Bucs will have up to six games against rookie quarterbacks


If the Glazers plan to spend money when the Bucs are poised to compete for the Super Bowl, now may be the time to break out the doubloons.

The team’s official website points out that up to six of the Buccaneers’ 16 games could be played against rookie quarterbacks.

Of course, this assumes that Christian Ponder will be starting for the Vikings in Week Two, that Colin Kaepernick will be starting for the 49ers in Week Five, that Jake Locker will be starting for the Titans in Week 12, that Cam Newton will be starting for the Panthers in Weeks 13 and 16, and that Blaine Gabbert will be starting for the Jaguars in Week 14.

Five of those same games will be played by the Falcons and Saints.  The only difference is that, instead of the 49ers, the Falcons will play the Seahawks and the Saints will play the Rams.

The end result could be another season in which the NFC South produces three teams with 10 or more wins.

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  1. Myeeehh, save the money Glazers. You just going to run up against The Big Cat, Blaine Gabbert in the SB, if you get there. End of the road.

  2. 6 games against rookies.

    Plus possible injries to starters.

    They could be this years Chicago Bears a team that lucked out and got to play a bunch inexperienced QBs.

    I dont think they will be so lucky to play a team with a losing record thier first playoff game if they do make it though.

  3. This is exactly why the “last place schedule” argument is completely asinine.

    The difference between a 1st place schedule and 4th place schedule = 2 GAMES!!!

    With the parity that exists in the NFL, those 2 teams could be better than the alternative teams that a first place schedule would face. The NFC South is a perfect example. How many times has the 4th placed NFC South team won the division in the last 10 years? 2003 through 2007 and 2009 NFC South Champs had previously finished last in the division.

    So can we put that dumb argument to rest? (not likely)

  4. They also play 7 games against playoff teams, and considering how they didn’t beat anyone over .500 last year (except the Saints in Week 17) it’s probably a safe bet that the Bucs will return to mediocrity.

  5. And another season where every prognosticator that had the Bucs finishing 3-13 will cry about the schedule, even though the MARTA Birds and the Saints feed up on those teams as well.

  6. Last time I checked, quarterback doesn’t play defense so it’s not a guaranteed win

  7. The 49ers/Bucs game last year was the worst game I have ever seen at the Stick. Troy Smith was horrible. Besides the incident in St. Louis with Troy, the Bucs game was Singletary’s worst coached game.

    It’s not happening that way again. And, yes, the NFC South is overrated, but I think the Bucs are for real. Freeman was a hell of a find. My best friend is a huge bucs fan so I see a lot of the games on the Ticket.

  8. I guess this weak schedule makes up for them not making the playoffs despite going 10-6.

  9. It’s not the league’s fault that those six teams may have rookie QB’s. It’s those six teams fault. Luck of the draw for the Bucs. What’s are the Bucs going to say when they lose to a few of them?

  10. Bucs are going to win the NFC South this season. After the season, Freeman will join the elite quarterback discussion. He will also win a super bowl before Matt Ryan. Heck, he may even win a playoff game before him.

  11. feldman9000 says:
    May 7, 2011 3:29 PM
    And yet the 2-14 Carolina Panthers end up with the hardest schedule. Real fair.
    Not sure what you meant by your comment, but my guess is you think the Panthers having the toughest schedule in the league is unfair? If that’s the case, I’d like to point out that, with the exception of two teams, this seasons competitors have been known for a few years now.

    Besides, the last place team in the league almost always has the toughest schedule in the NFL the following season. That’s because every other team you’re due to play was better than you.

  12. jhorton83 says:
    May 7, 2011 5:44 PM
    I guess this weak schedule makes up for them not making the playoffs despite going 10-6.
    They had a weak schedule last year too. NFC West, Carolina twice and Detroit.

    Just sayin.

  13. The beauty of the NFL is things never go as planned. Some of those teams that could potentially have rookie QBs starting will be good and some of the teams with veteran QBs will be bad.

