Ryan Mallett plans “payback” after Dolphins pass on him

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Some draft prognosticators thought Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett could go as high as the 15th overall pick to the Dolphins. Instead, he fell all the way to the 74th pick, with the Patriots. And now Mallett wants to make the Dolphins pay for passing on him.

Mallett’s father, Jim Mallett, told the Boston Herald his son was angry because the Dolphins told him they were interested in trading for him, but the Dolphins instead used the 62nd pick on running back Daniel Thomas.

“They took another guy,” Jim Mallett said. “Ryan said, ‘Payback.’ He remembers it all.”

Jim Mallett also says his son has never failed a drug test, contrary to rumors that circulated before the draft.

As for Ryan, his vow of payback is reminiscent of the way his new teammate, Tom Brady, responded to being passed over until the sixth round of the 2000 draft, by using it as motivation to prove all the teams that didn’t pick him wrong. The bad news for Mallett is that with Brady planning to play another decade, Mallett won’t get his chance at payback against the Dolphins any time soon.

93 responses to “Ryan Mallett plans “payback” after Dolphins pass on him

  1. Payback? He should be worried about cracking a roster somewhere. He’ll never see the field in NE. He and his father should shut up and right now, focus on playing really well and impressing a few folks. He is years from paying anyone back. Better concentrate on earning that paycheck!

  2. He is going to hold that clip-board like no backup QB has EVER held it! That will show those fish in MIA what they missed out on!

  3. If I was brady I’d be worried. This guy is in payback business. Think nancy kerrigan

  4. This is the problem with the lockout. Once BB hears of this he will inform the Mallett family of the Pariot way to deal with the media.

    Maybe Ryan Mallett thinks he will get his shot Week #1 after Brady puts the Pats up by 4 TD’s going into the 4th quarter.

  5. Sounds a bit too ambitious at this point. Mallett literally has years of work to put in ahead of him. He should be focused on Day 1 of learning the Patriots offense and becoming a true professional. It’s probably going to take more than revenge vs the Dolphins to keep yourself motivated on a daily basis on what looks to be a LONG process for Mallett.

  6. Is he gonna sneak into the locker room and steal their shorts when the Pats play the Fish? No one will notice him missing from the bench….
    Payback………. it’s a bitch

  7. Hey Mallett, the only reason you are in New England is for trade bait. Belichick spend a third on you because he think you can be worth more later on while also having a good back-up. If he had his way you would never start a down in the NFL because that would mean Brady stays healthy. You might want to tone down the smack talk to the rest of the 31 teams out there because they might want to trade for you soon.

  8. Dude! you’re a back up to Tom Brady! good luck with that. unless….Brady gets another season ending injury. now that i think about it, i wouldn’t mind that at all.

  9. Qb’s go done all the time. look when Brady broke his leg and Cassal made a career out of it. So it has happened. Good thing you guys do your homework.

  10. oh come on now Mallet. Simmer down. you don’t want to piss of your Miami *connections*. you know that stuff they got up their in NE isn’t half as good as the 305

  11. With a Dad like that, no wonder he turned out to be such a nice young man! (sarcasm)

    Seriously, it’s ok to be motivated by a snub, but to talk about it publically before doing anything is just plain foolish. That just puts more pressure on Ryan.

  12. Brady is going to get hurt and Mallett is going to come in and look like a stud for a few games, Bellichick will trade him and get another 1st round pick.

  13. Better watch out Dolphins… in 2016, you guys are in trouble.

    And why just the Dolphins? Why not the Titans, Redskins, 49ers, Jaguars, Vikings, or Bengals?

  14. Dear Tooloftools,

    Perhaps you should do your homework on the English language. I believe you were looking for the word “down” in your first sentence.

  15. It’s good to see some motivation. I hope he can keep his off-field life clean. Mallett is a good QB and I wanted the Dolphins to draft him to push/back-up/eventually replace Henne. I am still holding out hope that they can still make a trade for him this year. It wouldn’t be the first time a drafted player was traded and it would give the Dolphins a back-up QB that can actually throw the ball. They are going to have to pay for a vet anyway so why not see what the Pats want for Mallett?

