Titans won’t be re-signing Randy Moss


It’s not clear where receiver Randy Moss will play in 2011.  It is clear that he won’t be playing for the team with which he finished the season in 2010.

Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt, in a conference call with season-ticket holders, said Friday that the Titans do not plan to bring Moss back.

I honestly don’t think we’ll try to re-sign him,” Reinfeldt said, via John Glennon of the Tennessean.  “We’ve got some young guys we like and I think at this point in his career he will probably go elsewhere.”

The Titans claimed Moss on waivers after he was released by the Vikings, less than a month after being acquired via trade with the Patriots.  He appeared in eight games, starting four, for Tennessee.  He caught only five passes for 54 yards.

41 responses to “Titans won’t be re-signing Randy Moss

  1. Only 5 passes caught in 8 games? Randy Moss? That was not his fault, c’mon. If it was, he never needs to play again.

  2. Moss would be perfect in detroit!

    Titus in the slot
    Big Play CJ and Randy at flanker
    Nate in the other slot



  3. Someone will sign him. To some minimum contract with incentives. He still has to be worth something.

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Watch this gut crawl back to New England for league minimum and play like he’s 19 again!

  5. So, how much per catch was he actually paid for last season? Maybe he can go to Faves’s high school and play catch with the diva and the guys this year and the Queens will send a plane down for them.

  6. Moss is washed up and done. Who would want an old, loud mouth under performing player on their team?

  7. “Moss would be perfect in detroit!”

    I saw a report on the news tonight tht 47% of the citizens of Detroit are functional illiterates. The amazing thing is that of those 200,000 illiterates, 40% have a high school degree or GED from the City of Detroit public school system.

    I guess that explains a lot. On second thought, maybe Detroit is the perfect spot for a guy like Moss afterall.

  8. “When You Are Rich You Don’t Write Checks.”

    — Randy Moss —

  9. Keep working on Belichick and hope he takes you back. I for one think he has been humbled and would not mind seeing him in Green and Gold. I think him as our number 2 and put driver in the slot would in unfair to the rest of the league. How could you cover a combination of Jennings, Moss, Driver, Nelson, Finley and Quarless? I am certain Jones won’t be back. There is not one person on there you could afford to leave in 1 on 1 coverage.

  10. Some of the very best athletes are just natural born front runners. Put them on great teams and they do just fine, put them in a tough situation and the spend all their time looking out for number one. Randy Moss epitomized this type of player. Deion Sanders is another example.

  11. LOL!!!11! as soon as dis dude went to play with brett favre… or should i say brett INTve, he stops being good! maybe INTtt INTve sent him one of those TEXTS! lololol!!!

  12. Since Steve Smith’s so anxious to get out of Carolina, they have an opening for an overrated prima donna of a WR. Sounds like a perfect fit to me.

  13. Moss will be a Patriot once again….this time he’ll be humbled & EAGER to put last year behind him….Bill will reward him for his role playing approach as an end zone target & deep threat OPTION by getting him that ever ellusive SB ring…

    Bill is unpredictable so I’m not writing this off 100%….Randy did behave like an a$$ clown in NewEngland at the end & owes a few key individules (personal) appologies & Bill won’t hold a grudge as long as he falls in line & will accept how Bill & the Pats want to use him…..

  14. But but he was aw3s0mE on My SUPER REALISTIC madden Franchise!!! He led my TeaM in 4th Down COnversIOns with 48!

  15. @pacificamjr
    YES! Moss is EXACTLY what the Lions need to help groom their young team. He’s full of leadership and has great morale!

    Smart guy over here..

  16. Enjoy the Italian buffet and don’t yell at anyone.

    Oh, wait. It’s too late for that.

    There’s a couple of kinds of losers. One would be a Randy Moss who thought he owned a “switch”; a switch he could turn on and off whenever he felt like it.

    How does “no rings” sound, you LOSER!

    He’s Barry Bonds without the ‘roids. All he talent in the world and nowhere to play. No one will sign this guy. Not now.

  17. He caught only five passes for 54 yards…sounds like to me that was their entire offense for the year.

  18. I believe Randy would be a nice addition for the Bucs if the price was right. Randy/Mike Williams/Winslow would be a nice duo as Benn progresses.

  19. Moss should probably contact T.O. to find out how a reciever their age should act while playing in the NFL. I don’t know if many have noticed but the last two teams that Owens played for, Cinncinatti and Buffalo, he has made a big contribution, all while keeping his mouth shut.

    T.O. finally figured out how to act, can Moss do the same?

    History says no, but I think his mind will be changed when nobody wants to deal with him.

    Otherwise, the six letter word might have to rear its head.


  20. Imagine if he comes back to New England? People will be calling it the ” Steal Of The Century!!” or ESPN will say ” Randy Moss is a top 5 receiver now!” All this flip floppin – wishy washin- jaw jabbering is driving me nuts. Moss is Moss. He’s not great , he aint bad , he’s just Moss. But I dont even know if I’m even going to be watching football this year. So who really cares about Moss?

  21. He’s got that T.O. stink all over him. Hard to wash it off once you have it.

  22. What he did with his mouth to get himself booted out of NE will go down as one of the largest miscalculations in NFL history.

  23. Moss is a fraud. Hes a dog and was very overrated. Stats don’t tell everything, even more so when it comes to WR. New England got rid of him because hes a cancer. He plays when he wants to.

  24. Finished! The Titans only have Britt. Good luck with that Locker. Oh, I forgot, that’s all they had last year.

  25. Moss knows the Pats system…he & Brady are close…Bill still likes him a lot & Moss knows he screwed up….he’ll come back with a chip on his shoulder & a focus like he had when he first joined the Pats….he’s still very talented & a redzone threat like no other as well as a deep ball threat that will burn you EVERY time he’s not accounted for…


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