Kaepernick sees “open competition” at quarterback


Every team in the NFC West thinks they can contend in 2011.  That makes 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s decision at quarterback all the more difficult.

Do you look to the future sooner than later with Colin Kaepernick or do you trot out Alex Smith again?  While Harbaugh has admitted Smith is the favorite once he signs, Kaeperick said on PFT Live Friday that Harbaugh has promised the best players will play, no matter who they are.

“So to me, I see that as an open competition, an open opportunity at the quarterback position,” Kaepernick told Florio.

We know this much: 49ers fans will be howling for Kaepernick to hit the field at the first hint of trouble from Smith.

Remember: This is the same fanbase that chanted David Carr’s name last year.

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34 responses to “Kaepernick sees “open competition” at quarterback

  1. I would say the prudent thing to do is let Kaepernick caddy for a year behind SF’s capable veteran. Since they don’t have one, throw that theory out the window and let him start.

  2. If football doesn’t work out, Colin is confident he has a career as the tall, goofy looking guy in the back row of wedding pictures.

  3. Seems smart to start with Smith, who knows the system and has experience. And if he stumbles, trot out Kaep and see what he can do.

  4. Smith can’t take a breath without Niner fans booing him off the field, largely for good reason. Flo once said that Smith lacked the physical tool set to be an NFL QB, but Niner fans know he lacks the mental acumen.

    Maybe Harbaugh can get him over those mental hurdles because Smith can make every NFL throw when he’s right.

    If not, the kid is waiting in the wings, and he looks promising. He runs a 4.5 40…love it. Still wouldn’t hurt to sign a guy like Orton.

  5. There is no way in hell this guy is going to be ready to start being a that he is a rookie and with the lockout in place.

  6. I’m no scout but the common trait amongst successful rookie QBs (i.e. Ryan, Flacco, Sanchez, Bradford) isn’t their physical gifts or their lack thereof….it’s simply, confidence. I wouldn’t know Kaep if I fell over him but the dude exudes confidence.

    Contrast that with past flops like Leaf, Mirer, Harrington, Akili Smith, Russell, Alex Smith, Grossman, etc. None had the “eye of the tiger”.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kaep turned out the best of this year’s crop.

  7. Uh…jvibottomline…you are wrong. They were chanting we want Carr. Hard to ask for Nate Davis when he was on practice squad.

  8. yes, during a game the fans did chant for Carr. Sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for. Carr played for about a half a game. He was actually worse than Alex Smith and Troy Smith.

  9. Actually, it’s true, the crowd did chant for David Carr. Nate Davis was released before the start of the season. Although that doesn’t mean we didn’t hear a Nate Davis chant or two in 49er Faithful defiance of Singletary.

  10. i think this kid was a great pick for the niners. i was hoping the vikings would either end up with him or mallett. the idea of ponder is growing on me but i see both of those guys being better nfl QBs in five years and were both drafted quite a bit lower.

  11. with Smith as your starting QB its not really much of a stretch to forsee an open competition

  12. Remember when Nate Davis threw that 62 yard bomb to Ginn in the pre-season? He has an outstanding arm. Very raw, but he seemed to be the type that knows how to get it done. I don’t care if he had trouble reading – a qb that plays on instincts and abillity is what we needed, not a rhodes scholar type.

    I’d take an ugly touchdown over a pretty interception any day of the week.

    It would’ve been nice to see Nate in real game action.. what else did we have to loose but more games?

    Starting 0-5 with Alex wasn’t fun either. Yes, some of those games were incredibly close, but for every nail-biting Saint’s monday nighter – we had the polar opposite beat downs a la Seattle, Cheifs and Bucs to name a few.

    too bad we cut him before. Blah – this post shoulda been about Kaep, so here’s my take.

    learn from the past, and just let him sit until he’s ready.

  13. Harbaugh is going to fix the issues Alex has while Colin learns, then we can actually trade Smith for some value in 2012 or 2013. We can still get soms millage from AS. Everyone forgets we lost 4 games in 2010 by ~3 pts and it was the D that sucked and couldnt keep our lead. Like vs New Orleans, ATL, Panthers and I forget the 4th.

  14. He’s got a good shot learning the offense from Andrew Luck while everything is in limbo.

  15. Kaepernick is the best QB from this years draft. I wish Chan Gailey had a bigger voice when it came to the Draft, he really liked Colin from the Senior Bowl. He would of made great strides learning from Ryan Fitzpatrick, who knows the game well, just doesn’t have the athletic ability to be considered an elite QB. San Fran Fans: You have a great future with this kid!

