in Engineering. Either that or he’s one of those people who thinks that if you hear something in a youtube video it must be true. Regardless of what any critical analysis of that source has to say.

  11. Most companies would just say, ” We feel its best to part ways.” champion basically aid you’re an idiot and we disagree with what you said. Adios. Good for champion.

  12. Good for Champion. I WILL buy their products. I like companies that will stand up and be counted when dea,ing with boobs like Mendenhall.

  13. Shut up moron and play football. Nobody cares about your assinine beliefs.

    I hope Ray Lewis breaks your other shoulder.

  14. GOOD!!!!!……now maybe Rashard and of these other idiot athletes with sponsors will learn to think before they speak. You can’t use the race card on this one either….your big mouth got you in trouble!

  15. As a die hard Steelers fan, Mendenhall’s apology didn’t cut it. I wasn’t offended that he questioned people celebrating bin Laden’s death. But that’s all that he apologized for.

    His tweets, besides being ignorant, also showed arrogance. I am glad that Champion is dropping him and hope the Steelers do to.

    In his apology he also referred to the killing of bin Laden as murder, which would mean an unlawful killing. I wonder if he believes that the Navy Seals who carried out the mission and the President who ordered the mission are responsible for murder.

  16. I guess someone who doesn’t like to celebrate death isn’t considered a role model…

  17. open mouth and insert foot!!!!! i use to feel sorry for the steelers not winning the superbowl.but now im glad hes not a world champion!!!!

  18. Maybe he can pick up the gig as official NFL spokesman for Al Qaeda. It may not pay as much but is more suited to his intelligence level.

  19. Maybe mendelhall can sign an agreement with 3M to showcase tape. Around his mouth that is.

  20. That’s the only way idiots learn, and even that isn’t guaranteed.

  21. 9/11 Press for Truth –
    Out of the grieving thousands left behind on September 11th, a small group of activist families emerged to demand answers. In 9/11 Press For Truth, six of them (including three of the famous “Jersey Girls”) tell for the first time the powerful story of how they took on the powers in Washington—and won!—compelling an investigation, only to subsequently watch the 9/11 Commission fail in answering most of their questions.

    Loose Change Final Cut –
    Loose Change Final Cut is the third installment of the documentary that asks the tough questions about the 9/11 attacks and related events.
    This movie hopes to be the catalyst for a new independent investigation, in which the family members receive answers to their questions, and the TRUE PERPETRATORS of this horrendous crime are PROSECUTED and PUNISHED.

  22. he earned it

    but the real question is why did they endorse him in the first place? 2,439 rush yards 3 years…

  23. What an absolutely stupid decision by Champion. Are people really this stupid that they would find his views on this ‘offensive’?

    Offensive would be if he said he was glad it happened. He didn’t.

    Seriously, morons.

  24. Freedom Of Speech gives this moron the right to say what he wants without our Gov. arresting him. But he has to deal with all the consequences of what he says…..

    This might be a blessing for Mendenhall. Without the Champion deal. He now has more time to investigate these conspiracies visible to all great thinkers like himself. The Twin Towers, Elvis, the Illuminati, the real killer or killers of Nicole Brown Simpson, big-foot, and the tooth fairy, the faked landing on the moon and what ever others that are out there….

    Forget the picture of a dead O.B.L. I rather see a pic of Mendenhall wearing his tin foil hat to ward off the mind controling radio waves our government unleashes on the unsuspecting populous……

  25. Consequences. That half-arse apology that someone else crafted for him doesnt pass the mustard. Hurt him in his pocket and I hope more of his endorser’s take this step. Maybe then he will see that his comments were ill advised and insensitive at the very least. Crazy, ignorance, stupid and Dumb at the most.

  26. Well it’s a shame but this is just the first of many endorsement deals that will be lost. The fact is you have to be a role model, well liked, and make people want to buy a product to get an endorsement deal.

    No one can represent Gatorade from a couch; no one can represent Under Armor if you’re not actually playing a sport. Public comments may get Mendenhall fired; not playing football will make a lot of other guys expendable come regular season. Time to buy some lottery tickets guys, that’s the only unearned money around these days! Well unless you are part of the Royal Family over in England I still can’t figure out what they do! LOL

  27. for the love of God, 9/11 isn’t even listed on Bin Laden’s ‘Most Wanted’ FBI profile cos they admit openly there is no evidence … a simple fact for ignorant clueless sheep to further ignore.

  28. Really??? Corporations actually distance themselves from those who take controversial stances??? This is my “I’m Shocked” face. 😮

  29. Aw, that’s a shame.

    Actually, a “shame” is a busload of Islamic Fundamentalists (terrorists) going over a cliff with 3 empty seats.

    There’s a free speech thing here but there’s also an ignorance thing and a private company like Champion has every right to hire and fire whom they please. I, for one, am going out right now to buy some Champion Brand compact shorts.

    Think about it, Rashard: NFL lockout-no paycheck. Saying something stupid that loses you an endorsement deal-stupid and no paycheck. Osama bin Laden dead from Navy Seal bullet in the eye, removing part of his head: PRICELESS. And none of us care what any Steeler has to say about 9/11.

  30. Good….dumb comments…about time somebody paid for their ignorance in this league…

  31. I may get some thumbs down but as a player you should talk about what you know and say nothing about what you don’t… I am proud that Champions cut him lose.

  32. Too bad for rashad. Thumbs down me all you want. It’s not a bad thing to question authority. too many people believe things which are spoon fed by the media and our government. i posted it on the original and will do it again. youtube: Zeitgeist part II: All the World’s a Stage. Watch it, decide for yourself. Hear from people who lived through it. Firemen on scene, Employees who worked in the towers, scientists who studied the aftermath.

  33. It just astonishes the hell out of me that that someone in Mendenhall’s position would voice to the nation (and the world) an opinion so guaranteed to incite virtually nothing but national wrath.

    Just unbelievable how naive Mendenhall give a green light to himself to “tweet” that to the world.

    Twitter is like a loaded gun with a hair trigger. Put it in the hands of an abject moron – and there will be consequences.

  34. I really do not get why any player thinks the world cares what they have to say about anything — except what happens on the field.

    They never figured out you have to engage brain before opening mouth — way more potential harm than good from doing that stuff.

    These chatty tweeter geniuses would do best to button up.

  35. For all those offended for his comments i do believe he is correct in saying to date the half ass effort by the government to find all parties responsible for this atrocity has been unacceptable at best, especially when you take into account conclusions our gov came to such as: Page 172 of the 911 commission report “To date, the U.S. Government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.”
    Now for me personally it is pretty damn important to me who funded the 9/11 attacks, and i don’t believe its wrong or offensive to demand an independent investigation be done to find all parties responsible.

  36. With a name like Champion I thought you would have to actually win something to endorse a brand that says Champion. Also I didn’t know slaves were endorsed. Guys like Frederick Douglas must have endorsed Cotton. I mean it’s ironic that Mendenhall endoresed a product made from cotton being a slave and all!!!

