Steve Smith frustrated with both owners and NFLPA*

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Panthers receiver Steve Smith reportedly wants to play somewhere other than Carolina in 2011. He’s getting sick of having to wait to find out where that is.

Smith told Steve Reed of that he finds the lockout “frustrating,” and that he has no idea what to expect for 2011.

“It’s on hold because we’re not even allowed to presume there will be football,” Smith said. “That privilege, and I emphasize privilege, has been taken away. There has been some mud-slinging going on, and people have had a chance to see the business aspect of football. . . . I don’t agree with how everybody is handling it. I’m going to be fair and say I don’t agree with how owners are handling it and I don’t agree with how the trade association is handling it because things could be better. But they are really so far apart.”

Give Smith credit for following the labor situation closely enough that he remembered to call the NFLPA* a “trade association” and not a “union.”

Unfortunately, from Smith’s perspective, if the sides are far apart, that means the lockout is likely to last a long time. And if the lockout lasts a long time, there won’t be much time before the start of the regular season (if there is a regular season) for the Panthers to find a trading partner and send Smith to another team.

Which means Smith may stay in Carolina in 2011 after all. And that’s what he finds frustrating.

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  1. unexpected common senses from unexpected person. tip of the hat to mr. smith.

  2. I side with the owners in this mess but how can a judge not see the long term damage done to players like Smith and all the undrafted rookies.

    Get the year started under the 2010 rules, with no cap, no floor and 6 years off service to become an URFA hard to believe the NFLPA* wouldn’t coming back to the table.

    The owners made it very clear having no cap would not mean Snider and Jones would go out and buy a ring. Especially as they are trying to force the best deal possible.

  3. Steve Smith needs to tell D. Smith to get his butt into negotiations.

    FACT: D. Smith walked out of CBA negotiations, decertified the union, had players file suit, and then did not attend at least one of the court ordered mediation sessions.

  4. Wow. I wonder how many other players feel this way. I kind of wish these ones would speak up a little more to drown out the other morons.

  5. If both sides would not have hired lawyers, we would not be where we are today. A special thanks to the NFLPA* who elected a lawyer to rep them after having the great Gene Upshaw lead them. The NFL did little better by towing along 10 lawyers and 1 businessman to every meeting.

    Lawyers: $10,000,000 (higher?) / NFL, NFLPA, Fans: -$9,010,000,000

  6. Why would he be ‘frustrated’ with the NFLPA? They don’t represent him and have no role in labor negotiations. If they did, they’d be a Union wouldn’t they? And if they are a union the lockout is perfectly legal and the current players lawsuit is baseless.

  7. @stevedco the owners said that not having a cap wounld not mean snider and jones would go out and buy a ring. ??? your joking right? have you seen baseball in the last 15 years? how many world champs does the yankees hold? the last superbowl was one of the best and it was by 2 small market teams, I GARRANTEE IF THERE’S NO CAP YOU WON’T SEE THAT HAPPEN ANYMORE. It will become just like baseball then what? i don’t know about you but i used to love baseball, but i’m tired of the same teams making the playoffs every year. they need to sit down both sides and work out a deal. period

  8. stevedco,

    Agree with your comment. Smith’s situation, like that of so many free agents and undrafted rookies, is the very definition of “irreparable harm” that Judge Nelson used in lifting the lockout. How can the appellate court overrule that?

  9. I don’t care about the lockout anymore. Just get me some football!!

    Forget about the Chargers, Steve. Come to KC! Putting you in the slot would make the Chiefs one of the best receiving corps in the NFL and the best receiving corps ever in red & gold!!

  10. Steve Smith said:

    Referring to playing in the league:

    “That privilege, and I emphasize privilege, has been taken away.”


    Dez Bryant, Derek Mason, Adrian Peterson, Ryan Grant, Rashard Mendenhall, and your fellow pants on the ground wearing, bling wearing, non debt paying, woman assaulting, dope using, english language butchering, and getting arrested should read and then write the above sentence 1,000 times EACH day.

    The disrespectful, uncaring, UNGRATEFUL, players/”partners”/inmates think they are owed everything and do nothing except make excuses and refuse to even acknowledge ownership of their assinine behavior.

    At least Steve Smith gets it. The other clowns/coworkers of his obviously don’t get it. But remember, the privelege wasn’t taken away.

    The players/”partners”/inmates decision to put their careers in the hands of a career ambulance chaser was just plain stupid.
    Their blind following of his strategy is just plain stupid.
    Failure to recognize that DEmo Smith does not care about current, past or present players but is only interested in racking up billable hours and getting paid like Gene Upshaw did is stupid.
    Failure to step up and sternly remind DEmo Smith that he works for YOU and had better listen to the players concerns, wants, and wishes is stupid.

    Since you players/”partners”/inmates continueally make STUPID decisions the owners must act like your parents and take away your priveleges until you can show better judgement and maturity.
    Now remember, you did this to yourself.

  11. @vikescry1

    I agree with you, but part of me screams out…the Niners used to win when there was no cap…a lot!

    Someone posted something interesting that I am not sure I agree with but liked it, basically they asked if we have noticed that under the salary cap in the NFL the same teams perennially win and lose. He was arguing that free market policies might make the NFL more competitive, like I said…not sure I agree. Just think about…

  12. I’m not surprised. SS is actually pretty intelligent (albeit very hotheaded/emotional) and has never been known to spout the party line on much of anything. I think he is likely very well prepared for the end of his career. He did an internship at a brokerage a few years back and I think he has his own investment portfolio so he’s is pretty financially savvy.

  13. suggestion to the PFT live scheduler……Get
    Smith on PFT live. Would be refreshing to hear the only player who “gets it” and can enunciate his thoughts clearly.

