Redskins mentioned as possible Vince Young destination

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The Washington Redskins need a quarterback. Vince Young needs a team. Could that mean VY is heading to DC?

Maybe.  Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel, in a piece exploring the possibility of Young taking his talents to South Beach, writes that he’s hearing the Redskins are the front-runners to land Young’s services.

As Florio noted on today’s PFT Live, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is trying to spread the word that he’d be comfortable with John Beck as his 2011 starter, but no one really believes that. And as Florio also noted, Young will almost certainly be released within the first 10 days of the league year, as Young is due a bonus of $4.5 million on the 10th day of the league year.

So Young heading to the Redskins could make some sense. At least, it makes more sense than the Redskins heading into 2011 with John Beck atop the depth chart.

74 responses to “Redskins mentioned as possible Vince Young destination

  1. The NFL’s most overrated coach getting the NFL’s most overrated player???? Say it ain’t so? I would LMAO if this actually happened.

  2. For those not familiar with him, Young has been described by scouts as a “more honest and likeable version of Cam Newton”.

  3. This would make sense, when you consider the size of the ego the rat has.

  4. Perfect lets replace one head case (Haynesworth ) with another one , sometimes I wonder why I’m a Redskins fan.

  5. While I tend to agree that Young would be an upgrade over Beck… really? We could go after Orton, or Bulger, or anyone that’s not a known locker room cancer. If this has to happen, I sincerely hope it’s a one-year trial.

  6. You don’t think they learned with their failed Fat Albert experiment? Young is about the LAST thing the Redskins need. I’d take Orton over him EVERY day, especially Sundays.

  7. Whoever came up with this story figured it would seem plausible because it contained the Redskins…well if Vinny was still in place then the story would have more credibility…I don’t see Shanahan, Allen nor Snyder looking to bring in Vince…and for all the naysayers who keep bashing Beck i’d at least wait until you’ve seen him behind center for a few games if not season…yeah, yeah we know about the Miami experiment but that team was awful I mean 1-15 awful…

  8. As a fan of another team in the NFC East, I beg for this to happen.

  9. The good teams stay good because they continue to make good decisions and the bad teams stay bad because they continue to make bad decisions.

    Go ahead and take VY. He is the perfect fit for your orginization.

  10. Riiiiight…don’t West Coast offenses need very smart, accurate qb’s? Actually this story makes perfect sense only because the Redskins are involved.

  11. This is pure fiction. If the Shanahans didn’t like McNabb, a far more accomplished QB, what in the world makes Omar Kelly believe they would have interest in Young?

    Nope, not buying it.

  12. If he’s cheap then I don’t see the big deal in having a QB competition between VY, Beck, Grossman or Orton or whoever else they decide to bring in. VY’s W-L record is better than a lot of starting QB’s in the NFL…a fresh start could do him good.

  13. Young strikes me as a bad quarterback. He hasn’t got a strong arm. He isn’t accurate. He’s been accused of having a poor work ethic. Worse still he has proven to be mentally fragile.

    Yet, he has very good winning percentage as a starter. Now that could be because he was on a good team, except that when Young isn’t the QB, the Titans have a much lower winning percentage.

    So maybe he isn’t a great pocket passer, but he wins. He has dealt badly with being benched, booed by his own fans, but the team hasn’t got noticeably better when he has been replaced by another QB. Maybe he isn’t elusive enough when he runs to have a long career, but he is winnig games now.

    Frankly, if he comes to Washington, he can play QB as badly as he wants, just so long as he helps us win but I don’t see it happening. Kyle Shanahan wants accuracy. Mike Shanahan likes mobile QBs but his offense has worked best when the QB has good arm strength. Both of them place a huge emphasis on work ethic. Vince Young really doesn’t look like the sort of QB they want.

  14. OH SWEET JESUS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD… NO! I can’t believe that the Redskins would be THIS stupid! They are the ones who were playing the Titans, when VY had his epic meltdown…. They saw it first hand! For the love of Christ Dan Snyder, pull your head out of your A$$!

