John Daly, Ryan Mallett forge a friendship

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It could be the premise of a sitcom.  Or it could be the foundation for a reality show.

Patriots rookie quarterback Ryan Mallett and John Daly, an up-and-down golfer (both on and off the course), have struck up a friendship.  Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald reports that the duo went golfing on Wednesday — after Daly hooked Mallett up with clubs suited to a six-foot, six-inch frame.

Thanks to Jon Gruden, Daly has become a mentor of sorts for Mallett.  And that’s where Mallett’s decision to consort with Daly exposes a serious flaw in Mallett’s judgment.  By creating the perception that Daly is trying to help Mallett turn his life around, Mallett is implicitly conceding that his life was heading in the wrong direction, which then possibly gives credence to the scattered rumblings and rumors about Mallett’s past, none of which have been substantiated.

Even Daly can’t artfully whack his way out of the sand trap that the apparent I’m-helping-a-guy-who-doesn’t-really-need-help situation has created.  “I’ve always believed that the press loves to write about the past, whether it’s good or bad,” Daly said.  “In my life, it’s been bad.  I’ve been telling him, don’t live in that past.  And I don’t know about Ryan’s past.  You talk to everybody about it, there’s nothing there. . . .  You know the deal:  If someone sees you drinking a beer, they think you’re drunk, especially if you’re a celebrity.  All I know is, he’s a good kid.”

Mallett apparently doesn’t realize the message that the arrangement is sending.  “He’s just trying to help me know that there are going to be people trying to bring you down,” Mallett said.  “And surround yourself with good people.  He’s a really good guy.  He’s had his problems, and he dealt with them.  He knows what he could’ve been, and he doesn’t want to see the same thing happen to other people.”

Daly may have the best of intentions, but the best thing he ever could have done for Mallett is to keep his distance, at least publicly.  Regardless of where Daly is right now when it comes to the problems that derailed his golfing career, the involvement in Mallett’s life of a guy who has overcome self-inflicted wounds strengthens the notion that Mallett is trying to do the same thing, which contradicts his strongly-stated position that there are no self-inflicted wounds to overcome.

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  1. I totally disagree…

    Although we don’t know the specifics, anyone can guess that Mallett has something in his background. It is probably nothing more than most college seniors have (drunk nights, bar incidents, etc) but his have been blown up because of who he is. Even if they are way worse than most (which I doubt) he should be looking to overcome them rather than fall back into the routine.

    Having a mentor that knows a thing or two about overcoming mistakes is a positive sign that he knows he needs to go forward. Daly was one of the most talented golfers of the recent era, but his head derailed his career. If he can help Mallet avoid those mistakes it will be very good for Mallet.

  2. he got drafted, he doesn’t need to maintain a public appearance now.

    furthermore, isn’t it better that he just gets some guidance rather than not get guidance because it makes him look bad and subsequently continue down the road everyone knows he was on anyway regardless of what he says?

  3. Catch 22.

    If he befriends Daly it’s proof that he does have a checkered past and is a “street guy”.

    If he doesn’t then it’s just proof that he’s football’s Eminem and refuses “help”.

  4. The reality is Mallett has learned a lot from Belichick already; he doesn’t care what pundits think, or write, he is doing what’s best for himself.

  5. Daly was probably just scared of the “payback” if he didn’t play golf with him. Mallett doesn’t seem to take rejection well.

  6. Or – and I’m just throwing this out there – two guys just wanted to go out and play some golf.

  7. At this point who cares what the media has to say about the guy. The only thing that matters at this point, regarding his playing career, is what the New England Patriots thing of him. I am pretty sure they will have a better beat on his character and who he is as a person then the media. If Daly is helping him, what is the problem?

  8. Break out the strippers and cocaine!!! LOL in all seriousness I agree with aschwatrz2011 and mnchkin420 100%

  9. So Mallet would be better off hiding his issues instead of confronting them? His character issues have already done their damage the draft is over, perception doesn’t matter anymore only reality does now. At least he is looking up to Big John instead of Big Ben.

  10. …by befriending Mike Vick, Tony Dungy created the perception that Vick was a saint before his trouble… Did you wake up with a hangover Mike?

  11. If he struck up a friendship with Tiger, he would have learned lessons like not playing 18 holes on the public course when you have a perfectly mowed green in your backyard to use your putter on.

  12. It’s not how you start but how you finish. Hope having a friend who’s taken some lumps and made some mistakes helps Mallett get himself right. Don’t really know how so many people seem content to watch this kid crash and burn.

  13. Look I understand completely that this friendship with Daly as kickstarted by Gruden could be a double edged sword (Chucky saying, “TAKE THAT.. TUCK RULE GAME MY BUTT” ???? 😉 ). I am not 100% sure of what this kid is all about yet either. I admit I am a TAD bit of the mind that this whole Rappaport trip to Texarkana isn’t exactly frowned on by the Pats (despite its Herald origins)because it’s pretty much all boosting Mallett’s reputation by starting all the way back to his childhood showing all his good qualities. And certainly no other Pats 1st round draft choice (let alone a third round one) recently has merited a three day adventure to their hometown to write a mini biography so it’s obvious someone feels some things about Mallett need to be cleared up or detailed better. I mean geeze…Meriweather was involved with several well known and real controversies prior to his drafting by the Pats and no one in the local Pats media went down to Apopka to scope it out. IIRC.

    I admit I’m not happy with the thought (posted by a very honest an Arkansas fan’s convo he posted on an Arkansas fan site with someone associated with a team) things like the feeling that Mallett grew impatient interviewing with teams who he felt didn’t really want him and were wasting his time and responded accordingly.
    I can’t post a link to it I am guessing but perusal of a Pats fan site should yield the link.

