Report: Chargers are monitoring Steve Smith’s status

It’s no secret that Steve Smith wants out of Carolina.  Unknown at this point is his next destination.

According to Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chargers are “monitoring” the situation.

Other possible destinations for Smith include the Raiders and the Ravens.

Per Acee, the Panthers quietly were shopping Smith before the March 11 lockout.  If/when the lockout ends, they’ll be able to trade him.

As Acee points out, the fact that Smith’s contract calls for $15 million over the next two seasons means that he’ll have to re-do his deal before any trade can happen.

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  1. I agree that he needs to take less money at this point, but I also believe he is plenty capable of making a lot of big plays in helping putting a team over the top… especially if he is motivated by a winning environment.

  2. Imagine what Rivers could do with him. They could put up even more yardage and points while once again narrowly missing the playoffs or choking during the playoffs.

  3. ranx777 says: May 6, 2011 10:43 PM
    especially if he is motivated by a winning environment.

    I think you mean:
    “Especially if he had a REAL QB”

  4. AJ isn’t big on free agency, but I’ve been reading some Charger news that he may be doing some big moves this year…

  5. Smith needs to go to Baltimore. Joe Flacco needs all the help he can get since he is over rated as hell.

  6. Smith would score at least one TD a game with Rivers throwing to him.
    And it would all be negated when the Chargers special teams gives up 2 TD’s per game……..

    There’s bigger problems than WR on that team.

  7. i always imagined wat if steve smith was on the colts or patriots.. put him in that slot role.. wow.. u think wes walker puts up big numbers?? steve smith wouldve redefine wat a slot receiver is.. perhaps legendary numbers.. but hey that would be nice for him if he landed in an organzation like that.. shoot try the rams even.. budding star qb.. good offensive coordinator in josh mcdaniels.. would work nicely…

  8. Love the idea…

    But this won’t happen…

    He would be the 3rd option after Gates and VJ

    Cant picture Smith in that role, too big a talent…

    Would love to see it though, that offense would be absolutely deadly

  9. Yeah, he could win a championship with the Chargers…. oh wait.

    At least the Panthers have actually been to a superbowl in the last decade.

  10. Come on over to the Pats Stevie. Tom Brady will make you a pro bowler for sure, and will even make you look like a hall of famer. We could use a deep threat.

  11. Ha yes, a ‘real qb’ usually translates into a winning environment this day in age… unless your the 2010 Chargers.

  12. He is old and slow and doesn’t score TD’s, what is the attraction?

    The team which really could use him and possibly smart enough to still get something out of his tired old legs is the Patriots.

  13. Chargers could use him considering VJax is still bitter about last year’s issue with AJ, and will inevitably end up ‘hurt’ or with a severe case of Randymossitis. Nevertheless, maybe they should look more into, say special teams? or defense?

  14. If I was a betting man I would say he will end up in a Chargers uniform. Just for the simple fact that we have too many question marks at receiver due to the lack of CBA and what will happen with the tags once there is an agreement, the relationship with Rivera (if you think about it we made some trades with Dallas when Wade Phillips was there as HC), and that Steve Smith probably would rather play in SD than any other place due to the QB position and our type of offense. Either way it will probably be SD or Baltimore I would think he would want to go to a winning team.

  15. He’s a close friend of mine and Oakland is where he is headed, he knows Hue from his day’s in LA.

    They were close to a deal but the lockout went down, when it opens look to see either S. Smith or Ocho in silver n black this year.

  16. LOL, so he’s going to force a trade to Oakland? That’s a first… most people are trying to force their way out of Oakland.

  17. <>

    Despite how everyone on this site loves to bash AJ Smith, he’s actually done a good job of addressing it this off-season.

    Great hire in coach Rich Bisaccia from the Buccs and their draft focused on defensive players who also played special teams. And they have already stated that they plan to use them on STs right away.

    Now- is focusing a draft on helping out ST a smart choice? Who knows, but if the offense & defense can stay close to how they were last year then they will have a very good team on their hands.

  18. any fan who thinks this might not happen because AJ Smith is san diego’s GM, is a moron

    this is what aj smith does, he LOVES trading for wrs

    keenan mccardell after his prime

    chris chambers after his prime

    steve smith after his prime

    not knocing aj in the least, as in mccardell’s case, he contributed very nicely, but this fits AJ’s M.O.

    dude loves making trades…..

  19. Steve Smith… thanks for being the poster child for my signed Defensive Player of the Year Ed Reed Poster…. just think… if you come to Baltimore you won’t have to get jacked up by him anymore, lol

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