  15. They should trade for Kolb instead.

    Haynesworth, Landry and a 3 next year would be nice.

  16. At this point anybody would be an improvement! Cowboys are over rated,The Giants were not that good and Philly needs some defense…..One more thing Why are Philly fans always talking sh*t…..Have`nt won anything since 1960!!!!!

  17. Uh in case none of you morons have been paying attention Mike Shanahan likes character guys. If the guy has bad character Shanny doesn’t care what his stats are, so obviously this isn’t going to happen.

  18. Are these the same people who said the Redskins are trading up like crazy for a QB. Oh, maybe these are the guys who said Blaine Gabbert was a lock for the Skins. Oh I know, these are the guys that said that A “source” told them the Redskins are drafting Ryan Mallet. Would you guys report something tangible…please? Really, what’s up with all the BS rumors in DC?

  19. There’s no way Vince Young will come to Washington. The Redskins have made enough bad moves in the past few years, they don’t have the leeway to make risky decisions like this. We’ve already had a prima donna from Tennessee.. please no more.

  20. Not happening, Shanahan doesn’t want Haynesworth around because of his attitude so people really think he will bring in Vince Young??


  21. zoxitic says:
    May 6, 2011 2:53 PM
    The good teams stay good because they continue to make good decisions and the bad teams stay bad because they continue to make bad decisions.

    Take a look at the good teams they haven’t always been good yes and I mean the Steelers the Patriots the Colts the Eagles, Saints etc., every team has gone through the down times some have never come out of down times so all you haters need to rethink your thoughts before you post…

  22. somewhere Jeff George is scratching his head wonder why Shanny hasn’t called him bout a job

  23. @CJ

    Trading Haynesworth and Landry to a division rival is a terrible decision. Atogwe and Landry are going to be one of the best safety tandems in the league next year. Haynesworth would destroy the Redskins O-line next year and eat Kolb. That trade would never happen.

  24. Coach Davis is the only owner/coach that will welcome him with open arms and has the ability to salvage his career. Look for him to be in the silver and black on 2012.

  25. Great. 35-17 is better than anybody else the Skins have had or could get the last few years. They whiffed on getting the QB they wanted by not trading up before the Titans. They won’t get that kind of win-loss with anybody else out there right now.

  26. karlpilkington says:
    May 6, 2011 2:55 PM
    Dude is most definately a head case, however please check his winning percentage.

    I totally agree with you on that, he is a great athlete, but for whatever reasons between injuries and whatever goes on between his ears, just turns teams off to him.

    Does he believe he is TOO good to practice or try hard every play. I don’t know, but if he is able to figure it out. He could be come back player of the year, and make a team VERY happy. Possibly lead a team to the playoffs in the right situation, I really don’t know if Washington is considered that. Especially after recalling what Willie Parker had stated.

    Maybe a team in need of QB in what appears to be wide open NFC West?

  27. Nope. This is pure, false, made-up rumor. No way Shanny would forgo potential head-case Ryan Mallet and take definite head-case Vince Young.

    VY needs to do what Mike Vick did. Spend a year or two behind an established veteran to get his head straight first.

  28. redskinspike says:
    May 6, 2011 3:27 PM

    Trading Haynesworth and Landry to a division rival is a terrible decision. Atogwe and Landry are going to be one of the best safety tandems in the league next year. Haynesworth would destroy the Redskins O-line next year and eat Kolb. That trade would never happen.
    Heck, they overpaid for McNabb last year (thanks for that, BTW). Why not make the same mistake twice?

  29. What do you know about quarterbacks Mike Smith? I would take Beck anyday over that dumb dumb Vince Young and so would Shanahan. He works hard and he was second round draft pick with a 70% completion percentage in college that Shanahan had ranked miles ahead of that other dumb dumb Jamarcus Russell. There is no chance Vince Young goes to the redskins, 0%. You are just a dumb guesser like the rest of us.