  16. What will you bet that in a year, the Pats trade him to some non-divisional team for lots of draft picks, he doesn’t make the squad and gets cut, and gets picked up by the Dolphins. And then the payback begins.

  17. Mallet will get his chance to prove everyone wrong, especially the Dolphins, in the Preseason!

  18. I bet he’s gonna smoke a doobie on their 50-yard line, then realize that he’ll never play a down against Miami….then come up with plan B.

    Which is to steal their mascot, Snowflake, and pin the heist on a former Dolphin kicker…and if that doesn’t work he’ll kidnap Dan Marino

  19. lucky5934 says:
    May 5, 2011 9:14 AM
    Dear Tooloftools,

    Perhaps you should do your homework on the English language. I believe you were looking for the word “down” in your first sentence.

    Love the spelling trolls. If you knew what he meant, what’s the problem?

    Maybe you should be using his screen name.

  20. Following the lockout he will get schooled in the Patriot way, this includes his family.

    As for using for motivation I think it is great. Many athletes use perceived snubs as motivation including Brady, so if he uses that motivation positively than great!

    For some reason Mallet has become an easy lightning rod for some folks. I do not quite get it back we’ll see what happens with him, the is stepping into a very good situation for him to learn within a strong organization from a great coach and a great player like Brady.

    Based on the film work with Gruden the guys certainly seems to football smarts so hopefully that will translate into his professional football career.

  21. Apparently, Slapdick Sr. & Jr. don’t realize that 30 other teams thought he was worthless as well. Are they plotting an E-veal revenge on them as well? Mr. Biggelsworth is very angry!

    About all this brain surgeon can do for now is pretty much just hope Brady’s wife has a moderately attractive cousin with an IQ around 80 who might want to hook up with him. That’s about all he’s got to look forward to in New England.

    Nice to get that final exclamation point after the draft to see why his stock fell like a rock.

  22. Mallet is a pretty good QB. He is in a good situation really. Crap changes so much that he could end up like Matt Cassell and end up being traded off to be a starter somewhere else. Little too soon to be talking about this shiznit.

  23. Why do I get the feeling the phins effed this one up? Phins nation wanted this guy and nooooo, Ireland and The Meatball will be out of Miami in 2012 unless Henne shows up becomes a miracle haha

  24. Bernard Pollard.

    Mallet could be the starting QB week 1 for all we know. These guys do play a full contact sport, where injuries happen frequently.

  25. Sounds like he needs to muzzle his Dad more than anything. Even if Ryan Mallett DID say “payback”…not the first time a spurned athlete has said that…you would hope your father would be smart enough to realize you may not wanna share that with a reporter.
    Especially in light of the fact that, by every possible indication, your boy’s not gonna be seeing meaningful playing time anytime soon.

  26. My understanding was the Dolphins did pick him. But just as he has missed (blew off) all his other meetings-he blew off the Dolphins! Based on the meetings Mallett has missed and the projected meetings he’ll miss with the Patriots and any other team that picks him up after the Patriots release him, the Dolphins will have at least 10 to 12 years before they’ll face him…………..ooooohhhhhhhhh I’ll bet the Dolphins are trembling!

  27. “They took another guy,” Jim Mallett said. “Ryan said, ‘Payback.’ He remembers it all.”

    Sure, now he remembers it all —- after the next bender, maybe not so much…

  28. The Fins will get it stuck to them even if Mallet doesn’t play!!!

    Henne sucks, prior to Miami the offensive coordinator did nothing in Cleveland, and those idiot coaches in South Beach lacked common sense. If offenses were created to extrapolate the stats of guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sam Bradford, and Matt Cassel Miami could have too.

    The Fins should just have Marshall, Bess, a “pass-catching” Fasano, and Edmund Gates line up all the time. Miami fans don’t care that much about a Super Bowl so just give it a try!!!