  37. Cartman: Kyle, why are you so afraid of the truth?!
    Kyle: Because anybody who thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy is a retard!
    Cartman: Oh really? Well did you know that over one-fourth of people in America think that 9/11 was a conspiracy? Are you saying that one-fourth of Americans are retards?
    Kyle: Yes. I’m saying one-fourth of Americans are retards.
    Stan: Yeah, at least one-fourth.
    Let’s take a test sample. There are about 60 comments. The retards are 1buckeye76, nineeleveninsidejob, and captainbuzzkilla.

    Nah, thats much less than one-fourth.

  38. Although I’m a strong advocate of free speech, Americans should be realistic enough to grasp that nothing is really “free.” Sharing their unfiltered thoughts with the public can have unexpected and undesired consequences. Mendenhall has learned that the hard way, and I hope it’s a lesson to all NFL players who have Web sites, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages.

  39. @iDroidX said “Its a one way street”.

    You mean it’s a one way TWEET

  40. Champion, nice. I’m sick of corporate america telling us how to think and feel. I’m going to go sip on some victory wine and consider this revealing of your true colors a hopeful new beginning for the proles.

  41. this is hilarious… a guy makes a twitter comment expressing HIS OPINION on a situation that EVERYONE should have questions about and he’s not only getting slammed for it, but is losing sponsors? Very sad. We have guys getting DUI’s, arrested for drugs, spousal abuse, animal abuse, attacking people alongside their parents, having so many kids they can’t remember their names, yet these guys still have sponsors.

    Mendenhall expresses his opinion – ONE THAT HE IS ENTITLED TO – and we have sponsors dropping him and a thousand and one posts about how he should get cut, kicked out of football etc… and the irony? How many times has Mendenhall been accused of rape, crashed his motor cycle and been suspended by the NFL?

  42. I have a hard time believing that a tweet can bring down an endorsement demolishion style.

    It’s sad that he can’t bring himself to recognize or condemn evil. What will he say next…that Hitler built some good roads?

    Champion was smart to drop him like a hot potato. Unfortunately, Reshard will likely not understand what he did wrong.

  43. Rash caught on with Retread which deals in used athletic wear not deemed suitable for Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

  44. @goawayeverybody
    “Technically speaking, if one is Christian or deeply spiritual, one should not celebrate someone’s death, no matter how vile he is. Not being religious, I celebrated Osama bin Laden’s death wholeheartedly”

    I think you lose the right to speak for/judge Christians with the lines “not being religious.” Osama Bin Laden’s death made the world a better place, so I don’t think there is a conflict of interest there for many Christians who realize what Al Qaeda and the Taliban have done to Christianity, and mankind in general. That being said, this is a football blog, so I want to say that I applaud Champion for this move, and I don’t understand why a middle of the pack runningback like Mendenhall even had an endorsement in the first place.

  45. I saw in al jazeera that Mendenhall just picked up an endorsement from the Taliban for exploding running shoes.

  46. WAIT.

    Why “bizarre” theory??

    Where have you been the past 10 years? Please due your due diligence, it is everywhere on the Web. The number of people inside and outside the US consistently expressing skepticism over the official 9/11 story keeps on growing. Nothing bizarre here. The easier the access to objective and diversified sources of information, the higher the number of doubters. Where do you live exactly? Whether you agree or not has actually little importance, the fact is Mendenhall’s opinion is much more widespread than you would think.

    So why would you call it “bizarre”, unless you wholeheartedly disagreed with him? Mendenhall’s tweet did not refer to a “conspiracy theory” but merely expressed doubts, since when has it become “bizarre” to do so? There used to be a time when Americans cared about the truth and valued those who questioned, right or wrong. Today, they passively absorb loads of information and naively repeat it with little understanding… but even worse is the criticism made of those who don’t. Shame.

    Mendenhall is an elite American athlete and his performance on the field will probably prevent him from suffering much of losing this deal. But you can be sure some idiots will waste their pay buying more of this brand because of this. Who’s the champion, really?

  47. This is unfortunate for Mr. Mendenhall but not unexpected. This is how someone learns responsibility for one’s actions. Champion will have to find someone else to hawk their junk.

    Words matter. Just ask Deb.

  48. The NFL really needs to get back to work. This time last year we were all insulting each other. Look at us now. We just gang up on clueless players, and barely fight amongst ourselves. It’s not right.

  49. Gilbert Gottfried is probably dying to chime in on this story…..

  50. Once again, sports media pressure cause a company to buckle. How sad.

  51. wait, should’nt we wait for Mendenhall’s side of the story before we pass judgement? Oh, we did hear his side of the story and it was weak as OBL using his 16 y/o wife for a body shield.

  52. a) Fact, not a single shred of evidence exists or has ever been published showing any connection between Osama Bin Laden and 9/11

    b) Fact, there is a LOT of evidence showing a connection between specific Saudi Arabians none of which are named Bin Laden.

    Dispute any of the two above facts and you can disagree with Rashard, but you cant.

  53. watch the theory on youtube presented by expert engineers from all over the world before u judge his reason to think its a conspiracy. it’ll convince anyone with a brain.
    Good for him. speak ur mind dont let a lame endorsement from champion (which no one wears) take ur freedom of speech away.

    fun fact osama killed more than 3000
    US killed more than 10,000 in their effort to find him.
    two evils dont deem a worthy celebration

  54. Interesting that they actually said what the reason was and mentioned the comments instead of just saying something vague about it being a business decision or something. Probably hoping to get a little positive publicity.

  55. Stuff like this bothers me. Mendenhall gets villianized because he said some things that most people wouldn’t agree with, but it’s not like he’s being hateful towards anyone, and it’s not like he killed or hurt anyone. If you disagree with somebody, that’s fine, but let’s villainize the real villains out there, please.

  56. Good job Champion..! Bout time companies cut ties with guys who make idiot statements, or actions. Too many look the other way, or make excuses for famous personalities. I just bought some Champion boxers.

  57. I’d like to reach out to Rashard right now and offer him the opportunity to endorse MichaelEdits.com. I can’t pay you any money, my man, but I can clean up your blog’s English grammar for no charge. Call me.

  58. so i guess instead of Hanoi Jane it’s now Kabul Rashard? I think people are a little over the top with the Mendenhall hate. What he said was stupid but clearly what he meant is that death is never a celebration and we were extremely upset that the arab countries were breaking out in celebration over people dying in the WTC, and now in his opinion thats what we are doing. Now of course the logic is completely flawed because Osama Bin Laden is a mass murderer and a militant combatant and the people in the WTC were completely innocent and had nothing to do with any foreign policy.

  59. I hope it was worth it dummy.

    All this because you wanted to get your peeps to #think.

  60. Why dont some journalist ask him what he thinks brought down the towers? I’m very curious what his response would be.

  61. At least this post motivated the far left nut jobs, conspiracy crack pots, and the bleeding hearts that think mendenhall is a martyr or somehow even noble , to come out and spout more jibberish.

    Now THATS entertainment.

