Glazers “swear” they will spend money on Bucs


Making the unlikely ascension (actually it was more like a resurrection) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2010 even more impressive was the fact that ownership has been operating the team on a shoestring budget for the past several years.

Apparently, that’s going to change.

In a recent chat at, Gary Shelton of the St. Petersburg Times wrote that the Glazers “swear” they’ll spend when the Buccaneers are ready to compete for the Super Bowl.  Shelton said his information comes from a 30-minute discussion in late March with co-chairman Joel Glazer, who explained that spending in the NFL is an issue of “cycles.”

But is it?  Does it make sense for an NFL franchise to dog paddle with a tightened belt in the hopes of putting together a nucleus of young players and then breaking out big money either for keeping those good young players in place or adding established veterans?  Or should a franchise have a sustained commitment to spending in the hopes of being competitive on a year-in and year-out basis?

The fact that the Glazers believe spending should occur in cycles confirms the importance of both a salary floor and a salary cap, preferably without much spread between the two.  The absence of either device would permit a team to accept a few down years — and stuff their coffers with the money saved on salaries — and then overspend when the team believes there’s a chance to win it all.

For the sake of long-term competitive balance, it makes more sense to have consistent maximums and minimums that apply to spending.  There needs to be a sense for every team that each year could be the year that ends with the hoisting of the Lombardi Trophy.

24 responses to “Glazers “swear” they will spend money on Bucs

  1. As a Bucs I don’t mind building through the draft and adding a few free agents here and they did with Simeon Rice and Keyshawn..BUT! since then they have been shopping for free agents at the local swap meet…So I’m not holding my breathe on the Manchester Buccaneers Futbol club

  2. it’s amazing that the glazers are willing to admit that they’re not trying to win a championship every year. i’d hate to be a bucs fan…

  3. The Bucs wouldnt spend money because old rag tag players like Todd Stuessie and Charlie Garner didnt pan out for Gruden/Allen. As time goes on and we see just how inept those two were at talent evaluation, it makes sense that the Glazers would put some cash in M.D.’s pocket and see if he can do something with it. In my opinion, waiting 2 1/2 years to see what this regime was made of and seeing some success was fair. You can’t just blow money on players to collect players. You need a plan. If not, you are just modeling yourself after the Redskins….remind me again, where did Bruce Allen land again…. sorry about that Skins fans, you guys deserve better than Bruce Allen. Your team has fantastic tradition and you guys are great fans. Bruce Allen can collect picks all day, when he uses them and picks bad players it doesn’t matter if he has multiple first and second rounders, they’ll possibly be out of the league sooner rather than later.
    I cannot say it enough. Bruce Allen is a horrible GM with no business being in the NFL. Thankfully he is not affiliated with the Bucs.

  4. Agree, but point out that if you take this position you have to strongly oppose the Brady lawsuit (and thus the players in this lockout dispute), because having 32 teams setting narrow parameters of team spending is pretty much the definition of an antitrust violation.

  5. So basically, they are not willing to spend to make their team good but if the team lucks out and becomes decent then they will spend a little money to make them better. That shows a lack of commitment to the team and its fans. I’m not saying they should go crazy like Snyder/Jones but they need to consistently try to build a winner. What they are doing is more like hoping to get lucky. When the players realize this, then the team is in for a lackluster effort.

  6. I agree with the approach the Bucs are taking. Why spend money in years where realistically you don’t have a real chance to contend for a championship. They’re just being realists. Save the money and spend it wisely when they think they have a legit chance at winning it all. So hopefully the Bucs hit a good cycle and spend smart money and gets the pieces in place to have them contend for a good couple of years. As a Bucs fan this is great news.

  7. So does that mean they price tickets in cycles also?
    Nope. Just as I guessed, tickets are always full priced.

  8. Takes a big person to admit “we sucked so there’s no reason to waste money.” And that’s actually smart. As a counter-balance, think Redskins. They continue to spend and continue to falter and all it does is set them further back. And with the way the Bucs played last year, how can you argue?

  9. I’m a Bucs fan, and I’d rather have them take this approach than the one they used during Gruden’s run, drafting poorly and bringing in mercenaries the fans couldn’t identify with.
    This young crop of players is homegrown and exciting to watch. I’d rather have a team like the Bucs or Packers than a team like the Redskins, who are trying to “win it” every year.
    Plus, if Josh Freeman keeps improving, they’re going to spend an arm and a leg to keep him.

  10. The Glazers family are becoming the “LA’s McCourts” of football. Pretty soon the Bucs will be owned by the NFL after their ownership is stripped from them.

  11. In unrelated news, Santonio Homes “swears” he has stopped smoking joints.

  12. You usually get what you pay for so just buy a Super Bowl. They’ve certainly got enough money.

  13. Now if only they could avoid all the blackouts…

    I don’t blame the Glazers for not throwing money out the window. They can’t count on the fanbase to get any kind of return on their investment(s)

  14. Those on the outside looking in have no idea what has been and is going on here in Tampa. I fully back the Glazers’ approach as the former regime proved they weren’t capable of building a team that could contend consistantly. After the Charlie Garners/Todd Steussies/Derrick Deeses, i’d have tightened the purse strings myself.

    This team was going nowhere under GruAllen. Thank God those “cheap” Glazers saw fit to pay them to go away. How Bruce Allen continues to convince peeps around the league that he’s a good GM is beyond me. Kudos to him though.

    As a life long Buc fan, i watched as our former greats….. Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, Ronde, Alstott grew to become Superbowl Champs and future HOFers…. and i look forward to watching this current generation grow up before our eyes as well.

    Thanx to those “cheap” Glazers and Raheeminik!!!!

  15. The Glazers are an international laughingstock for saddling one of the greatest soccer teams in the world with over 1 BILLION DOLLARS in debt, while constantly lying to Manchester United fans about the financial stability of their team. I see they are just as good at making empty promises to Bucs fans. They really are a disgrace.

    Glazers = empty promises and empty wallets

  16. I’m a Buc fan and also agree with this approach. ALSO..

    The time to invest is going to be very soon. A lot of our contracts are up in 2014 – we just went 10-6, after this season we will know what holes we need to fill that the last 3 (incredible) drafts didn’t.

    Fill those holes with FA, go win the big one. We’re on the upswing, how could you argue with their process?

  17. I’m from England, so have witnessed how the Glazers have operated with Manchester United and as a long time Bucs fan, i take what they say with a pinch of salt. All they seem to do is promise funds for players etc, but they seem to be only in sports to take out of it as much money as they can.

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