  29. Knowing the Hoodie he will pull Brady after he establishes a significant lead and let Mallett run up the score. It really sucks being a fan of the Dolphins…

  30. After Tom Brady tells him to shut up and learn how to be a pro he will have a Ryan Leaf explosion because he will understand that he has not done crap as a pro and hello clip board. I think Miami luck out on passing this fool. Bill p.s. If Miami is as bad as some think, then theirs Mr. Luck waiting.

  31. Maybe Brady will go down and out for the season on game 1 again……a guy can hope can’t he?

    I don’t see why he’s pissed….he’s going to be able to be mentored by Tom Brady….after a few years he’ll be a free agent and as long as he looks good/decent in the preseason and any time he steps in for Brady, it’ll be assumed that he’s a great QB who simply never got a chance because of Brady. Look at Matt Castle.

  32. @fordman84 says:
    May 5, 2011 8:49 AM
    He is going to hold that clip-board like no backup QB has EVER held it! That will show those fish in MIA what they missed out on!

    Not like Jim Sorgi did in Indy.

    He won’t even come close to that.


  33. I remember another guy… fell in the draft… used it as motivation…. rode the pine for 3 years…. and became your current Superbowl champion quarterback and Superbowl MVP.

    Best of luck to Mallett. All is not lost.

  34. Hey rajbais

    The phins had I do believe one of the top 10 defenses in the league last year. And I agree with the comment on the OC but if you know anything or watched any of the games Dan Henning was by far worse even though stats doesn’t show it.

  35. “rode the pine for 3 years…. and became your current Superbowl champion quarterback and Superbowl MVP. ”
    One difference. Packers got rid of Farve in favor of Rodgers.
    there is no way the pats will get rid of Brady to bring in mallet. you can count on that

  36. Trading up for a mediocre back like Thomas was a supreme mistake. Ricky Williams is, at 34, a better back. Mallett was risky but they could have traded up within the 3rd round for their 3rd and two 7ths and still had a 5th. The price they paid to move up to get Thomas (let’s face it, Murray was the back to be taken if you’re trading up for a RB) was far too high. Mallett will take time and could be a bust but worth the trade up in the third. But, Ireland and Sparano are trying to win now. They won’t, so passing on Mallett is a mistake that is now further compounded by the fact that the next regime still has to find a QB.

  37. oh crap look out dolphins your in trouble now a draft pick u passed gas on remembers it all… oops i mean passed on is angry… glad i’m not in shoes. this kid may take the starting job away from brady you’ll see. (sarcasm)

  38. “As for Ryan, his vow of payback is reminiscent of the way his new teammate, Tom Brady, responded to being passed over until the sixth round of the 2000 draft, by using it as motivation to prove all the teams that didn’t pick him wrong. The bad news for Mallett is that with Brady planning to play another decade, Mallett won’t get his chance at payback against the Dolphins any time soon.”


    Isn’t that kind of like what people were saying about Bledsoe? Obviously not 10 years, but no one really predicted the rapid rise….

  39. I always love these ‘payback’ stories.

    Technically the Patriots passed on you too… several times and then finally took you because you’re seen as an investment to the future and if (and when) you ever start it probably isn’t going to be for the Patriots.

    But, whatever motivates you. Have fun glaring menacingly across the field at other teams for the next several years.

  40. He’s going to pay them back by holding a clipboard harder than anyone in the NFL. Watch out Dolphins!

  41. Mallett should be thrilled because he is in the best situation he could hope for. He should be calling Brady and begging to work out together.

  42. Tons of kids, regardless of draft position say/feel this type of stuff. Maurice Jones-Drew even wears #32 to remind himself that he was passed on by all 32 teams in the draft.

  43. Another example of a player who should do less talking and more playing.

    The last guy who talked like that was Javon Walker.

    ’nuff said.