  62. I’m actually a little shocked that Mendenhall wanted the Champion endorsement to begin with.

    Mendenhall was part of the whole “We are slaves working for the owners” thing yet I’m pretty sure that there is a lot of cotton in Champion’s products. Plus garments and apparel usually are made overseas in sweat shops!

    I guess it’s ok to endorse products made of cotton just not to pick cotton! Then again if you endorse products with cotton, and profit from them don’t you kinda give up the high ground on the explotation issue?

    Mr. Mendenhall now that is a better example of modern day slavery, poor woorkers in third world countries working in sweat shops making products that you get paid to that’s right endorse! I bet you didn’t loose any sleep over cashing those checks!

  63. Maybe he can dedicate his first fumble of the season to commerate the way Bin Laden was dropped into ocean and do it same fashion.

  64. It’s a shame he doesn’t play for the Raven’s because then Ray Lewis could show how if you preach enough God talk everyone will forget your faults…like say, if you murdered someone.

  65. i’m gonna go buy something from Champion.
    I’m gonna buy a case of something from Champion. Twitter and athletes is like water and oil. They don’t mix and they never will.

  66. lbijake says:
    May 5, 2011 11:44 PM
    Typical of the Steelers and their pansy fans.

    I remember you ! The one always picked last at kickball. Yep, mamma always had your mittens pinned to your sleeves. You put the “P” in Pansy. You have become a DB and I don’t mean defensive back.

  67. Actions have consequences!

    You now know how Osama felt when the Seals cornered him and he tossed his wife at’em.

    Two different levels, but a good lesson anyhow.

  68. Isn’t freedom of speech great? We get to watch people open mouth & insert foot, then we get to watch the consequences of same everyone else’s reactions to aforementioned foot insertion. I’ll bet Mr. Mendenhall is saying OOPS right about now. GOD Bless America and our troops.

  69. I think it’s really sick that Mendenhall’s comments created a bigger firestorm among Steelers fans than Ben Roethlisberger RAPING TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

    That just tells you the pond scum that Steelers fans are.

  70. Who still wears champion anyway…. LMAO, the company will be bankrupted in a few years anyway….

  71. denverhighrize says:
    May 5, 2011 11:49 PM
    It’s a shame he doesn’t play for the Raven’s because then Ray Lewis could show how if you preach enough God talk everyone will forget your faults…like say, if you murdered someone.

    You’re an idiot.. What does Ray Lewis have to do with this situation???? Maybe you should study some GOD talk and his word, so you won’t be a lost soul.. Don’t hate on Ray Lewis becuase he is an enlightened person, hate yourself for being an idiot… It’s 2011, get over the past.

  72. Good start. Champion should continue this display of patriotism by manufacturing some of their clothing in the United States instead of in Asia and South America.

  73. Just another dumb ignorant rich person who has nothing else to do in his spare time. You’d also be surprised who is Muslim in this country and is extreme. I’m just saying!!

  74. “At least this post motivated the far left nut jobs, conspiracy crack pots, and the bleeding hearts that think mendenhall is a martyr or somehow even noble , to come out and spout more jibberish.”

    What are you talking about? There’s zero evidence of that. Truthers are just insane people, apolitical as they distrust the gov’t.

    But don’t let the reality get in the way of your Bizarro World Rant. Like how Obama is soft on terror and how the demise of Don’t Ask would turn units like the Seals into 1940 Frenchmen.

    Only religious whackjobs (who comprise the GOP base) are showing some kind of conflict over any of this.

    It’s a shame your partisan hackery can’t allow you to fully enjoy the man who directed 9/11.

    I hope, one day, you will allow yourself to be happy about this. Sorry we didn’t wait until 2016 to kill him, when a Republican President may have been at the helm. Get over it.

    PS – credit to the last 2 admins, this is a day we call all be happy. The end of a 10 year process.

  75. Uh…the death of the man who, ya know, directed 9/11.

    I was in shock about the premise of that dope’s comment. Caused me to mis-type!

  76. crucify the truth! everybody believe exactly what the government tells you! even after the dollar collapses and bread is $100 a loaf! why invest a dime in this country for our people when we can invade every sovereign nation in the world and murder billions! more mass murder! more mass murder! USA! USA! USA! *barfs*

  77. Rashard may not endorse any products for champions and I wont be buying anything from champions. It works both ways.

    You have went from Champions to chumpions and wont be getting a dime from me.
    They dont have good products anyways.

  78. Rashard Mendenhall didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not the problem, the real problem in this country is these fake “patriots” that take our government’s word at face value. You act like they’ve never lied to us before. See ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ incident.

  79. Laughing hard @ all the ass-clowns who, upon seeing this shameless piece of corporate marketing from Champion, immediately vowed to go and ‘buy something from Champion’.

    They expolited this situation just like Michael Vick.

    Its amazing that people can be THIS dumb and still manage to function day-to-day.

  80. Note to self: Add Champion to my list of do not buy their crap. What’s bizarre is a building coming down like it was demolished when it wasn’t even hit by an airplane. If you people don’t think that’s at least questionable you are mindless loons. But then most of you are so damn ignorant you probably don’t even know other buildings came down besides the twin towers. And I just drove six hours on some really crappy freeways. Our infrastructure is collapsing because we’ve spent billions in Iraq for what a Navy Seal unit could have done, money that we could have used to fix our roads and bridges thanks to dumb ass Bush.

  81. Wow…. losing endorsements for comments aimed at not being a monster like the one we just killed.

    Do any of you morons calling him Retard and stupid realize that the only thing he was saying is that we should not celebrate his death. Celebrating a vicious and evil mans death is still not justified by Christian values. That being said, we should all be thankful that such a man no longer lives. We should then move on and not treat it as a celebration because then we become monsters just like the monster we killed.

    Wake up people and be human, after all his death won’t bring back any of the lives that he took. It only gives us all a feeling that justice was served.

  82. Another example of corporate America keeping its ‘citizens’ in line. Next up: Ron Paul is removed from office for criticizing Obama.

  83. I guess if the Steelers ever visit the flight 93 crash site again, Mendenhall will be dusting for George Bush’s fingerprints.

    What a nutball.

  84. Trump and Mendenhall seem to be losing stock at about the same rate, lately.

    Was it yesterday that the Indianapolis 500 booted Trump for pretty much the same reason that Champion booted Mendenhall?

    How weird would it be if the GOP primary wound up being a battle between Trump and Mendenhall in the end?

    That would be the Armageddon of all clashes right there: 911 freaks vs. the birthers.

  85. Mr. Smith, you are way out of your league. The piling-on bit is weak and tired. Your ignorance comes off as malicious. For all the dumbcluckers who line up to catch this persistent fetid anal drivel: This means, roughly, dude is a female puppy dog who can’t think past his General Electric strap-on and can’t write for skittle-squeeze.

  86. Champion Sucks.. nobody buys their stuff.. they are just trying to get some much needed publicity.. for those of you that want to get some real Truth about 9/11 visit scholarsfor911truth.org These are leading university professors and experts in engineering, physics and demolition that all disprove the official story.. they are putting their degrees and credentials on the line in the name of TRUTH.. or you can believe popular mechanics. Smh.. better yet the history channel… how about the disney channel..haha

  87. Oh, yeah, and if any of you wincing turd-eaters want a heap of Champion gear I’ll send you a box of shorts free. Won’t even wash ’em, if you like. Free to good Germans.

