Rex Ryan talks up Mark Sanchez

During a Thursday visit to PFT Live, Jets coach Rex Ryan talked about the development of quarterback Mark Sanchez as a leader of the team, in light of his organization of the “Jets West” camp.

It’s a tradition that started last year, and that has taken on even greater importance during the lockout.

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17 responses to “Rex Ryan talks up Mark Sanchez

  1. Giant steps for Sanchez. He got his completion percentage up from 53 to 54, and his passer rating from 63 to 75. Another 15 years or so of that type of progress and he will be among the top quarterbacks in the league.

  2. doughnutsaurus rex is the same dork who talked up the developement of vernon goldston last offseason, and claimed recently that the jets would’ve beaten th World Champion Green Bay Packers in this years super bowl, claiming that he should’ve beaten them in the regular season if not for two field goals that were results of his teams mistakes. NEWS FLASH FOR REX- YOU GOT BEAT BY THREE FIELD GOALS!!!
    why does anyone listen to this idiot anymore?

  3. Sanchez is a bum and Rex Ryan is getting old. If Sanchez didn’t play in NYC and didn’t sleep with 17 year old High School students, half the country wouldn’t know his name.

  4. greenmeattruck says:
    May 5, 2011 3:45 PM
    why does anyone listen to this idiot anymore?

    Because the media reports what he says and then dopes like you read these articles and comment on them.

    You understand now?

  5. …his nails are perfectly manicured, a wonderful arch, no unsightly hair on his toes…oh and of course he’s a great leader!

  6. Compare Sanchez to Eli Manning’s first couple of years and he looks like he’s ahead of the game. We’ll see how he does this year but his body of work so far says he’s going to be an excellent NFL QB.

  7. “they traded up to #5 in the draft to get a game manager not a game changer. brilliant”

    Quick, list all the other QBs who have taken their teams to conference championship games in their first two years.

  8. Come on guys you don’t have to like Rex or Sanchez but give credit where credit is due. What Sanchez has done in two seasons has been great. He has accomplished more than alot of qbs and in a very short time. All of you guys talking crap are just haters. Sanchez will only continue to improve .

  9. ANY QB short of Peyton Manning or Dan Marino is going to look like a game manager early on. That’s because unless you have that surefire hall of fame look to you your teams is going to keep the clamps on for the first couple of years until they fell confident letting you go.

    The Jets are actually ahead of schedule with Sanchez, although they looked like idiots in the middle of last year for letting him go right off the bat and then getting stuffed when defenses adjusted to his inexperienced style of play.

    That was just stupidity on the Jet’s part and they appear to have figured out now when they can let Mark be Mark and when they have to more tightly control the flow.

  10. @xsorethumbx

    “list all the teams that list losing the conf championship game as accomplishments and not super bowls.”

    Any team with a rookie QB.

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