  14. laeaglefan says: May 6, 2011 1:29 PM

    How much worse can catching passes from Cam Newton be than catching passes from Jake Delhomme all those years?


    That Jake Delhomme led Panthers did alright before Jake’s collapse. I remember the Panthers beating the Eagles in the NFC CG with Jake Delhomme at QB.

    Jake might not of been great but he got the job done in his prime. 2 NFC CG, 1 Super Bowl, 3 playoff appearances in 7 years at QB for us. Not spectacular but better then a lot of QB’s have done in their careers in the NFL.

  15. ^^^^^
    Yeah that cracked me up too p17. SS’s best years were with JD and everyone used to whine back then about how OVERUSED SS was. JD’s a guy whose average physical skills weren’t the reason he was good (not great, elite, but good) so ignorant people will always devalue his contributions to his teams.

  16. I don’t want steve smith to go…I don’t care if Carolina is rebuilding. He’s been my favorite player since the dreadful ’01 season. I hope they end up keeping him and not shooting him somewhere for a crappy draft pick. The panthers still need steve smith!

  17. deryl92 says:
    May 6, 2011 12:45 PM
    Steve Smith to New England when the lockout ends whenever that is

    You know what???…See alot of people disagree w/you. But that has been mentioned many times as being in pipeline, along w/1 other player…So not farfetched as it seems.

    Would be great fit for Smith..and prolong his career…Finally with a QB who throws it where, and in a way…receivers don’t get killed. He’s never had that….Guy plays his azz off.

  18. “The owners made it very clear having no cap would not mean Snider and Jones would go out and buy a ring. Especially as they are trying to force the best deal possible.”

    I’ve never heard nor read anything of the sort. Can you post a link to this statement?

    Which owners declared that no cap would mean Jones and Snyder would not try and buy a ring? All of the other 32 owners? Who exactly?

  19. Steve, come to New Orleans, we cant seem to stop you when you have a descent QB, might as well just join forces with Drew and finally get yourself a Ring! Who Dat!

  20. Join the club. Everybody is frustrated except for a few of his fellow players. Apparently they are fairly pleased that there are no off season workouts or they would shut up and settle by accepting the owners last offer before the players went the litigation route.

  21. Just read an article, He wants Oakland or San Diego. Preferrably OAKLAND!!

  22. @nineroutsider

    I will continue to post same/similar statements regarding my position on the greedy, ungrateful players and their stupidity for entrusting their careers to a career lawyer.
    If you don’t like it, then DON’T READ THEM. But since you want to comment directly to me, have something intelligent to say, cause you are not funny, in depth, or quite frankly, interesting. I am however flattered that you seem to be following me and my posts all over this site. It shows I am interesting to you. Have captured your mind, and am the center of your visits to this site.
    On the other hand, it shows you to be easily manipulated, a follower, and generally a loser in real life.
    Anyway, continue to read cause i will continue to post.

  23. I wonder who else beside Steve Smith is sick of the PA and Owner rhetoric going on? Probably only about 10 percent of the players.

  24. i dont think he is that selective about who he sucker punches

  25. Steve Smith can get angry quickly and lose logical sense, as we most often see when he is portrayed in national media.

    But when his head is level he is quite intelligent. He’s invested his earnings in all the right places so he definitely won’t be one of those “broke-after-three-years” ex players.

  26. Iamtalkingsolistenandlearn: while I do agree with your position in the owners/players debate… I have to tell you… you’re about as like-able as a pine cone in the crotch

  27. Hmmm let’s see … Catching passes from Jason Campbell who has a completion % of around 60 and 46 TD’s in the past 3 seasons and the Raiders haven’t made the playoffs since 2002 or from Philip Rivers who has a completion % of over 65 and 92 TD’s in the same span and the Bolts have won the west 5 of the last 7 years?

    Plus many analysts have said that Rivers throws the best deep ball in the league.

    I guess he really doesn’t have a choice where he goes though since he will have to be traded by Carolina in order to join a new team.

  28. At this stage, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong.

    Both players and owners share the blame and animosity of the fans.

    I think as fans we should be able to hire scab owners and scab players and have the season go own while these folks fight it out.

  29. @ stevedco says: May 6, 2011 12:48 PM

    I side with the owners in this mess but how can a judge not see the long term damage done to players like Smith and all the undrafted rookies.

    The players filed suit in Federal Court. Not the fastest way to complete a negotiation!

    De Mo’ is the problem.

  30. I’m sure the Panthers are frustrated with him too. Maybe Richardson can get a five-minute lockout exemption to ship Smith outta town.

  31. Vikescry1:

    The Yankees have won two World Series out of the last 11. Only one other team has won multiples in that same period, the Red Sox.

    In the same span, the Patriots won 3 Super Bowls and Steelers won 2.

    Over the last 10 years, 14 different teams have gone to a Super Bowl, and 14 different franchises have advanced to the World Series. Considering that football takes 4 more playoff teams each year, the NFL should have had more diversity in its championship round than MLB, especially if a salary cap was so vital to competition.

    Your prophesies of disaster for the NFL, were it uncapped, are not born out by the facts. And if you really want to see evidence that a salary cap doesn’t insure competition, look at the NBA. Five teams have won titles in the last 10 years, and only 6 in the last 25!

    Besides, the Brady suit is a scare tactic, intended to give the players more leverage at a bargaining table/ The owners went into negotiations with the intent to shut down the league unless they got exactly what they wanted. They are a bunch of spoiled brats, and half of them never worked an honest, competitive day in their lives.

  32. So many people patting Smith on the back. The whole point of his opinion is that it hinders his option to not honor the contract he signed. Kind of ironic if anything.

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