  88. “friendlylittletrees says:
    May 5, 2011 8:56 PM
    Will he blame this on some sort of conspiracy theory too?”

    Nah. He’ll just play the race card.

  89. @goawayeverybody-You are SO wrong!

    I’m a Christian too. I also am well aware that all Christians do not believe the same as you.

    Westboro Baptist Church members celebrate the death of our American Servicemen. They and many others celebrate the death of Gays. The Bible has many examples of believers of the same God celebrating the deaths of pagans. The Crusades demonstrated a policy of eliminating non-Christians by sending armies to kill them.

    Pat Robertson is always claiming natural disasters that kill thousands are God’s will. So making a blanket statement that all Christians should not celebrate someone’s death is totally wrong.

    God has given us authority to make laws to govern a civil society. That means we have a God given right to protect decent people from mass murderers like Osama bin Laden.

  90. nice article… freedom of speech is our must cherished fundamental right… but you can’t say crazy $hit publicly when you’re getting paid by big inc. com. and corps… still, glad my man exercised his god given right…

  91. That was probably a decent chunk of money that he just lost because of the probable athlete killer—> TWITTER <— When will these guys learn to think before they tweet?? Its like some of these athletes need to hire someone to even chat for them on their twitter account…

  92. All my kids will be getting Champion gear for Christmas this year. My son’s Mendenhall jersey is down at the barn awaiting grease cleanup duty.

  93. He is a young fool ,questionable values obviously,his mamma must be proud.The unmitigated audacity of his use of a public forum to insult our intelligence with a defense of the undefendable is just plain stupidstupidstupid.Bin Laden was the proven boogie-man, and ding-dong the wicked witch is dead.Bullet in the head.

  94. If I were a football player in the public eye like this I wouldn’t even have a twitter account. Maybe I’m old school. It just seems to me that these guys who were smart enough to get through college could see how controversial their opinions can be to the whole world.
    I guess maybe they just feel like they are so important that everyone can’t wait too hear their views on all issues. You would think that they would learn from other celebrities that have gone through this.
    When I look at some of the dumb things that these people continue to do, maybe I’m not as inferior as I thought with only my high school education. I believe in freedom of speech too, but know what to say in public and what not to.

  95. This just in… Rashard Mendenhall learns that men actually CAN judge one another. And, apparently, it really hurts when they judge you are no longer worthy of their near-free money. Let’s all pause in recognition of this brief moment of enlightenment.

  96. Champion has every right to terminate the endorsement deal but come on, how can you not “champion” free speech?

    What the hell has happened to Americans?

    Blind patriotism is a very dangerous thing.

  97. Hopefully, Mendenhall will learn a valuable lesson on accountability from all this.

  98. jpmelon says:
    May 5, 2011 8:52 PM
    i’m gonna go buy something from Champion.

    Agreed. While I did not know he was a spokesperson I love the way Champion has handled this.
    Was planning on a little clothes shoppping this weekend, will definately grab a Champion sweatshirt or something.
    Well done Champion.

  99. Ohhh RASHard, Osama just weighed in with some more of his million murderous schemes; thought you might want to hear MORE of “his side” (if you can read and comprehend); who knows, maybe a Mendhenhall family member could have been on this train and you would then feel a bit differently:

    WASHINGTON – Holed up in a compound in Pakistan, Osama bin Laden was scheming how to hit the United States hard again, according to newly uncovered documents that show al-Qaida plans for derailing an American train on the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    Details of the plan emerged Thursday as some of the first intelligence was gleaned from the trove of information found in bin Laden’s residence when Navy SEALs killed the al-Qaida leader and four of his associates. They took his body and scooped up computers, DVDs and documents from the compound where U.S. officials think he had been living for as long as six years.

    The confiscated materials reveal the rail attack planning as of February 2010. One idea outlined in handwritten notes was to tamper with an unspecified U.S. rail track so that a train would fall off the track at a valley or a bridge. Counterterrorism officials said they believe the plot was only in the initial planning stages, and there is no recent intelligence about any active plan for such an attack. The FBI and Homeland Security issued an intelligence bulletin with details of the plan to law enforcement around the country. The bulletin, marked “for official use only,” was obtained by The Associated Press.

    Other intelligence pulled from the compound represented a terrorist wish list but has revealed no specific plan so far. Some documents indicated a desire to strike the U.S. with large-scale attacks in major cities and on key dates such as anniversaries and holidays. But there never was any sign that those were anything more than ambitions, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the intelligence.

    Even before the raid, intelligence officials for years had warned that al-Qaida was interested in attacking major U.S. cities on prominent dates on the American calendar.

    Monday’s raid by helicopter-borne SEALs was fraught with risk, sensationally bold and a historic success, netting a man who had been on the run for nearly a decade after his terrorist organization pulled off the devastating Sept. 11, 2001, attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. During the raid, the SEALs met far less resistance than the Obama administration initially described. The commandos encountered gunshots from only one man, whom they quickly killed, before sweeping the house and shooting others, who were unarmed, a senior defense official said in the latest account.

    The New York Times and Washington Post reported Thursday on their websites that a CIA surveillance team had been watching bin Laden’s residence from a rented house near the compound for months. The agency declined to comment on the reports.

    President Barack Obama visited New York’s ground zero on Thursday during a somber and understated event where he avoided mentioning bin Laden by name.

    The U.S. account of what happened inside bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound is so far the only one most Americans have. Pakistan has custody of the people rounded up afterward, including more than two dozen children and women. Differing accounts purporting to be from witnesses have appeared in Pakistani and Arab media, and on the Internet.

    Intelligence analysts have been reviewing and translating the material seized from the compound, looking for information about pending plots and other terror connections. In light of the intelligence indicating al-Qaida was considering an attack on a U.S. railway, the FBI and Homeland Security told local officials to be on the lookout for clips or spikes missing from train tracks, packages left on or near the tracks and other indications that a train could be vulnerable.

    “While it is clear that there was some level of planning for this type of operation in February 2010, we have no recent information to indicate an active ongoing plot to target transportation and no information on possible locations or specific targets,” Thursday’s warning to law enforcement said.

    Homeland Security spokesman Matt Chandler said, “This alleged al-Qaida plotting is based on initial reporting, which is often misleading or inaccurate and subject to change.” He said the government has no plans to issue an official terror alert because of it.

    On Monday, the FBI and Homeland Security warned law enforcement officials around the country that bin Laden’s death could inspire retaliatory attacks in the U.S., and terrorists not yet known to the intelligence community could be operating inside the country.

    The transportation sector — including U.S. railways — continue to be attractive targets for terrorists. In the past few years, U.S. officials have disrupted other terror plots that targeted rails, including a 2009 plan to bomb the New York City subway system.

    Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said she’s urged the homeland security secretary to increase the country’s threat level while the material seized from bin Laden’s compound is reviewed.

