Greg Little could end up being Cleveland’s Julio Jones


The Browns passed on the opportunity to pick receiver Julio Jones with the sixth overall selection in the draft, opting instead to slide down to No. 27 in exchange for an extra first-round pick, a second-round pick, and two fourth-round selections.  With the second-round pick acquired from the Falcons, the Browns picked receiver Greg Little.

Though it remains to be seen whether and to what extent either Jones or Little will make an impact at the NFL level, the two players will be constantly compared (at least by us) for as long as Jones plays for the Falcons and Little plays for the Browns.

For Little, it may be too much to expect an immediate impact, given that he didn’t play in 2010 due to an NCAA suspension.  “By not playing last year, it’s going to take some time for him to develop on that level,” North Carolina receivers coach Charlie Williams told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “He’s going to have to learn on the run in terms of the speed of the game and game contact.  He’ll have his bumps and bruises and struggles his first year, but he should be able to play right away.  He’ll correct whatever he needs to, and once he learns, he’s going to be good.”

In time, though, who knows?

“If Greg had played his senior year, he would’ve had big numbers,” Williams said.  “I don’t know where he would’ve stacked up with those two guys [Jones and A.J. Green], but I truly believe if Greg had played his senior year, he would’ve had a chance to be a first-rounder.”

Regardless of how it all shakes out, Little’s performance in Cleveland will be a big factor in the overall assessment of the trade that allowed the Falcons to get Jones.

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  1. As much as I thought Julio-to-Cleveland made great sense, what the Browns acquired from Atlanta for the #6 overall pick was worth passing up a chance at him. The Browns need a big play receiver and Greg Little has a chance to fill that role quite well.

    Plus, while Little missed 2010, remember that Mike Williams (Syracuse) played in only 7 games in his final two seasons with the Orange prior to joining the Bucs and he went on to have a fantastic rookie year. Not that Little can replicate such a performance necessarily, but don’t count him out just because of missing 2010.

  2. It’s a matter of time…another UNC player that will only be motivated by money. And already involved in a scandal..what a great start.

  3. Perhaps a year off from football has him nice and fresh. This guy has good physicality and looks like a flat-out baller on the field. People will definitely remember this 2nd round pick…

  4. Julio Jones is less likely to bust because he has virutally no work ethic or personallity problems to go with his immense talent.

    Little on the other hand seems like he could easily meet the same fate as many a talented head case. Of course that still doesn’t change the fact that the Browns got away with highway robbery.

    Julio will have to play like Fitz one day to justify that trade and as good as he’ll be he’ll never get to that level.

    Receivers only win championships in Madden.

  5. Why are reports still being posted about an ex sport? Who cares. We need to boycott football completely like we did 4 yes ago with those high gass prices. Everyone stopped driving and gas came down in price. If we continue to avoid anything that has to do with football, it will change!!!

  6. “Greg Little could end up being Cleveland’s Julio Jones”

    So you think both of them are gonna be busts huh?

  7. Cleveland got a hell of a player. He may be a little raw, but this guy is in the Brandon Marshall/T.O. mold.

    Greg Little is a former RB, he’s big (6’2″, 225/230lbs) and is all about run after the catch. Put Cribbs on the Outside as the Flanker, put Little in the slot. Get him a slant pass and watch him go.

    I really was hoping he was going to be there in round 2 or 3 when the GIANTS picked, but the Browns got a hell of a player.

    I am going to keep an eye on Little and follow him with some interest.

  8. Little will end up being a better receiver. Jones will be a bust

  9. Julio Jones has Matt Ryan.

    Greg Little has Colt McCoy.

    Looks like Julio will shine early but Little could catch him depending on what the new coaching regime in Cleveland is able to accomplish.

  10. So….he COULD have been a first rounder if he hadn’t just missed an entire year of development….

    So, in the absolutely best case scenario, he slides up into the first round….possibly….

    Maybe my math isn’t real good, but if he wasn’t a 1st rounder before his suspension, shouldn’t he maybe have dropped a wee bit beyond the second round a year of no-football later?

    Like, say, the 5th or 6th?

  11. This article is a joke. All Greg Little has earned so far is a suspension. He doesn’t deserve to be compared to a legitimate first rounder.

    The league has been cluttered with guys that look like Tarzan and play like Jane.

  12. Atlanta gave up too much. They could have waited for free agency and signed sidney rice or santonio Holmes. Even if they become restricted free agents if 2010 rules apply, they would cost only a first and a third rd pick. That’s a lit less than what they gave up for an unproven rookie. If I were GM, I would have taken that route, kept my first rd pick from this yr, and taken a pass rushed to help out my defense. Dimitroff will live or die by this pick.

  13. Sure. Just like Kellen Winslow. Just like Gerard Warren. Just like Courtney Brown. Just like Braylon Edwards. Just like hardesty. Just like Joshua Cribbs. Blah…blah…blah….

