Mike Francesa isn’t happy with Rex Ryan snub

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Jets coach Rex Ryan embarked on an extensive media campaign this week in support of his new book, Play Like You Mean It.  But the effort didn’t include a visit with New York radio dean Mike Francesa of WFAN, and Francesa apparently wasn’t happy about that.

Via SportsGrid.com, Francesa pointed out that the book didn’t crack the top 100 on Amazon.com.  “Go to the wrong places, you don’t get the right response,” Francesa said.

I just wanted to mention that that book is a flop,” Francesa said later in the show.

At No. 111 on Amazon as of this posting, we’re not sure we’d call it a “flop.”  Sales likely have been hampered by the fact that folks are less interested in the NFL right now, due to the lockout.  And we suspect that the book was rushed to market the week after the draft given the possibility that the lockout will linger into August and possibly beyond.

That said, we would have strongly considered holding the book until early June, with the goal of targeting mothers and daughters looking for Father’s Day gifts.  Of course, nothing prevents Ryan and his publisher from making a second big push in the 10 days or so before June 19.

52 responses to “Mike Francesa isn’t happy with Rex Ryan snub

  1. Could it be maybe, just maybe, that folks are sick and tired of Rex flapping off at the mouth and dont want to spend their money on his book????

  2. I mean when a guy has a voice that reaches that many people, it could be a good idea to show him some love.

    Otherwise he’ll burn you; like so.

  3. Believe me when I say, as a Jets fan, its awesome to hear “the pope’s” bitterness. Love or hate the Jets, Francesa never has a good word to say about what the team accomplishes on the field, even in the wake of two straight trips to the AFC title game.

    The Jets boycott of his show is both well-documented and well-deserved. Players and coaches appear on other popular WFAN programs all the time, including Boomer & Carton and Joe & Evan. Its Francesa’s own arrogance that did it.

    That being said, with ALL the promotions Rex has done, which seems to be pretty well-known, I can’t see an appearance on Francesa pushing his sales any higher than they currently are.

  4. I don’t know why scientists are scanning the universe for black holes when clearly the the densest thing in existence is currently occupying a studio in New York.

  5. Anyone else think that Rex Ryan is the human version of the Looney Tunes’ Foghorn Leghorn character (the roster that always messed with the dog)?

  6. Also my friend interned for him and he would like everyone to know that Mike Francesca is the biggest dickhead he’s ever had the misfortune to meet.

  7. Mike Francesa is a fat buffoon who knows nothing but the Yankees and Giants, he is has been at that. Good for Rex Ryan not selling out to the big fat air bag with Giants pom poms

  8. They don’t come more arrogant and self important than Francesa. Mad Dog Russo was 99% of the reason why he’s still working. Guess he really needed RR to show up to boost his ratings.

  9. Francesa is an anti-Jets, biased, hypocritical, bitter d-bag. I don’t care if fans talk the way he does, but he tries to seem like he’s an impartial journalist (or at the very least one who isn’t everything anti-Jets).

    Rex probably skipped him because no Jet fans listen to Francesa anymore.

  10. I would rather read a book that Larry The Cable Guy farted.

    Speaking of which….has anyone ever actually seen those two half-wits in the same place at the same time?

  11. i am sure the publisher is very happy with coming in 111th place just knowing they would have beaten the other 110 books if they got to go against them again

  12. The book is a flop because no one gives a damn about what Rex Ryan thinks or says. There IS such a thing as over-exposure, and he reached the peak of it 2 years ago.

  13. As someone else said, the real story is that Francessa is mad because the jets send all their players to 1050 Espn who also do their games. It basically sucks because I can’t stand listening to the Michael Kay show but I do just to hear the jet players.

    Bottom line is Francessa is no longer objective when it comes to the jets and Rex makes it easy because he is a loudmouth.

  14. Who cares what that fat self-important blow-hard has to say? What has he ever won or accomplished except further inflating his own ego (Comment may be applied to either Francesa, Ryan or both depending on your viewpoint)

  15. At No. 111 on Amazon as of this posting, we’re not sure we’d call it a “flop.”

    I can just hear Rex Ryan spouting off that he’s got the best book in the country, that HIS book is going to be Number One on the Times bestseller list, that his book is gonna CRUSH all the other books ……..