    Looking at a history of my posts on here will show that I was mostly a defender of his long before my team drafted him so I see no reason to jump in his S*** until I have more reason to. At this point I think of him as a few others have suggested above: someone who still may need a little more maturation but who is much like BB himself-football smart, doesn’t suffer fools or people he thinks are wasting his time very easily, not the most media friendly persona in the world-but someone who has another side to him and who is admired and liked by the people who have spent actual time with him.

  14. This article is waaaay off the mark and I couldn’t even finish it. Why do you just pull stuff out of your ass like this? Why make this reach? Can’t Mallet just go golfing with Daly? Wouldn’t you want to golf with Daly if invited? All this negativity sucks.

  15. shouldn’t people like you who put rumors out there have something to back it up? it may just be that but once you put it out there where people can see it becomes a fact in the public’s mind. why do you and mayock and all the other experts get the right to say whatever you want about a person with no consequences?other than being busted for underage drinking what proof do you have about his so called character issues? somebody on a team that didn’t draft him?yea they would not possibly lie would they? if he is a bad a person as you make him out to be I am pretty sure somebody outside of the football program would have seen him and come forward by now. but based on rumors you are free to just toss them out there with nothing to back it up? and then you get all high and mighty when an athlete dares to actually defend himself or decides not to talk to the press.

  16. If golfing with Daly is tantamount to admitting past issues, if he went golfing with a devout Christian like Kurt Warner would Mallett then be denying he has had problems?

    Kids to stupid things in college. Give Mallett a break.

  17. What a cynical story! Listen, the kid doesn’t have lingering connections to any past problems. Believe me, here in Arkansas, if there was a re-occurring problem, it would be known. It’s like living in a state full of the worst kind of gossips. No one keeps any secrets. Just ask Houston Nutt. All we have are a lot of rumors coming from out of state sources about non-specific problems. Leave the kid alone, let him pick and choose his mentors, and watch him play football. He is a real gem; there is a reason “The Legend” tag was hung on him by his friends and fans.

  18. It will be cool to see Mallet knocking down smokes on the sideline during football games…

  19. Ridiculous article. Let’s not forget that Daly won 2 major championships. If Mallet even approaches that type of success in the NFL, he’ll have been the most successful QB of this draft class.

  20. Oh perfect. Pairing and addict with someone with bad boy tendencies. Bring in Tony Dungy now to avert a potential problem down the road. I remember Daly was present (for whatever reason) in John Gruden’s QB session with Mallet. Couldn’t be a worse influence on the kid in all of sports.

  21. Mallet’s been drafted, why does his image matter anymore? He’s going to be sitting on the bench for the next several years, if he stays out of trouble during that time we have yet another lesson in not trusting the pre-draft histrionics. If Daly is helping the kid out, they should spend as much time together as possible. Maybe get an apartment together in Boston. And bam…. reality TV magic strikes again.

  22. Oh, and Tim Tebow gets crushed regularly here and in other media for a being good guy. Futher proof that America’s values are upside down.

  23. drmonkeyarmy & metalhead65 (and a couple others):

    You beat me to the punch. It’s only non-professionals that have nothing better to do (a.k.a. the writer of this article) that want to make something out of nothing and start things that never should be.
    I still find it hard to believe there are people out there that don’t understand why most athletes hate the media. Just read this article and if you still don’t understand, get off the planet because you are wasting oxygen.

  24. There’s a great role model for Ryan. The Dolphins finally made a smart move and passed on him in the first 2 rounds. After the lockout he could be bigger than Jamarcus Russel is. That Daly fitness program is truely amazing! He might as well start drinking the Jamarcus’s purple drink now.

  25. I totally disagree.

    Daly being an Arkansas native and a huge fan of the university has probably known Mallet for some time.

    Daly knows what it is like to have the world looking at you with a number of people reporting / writing about every step or misstep that is taken.

    That is the situation that Mallet has been in since declaring for the draft. Whether earn or not, there have been numerous reports of issues without any specifics reported. So are they true or not…..we do not know. Whether they simply transgressions of youth or something more concerning…..we do not know.

    Let’s not simply judge the Mallet guilty of anything for simply being befriended by Daly and perhaps taking some advice from someone who has truly had is own self-induced issues.

    My grandfather had a saying ‘learn from the mistakes made by others as you will not live long enough to make them all yourself’.

    I would be more concerned if he was going to Daly for fashion advice….

  26. Mike – with all due respect your assessment is off on this one.

    While the “relationship” bolsters a (correct) impression that Mallett requires help and support, issues related to perception were most critical BEFORE the draft.

    Mallett’s now a 3rd round draft choice. The only way he’ll ever get substantial money is by turning his life around. Directly or indirectly acknowledging that he has issues doesn’t matter. What matters now is actually turning his life around – and the support of a sponsor in recovery can be a BIG help.

    In summary you’re focusing on perception when it comes to Mallett.

    Mallett needs to focus on the reality of the issues he must contend with. Trying to keep that a secret and worrying about perception is a moot point.

    Reality is more important than Perception for Ryan Mallett.

  27. Why doesn’t he get with a partier that actually managed his disease instead of having it get the best of him?

    Calling Kenny Stabler.

  28. you are the ones (the media) who are continuously reinforcing this belief that mallett has character issues! Daly came on gruden’s QB camp and he and mallett hit it off. they are both from the south, obviously love sports (particularly razorback sports) and they are both in the spotlight. i don’t see why it has to be a negative that these two are spending time together except that you spin the story that way.

  29. I can just see him smoking and hungover on game day. Find a new mentor, dummy.

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