Quintin Mikell knows his time in Philly is over

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Whenever free agency begins, Eagles safety Quintin Mikell will be a free agent.  The fact that he’s on the wrong side of 30 and hasn’t received a new deal means that he likely won’t.

And he knows it.

“This is part of the business, but this is why we are where we are,” Mikell told Ashley Fox of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  “This is why Reggie White fought for free agency, so you have the opportunity to make more money.  If you stay here, you’re going to make less money. . . .  It’s just business.”

Mikell doesn’t have to dig deep into his bag of experiences to realize that the Eagles will let a key player walk away.  Two years ago, safety Brian Dawkins left via free agency.

“I talked to Dawk after he left, and he was pretty upset about it,” Mikell said. “For me personally, seeing how upset he was, I think I started preparing for that back then.  Mike Lewis and Dawk, seeing those guys go, I was like, ‘Mentally be ready for that day, because it’s going to happen, and it might happen sooner than you think.'”

Mikell’s teammates sense it, too.  Even though he was working out with plenty of Eagles earlier in the offseason, when they decided to arrange practice sessions, Mikell didn’t get an invitation.

“I was like, ‘Damn, I really am a free agent,'” Mikell said.

And so Mikell used the recent one-day lifting of the lockout to clean out his locker, and no one told him he shouldn’t.

13 responses to “Quintin Mikell knows his time in Philly is over

  1. I was pleased with Mikell when Dawkins was there and thought he was FAR superior to Sean “I Can’t Wrap Up” Considine, but I’m not too sad to see him leave.

  2. Hey it’s not like Reggie White is leaving the building, but he did have some nice games for us. Good luck in the future Q.

  3. Personally I think he’s got plenty left. This Temple Kid? Who really knows if he can play at this level. Its still Temple football. No disrespect . I hope he stays but good luck Q.

  4. I really hope they bring him back. Q has been nothing but great for the team. I hope, at the very least, he comes back on a one year deal.

    But man… changing the guard is a painful process when great players and fan favorites leave.

  5. This would be another mistake if they let another veteran leader leave their secondary.

    We need to hold onto Mikell for at least another year. Its not like he sux or he lost a step. My man still makes 100+ tackles a year.

    We saw how smart of a move it was to let Sheldon Brown go.. how did that work out for you mr. Roseman. nice 5th round pick used on some no name OG. Then all our rCBs spent the year getting toasted for 200yds + 3tds a game..
    If we let Mikell walk, we are gonna see way more double move bombs beating asante for 6..
    Is Juan Castillo gonna turn this Jarrett kid into Defensive rookie of the year?? cause thats what would need to happen. I dont see it.


  6. Had high hopes for Q. Seemed like a he was developing into a role as Big Hitter in his early days as an Eagle.

    I suppose, like me, Andy had seen enough of him getting blown up on the goal line by running backs. Wish him the best, but understand them letting him go.

  7. I personally think they are not resigning him for one reason! Keeping the bank open for nnamdi or jon joeseph and they are happy with jarret and jarret and nate allen will give you a great tandom for the next decade Q will make out better leaving he will make a lot more money elsewhere! And now eagles please do what I think your going to do and bring in nnamdi or jon joeseph!

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