    First trip to the trainer’s room says he catches staph and another first-round pick circles the drain.

    Best favor to Browns fans would be no season this year. Would save me enough on my heartburn meds to afford a beer next time at the stadium!

  14. After watching the Greg little Freak File video on Youtube I have would have to say he has more of a chance to be a Beast instead of a bust. This guy punishes defenders when he gets the ball and it takes two or more defenders to bring him down. Throw him on a team with Hillis, is going to be some pain unleashed on the opposition. I like the direction the Team is going. A bunch of blue collar guys representing a resiliant blue collar town with the best fans in the NFL.

  15. There’s no way Greg Little out performs Julio Jones in the short term. The odds are just stacked against him.

    Little will be facing the Steelers and Ravens defenses twice a year (and the Bengals, who actually have some pretty good corners).

    Julio Jones is in the NFC South, which has been a good division, but the Saints, Panthers and Buccaneers have all been known for giving up a lot of passing yardage over the past few years.

    Julio Jones also has the benefit of Roddy White (one of the best and most underrated receivers in the league) taking pressure off him, meaning he’ll get a lot of favorable matchups.

    Little has… no one really. The Browns had a good running game last year, but it’s not really better than the Falcons running game.

    And, of course, Matt Ryan is a better QB than Colt McCoy at this point.

  16. “Regardless of how it all shakes out, Little’s performance in Cleveland will be a big factor in the overall assessment of the trade that allowed the Falcons to get Jones.”

    Little doesn’t have to come close to matching Jones, he just has to be a role-player. If Little is as good as Reggie Brown (a guy who will get 30-50 catches, 500-800 yards), and Cleveland gets a good starter in Phil Taylor and the 2012 1st round pick, and gets 1 solid backup player out of those 2 4th round picks, Jones would have to be the best WR of his generation to argue the Browns should have taken him #6.

  17. 2010 receiving stats

    57 rec 848 yards 9 touchdowns – Green(#4)
    78 rec 1133 yards 7 touchdowns – Jones(#6)
    53 rec 822 yards 5 touchdowns – Baldwin(#26)
    71 rec 1215 yards 9 touchdowns – Young(#44)
    67 rec 1055 yards 12 touchdowns- Smith(#58)
    62 rec 724 yards 5 touchdowns(2009) – Little(#59)
    84 rec 1017 yards 7 touchdowns – Cobb(#64)
    71 rec 951 yards 10 touchdowns – Pettis(#78)
    72 rec 1156 yards 13 touchdowns – Hankerson(#79)
    69 rec 1352 yards 10 touchdowns – Brown(#82)
    84 rec 822 yards 6 touchdowns – Jernigan(#83)

    Look at the production from these guys from the first three rounds. This is why you don’t trade the farm for a WR like the falcons did at #6. I’m sure Julio will be fine but Julio cost them a total of 5 draft picks. I’d rather spend 5 picks on 5 of these different WR’s and i’d be happy if two of them stick. Julio HAS to pan out or else they set back the franchise because Roddy White will be 30 this season and they gave up 5 picks over this and next year and can’t afford to keep going after WR’s if Julio doesn’t work out or even gets injured.

  18. If Julio Jones doesn’t turn out to be the 2nd coming of Jerry Rice, he will be one of the biggest reaches in draft history. Considering the ransom that Atlanta paid to get him. He was already a big reach at #6 to begin with.

  19. Let’s see : Steve Holden, Willis Adams, Ron Brown, Travis Wilson, Danny Northcutt, Brian Robiskie, Mohammed Massaquoi, Kevin Johnson, Derrick Alexander – Little has his work cut out for him.

  20. Do I really need to post a list of each teams draft busts, then the hits they got with a GM change? Wow, some people are just too damn stupid these days.

    The comparison is a great one, as I’ve used it here myself quite a few times. Negate the sick 40 by Jones @ the combine & Little was as good or better in all other measurables. Everyone keeps linking him to being a problem, but I’ve seen far worse than accepting earrings & 2 trips. The kid is a sick athlete & if not for the suspension, he is tied for the #2 spot with Jones. We got the same type player with very similar measurables 53 picks later, while picking up several additional picks. Dimitroff will be filing rape charges on Tom Heckert in 2013.

  21. category5add says:
    May 8, 2011 9:12 PM

    say jeeves, its a little slow tonight isnt it
    TRANSLATION: “Come on PFT, why aren’t *all* the stories on your site about *my* favorite team? Waaahhh….”

  22. @NFL Football Now “Or the next Mike Williams as I wrote before the Draft…”

    People aren’t hating on you for the comparison.

    People are hating on you because of your “I told you so” attitude. If you write it, let people do the talking for you. No need to keep giving yourself credit. Be humble. People will respect that far more than the “Nanny nanny poo poo! I thought of it first!” mentality.

    Good luck with the site, though.

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