  44. friendlylittletrees says: May 5, 2011 8:46 AM

    “I am gonna sit the bench against you guys sooooo much over the next 5 seasons!!!!….



    Funniest comment EVER!!! LMAO!!!!

  45. The Fins had the 6th best defense in the league last year. Someone forward this letter to Wake, Dansby, Davis and Starks. I’m sure they’d love to tee-off on this sloth footed rookie quarterback with a loud mouth. I hope he publicly declares that Ray Lewis has lost a step, Bart Scott is a punk, Polamalu needs to cut his hair and Suh should change his first name…..

  46. Payback? Are you serious Mr. never played a pro down?Now you all can see why the Vikings didn’t reach by taking Ponder. He is a mature,smart kid. Not like Mallet and some of the other QB options.

  47. He’s probably home right now playing madden AS THE patriots AND the dolphins, heh heh heh, “Oh no, Ronnie Brown keeps running in the endzone for a safety, heh heh heh.”

  48. PS, listening to an angry ‘daddy’ about his sons good fortune to even be drafted is disgusting and distasteful. Did ‘daddy’ hold his hand through college too?

  49. Unless they convert him to Linebacker to intercept Henne. I doubt we will see his actions in the longest time.

    Enjoy the bench buddy.

  50. “Drunk and stupid is no way to g0 through life son!” I guess we can now add Ryan Mallett (Pledge name “Mullet”) to the Honor Roll at the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, along with Flounder, Otter and Boon. “Mullet” will get his chance to pay back the Dolphins after Brady has retired. If Mullet doesn’t sober up and pay attention he may end playing for an Arena Team!

  51. Miami will regret not taking him. They’ll be looking up from the bottom of the division for a while to come.

    Maybe Buffalo, but they had a better draft, have some great skill players, and have a QB that’s a lot better than he gets credit for. I think Miami will continue to slide and disappoint.

  52. If by “payback” Mallett means “riding pine” and/or throwing choking instant loss interceptions (due to Brady injury) as he did at my alma mater? Then, I’ll believe him.

    Note: the arrogance has begun, already… The clock is already ticking on his time in New England. How long until he’s shuffled off to the Raiders for a higher 3rd round pick or a late 2nd?

    Ryan Mallett is a JOKE.

    At least, as opposed to the “Tuck Rule,” Mallett can bring New England the “Toke Rule.” It’s puff-puff-PASS!

  53. He’s going to blackmail the Dolphins kick holder into holding the ball with laces in.

  54. @vaphinfan


    I saw the Bear-Dolphin game and Henne’s worsening stats.

    Henning, Jeff Ireland, and Bill Parcells hurt that team because if you’re using an offensive scheme with an unsophisticated method and name (“wildcat”, come on!!!) in 2009 and 2010 you become inconsistent. A team will hurt the players’ rhythms because they do well when they’re on a roll.

    These men in charge don’t care about what’s smart; they care only about being in charge and that should be considered disingenuous to fans!!!

  55. funny how people are reacting to this.

    Phins told him they would take and they didn’t – they lied to him – so sure he wants a bit of ‘payback’

    I am sure everyone has thought about this in their won lives.

    Mallett is a person like anyone else – so let him have his own personality.

    I hope he does crush the phins if/when he gets the chance.

  56. Yeah cause there’s no way the Patriots would ever replace a young, future Hall of Fame qb with a record contract with a kid who was snubbed in the draft… Brady is ridiculous but lets not forget this is a results driven business and shtuff happens. If an injury causes BB to have to look to the bench, he could be the starter if he does a good job preparing in the mean time. If not, they’ve got a kid who has a tremendous upside and at that point will have a few years of learning under one of the best. He’s in a good position. He just needs to be a pro and spend this time being a sponge while making sure he’s ready to go at a moments notice.

  57. “Mallett wants to make the Dolphins pay for passing on him.”

    Relax, Brady’s buying. Dude, just hit the playbook, show something in pre-season and stay out of trouble.
    Fortunately, Foxboro is a little more casual then crucial hood.

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