Another view on VY-to-Redskins talk


Earlier this afternoon, MDS pointed out an item from Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel regarding talk that Titans quarterback Vince Young could be destined for D.C.

Terry McCormick of pointed out in an e-mail to PFT that Redskins coach Mike Shanahan counts former Titans coach Jeff Fisher and former Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger among his closest friends.  Neither Fisher nor Heimerdinger would be expected to endorse Young to Shanahan.

That said, the biggest question for Shanahan is whether he has any better options.  Between Young, John Beck, and Rex Grossman, we’d take Vince Young every time.

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  1. Hey they benched Pro Bowler McNabb to give Rex Grossman a shot and that ended poorly. I expect them to give Beck a shot before they panic.

  2. Vince would be a good addition for DC. Since DC has a sub par O-line, his quickness will be a great asset compared to Beck & Grossman who are just pocket passers.

  3. Between that group of Wink’em, Blink’em and Nod I would fire up the corporate jet to Mississippi.

  4. I told my buddy not to marry the girl..he did any way. Why does this matter? Friends influence friends, but they dont make decisions for them.

  5. Spoken like a true Eagles Fan, give me a break. If he couldn’t take the heat in Nashville, what makes you think he could handle it here? Where our teams players face far more scrutiny then our Politian’s.

  6. Cud teh Haynesworth analogy in 3…2…1….

    Seriously though, Vince is a winner. If my team needed a QB I’d take VY over the following:

    Hasslbeck, Palmer, Bulger, McNabb, Favre, Leinart.

    There’s more, but I’m lazy, and this post is already making me thankful that my team at least has a servicable QB even if he’s not made the jump to elite quite yet…

  7. If you’d take VY over anyone then you haven’t been watching more than the stats sheet of the titans the past few years. VY is horrible.

  8. Between Young, John Beck, and Rex Grossman, I’d take Vince Young LAST every time.

  9. If you think Shannahan would want to deal with this idiot you are severely mistaken. I will take Beck or Grossman any day. Who knows, Bulger is floating around out there too. We have enough issues with Haynesworth.

  10. Kyle Shanahan was a teammate of Vince Young on the UT football team.

    Brian Orakpo was also a teammate of Vince Young.

    Mike Heimdinger, as you noted, were college roommates and he coached under Shanahan in Denver.

    Fisher never wanted Young in the first place; he was Bud Adams choice for QB.

    Young would be low risk because he would have people around him HE will trust and the contract will be vet minimum plus incentives. If he freaks out again, cut and nothing lost. If he is reborn like Michael Vick, Skins make out in the deal.

    This is a high reward low risk free agent signing.

  11. That’s all fine and good but PLEASE,PLEASE, tell me true, is there even going to be any foowtbawl this year??……I GOTS TA’ KNOW!!!!

  12. It would seem highly unlikely that Shanahan would want to bring in someone who — deservedly or not — has a reputation as . . . let’s say “not overly gifted in the Mental Toughness” area.

    I’ll admit that I didn’t really follow the Broncos, but I seem to recall Shanahan having problems with Jake Plummer because he wasn’t “strong” enough to stand up to Shanahan’s coaching style. Wasn’t that one of the chief reasons for drafting Jay Cutler — “he’s one tough kid” or words to that effect?

    Even though Young is obviously far more gifted than either of the two QBs on the roster, can Shanahan really afford a melt-down at his most important position? Would he risk that?

    I could sooner see a situation where Dan Snyder takes Mike Brown out to dinner and outright asks how much cold, hard cash it would take for Brown to trade Carson Palmer to the Redskins for a Ham Sandwich To Be Named Later.

  13. Coach Davis past on ryan mallet in the draft because he knows he can salvage Youngs career. Vy will be in the silver and black.

  14. “Between Young, John Beck, and Rex Grossman, we’d take Vince Young every time.”


    I think that’s called being damned by faint praise.

  15. Immature? Maybe so, but his record speaks for itself. Not a lot of QBs have been 35-17 the past few years. He’s a lot like Ricky Williams. When his head is on straight, he can play some ball. The Redskins could do a lot worse (and have).

  16. Redskins just need to revamp their whole offense. What defense is scared of a not so great offensive line, Rex Grossman, Ryan Torain, and the two recievers are Santana Moss and Anthony Armstrong?

    I know Chris Cooley is good, but how bad is your offense when your tight end is your best player.

  17. You’ll always find at least one knucklehead spouting off about how VY “just wins”.. Welp he didn’t win last year – unless you call QBing 3 wins out of 16 games “winning”. I sure don’t. But he was injured you say..
    Yeah, well he’s always injured. VY to the CFL in two years.

  18. gumbogumbo says:
    May 6, 2011 5:40 PM
    McNabb? Is he out of the picture all together now? All together now.
    Keeping McNabb would be a mistake.. it isn’t worth paying him a little over $2 million next year that also comes with a $10 million bonus in the offseason. He isn’t worth that price tag after the mediocre season he had.

  19. I’m a Jags fan (4 season tix) and have spent many years following the rivals in the division. I’ve watched a ton of Titans football and all I can say is VY is a total turd as a passer, but what he does give you is the threat of running, which seems to gas out the opposing defense, due to him rolling out (which makes the running game go even better in the second half). However the only person he can throw to when he rolls out is the tight ends… his wideouts are just wasted roster space. Kenny Britt exploded last year and it was all when Kerry Collins was under center. VY in Washington would be awesome for Chris Cooley, but would ruin Santana Mosses career. There’s a bunch of sick pass rushers in the NFC East too, that would wreck his world.

  20. Between Young, John Beck, and Rex Grossman, we’d take Vince Young every time.

    Then it’s a good thing you are a reporter. Young is a cancer and I’d swim with Rex any day over Young. Young shouldn’t even get a sniff of a starting job.

  21. Any chance a trade could be worked out sending McNabb to Cincy and Palmer to D.C.? Both teams need a veteran and can’t live with the one they already have.

  22. The fact of the matter is that VY could be a decent-and by that I mean top 20-quarterback in the NFL. However, he needs to have the EXACT right situation with the EXACT right team around him. Washington is not that situation or that team. That being said, there’s no way he’s worse than Sexy Rexy or John Beck (who knew he was still in the league?).

  23. Between Young, John Beck, and Rex Grossman, we’d take Vince Young every time.


    Really?! With Young you know what you get. With Grossman you know what you get. I’ll take door number three any day of the week!

    slickzmoney says: May 6, 2011 10:10 PM

    Any chance a trade could be worked out sending McNabb to Cincy and Palmer to D.C.? Both teams need a veteran and can’t live with the one they already have.


    Great idea! Funny, but I think that could really work for both teams and both QBs!

  24. McNabb is the 100th best player in the NFL as voted by the players. Vince Young is a bust. I hope the Redskins end up w/ neither & have to start John Beck.

  25. It’s pretty easy to take shots at Rex Grossman but in the last few games he started for the Redskins last year he took a offense full of has-beens and nobodies on offense and put some points on the board. Given VY’s lack of work eithic and mental toughness I would rather take my chances with Grossman as the starter.

  26. bottom line is this. Whats Rex Grossman’s career numbers v. Vince Young? How many comeback wins did Young engineer? Whats his overall rating. Issue is, would Vince Young backup Grossman (before his eventual implosion), then rally them?

    Or will John Beck backup Grossman (before his eventual implosion), then take sacks, make a few drives, score , then eventually get hurt?

  27. Am I the only one that thinks McNabb should stay in Washington?

    He knows the system, and if he can iron out the kinks in his game and his relationships with the shannys.

    Why not? He is their best option. IMO

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