    Been there, heard that. STFU Rex.

  16. Fatty Francesa is more self absorbed then any diva wide receiver in the history of the NFL. Parcells led Fatty around by the nose until even The Tuna couldn’t stand him any more. He used to root for any team Tuna coached and he kissed his butt three times a week without fail. Now that Tuna hates him he is back on the Giants bandwagon. The best line I ever heard about Fatty is that he thinks he invented all sports.

  17. This is news? He takes shots at the Jets, Rex and Mr T all the time.

    No one outside of NY has any clue who this is anyway.

  18. OK I have read all the comments and agree. Mike is anti Jets all the time and Rex has a big mouth…..

    I just have one thing that is really starting to annoy me about Mike Francesa……

    Have you ever really listened to what he says. He can never get a point across without repeating his point at least 3 times back to back to back…….

    Mike I get it the first time. Please stop this really annoying habit you have developed….

    Seriously all …….. Take a Listen……..

  19. I just wonder if windbags book didn’t sell because folks have finally figured out that Fat A__ is just like his old man and can’t win the big one!

    Instead of boasting he could have beat the Packers perhaps he should have did it when they played in NEW YORK for gods sake with half of the Packers on IR.

    Maybe he should give up having guys play footsie with his wife and concentrate on coaching the Yet’s as in they haven’t win Yet!!

  20. Fat Mike is so ut of it the other day he was saying the average american home is 3500 sq ft and a middle class family makes $200 k per annum. I only listen to the fat man when i can’t get reception for a real sports program.

  21. Ryan is great. Love that he turned down the 10 year old in a clever disguise. BTW, nice photo, dork… the “Used Car Salesman” look works.

  22. I tried very hard to keep listening to his show after Mad Dog left. I didn’t even like MD that much, but I was shocked at how arrogant and heavy handed Francesa became without anyone in the studio to reign him in.

    I can honestly say that after listening to the show at least 2-3 times per week before Russo left, I haven’t listened to Francesa solo in over a year.

    And I don’t miss it.

  23. WOW FATCESSA Bashing something that has to do with the Jets SHOCKING …I think he is just pissed because he doesn’t get any Jets on his GARBAGE SHOW.I mean how much more do I have to watch this Fat Slob suck down COKE with the Label peeled off!

  24. The book only has one page that says over and over “we’re going to win the Super Bowl this year” again.

  25. Mother Mary Of Jesus!

    There is a reason Francesa is getting all of the hate, as well as all of the reads/web hits he gets. there is a reason he has had a long and very successful career in New York.

    It is simple. People hate people who appear to have the same tendencies they “dislike” about themselves, but they are also gravitated to them for they are very much like them in a sick and sad way.

    I would say over 68.5% of New Yorkers have the same sinical, negative, the world is ending, life sucks, attitude that Fransesca portrays in his writing.

    This is why he is so popular. He is a voice of the people, by the people, and for the people of New York.

    Yah.. I hate cha. But I can not wait for your next column cause you are just like what I hate about me…. It makes me feel like I am Ok for the way I am.

    The same guy who, hates, bitches and bashes Fransesca is the same guy who is working in a freaking union down at the convention center bitching about the union he works for, his wife, his kid, his neighbor, the traffic, and every thing else in his life.

    You would never see this disdain for a writer in Green Bay. Because the people of Green Bay are a community. New York City is the sewer of humanity.

  26. What’s left to say? Francesa hates the Jets and Mets with a passion and doesn’t even pretend to be unbiased. Before Parcells dumped him, Francesa would routinely tell his audience that he had inside info on why Parcells made a coaching decision but then would never reveal it because it was inside info . OK, then don’t say anything in the first place and, BTW, you’re not really a journalist.

    My two favorite quotes from Francesa: “Bill (Parcells) is like my brother.” Yeah, how did that workout? And in the late 1990s after the Jets had played a 4-3 defense most of the previous season because of injuries, he insisted on-air to a season ticket holder “Bill never plays a 4-3.”

  27. I wrote earlier on this thread that Francesa is arrogant and self important. Both are 100% true. But I remember way back when he first started doing radio in NY. He was great! Came across as very knowledgeable and genuinely nice.

