League, players see connection between lockout and lockup

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The lockout has left players with plenty of time to themselves.  And both the league and the union recognize that leaving the players to their own devices possibly has contributed to the placement of circular devices on their wrists.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reports that both sides are concerned about the uptick in incidents since the launch of the lockout on March 11.

“It’s not all that complicated,” an unnamed NFC assistant coach told Freeman. “It’s the old idle time saying.”

An unnamed NFLPA* team representative apparently agrees.  “I told them to work out and keep busy,” the rep said.  “I told them if we’re truthful with ourselves, these arrests aren’t a coincidence.”

In the 58 days since the lockout started, 11 player arrests have occurred.  That equates to an average of one arrest every 5.27 days.  The good news is that things have slowed down lately, with only one incident since April 19.

The league has said that it plans to enforce the personal conduct policy during the lockout, a ridiculous (in our view) proposition given that the league should have no authority of any kind over the players during a lockout.  Though the league’s goal may be to deter misbehavior, the ultimate deterrence is the possibility of being arrested and, you know, going to jail.

Freeman is right when he says that most players manage to stay out of trouble.  But there’s still a percentage that has yet to figure out how to avoid off-field controversy — and the fact that the players have been frozen out of an offseason routine that would occupy much of their time surely isn’t helping.

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  1. I quit playing about 25 or so years ago. If I get arrested, can I blame the NFL lockout? Isn’t it their job to mother-hen me since I haven’t reached adulthood yet?

  2. I haven’t been locked up since the start of the lockout.

    Guess I found a productive way to keep busy.

  3. I am not sure I follow what you are saying in regards to the NFL enforcing the personal conduct policy during the lockout; are you saying that since there is a lockout they get a free pass on how to behave? Obviously behavior is integral to the integrity of the game; I would not want a player that I cheer for committing a crime and then being able to play. There has to be accountability and obviously the NFL is that entity that enforces accountability. Look at Ohio State; Mr. Tressel will retain his job whether or not he committed any type of violation or crime; obviously not the NFL but the University is endorsing if not encouraging his behavior. If the teams themselves policed their players the NFL wouldn’t have to. IMO.

  4. Five of these dudes are associated with the Tampa Bay organization. Hmmmm. Maybe they’ve got some introspection to do.

  5. 11 out of 1,800 is not a high percentage, its just bad for public relations. The media will report a player getting in trouble as they should, but they do not cover players when they do charity work with the same zeal. I have even suggested a Good Guy watch on this site, to no avail. All parties involved need to stay busy as a few coaches and front office folks have made the police blotter this off-season.

  6. Ummm….in case nobody noticed, plenty of NFL players get arrested when there ISN’T a lockout.

    It’s got very little to do with the lockout and more to do with the character of the current NFL players. When you hand millions of dollars over to 1 year college players who can barely read and write and already have possees to support…….well, you get the idea!

    Just wait until the NBA has a lockout…….there won’t be enough jail cells….hahahahaha!

  7. There is no cure for stupid, theses baby like so call adults are still on the nipple, they may as well get use to jail because momma is tired of them sucking on her nipple, should do like the sheriff out west did, make them wear pink uniform for each arrest, or better yet cut there ass and send them to burger king for a few months, that should get there attention, stop babying these babies. Bill

  8. goodell would surely want to fine somebody even if the league locked players out. goodell wouldnt let a good fine go bye. its time to fire goodell he will go down in history as the one most responsible for ruiing the most popular sport in the history of the world

  9. Oversight (by the league) is necessary because some players will try to get away with any (mis)conduct they can left to their own devices.

  10. There have been periods of my life I have not worked. When I was in high school, college, summer breaks from both, upon my father’s passing I took nearly a year away to aid my mother and allow myself time to heal. Point is, I have lived my entire life, without nearly the amount of privilege NFL players enjoy, and I have never been arrested or implicated or alleged to have committed any crimes. Why is it okay (and commonly accepted) that most of these poor souls of the NFL will get arrested at some point, lock out or no lockout? So much of what these fellows project is “being a man” and being strong and tough. Grow up and be responsible for change. Shame on them and on us for accepting it.

  11. I think most of these idiots that get in trouble would have got into trouble regardless of the lockout.

  12. Of course the hooligans see a connection.

    They have never been taught, period.
    They do not know what being held accountable means. They have been treated differently since high school cause they were good at football, and now they are finding out for the first time that they can’t do whatever they want without repercussions.

    They think the rules do not apply to them. They think laws do not apply to them. This is because, again, they were never raised properly.
    Sometimes, you can’t teach stupid. The problem is, these players are not only stupid, but they also lack common sense.

    They are ungrateful, unapologetic, immature, and generally embaressments to society.
    however, Momma Talib would be proud of them all. After all, most of the players appear to have been raised by the likes of her

  13. Half of folks respomding here are probably on house arrest, sex offender registry or in prison. So your casting stones from glass houses.

  14. Can we agree that if DeMaurice Smith would have counter offered rather than walk away saying this is the worst deal in the history of sports, we would have a deal in place by now. There would also be a few lawyers making much less than they are to date. I just want a deal to get done, and pride is at an all time high now. Someone will have to humble themselves if it is going to be done easily, or be humbled is the long and hard way to get it done. I am sad to say, I think someone will be humbled, before they humble themselves.

  15. “The league has said that it plans to enforce the personal conduct policy during the lockout, a ridiculous (in our view) proposition given that the league should have no authority of any kind over the players during a lockout.”

    So then when you “report” on a player being arrested during the lockout you never mention the team he is “employed” by? Oh wait, you still bring up the team. Hence the arrested player is still giving the team a black eye.

  16. @ 2011to2020lions:

    If Troy Vincent, or another lifelong player was leading the players I would agree. But the players chose an attorney, an outside attorney with no previous dealings with the union .
    DEmo Smith doesn’t have the league or the players best interest in mind. He is only out to make alot of money and set some sort of precedence that will make him more prominent in legal circles.

    A lifelong player would have handled these negotiations better, much better.

  17. I know dozens of people who have been out of work for over a year and a half and…..Not One of them …..had been arrested during that time ! Can you imagine that ?

  18. Considering most of the players getting arrested wouldn’t likely be productive members of society without football..is it any surprise?

  19. I bet a few of those guys are prolly thinking “I should finished that major I declared.”

    UPS and FED/Ex is about to get a lot beefier.

  20. I work for a company of about 2,000. We don’t have someone arrested every 5 days or so. I think we might have had someone arrested 5 years ago….

  21. Better hurry up and lift the lockout before these grown men start getting into trouble. Its not good to let your 10 year old kids run the streets by themselves and its not good to let these college graduate football men have idle time on their hands.

    Another problem we must worry about is that since they have more time on their hands they may spend more money and go broke without any pay. Also if they are not working they may have trouble getting financial help and loans to carry them over these tuff times. You know time are not good these days. Its so hard to save money for a rainy day.

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