  16. You can’t teach winning, and this guy has the “it” factor. Last year he and Nevada defeated Boise State, Cal, BYU and Boston College among others. His team’s only loss, by 6 points, was at Hawaii who normally crushes opponents in home games. Maybe not a coincidence that they beat BC in San Francisco, then is drafted by the 49’ers who moved up to get him (scouts checked him out locally). Can he play under center? Wrong question. He wasn’t ASKED to play under center. Can he play? Most definitely, and I’ll go on record saying he’ll be the best QB in this draft when it’s all said and done.

  17. uhhh 49ersNews, u missed the point idiot, Nate Davis was on the practice squad all year and he is the guy the fans wanted to see, not David Carr.

  18. I don’t mean to hate on the 9ers, cause their a team on the upswing. But I really did not like the Kaep pick. Although with Harbaugh to tutor him, maybe he’ll be able to harness his immense talent and potential. But the guy is a swing or a miss type prospect.

    Being a QB in the NFL desires more than just a big arm and a 4.5 40. So many of the “project” types like Kaep end up as busts, never living up to their “potential”. Kaep looks uncomfortable from the pocket, he looks more like a run first type guy, comes from probably the most simplistic and non-pro style offense of all the QBs in the draft class in the pistol, and has a lot work to do with his throwing mechanics and footwork. I’m not saying he can’t succeed, but if I were a gambling man, I’d bet against it.

    And he should definitely not be starting for the 9ers this year if they want to win. He may have the highest upside, but where he’s currently at, he’s no where near ready for the NFL

  19. Agelardi:
    Why do ignorant fans like you keep saying silly things like “Alex knows the system” ? Alex has not got a clue about Harbaugh’s system,NONE !
    Any veteran like McNabb or Hasselbeck would come in to SF and be light years ahead of Smith in the west coast offense Harbaugh is bringing in. (plus those guys actually have some talent for the NFL game,unlike smith).

    And last year when the fans were chanting for Carr it was not because they wanted to see Carr starting,it was because they wanted ANYONE other than alex smith to play,and Carr just happened to be the backup at the time.
    And of course they wanted to see Nate Davis play,since he had more raw talent in his little finger than any other QB on the roster (he was on the PS),and because they had nothing to lose by getting a look at the kid in real games,since Alex was a steady loser anyway and if Davis lost every game,no difference.

  20. This is hilarious! The niners are done for years. Every year their fans are full of such optimism. Watching the optimism disappear and then turn to anger is one of my favorite things about EVERY single NFL season. Harbaugh won’t be able to help much with those losers either (besides he is a college coach).

  21. Nate Davis was released before the 2010 season started and no one signed him. So he was on the taxi squad, and no one wanted him.

    “Sep 6, 2010 … It was a relatively short stay for Nate Davis , one year and change. The 49ers, according to several reports, released him this morning and …”

    Jan 12, 2011 … The discussion surrounding Nate Davis, perhaps the most talked about non-playing quarterback in 49ers history, is officially over.

    Then Seattle signed him but …

    Mar 3, 2011 … The Seattle Seahawks announced this afternoon that they have released … quarterback Nate Davis. …

  22. Jared zabransky had confidence too…doesn’t always mean anything…..maybe kaepernick will be good….he seems to.be in one of the few situations that may be beneficial for him….don’t laugh but buffalo being another. Harbaugh and galley are two guys i would want to coach my son….they seem to get optimum production…I’d love to see galley with a mqtt Ryan or Andrew luck

  23. I like the kid’s attitude. He’s gonna push Smith. Which is what the 9ers need. Go back to Alex Smith’s second year. You really never heard a peep about any QB even mentioning an open competition.

    I hope we get a reasonable facsimile of an NFL Vet during the offseason(if there is one) so we can have 3 guys competing for the job. Winner take all. Would love to see Garcia come back to finish up his career and David Carr move on to Oakland or something.

    Carr has never played in the WCO. Not saying he can’t but I just don’t see him standing on the sidelines holding a WCO clipboard, nevermind running the WCO in case of injury. Would be a hell of a blow to the psyche to be a 9 year vet and be demoted to QB3 imho.

  24. childressrulz says: May 6, 2011 6:11 PM

    This is hilarious! The niners are done for years. Every year their fans are full of such optimism. Watching the optimism disappear and then turn to anger is one of my favorite things about EVERY single NFL season. Harbaugh won’t be able to help much with those losers either (besides he is a college coach).
    This is coming from a guy who’s ID says childressRulz.. haha.. did you ever take notice of the circus he was running out in MN?

  25. I would like to see what Troy Smith can do with an offseason of working out with the starters…if there is an offseason.

  26. U guys r funny, Kaep ran the “pistol” offense in college, perhaps the only offense worse then the “spread” in terms of a college qb transition to NFL, starting Kaep would be a disater

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