    Then something happened to him. It appeared that he changed into a bitter, condescending jerk overnight!

    Maybe he was just jealous of all the attention Mad Dog was getting? Whatever the reason was for his change, he instantly switched me from a listener to an avoid-er.

    WFAN would be wise to sent him straight or show him the door.

  28. Francesa had a falling out with Woody Johnson about two years ago after they couldn’t agree on one of the players having a weekly spot on his show. Since then, he has bashed the crap out of the Jets with every opportunity.

    Although I’m a Giant fan and don’t particularly find Rex entertaining, Francesa has taken it wayyyy too far and is being a bit of a woman about the situation.

  29. Francesa has a problem w/ anyone who’s notable in NY pro sports and doesn’t come on his show. He was the same way with Shockey when he was in town. Francesa also takes pleasure in tweaking both the Jets and Mets as well as their fans.

    Of course Joe Torre and Jeter could be caught drowning puppies in the Hudson River and Mike would probably defend them on his show.

  30. Rex Ryan may be a loud mouth… he may be hefty… he may get on a lot of peoples nerves (mostly patriots fans lol)… he may LOVE feet… but he is a HELL OF A COACH! the trash he talks comes from the unbelievable amount of confidence he has in his team and i think that is a fantastic quality to have! there is a fine line between confidence and just talkin trash…. and it’s all about the confidence… period! just ask any of his players… every last one LOVES Rex Ryan… i think it’s kinda fun to have a loudmouthed extremely confident coach but a spin on your typical NFL coach.. makes it more interesting and fun to watch… Keep up the good work Rex!

  31. I like Rex Ryan a lot. He’s the best coach the Jets have had since Parcells and before that back to Walt Michaels.

    That said, why would I pay to read the story of a man whose life is like an open book anyway? This kind of biography sells well when you think there are hidden things to learn about a person. Nothing is hidden with Rex.

  32. Mad Dog rules,
    Mike Francesa Show sucks without mad dog. His ratings suck without Mad Dog. I dont know anybody who still listens to FM radio.
    Everybody has sirius now..

  33. Didn’t Mike Francesa used to ‘be somebody’? He certainly isn’t now, and a local Sunday night program hardly counts for much.

  34. Rex did Boomer and Carton, that day in the morning (WFAN 660) and then in Fatty Fran’s timeslot, he was with Michael Kay (espn 1050).

    Fran is a blowhard jerk, everytime I realize that I’m listening to him, I get mad at myself. All he talks about is stupid horse racing. He immediately writes callers off who are audibly nervous, and often time hangs up on them. He says the same garbage 3 times when making a point. He has the most boring interviews, never asks a hard hitting question. And he skewers the Jets and Mets like it’s his mission in life.

    I find myself only listening to him, when my 1050 doesn’t come in clear, which is about half the time. It blows my mind that ESPN in the Tri-State area, can’t purchase a better radio signal, I live 30miles from NYC and half of the time, get fuzz for 1050, but I’ve carried 660 all the way out to Ohio on a car trip before.

  35. The Giant’s last home game at Giants stadium and they were blown out = pissed off Mr. Fransesca Than the Jet’s last home game at Giants stadium they win big=an even more pissed off Mr. Fransesca he’s never gotten over it now HATE’S THE j.e.t.s cant stand the fact JETS ARE DOING GOOD = a very bitter Mr . Fransesca and the JET orginisation and their player’s know it

  36. Funny how people are bashing Fransesca for being anti-Jets when Craig Carton is anti-Giants times 12. ONE guy on WFAN isn’t bending over backwards to give Rex Ryan a lapdance, and Ryan, the Jets, and their fans whine like babies. “He’s being mean!”

  37. Francessa is a a Jet hatin dog.
    He constanlty bashes the franchise ( except the years when he was pathetically suckin up to Parcells).
    Ryan knows it.
    The whole Jet organization should blow this guy off as long as he’s on the air.
    Good job NYJ!

  38. romo’scollarbone is right about ESPN too.
    They need to do something about boosting that signal.
    I get stuck listening to the WFAN in the afternoon too because of poor reception.
    Makes me want to puke.

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