Report: Gus Johnson still could stay with CBS

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Earlier today, Richard Deitsch of reported that play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson has left CBS.

Now, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News calls Deitsch’s report “premature.”

Raissman reports that, as Deitsch reported, Johnson’s deal with CBS has expired.  Raissman reports that Johnson has received an offer from FOX to handle NFL and Pac-12 play-by-play duties.  But Raissman also reports that the offer from FOX has not yet been presented to CBS, and that CBS will have one week to match it.

Raissman fails to explain whether Johnson is contractually obligated to give CBS an opportunity to match, or whether Johnson is merely shopping the FOX offer.

Given the conflicting reports, it would make sense for Johnson or his agent to set the record straight sooner rather than later.

20 responses to “Report: Gus Johnson still could stay with CBS

  1. He needs to go where he has the best opportunity to get to the top job the soonest: Buck or Nantz? He’s better than both, time for Nantz to get back to the studio show. Gus would be better at the Masters too, but that ain’t happening.

  2. While Gus has been a part of some exciting football games (and is now part of the Madden video game franchise), I would argue that he’s more famous for college basketball during March Madness on CBS. If he left CBS, he’d be losing a big audience and fan base by not doing NCAA Men’s Tourney games every year.

  3. I FREAKING LOVE GUS JOHNSON!! hopefully this god of play-by-play men stays with CBS so he can keep screaming about march madness



  5. Please stay with CBS! This guy is the best in the biz…well, at NFL PBP for sure. I miss the “Golden Johnson” award each week already. Great Friends!

  6. I’m not sure why there is so much love for this guy. First he destroyed Madden, I play on mute, with his made up nicknames for players that not a single person has ever used. He also tries to be bigger than the play, the players, his partner but most importantly the game. Commentators are supposed to analyze the game and provide insight, this is why many ex-players do the job so well. The former players who might not always be charismatic need to be complimented with a guy who is a little more soft spoken. Since Johnson is the furthest thing from soft spoken, his style just doesn’t work at the pro level. While watching the redzone channel he will occasionally pop up on some CBS broadcasts and when he does, the mute button is immediately pressed. I don’t need to hear some guy screaming and yelling over a 5 yard gain on first down.

    He works extremely well with the NCAA tournament because it is extremely fast paced and is a high intensity environment, much like he is. He needs to stay there and leave our Sundays alone.

  7. I don’t get why some people have a problem with this guy, I love his energy.

  8. People have a problem with this guy because they are old and want everyone to announce games like Vin Scully.

  9. Seriously, does anyone in the sports media fact check anymore. Everyday I read this site and a story was push out prematurely and you either blaming or justifying your reason for printing with verifying the facts. This is what our sport media have driveled down too.

    Damn, all of us fans can be writers if it’s this easy and irresponsible.

  10. @Owen16,

    Agreed! Johnson is better than Buck and Nantz. Hey Chapnasty, we all know why you don’t like him. *wink* No need for the long, (made up?) story about freaking video games.

  11. @ hatesycophants

    I am really curious as to why I really don’t like him, especially since the video game thing was only a brief introduction. I explained why I don’t like him, he is loud and obnoxious. I guess reading is too difficult for you.

  12. Gus Johnson is great.

    His home address must have exclamation points after it.

    100 Main St.!!!!
    Anytown, USA!!!!

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