  14. Given their lack of a pass rush, those rookie quarterbacks could be looking forward to career days.

    I dunno, both South divisions, AFC and NFC, are weird. Take out Indy and the Saints and I challenge anyone to tell me who else makes the playoffs or not. The Glazers might be cheap, but hey, their shot is as good as anyone’s/

  15. To -everyone- who says the Bucs are overrated because they had a weak schedule:

    The ONLY undefeated NFL team, the ’72 Dolphins, only faced TWO teams that finished above .500

    It doesn’t matter how “easy” your schedule is, is matters if you win the game. Sorry if the Bucs beat your team, but it was because we were better – not because they were worse.

  16. The Steelers defense potentially will face Kaepernick, Locker and Gabbert.

    Good luck with that young un’s. Dick LeBeau and James Harrison will make you go pee-pee.

  17. blackheld says:
    May 7, 2011 8:43 PM
    Given their lack of a pass rush, those rookie quarterbacks could be looking forward to career days.


    Hence the drafting of 2 DE’s.

    I’m putting my money on Freeman having career days because he should get the ball back with good field position. Rookie QB’s don’t perform very well.

  18. Not really sure why this matters..Their entire front 4 is first or second year players and their shutdown corner has a good chance of being a locked up corner.

  19. It’s along season, anything can happen. It takes one injury to the starting qb to make a diffrence between winning and losing. In all fairness, should any starting qb go down in the NFC south, I like what the Panthers have in Claussen over the other backups in the divison. We all saw how well the patriots did without Brady, How lucky the steelers offense was without Big Ben, and even the SB champs saw a glimpse of how life would be without there starter. All that said, let’s just hope for a CBA, And a season, and let the games be played before any superbowl talk, or playoff talk..

  20. we’ll stop the run,we’ll stop the pass these young qbs will wind up on their …

  21. Do 2 NFC teams face each other in the Super Bowl?

    Maybe the Tidy Bowl but not the Super Bowl.

    They call that kind of Logic FAIL where I’m from. lol

  22. Um… Ever heard of a little phrase/movie title called “Any Given Sunday”?

    cuz that’s exactly what can happen in the NFL and does almost every week… for the most part the teams left standing at the end of the season are usually the ones we thought were gonna be there… but the numbers in the L column almost ALWAYS include atleast one or two from a team that was below .500…. not all the time.. but happens A LOT… schedule does matter to an extent… but the talent in the NFL can beat you on any given sunday… and you better bring your A game with you each week or you could get knocked off… example… the Browns in 2010… they knocked of the Patriots (pretty significantly too) and the Saints (Defending Super Bowl Champs) in back2back weeks and were 5-11 at the end of the season… you still have to go out there and play the game and get the W it’s not given to you on a silver platter…

  23. For all the people who claim the Glazers are cheap owners; please tell me which player(s) they let walk away from the team unsigned that became a productive member of another football team (and not a roleplayer/bench guy). The only guy I can think of is Thomas Jones, who they had for about ten games after they acquired him in a trade (straight up for Marques Walker). Gruden wanted to go in a different direction with his RB and Jones left Tampa without an offer and became a highly productive player for the Bears and Jets. That’s it.

    As a fan of the Bucs, I’ll worry and be upset if the Glazers let these talented and developing young players walk away unsigned when it comes time for their second contracts, but history shows that the the ownership will pay big money to retain their developing and star players. With the way Mark Dominik has been drafting (and fleecing other team’s practice squads for young talent) and Raheem Morris has been developing players, the Glazer family will be busting out the checkbook sooner rather than later, especially when it comes time to resign Josh Freeman.


  24. I agree greg but with jones it did come down to money and allen wouldnt give him what he wanted but after him being a bust in arizona and only playing 10 games here its understandable. as far as the young guys if the glazers dont resign our young core guys to contracts fans would rebel and I cant blame them. they just think ray jay is empty now…

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