  30. Back on May 1st there was a story about the Titans still wanting a veteran QB. I wrote that I was guessing a trade of McNabb for VY would be in order. But I guess this would be the same result.


    bottleknockers says:
    May 1, 2011 7:27 PM
    I was checking around, and if I’m not mistaken, The Titans still hold the rights to Young. I’m thinking a trade to another team for their disgruntled veteran QB.

    I could see Titans trading Young to Redskins for McNabb (Skins still hold his rights). I’m picking DC here since it’s a different conference trade. The two teams have trade history.

    McNabb still has a couple years in him until turning it over to Locker, while Young still young enough to be “franchise” QB in DC.

  31. First off, this story has ZERO merit. VY couldn’t hold a candle to McNabb and the Shananigans are pushing him out the door. With the current O/L VY wouldn’t survive the pre-season (pictures of Steelers dumping him on his head come to mind). This is NOT a good fit. Hopefully, Allen/Snyder talk sense in the Shanahan and they keep McNabb for another season until they sell the farm for Andrew Luck. VY needs to be a backup for a HS team, he’s got the same emotional stability as a 17yr old, he’s not ready for the media pressure of DC


  32. Let’s be a little realistic about VY. He is really getting slammed here a little more than he deserves. He is not even close to the likes of Jamarcus Russle or Ryan Leaf. He has shown that he can win and at times has shown spurts of leadership. He certainly had teamates on his side when it was all going down last year.

    That said obviously there is a block somewhere that turns him off to coaches, at least the coaches in TN. Like most things, there is probably more to the story than we know.

    I think with stong coaching and and some better veteran mentoring (better than Collins), he could make something happen. The question is which team is ready to take the risk.

  33. Uhmm…The Redskins would be lucky to grab a QB with his winning record….

  34. Well if this comes to fruition the Redskins will be on the fast track to pick Young Andrew Luck with the FIRST OVERALL PICK

  35. As much as I would hate to see it, the guy is a much better option than Beck…

  36. I think McNabb has 1 last good run in him, and I can’t figure out for the life of me why Washington keeps dicking around. If you don’t have faith in him make him the backup, but for gods sake stop with the drama already.

  37. Someone give VY’s agent a raise. He can actually list the Skins as a possible destination for this creaton. VY is not coming to DC, and he probably won’t even be in the NFL.

  38. That would be absolutely hilarious. If you don’t think so, then watch Top Ten: Worst Free Agent Signings. There was nothing funny about the NFL until Dan Snyder and Al Davis came around.

  39. Surely the Redskins didn’t skip all those QBs in the draft just for this. Right?

  40. CJ says:
    May 6, 2011 3:49 PM
    redskinspike says:
    May 6, 2011 3:27 PM

    Trading Haynesworth and Landry to a division rival is a terrible decision. Atogwe and Landry are going to be one of the best safety tandems in the league next year. Haynesworth would destroy the Redskins O-line next year and eat Kolb. That trade would never happen.
    Heck, they overpaid for McNabb last year (thanks for that, BTW). Why not make the same mistake twice?
    That was a terrible trade.. terrible. But the “big contract” he got on the day of the MNF against the Eagles wasn’t all guaranteed money. McNabb was paid 3.75 mil this past year, and if the Redskins pay a $10 mil bonus once the lockout is over they will be locked into paying the rest of the contract. Which is why McNabb will not be back because as we’ve all seen from this past season, he wasn’t worth the money at all.

  41. People keep talking about his winning percentage. but his overall stats are not all that good.

    I think it was more about his team and less about his skills that created that winning percentage.
    The benefactor of a great defense and running game.

    Here are some (career) stats that stand out
    42 td 42 int 8098yds 57.9% comp

    Compare to rodgers (which includes 3 years on the bench)
    87 td 32 int 12,723 yds 64.4% comp

    ok not fair to compare to rodgers..
    How about orton? (also includes time on the bench)
    71 td 48 int 12774 yds 58.1% comp

    Sorry he’s not that good
    He was a product of a good team. He will do well as long as he plays the role of a game manager. In that role he is likely to win by –not losing–

  42. There is a South Beach in DC? I’m getting tired of that line. is it now the universal line for changing teams? Can we get a little more creative?