    “I continue to question the secretary’s decision not to increase the threat level,” said Collins, the top Republican on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

    Counterterrorism officials have been meeting regularly since bin Laden was killed to evaluate the threat to the U.S.

  100. I find these comments very HILARIOUS!

    As much as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck talks about their Conspiracy Theory, then you guys get “fired-up” and “engaged”.

    If someone was to question those two, you guys would bring up, “Freedom of Speech”.

    Mendenhall have the right to “Freedom of Speech” just like the Rush’s, the Olbermann’s, the Sharpton’s, and the Beck’s.

    This is a “non-story”. No one buys Champion anyways.

  101. Oh everyone is missing the point. While some of us can honestly say what happened on 9/11 was fishy at best. This is a constant reminder that these players don’t realize that their actions impact others. He has every right to disagree with the normal opinion and to express those opinions. However, he cannot be surprised when companies he is supposed to be representing dump him when expressing those opinions.

  102. Seb says:
    Where have you been the past 10 years? Please due your due diligence, it is everywhere on the Web.

    Because if it is on the internet, it MUST be true, right? Sweet Jesus…

    As for Mendenhall, neither Champion nor anybody else is denying his right to say what he believes in regards to alleged 9/11 conspiracies or the benevolence of Osama bin Laden, only that along with Freedom of Speech comes an accountability for what you choose to say. In this case, being held accountable for making claims about “only hearing one side of the story” in regards to public opinion on bin Laden cost him an endorsement deal. In my opinion, it’s about high time we stopped living in a blameless society and started holding individuals responsible for their idiot behaviours.

  103. johnnyshore says:May 5, 2011 10:34 PM

    I think you lose the right to speak for/judge Christians with the lines “not being religious.”

    Being a Christians is having spiritual walk
    GOD not a religious walk..

  104. Mr. Smith, you are way out of your league. The piling-on bit is weak and tired. Your ignorance comes off as malicious. For all the dumbcluckers who line up to catch this persistent fetid anal drivel: This means, roughly, dude is a female puppy dog who can’t think past his General Electric strap-on and can’t write for skittle-squeeze.

    Sorry bud, but the 150-some-odd comments on here is pretty decent evidence that people are interested in this story.

  105. While im a die hard Steelers fan and I do believe in freedom of speech BUT..I was extremely offended with what he tweeted..I don’t twitter because who really cares what people do all day long…if you have time to twitter you aren’t working enough…anyway,

    This is such a sensitive matter so why express something that you know will cause a HUGE backlash. Did any of his teammates lose a loved one in 9/11?? As an American we all wished for this day to come, this horrible man finally dead. I don’t care Christian or not, in the back of your mind you felt some sort of satisfaction that he was dead and gone..don’t fool yourself.

    Im VERY disappointed in Mendenhall and to be honest I would be ok with him leaving the team…I agree that he has a right to speak his mind but somethings just really should be handled a bit more carefully….All the firefighters, rescue workers, police officers, innocent people lost in 9/11….how can you honestly say such a thing….I just don’t get it.

  106. Just baffle em with facts. Why can’t libs think clearly?
    Always about their “Feeeelinggs” and too often not about facts. It is like attacking the wealthy for more and more taxes when they are paying most of them now. Why not attack this runaway liberal government of wasting all your money. We have enough money, but they can’t manage it on capitol hill. Republicans too. Silly. Why is the govt in lending, in our schools, in housing, in everything? No wonder so many like Mendhenhall can no longer think clearly, take no responsibility, just talk, and talk and talk,

    Rashard Mendenhall has clearly said more than feeling bad about someone’s death. He has said moronic things. Those that protest his words hear are protesting multiple things, but one is just the stupidity, not his right to say it. Also, his shallowness and callousness. He is another example of those leftists who are given so much, yet appreciate so little.

    It makes people sad and angry.

  107. Recent polls have shown that almost 90% of Americans don’t believe the governments 9/11 story. So by firing someone that the vast majority agree with did champion help themselves or hurt themselves? Once people get over the death of Bin Laden they might go back to questioning things and remember that champion doesn’t like free speech.

  108. Anyone who calls themselves a “truther” is nothing more than an idiot, plain and simple. The whole theory of demolition is so farfetched and practically impossible that you would have to be an idiot to back it. Is the theory really that the government knew exactly where the planes would hit the towers and planted charges (undeteched for about a year working in the building) there to assist in the felling of the towers? Really? You are going to tell me some out of his mind terrorist flying a jumbo jet at 500 miles per hour predictably or with precision picked the exact right are of each tower to hit to cover up the fact that charges were going to be set off to topple the building, as if they even had a particular floor in mind? Not to mention the damage the planes impact would do to any attempt to wire the charges as would be needed to make them go off in a effective manner. It astounds me that people are this stupid. Then again, there sure are a lot of religious people in the world and most of them are just sheep looking for a Sheppard to tell them what to do next or where to go. Still surprising though. Idiots.

  109. i’m surprised it took chaampion this long to drop him. what RM said was really bad. this isn’t a case of everyone just looking for a mistak to pounce on (well maybe a little) but the main reason behind the pouncing is the content of what he said… which was deplorable.

  110. Hey free speech lovers, read the article. Champion acknowledged Mendenhall’s right to free speech. Champion is just saying Mendenhall is no longer right to portray the image Champion wants in those who endorse its products. Probably every bit Champion’s right under the endorsement deal and I applaud Champion. Image is huge to these companies. Good move by Mendenhall. He’s locked out and just lost a source of income.

  111. Don’t worry Rashard, im sure Pakistan will give you some sort of endorsement with all those idiots over there waving signs that say “Bin Laden is a Muslim hero”… all you need is a long beard, some sandals (or bare feet), no fear of death, and a pure hatred for the American Government… you may not be as far from that goal as you think… haha

  112. @ dcbronco

    Are you seriously trying to tell those of us logically thinking people on this board that you actually found a credible poll that has found that 90% of America doesn’t believe the truth about what actually happened on 9/11? First of all, no poll is ever that strong. Second of all, if 90% of the American people believe that, then we are in far more trouble as a country than initially thought.

  113. Champion hasn’t been in style in about 15 years so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    I do love seeing all the Steeler haters orgy with each other in these threads though.

    How many super bowl rings does your team have? How many does Rashard have compared to your teams running backs? These are the things you should be concerned with, not a guy losing a small deal with a company that nobody buys from since last century.

  114. Do people not understand what Freedom of Speech is? It basically just means he won’t be thrown in jail for what he said. The Steelers, the NFL, Champion, or anyone else that Rashard represents or makes money from don’t have to follow those laws. Also, these people that watch youtube videos about 9/11 and repeat everything they hear as fact are delusional. I’m sure if you searched long enough you could find people that think Elvis is alive, the world was made by lizards, aliens built the pyramids, Jay-z is in the Illuminati, Bigfoot and Loch Ness monster are real, the moon landing was fake. The sad thing is there are people out there that believe these things. Usually they’re either uneducated, smoked too much pot, or still live in their parents basement.

