Door isn’t closed on Hasselbeck staying in Seattle

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At a time when it seems to be a foregone conclusion that quarterback Matt Hasselbeck won’t be back in Seattle if/when the 2011 season is played, there’s still some reason to believe that Hasselbeck could return.

According to Mike Sando of, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell called Hasselbeck during last week’s temporary lifting of the lockout, reiterating the franchise’s interest in the veteran quarterback who was traded from Green Bay to Seattle a full decade ago.

Hasselbeck will be an unrestricted free agent once the lockout ends.  And the Seahawks have only Charlie Whitehurst — who played well in the must-win Week 17 game against the Rams — as a viable candidate to replace Hasselbeck.

Still, new coaches like to have their own quarterbacks, and Pete Carroll has had a full year to study Hasselbeck.  If Carroll decided at some point in 2010 that the team needed to keep Hasselbeck, the team could have re-signed him.

And while several teams with needs at the position drafted new quarterbacks, several didn’t.  Hasselbeck remains in play for, possibly, Buffalo, Miami, Washington, and Arizona.  He also could be the short-term starter for teams that picked up rookies, including the Bengals, Titans, Vikings, and 49ers.

We (or at least I) still think the Eagles could be a viable option, if Hasselbeck is willing to enter the building as the backup to a guy who could get injured at some point.  It would reunite Hasselbeck with Andy Reid, and it would allow Hasselbeck to run an offense with which he is intimately familiar.

Regardless of where he goes, there’s no reason to dispute at this point the proclamation of ESPN’s Trent Dilfer — who as Sando points out shares an agent with Hasselbeck — that the veteran who has copied Dilfer’s hairdo will be playing elsewhere in 2011.

12 responses to “Door isn’t closed on Hasselbeck staying in Seattle

  1. The team might even hire a full-time traveling barber, just to make sure his head is well groomed.

  2. Hasselbeck needs to stop having his brother and all his buddies spread rumors on his behalf. Hasselbeck hasn’t played more than 11 games per season for the last 3 years, and only had a couple of decent games last season.

    It is pretty laughable having Dilfer and brother Tim Hasselbeck spinning your agenda for a bigger contract.

  3. The Seahawks organization would like to personally thank you and Mike Sando for regurgitating this completely fabricated piece of nonsense so that they can keep some leverage when they battle against their division rivals and other teams in future Kevin Kolb trade negotiations.

  4. The Eagles? Seriously? Fat Andy has already commissioned the artists to get a bust of Mike Kafka for when he gets inducted into the hall of fame… (the same artist who did Kolb’s by the way). Haven’t you heard him gush about how great they are? Besides there is no way he’s on the sidelines giving signals until Fat Andy’s new meal ticket (Vick), refuses to slide, and misses a few games….He more than likely wantsd to start and plenty of teams need QB’s….

  5. My concern is that at her age, Hasselbeck won’t be able to keep up the pace of taping “The View” and QBing the Seahawks effectively.

  6. Hass has had a TERRIBLE o-line the last 3 years and he has been getting pounded. When the line finally stablalized last year (after how many different combinations? most in the league), and after they had put his left hand in a cast, and then kept draining the fluid that kept building up in his body due to internal injuries, Hass did pretty well.
    Unlike some other QB’s in the league who decided to sit out their playoff game due to a little pain in the knee 🙂

  7. Stay there. Just don’t go to the Titans. Let them keep swinging in the wind with nobody to teach Locker how to throw a completion.

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