Tiki Barber confident he’ll play, but “I’m not trying to be who I was”


Tiki Barber is continuing to work out and prepare for what he says will be a comeback season in 2011. But in a nod to his age, the 36-year-old Barber did admit that he won’t be the player he was when he last played, in 2006.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m not saying I’m coming in and being an every-down guy or going to rush for 1,800 yards again, but I know I can play this game and be a contributor,” Barber told the New York Post. “I’m not trying to be who I was.”

The Post suggests that either the Steelers or the Buccaneers would make the most sense for Barber, who says he’ll play for some team looking for a veteran who’s already familiar with the offense, and perhaps who already knows many of the players and coaches.

“I’ll be somewhere where I know the people, know the staff,” Barber said. “It will be a team that needs some veteran leadership or just needs a little push or needs somebody they can count on to fit a role.”

But no team should expect that role to be playing the way Barber did five years ago.

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  1. Translation, I failed at being a commentator and need $$$ to payoff my soon-to-be ex-wife.

  2. If it were anyone else I would admire his courage and his wish to be a leader and role model to young players. Since it is this clown, who couldn’t be a veteran leader when he was a contributing veteran and also epitomizes a lack of moral integrity, I find this a publicity stunt by a desperate, pathetic man trying to make some cash since he can’t succeed at anything else.

  3. I would give him more respect if he just called it as it is and said he needs the cash. Can anyone honestly see a 36 year old Tiki Barber accepting a special teams or possible 3rd down back situation IF he’s lucky?

    Me neither.
    Get real Tiki

  4. Provide veteran leadership? Like 2006 when you quit on your team half way through the season, then mailed in the last 8 games so you could continue to collect a paycheck?

  5. The Vikings could be a landing spot for him. Bring back Favre and they could rename the team “The Geritols’ “…..

  6. The fact that he’s not being honest about the situation he has created makes it hard to respect Tiki. The fact that he left his wife while she was 8 months pregnant with twins for a young blond thang makes it hard to respect Tiki. The fact that he blew what was once a promising post-league career as a commentator makes it, yes, hard to respect Tiki.

    Please, lord, don’t let my team sign this sad old man.

  7. You guys are right. He is coming back for the money. Any guy who is in it for the cash and not the love of the game… let’s just say teams need to stay away from them.

    Speaking of which, why did the Panthers take Cam Newton #1 again??

  8. Given that there is such a huge shortage of young RBs in the league……..wait,…….never mind.

  9. Hey Tiki maybe you can ask Gene Upshaws widow for a few million before you get yourself hurt. I dont think the new agreement there working on will cover you.

  10. If I were him I would try to catch on somewhere as a coach. Doubt if he is mentally ready for the rigors of playing football after five years in front of the cameras and eating rich food. If he would have kept his ego in check and not let the bright lights go to his head and make him think he was all that, he would probably still be there. Lots of ex-players doing it the right way, Strahan, Harrison come to mind.

  11. Maybe after free agency wraps up, and we see where the Reggie Bush’s of the world end up, there will be a team desperate enough to give him a try out. Maybe. My bet is he won’t be deemed fast enough or durable enough anymore, and nobody will want to use a roster spot for an infrequently used player. But I see no reason why a UFL or arena football team wouldn’t want him.

  12. Translation:
    “Um….guys…my broadcasting career was as unproductive as my marriage committment. Not to mention I’m broke because all of my money is now going to my ex and the kids. Upshaw took all of the money I thought I was going to live lavishly off of so um…do you think maybe there’s a team out there that needs a runningback that was born in the early seventies and seriously lacks ball handling skills? Please guys….”

  13. “But I see no reason why a UFL or arena football team wouldn’t want him…”

    Or the circus… or Dancing With the Stars. Yes, there’s a market for you Tiki. Oh, how does that ‘2 years, $20,000,000’ contract extension from the Giants that you turned down look now?

  14. He can play whenever he wants.

    All he has to do is find the local sand lot where the local over-the-hill-ex-jocks think they are going to be the next Vince Papale.

  15. I don’t think in all my years posting here that I have ever seen anyone unite PFT’s sundry commenters in dislike for them the way Tiki has…so he’s go that going for him which is nice.

    Tiki epitomizes that old chestnut: “I wish I could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth”.

    Hey Tiki? If you want a comeback right now the best thing to do is stop acting like well…you know…YOU, stop lying to yourself (though if he did he wouldn’t be trying to come back at all because he would realize it’s a ludicrous thought) and show some humility instead of trying to dictate where you may end up and talking about the “leadership” you provide when you are the ANTI-leader.

  16. People are rougher on Tiki than real s-bags like Ben and Cromartie.

    Lets recap:

    – Ben: 2-time rapist, flouts $100+M contract by riding crotch rocket through bustling city without a helmet

    – Cromartie – 37 kids by 37 women. Will inevitably shatter Blanda’s longevity record in order to pay child support

    – Tiki – Kept Giants relevant and in playoff hunt during dark years. Played hurt when everyone with 2 eyes knew he was getting the ball. Even in final year, he ALONE ran the Giants into the playoffs the last two weeks running for over 400 yds (HARDLY “quitting on his team”) Crimes: told the world what we already knew…that Eli was a sucky leader and Coughlin was too strict. Got caught cheating on his pregnant wife (because we all know NFLers don’t ever cheat :/ ).

    Please get some perspective people. You sound like jealous children.

  17. The only old RB I’d want to see come back is Barry Sanders! That dude left the game in his PRIME! It goes to show that no matter HOW much talent you have…if you don’t have a love for the game…your heart won’t be into running that 10% faster…or breaking 10% more blocks than usual. Speaking of love of the game…where’s Vince Young right now?

  18. ronswansonsdinner says: May 5, 2011 11:28 AM

    “I’m not trying to be who I was”. Tiki, you weren’t even a has been, you were a never was.


    Say what you want about his attitude or personal life, but c’mon, Tiki was an excellent player.

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