  115. I wish all of you guys could really dig back and remember a certain outspoken athlete by the name of Muhammad Ali … The backlash Ali faced in regards to his beliefs and his challenging the American public to think on their own is historical … what always made me laugh is the fact that now Ali is an American icon – Ali stood for truth and compassion in the face of public opinion … and that is the True American way

    I wish more Athletes took a stand for their beliefs in the same ways Ali did … nowadays you get the same regurgitated rhetoric from athletes that you do from politicians.

  116. He isn’t Ali. It’s apples and oranges.

    Trutherism is no different than Holocaust Denial. We should not be tolerant of such opinions. We should challenge and educate those that hold them.

    He has the right to say it, that’s not the issue.

    But if he rushes for 2,000 yards, no one will care.

  117. ask yourself this one question – when has the US government and its corporate mouthpiece media ever produced anything authentic and credible as far as Bin Laden goes?

    Every single notorious Bin Laden tape released since 2001 has contained vague non-specific messages, making it impossible to pinpoint the date of the recording. The occasional tape that has contained specific references to current events has been an audio tape which has never been independently verified as even being the voice of the real Bin Laden.

    EPIC FAIL: The US Governments History Of Fake Bin Laden Tapes 200106fatnoseOne of the only times Bin Laden specifically “confessed” to having planned the 9/11 attacks was in a video that was later declared to be a total fake.

    The December 2001 ”Fat nosed” Bin Laden video, was magically found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. It featured a fat Osama laughing and joking about how he’d carried out 9/11. The video was also mistranslated in order to manipulate viewer opinion and featured “Bin Laden” praising two of the hijackers, only he got their names wrong.

    This Osama also used the wrong hand to write with and wore gold rings, a practice totally in opposition to the Muslim faith.

    Leading expert on Bin Laden, Duke University professor Bruce Lawrence, is also adamant that this so called “9/11 Confession” tape, is an outright fake that has been used by US intelligence agencies to deflect attention from “conspiracy theories” about 9/11.

    In reality, shortly after 9/11, Bin Laden had denied any involvement in the attacks on at least two separate occasions. Furthermore, the London Independent reported a claim attributed to a friend of one of the six men accused of plotting to detonate bombs on London’s underground tube system on July 21 2005, that suggested that Osama bin Laden personally told hook handed radical cleric Abu Hamza that Al-Qaeda was not behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.

    This isn’t like a kid caught thieving in a sweet shop – terrorists always claim responsibility for attacks they have perpetrated otherwise why bother killing people to send a political message? One must therefore ask why has Bin Laden flip flopped around on the issue of 9/11?

    When researchers continued to point out this fact, a second Bin Laden 9/11 “confession” appeared, this time in the form of an audio tape, released November 2007. ”A speaker who sounded like bin Laden”, according to Reuters, specifically pointed out that he was solely responsible for 9/11 and had received no outside help.

    Once again, the tape contained no reference to current events that would have indicated when it was recorded.

    Every analysis of a newly released Al Qaeda or Bin Laden tape has revealed inconsistencies, flaws and suspicions.

    In Spetember 2006, a video surfaced that purported to show Bin Laden meeting with alleged 9/11 hijackers Wail Alshehri and Hamza Alghamdi in Afghanistan days before the attack. Telling therefore it is that Wail Alshehri was one of the accused hijackers reported by the L.A. Times and others to still be alive and protesting his innocence in Saudi Arabia after 9/11.

    It has previously been reported that up to nine of the nineteen alleged hijackers are still alive. Yet the FBI consistently maintained it had the correct mugshots of the right men.

  118. rdrdrs58 says:
    Mendenhall expresses his opinion … How many times has Mendenhall been accused of rape, crashed his motor cycle and been suspended by the NFL?

    Roethlisberger was driving less than 30mph when a woman ran a stop sign and hit him. Medical evidence shows he was falsely accused of a rape that didn’t occur. But he was still suspended for reckless behavior and he did lose endorsement deals.

    Actions have consequences whether you’re riding a motorcycle without a helmet, getting sloppy drunk with bimbos, or mouthing off on Twitter. They are public figures and this is their livelihood. They need to treat that responsibly. Just because they have the right to speak doesn’t mean intelligent adults share everything they think with their bosses and the public at large if they want to keep their jobs.

  119. All that talent and no common sense. He has a right to say what he did. He also has the right to suffer the consequences for his right to free speech. The company that endorsed him has the right to exercise their free speech in return. What a shame. Someone should have taken this young guy under their wing.

  120. If he hadn’t coughed up the ball at the worst possible time in the SuperBowl, kept the drive alive enabling the Steelers to take the lead and gain enough momentum to win the game, he probably wouldn’t be getting his nuts handed to him as much as he is.

    All he is doing is questioning authority, which in this country, historically, has proven to be warranted over and over again. Wrong topic to do that. He is smacking a hornets nest.

    He would have been better off stating that he believed Trump’s hair was real, and not plugs with a combover. That….we could handle.

  121. We shouldn’t celebrate a man’s death. We’re acting just as ignorant as the people that celebrated when 9/11 happened. America is supposed to be better than that.

  122. As a die hard Steelers fan who grew up in Pittsburgh I say the Rooney Family should get rid of Mendenhall. If we can get rid of Santonio for smoking a few joints (We should never have gotten rid of Holmes!) What Rachard said is much worse then what Holmes did. Maybe he should look at the photos and videos from 9/11. Americans jumping out of the windows of the WTC to their death, to escape the flames. 3000 people dying that day because of UBL. Send him packing Rooney!

  123. Champion knew exactly what they were doing with this press release. Millions in free advertising for them. Such a patriotic company. I’ll sure all the kids over in Asia who make their clothes agree.

  124. jammsteelerfan62 says: May 6, 2011 11:28 AM
    “What a shame. Someone should have taken this young guy under their wing.”
    Sorry jammsteelerfasn, I disagree!! Someone should have beaten some sense into him!
    That’s the second time this year Mendenhall has dropped the ball BIG TIME! Both times with huge consequences.

  125. “9eleveninsidebjob” also thinks the world is flat and that the moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio

  126. goodbye free speech!

    BTW nineleveninsidejob, I agree with you, but most americans just listen to Faux News and do what they are told like good little sheep. Look up the Northwoods documents, PNAC and wonder why we still believe our government. Ask the indians, you can certainly trust our government.

  127. @stellarperformance …

    Can’t speak for other Steeler fans, but I’ve never blamed Mendenhall for the Super Bowl loss. That was a rare fumble for him, and I credited it to the excellent play of your defense on the night. And I think his comment about only knowing one side was foolish and immature, not evil.

    Whenever things like this happen, people wail about free speech. Nothing is free in this world. Everything has a tradeoff.

    The price Mendenhall risked paying when he exercised the freedom to ramble publicly on controversial subjects was alienating his employers and a large segment of the population. He could have chosen to discuss this privately with his family as most of us did. Instead, he chose to air his thoughts in public, knowing he had an audience because of his position with the Steelers. He willingly put his livelihood on the line, and now he’s paying for that decision. Companies like Champion don’t want spokespeople who have alienated their consumers. This isn’t more 9/11 conspiracy or a trampling of the First Amendment. This is simple business reality–and I hope it’s a good learning experience.