  43. He might be heading to Cincinnati for a year. If Palmer doesn’t return (which I don’t think he will) the Bengals are looking to sign a vet for a year even though they drafted Dalton.

  44. Shanahan and Fisher are tight buddies. End of story.
    No way he wants VY with the insight he has on him. VY will not be a Bengal – and Bengals fans should be happy he won’t.
    Please please take him away from Nashville soon though. Good riddance..

  45. Fisher is gone from TN. That should tell VY-haters something about the situation.

    All VY does is win games.

  46. hobartbaker says:
    May 6, 2011 2:42 PM
    For those not familiar with him, Young has been described by scouts as a “more honest and likeable version of Cam Newton”.
    Nolan Narowscki is that you? Were those the same scouts who you claimed said Cam had a “fake smile” and “always seem to know where camera was at.” I see anyone can play that shallow game.

  47. VY if you want to go to a team where you can grow up, learn good work ethic, and learn how to become a team leader, then FOR GOODNESS SAKE DO NOT GO TO WASHINGTON!!!!! THAT IS THE LAST PLACE YOU WANT TO GO!!!!! RUN AWAY RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!! Now if you want to go somewhere that you’re encouraged to be an immature party animal, then by all means go to Washington.

  48. Vince Young might be the best QB fit for the Washington Redskins. No QB can survive be behind that line unless they have speed like Vick, Josh Johnson or Joe Webb. Vick is in Philly . Joe Webb isn’t getting traded. How about Josh Johnson, him and Bruce Allen have history in Tampa Bay. He’s young, had a good college career and is not the trouble maker VY is. If we cant get Johnson get Young period. Draft Luck next year.

  49. Are these the same guys who said that the Redskins are “Trying like crazy” to trade up in the draft for a QB? Oh, this must be the guy who said “sources” told him the Redskins are hoping to draft Blaine Gabbert…right? Oh my bad, maybe these are the guys who said that….well you get my point. Why all the random rumors about the Skins? “Redskins mentioned as a possible Vince Young destination”…really???? Possibly??? How many different teams can you lump into the possible category? Ummm.. Seahawks, Cardinals, Raiders, or anyone else without a top tier QB. This lockout has to stop ASAP because PFT has nothing to talk about….

  50. Doesn’t Shanahan’s offense require an accurate QB? And isn’t Vince Young pretty much just a younger Donovan McNaab?

    Why not give Grossman a shot? He actually performed halfway decently those last couple games of the season.

  51. I think Vince Young is a great fit for the redskins we do not have an offensive online he is very mobile and can throw the ball even though the guy had dark clouds surrounded by him last year he still produced and made good plays some of our fans said the same thing about MIKE VICK when he was available and we clearly missed out on him don’t miss out on VY

  52. Trying to get Vince Young would be a really bad decision. Regardless of who the quarterback is, we will beat Dallas, Philadelphia, and the N.Y. Giants at least once. Had we played it smart, Shanahan would have tried to patch or re-work his relationship with McNabb. Pushing an accomplished QB like McNabb out was a huge mistake, not only for the Redskins, but also for Philly. For those of you who think this rationalization is crazy, the career arc of Michael Vick appears eerily similar to the one experienced by Randall Cunningham in 1998 with the Vikings. That first year, everything Cunningham touched turned to gold (qb rating of 106, 34 td passes, 10 ints. Vikings finished 15-1). His second year he was benched. As soon as Vick starts making mistakes, Reid will yank him in favor of Kolb (perhaps an improvement over Vick). This year, everyone will be reminded of just how overrated Vick is. Don’t be suprised if the Eagles miss the playoffs this season (if we even have one). Watch this season as both the Redskins and Eagles come to wish they’d held onto a likely future hall of fame quarterback. On a side note, inserting Rex bonehead for the last few games as the starter not only was a sign the Redskins were waving the flag of surrender (flushing a possible playoff or .500 season down the toilet), but also an incredibly stupid move.

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