Sabol shares credit following more honors for Hard Knocks


NFL Films president Steve Sabol has already found his heaven on Earth.  He’s currently battling a brain tumor, but the company he and his father built continues to build its legacy.

This week, Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the New York Jets earned three Sports Emmys, including their second consecutive Emmy in the Outstanding Edited Sports Series/Anthology category.  They also won for the camera work and post produced sound.

For only the second time since Sabol was diagnosed, he made a public statement after the honors.

“Writing, painting, music – those are solitary endeavors,” Sabol said. “But great television only happens through collaboration. That’s why everyone at NFL Films is proud to share these Emmys with our friends at HBO and our partners at NFL Network.”

NFL Films has won 105 total Sports Emmys in its run.

4 responses to “Sabol shares credit following more honors for Hard Knocks

  1. Steve Sabol and his father — class acts to the max.

    Too bad the NFL can’t work as effectively and smoothly with the collective bargaining issues as NFL Films has worked all these decades.

  2. Now here’s one son who does his father proud as the torch carrier of the family business. Congrats.

  3. I hope Steve knows how many of us are praying for him every day. His work and ideas are such a huge part of my life as a sports fan. And because he is a great artist, his work often transcends football and reaches a deeper place in all of us.

    In the end, Sabol is not merely a chronicler of the NFL, he is a troubadour of the human experience.

    105 Emmys? Anyone familiar with Sabol’s work should not be surprised.

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