  128. @banfootball4life …

    I’m familiar with the program and will be happy to watch the documentary. Thank you for the link, which I’ve now saved.

    But I’ll be blunt: Other Canadians have used this site and this occasion to rip on the United States and post vile comments about U.S. Forces. While I do not agree with every action taken by my government in the last decade and welcome open dialogue among Americans, I don’t care what Canadians think about us. If you have a problem with Canada’s participation in the Allied Forces, take that up with your government.

    Your username suggests you are just trolling here to spread theories on 9/11. Many Americans are capable of doing that, thanks. Someone who hates football has no need to be here, and I wish site moderators would limit participants to those who have an actual interest in the site topic.

  129. Deb says:
    “Whenever things like this happen, people wail about free speech. Nothing is free in this world. Everything has a tradeoff.”

    I see what you’re saying, but i disagree… sure, with great freedom comes great responsibility… but it’s free to talk, there’s no doubt about that… the word freedom doesn’t mean that there are no consequences…

    rather, there are always consequences (good or bad)… Free speech is the liberty of not being censored or smothered when trying to say something… We take it for granted in this country, but it’s just about the coolest thing we got going for us… especially in this economy, cuz it’s FREE!

  130. I am a die hard steeler’s fan. Ofcourse, Rashard Mendenhall has the right under the First a
    Amendment to say whatever he wants. He also have the right to eat feces and, Boy-O-Boy, did he eat a ton.

    He is so stupid. How did he ever pass the third grade.

    Oh! Yes, one more thing …..can he spell “engineer” without reading my note here.

  131. hey Deb, I love football but this lockout is killing me and I want the players and the owners to suffer in return, if they`re that miserable then they should abolish the game.
    You said you don`t care what Canadians think about Americans but here`s my 2 cents. I see it like this, the American govt does a fine job telling it`s citizens how to act and how to be brave loyal and fighters of freedom and peace but because this is driven into your brains you cannot or do not want to believe that your country is evil and dangerous.

    Bin Laden family= dough ray me money as in tons of money.
    Bin Laden family = big friends to the Bush family.
    Bin Laden family gives tons of money to the Bush family.
    Osama Bin Laden fighting with the help of Americans defeat the Soviet Union from invading Afghanistan.
    Osama and the Americans= closer than 2 peas in a pod.
    Afghanistan after the war is in shambles, Osama begs for American help to rebuild, America `s reply flock off.
    Osama pissed at U.S.
    BTW Osama is a Saudi.
    Saudi`s = Oil Black Gold lots of lots of money.
    U.S.A. Big buyer of Oil to Saudi Arabia.
    Osama begins terrorist campaign funded by American money. USA buys oil, Saudi give Osama money.
    Saudi`s 19 of them hijack planes and fly them in the twin towers.
    people of Saudi Arabia funded by Saudi Arabia by American have attacked the USA so in return they bombed the hell out of Afghanistan pretending to try and capture Bin Laden and then bomb the hell out of Iraq.
    never think of trying to Attack saudi Arabia.
    meanwhile back at the ranch pre 9/11 Bush asks Congress for 1Billion to fight terrorist but is turned down after 9/11 Bush asks for 20 Billion and gets it. Military contracts are awarded and shares of companies who get these contracts soar… Carlyle group does better than most, 2 members of Carlyle group Georges Papa and long time friend Osama Bin Laden`s brother…thanks to 9/11 they made a killing. the 5,000 people who lost their life had a purpose they did not die in vain it made the Bush family and the Bin Laden family richer.

  132. I don’t know what’s more funny…

    That Champion dumped him,

    or that Retard Mendenhall’s great endorsement deal was effectively for Kmart clothes.

    But let’s hear how it’s not his fault.

    Heck, he didn’t even rape anyone and we all know that’s acceptable.

  133. Blah, blah, blah

    Next tell us how the pick six he threw in the SB was because he was up late visiting kids in the hospital.

    Open your flipping eyes and take off the black glasses.

    Yes, they have the right to speak and yes, employers have the right to get rid of them if they don’t agree. We have a right of free speech. We don’t have a right to play in the NFL or a right to endorsement deals.

    I think multiple rapes are worse than being stupid. Of course the Steelers have plenty of both. And they’re not all on the field.

    Deb says:
    May 6, 2011 11:23 AM
    rdrdrs58 says:
    Mendenhall expresses his opinion … How many times has Mendenhall been accused of rape, crashed his motor cycle and been suspended by the NFL?

    Roethlisberger was driving less than 30mph when a woman ran a stop sign and hit him. Medical evidence shows he was falsely accused of a rape that didn’t occur. But he was still suspended for reckless behavior and he did lose endorsement deals.

    Actions have consequences whether you’re riding a motorcycle without a helmet, getting sloppy drunk with bimbos, or mouthing off on Twitter. They are public figures and this is their livelihood. They need to treat that responsibly. Just because they have the right to speak doesn’t mean intelligent adults share everything they think with their bosses and the public at large if they want to keep their jobs.


    If he rushes for 2,000 yards no one IN PITTSBURGH will care.

    Pittsburgh fans have shown themselves morally bankrupt. I guess that comes from living in an area with nothing going for it than a football team.

    moochzilla says:
    May 6, 2011 10:49 AM

    He has the right to say it, that’s not the issue.

    But if he rushes for 2,000 yards, no one will care.

  135. @banfootball4life …

    As long as you’re an NFL fan and not a troll, I don’t have a problem with you being here. I’m not a naive person, have lived in dangerous places outside the U.S., and am well aware what governments–mine included–are capable of doing to achieve their own ends. My government has a long history of propping up puppet regimes run by ruthless despots without caring what they did to their people as long as they waved American flags when necessary. And those decisions have repeatedly come back to haunt us.

    I also know segments of my government used 9/11 to manipulate foreign and domestic policy for their own ends, in some cases out of a warped sense of doing what was “best” for the country and in some cases for personal gain. And private industry has used 9/11 and its aftermath to amass billions in profits.

    Throughout human history, evil and enterprising people have used war and destruction to their own ends, and found a way to profit from tragedy. I’m sure right now unscrupulous people are finding a way to profit from the deadly storm that ripped through the American South.

    But there is a line between foolishly and recklessly engaging in policies over a period of time that eventually become combustible, then using those events to advantage … and deliberately orchestrating those events. That’s where you and I part company. You have dot dot dot dot dot–and I’ll give you that. But then you’re missing several dots … sort of like those missing dino DNA strands in Jurassic Park. And you guys have filled in those missing dots with unsubstantiated speculation that makes for a colorful conspiracy theory but conflicts with many known facts. In fact, you can go back through your own list and your GIANT leap sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb.

    No one has produced actual evidence showing or even implying the 9/11 attacks themselves were orchestrated, planned, or carried out by anyone but bin Laden. They were accomplished because of failures in security and leadership, but no one has uncovered any unusual behavior associated with those failures.

    I was not a Bush supporter. But despite all the theories about the Bush family, no one has found a dollar trail to show they profited in the way you’re suggesting. I loved Farenheit 911, but the Carlyle Group is an investment fund in which distant members of the bin Laden family had holdings, and the elder Bush occasionally served as an advisor. I have holdings in many companies through my IRA and have no idea who else has holding or what prominent figures advise those organizations. Again … dots that don’t connect and and no money trail.

    You have to be savvy enough to know people in your government don’t always wear white hats, and discerning enough to carefully examine accusations and evidence before buying everything you hear.

  136. Deb, does John Q Public know of the relationship between the Bush family and the Bin Laden family?
    Do they realize the American`s sold weapons to both Iran and Iraq when those 2 countries were at war,they would sell them to which ever side was losing to prolong the war. Does America ever scratch their head and say why they went to war with Iraq because of what happened on 9/11, anyway put me in the minority on this matter but I think Mendenhall is probably more correct on what happened than most people think. Cheers.

  137. @banfootball4life …

    No personal relationship existed between the Bush family and Osama bin Laden, who broke from his own family long ago. A better question is how much of the American public realizes Sadam Hussein was in power and able to murder thousands over the years because the U.S. supported his regime until it no longer profited us? The answer is a small percentage. An even smaller percentage understands how American foreign policy contributed to the destabilization of Iran in the 70s, and that American defense contractors often supply weapons to both sides in a conflict–and to people using those weapons against our own troops.

    And no matter how much it’s been publicized, a large percentage of the population refuses to believe Iraq had no WMDs and played no role in 9/11. But it certainly doesn’t help credibility when educated people leave the track of what’s provable in order to embrace extremist theories that have no factual basis.

    And make no mistake … the United States government is not unique. All governments act in their own self-interests, and all government representatives are capable of corruption. Canada is still a Constitutional monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II … and I am well familiar with the corruptions and duplicities of the British government both historically and recently. The United States has also done great good throughout the world. After all, if not for American sacrifices, most of Europe and Great Britain would be governed by the Nazis.

    As for Mendenhall … he did not make any of the points you did. He made a foolish comment about the planes and the towers that’s been refuted by countless experts in the field. Then he said we’ve only heard one side of the story, when Al Qaeda has worked diligently at spreading its doctrine worldwide. He was 13 when the towers fell and demonstrated that he was operating from things he’s heard through the years and not from any substantive research he’s done on his own. I support his right to share his views. But he has to understand that actions have consequences. If any of us speak our minds on the job, we risk angering our employers and losing our jobs. That’s the tradeoff.

    Take care.

  138. I hate to burst all your bubbles, but most Americans (just like the masses in most other countries) are too stupid or too lazy to discover or handle the truth. Never was this more apparent to me than a few months after Obama was elected when a republican “friend” of mine forwarded me an e-mail that contained a petition to stop an alleged bill that Obama was supporting to provide full healthcare and social security benefits to illegal immigrants and undocumented workers. Mind you, this guy makes a couple hundred thousand dollars a year as a self employed business man. Now, this petition was the exact same one stupid democrats (and I am a democrat) sent around several months before that saying that Bush was supporting the same type of bill. And the real kicker… people were signing this petition and then supposed to send it to the white house to show how they protested this outrage. Really? All he and the other idiots signing it had to do was spend five seconds on snopes.com and they could have saved themselves the embarrassment. And you all are surprised we don’t get the full story from the government about much? Guess what? In most cases they are merely protecting people from their own idiocy by letting them think what they want to think and feel like they have a say. I am not saying anyone here is an idiot. I am just pointing out the simple fact that you all are giving way too much credit to the masses. You think they will somehow be better off if they know everything. Wrong. In most cases, the less the idiots that comprise the majority of every country know the better. Signing your name to a petition protesting a bill that does not exist and then e-mailing it to the white house? Really? And we wonder why the powers that be don’t feel the need to educate the masses on what is happening. This is a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is. Sorry to be a downer.

  139. Smart people don’t waste their time with these crazy ideas. It is mental junk food. There are more holes in these “theories” then swiss cheese, but you people don’t care about that. You call it having a open mind and people sheep that don’t agree with you. The fact is rational people could waste far too much valuable time disproving and explaining each little thing. It a joke and it’s on you for having no life.

  140. @BernardPollardIsAnAss …

    Most people care about what happens in their own little world. Their ideologies are formed by their upbringings and they’ll buy anything that supports what they already believe, no matter how far-fetched–especially, for some reason, if it’s an anonymous urban legend circulated in an e-mail. I always politely debunk those e-mails and include supporting references. It’s worked out beautifully for me. No one sends them to me anymore. Peace at last 😉

  141. It is a christian value to not celebrate the killing of any individual, although our country had to be relieved that the primary reason countless lives were loss to get this individual is finally over. the fact that people want to believe a scientific impossibility of the towers going down is attributed to some wackos in hijacked planes and that someone stated this; is no reason to vilify the man. I guess free speech doesn’t count for much if you are not on the band wagon of public opinion!

  142. I’m convinced that the NFL owners are secretly banking Twitter.

    Rashard Mendenhall, I don’t really care about your opinions. I don’t agree, but there are far more things in this world to be concerned with.

    After reading about this and seeing that 7 of the top 10 topics on PFT are related to this, I have to say that Rashard Mendenhall has made me write five words I never thought I would type:

    I miss Brett Favre. Almost.

  143. @Deb

    Yup, haven’t gotten one since. I also did not receive a reply of any kind from any of the fools I had written back to asking what they were thinking and if they realized how stupid they were making the average American look. That was troubling to me, especially since I knew at least one of those people. Oh well..

  144. Mendenhall joins his fellow 911 moonbats Charlie Sheen, Jesse Ventura, Janeane Garofalo, Sean Penn, Babs and hubby Streisand, Rosie O’Donnell, Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, etc. While Champion may have dropped Rashard, he can always get a gig shilling MUFON apparel.

    Why do some people believe the 1st Amendment guarantees protection from ridicule along with freedom of speech?

  145. @Kyle – “To be fair though, being a Pittsburgh Steeler these days is almost probable cause. Why is your organization so full of terrible people?”

    You must be thinking of the Ravens. Or Raiders. Or somewhere in Ohio… Seriously!

  146. Moochzilla – how is “trutherism” like “holocaust denial”? No truthers (outside of the insanely mentally ill ones) think that “nobody died” during 9/11, unlike the tripe you usually get from the “holohoax” crowd.

  147. Mendenhall is 100% correct:

    No aircraft hit World Trade Center building 7. But yet it fell to a pile of dust in 6 seconds.

    Since it is being claimed the the taliban and al-qaeda did 9-11 … how did the taliban and al-qaeda get the demolition explosives inside Building 7 between 9 am and 5 pm on Sept 11, and set all the explosives … when it take TWO WEEKS to set the explosives to bring down a 47 story building.

    It is completely clear that WTC7 was brought down by demolition — watch the videos — how did al-qauda do this ? ? ?

    It’s all more deception to start another proxy war.

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